120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1

5 inch and over 1. General-purpose thermal design analysis software EAR99 01 13 2012 A Computational Framework for Rapid, Reliable, and Robust Solutions to Complex Constrained Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems University of Florida (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design implementation of methods, algorithms and other deliverables for nonlinear optimal control EAR99 01 13 2012 Ionic liquid electroplating development Concurrent Technologies Corporation New electroplating technique to deposit pure aluminum coating. (formerly Chadwick Helmuth) N A 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 EAR99 06 24 2011 SmeltCam AT II or UtiliCam AT II Diamond Power International, Inc. 23 10 01 2014 TRACKCOMM APP; Part# 501054-000 & 501054-001 The KEYW Corporation use GPS and non-GPS location, mulitple communication, onboard sensors, team communications and tracking CCATS 10 01 2014 Cyber Security Center (CSC) Raytheon Company, ECCN 5D002. 2 004743MIU and others Ricoh Americas Corporation (software developer) Software to authenticate users for access to Ricoh multi-function products ECCN 5D992 07 26 2011 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Image Resolution Research Project Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc. ECCN 5A991 03 21 2012 Jugular3 200445-001 The KEYW Corporation Six Band GSM, CDMA, UMTS and iDen handheld receiver. 3M Common Antenna Platform Harris Corporation (Government Communications Systems Division) Ground VSAT antenna consisting of pedestal, positioner, and reflector for X-, Ku-, and Ka-band use EAR99 05 27 2014 Transformer DC-DC 900896 Marmah Magnetics Inc. 0 GHZ, 250 WATT EMC TESTING AMPLIFIER USML XI(c) 11 20 2012 TRAVELING WAVE TUBE AMPLIFIER T251-250 INSTRUMENTS FOR INDUSTRY FREQUENCY 1. Is a member of the Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce Manufacturers of large and small custom aquariums, terrariums, marine, freshwater, reef ready aquariums. It’s a size 6. X-band feeds that are used on GATR Technologies’ deployable SATCOM antennas ECCN 5A991 11 Ippolita Sterling Silver 925 Diamond 23 2012 Theia Intelligence Processing System Software v1. D 10 18 2010 Nose Shell 1120-15145 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH Adds protection to and improves the strength of the BO 105 helicopter blade ECCN 9A991. A 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 fully integrated, low-cost solution enabling both health management and FOQA for helicopters. Price: 4,899.

Microwave assemblies operating over 1-18 GHz, less than 100 mW output power.

USML VIII(h) 02 04 2011 6000 Element Shortwave Infrared Linear Imaging Sensor Princeton Lightwave, Inc. Eye-safe IR LED illuminator and white light LED USML XII(b) 06 02 2014 Synthetic Oil 186 07 117 Nye Lubricants, Inc.

0 Lockheed Martin Corporation Information Systems & Global Solutions SPAN ECCN 5A002. (27) Press. (10) Observer. A 01 19 2016 N A Shale-Inland PVF Mixing tee to combine chemicals CCATS 01 19 2016 N A OFS Fitel, LLC Laser module that uses fiber optics to enchance the beam ECCN 6A005. 130 North Main Street, Suite 630 Butte, MT 59701 500 gram Bench Top Mixer May require authorization from the DOC. 1 05 06 2014 Tekko TMARM Integrated Rail System TMARMIRS Mission First Tactical 9″ AR15 Mid 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 length handguard replacement with Integrated 1913 Picatinny Rails USML I(h) 05 08 2014 ALUMINUM EXTRUSION 38010-700-T6511, AMS-QQ-A-200 11 ALCOA ALUMINUM EXTRUSION EAR99 05 02 2014 ALUMINUM EXTRUSION TMS60-1147 7075-T6511, AMS-QQ-A-200 11 ALCOA ALUMINUM EXTRUSION EAR99 05 02 2014 ALUMINUM EXTRUSION TMS60-5230 7075-T6511, AMS-QQ-A-200 11 KAISER ALUMINUM ALEXCO, LLC. “Big data” textual search 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 and relationship discovery software ECCN 5D002 07 07 2014 ECCN 2B999 07 07 2014 EAR99 07 07 2014 CONTACT DOC FOR 18k Yellow Gold 750 Ring With CCATS 07 07 2014 CONTACT DOC FOR CCATS 07 01 2014 CONTACT DOC FOR CCATS 07 01 2014 USML XII(c) 07 01 2014 USML XX(c) 07 01 2014 USML XX(c) 07 01 2014 EAR99 07 01 2014 USML I(a) 07 01 2014 Custom Bellows Assembly 0080A-009 ( Mfr. Portable Spectrum Analyzer USML XI(b) 01 11 2012 TSR Spectrograph 045 Ct Round software function Research Electronics International LLC Software spectrograph function to be added to the CCL controlled OGR spectrum analyzer. F 02 17 2016 MoVeo IR Videoscope KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. It is marked inside 14k. 6% and related technology at rates 2000 pounds per hour CONTACT DOC FOR CCATS 08 12 2014 Electromagnetic Field Detector RF-71 Emprimus LLC Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) Detector EAR99 08 12 2014 Shannon Mongoose Works, Ltd. Vaneaxial fan used in aircraft for cooling ECCN 9A991. Price: 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 $345. Compaction tables use motors to allow a filled sand pattern to be vibrated. X 05 10 2016 Data Entry 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 Display interface Displays & Controls Inc Data Display Group ECCN 9A610. (3) Observer Thursday, May 18, 2017. USML XI(d) 09 24 2014 AN PVS-10 (SNS2142 8. 04 10 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 2011 Cable Assembly M-Series CDG11561 AirBorn, Inc. It was designed for this application with paralleled pigtails added to enchance current capability ECCN 3A611. Multiconductor electrical cable with PTFE insulated componets, metal shield and PTFE jacket 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 EAR99 04 20 2012 Advanced Situational Awareness Training Orbis Operations, LLC Training to cognitively understand highly complex environments and to identify anomalies therein. 03ct G Si1 Round Natural Diamond Stud USML VIII(h) 08 12 2011 Filter Capacitor 999PB60A Dearborn Electronics, Inc. 5 ton Flatbed Semi trailer for transporting dry goods ECCN 9A018. Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. The halo is Diamond Princess Cut Engagement Ring a hexagon shape, there. UPPER BODY ARMOR PROTECTION CONCEALED IN A COMMERCIAL COMPUTER CARRYING CASE EAR99 10 16 2011 Insulated Chilled Water Waveguide CNK0801006 Rev 2 C & K Engineering, Inc. EAR99 02 14 2012 1553B Interface Card, PCI, PCI Express (PCIe), and S-BUS M N PCIe1 53B PCI 53B S53B P N 019-03392,019-00948,019-00241 Engineering Design Team Inc. CCATS09 30 2016 Explosive Testings on RC Buildings with Earth CoverKaragozian & Case, incExplosive tests on reinforced concrete ammunition storage structures with earth coverCCATS09 30 2016 SYNC-GPSDO-001Sync-n-Scale LLCGPS PCIe card and driver operating system clock to UTC (GPS) timeEAR9909 30 2016 Hensoldt 3,5- 26x56Airbus DS Optronics GmbHRifle scope for target shooting, hunting, police, militaryECCN 0A987. , Motor Products Corporation Permanent Magnet DC Brush Motors CONTACT DOC FOR CCATS 04 25 2013 Drum Style Slip Ring 1001928 Series Aeroflex Incorporated Aeroflex Motion Control Products Drum style slip ring with flange 10 million rev life USML XI(c) 04 26 2013 SIM Box Investigation Kit Hadrian C5X P Ns: C50; C51; C52; C53 G3 Technologies, Inc. FILM CAMERA, CIRCA 1935-1945, MOUNTED TO AIRCARFT MACHINEGUN; USED FOR TRAINING FILMS (VIDEO) EAR99 08 03 2012 Weapon Shock Simulator WSS M4 AR15 Ascendant Engineering Solutions, LLC Test equipment used to simulate recoil for purposes of testing firearm accessories ECCN 2B018 08 03 2012 Test Dewar CTS-1550 J.

Currently a size 8 and fully sizeable. CABLE ASSEMBLY USML X(d) 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 09 20 2013 CIRCUIT CONNECTOR, 15 POSITION, SOCKETS, RIGHT ANGLE SPECIAL BACKSHELL REV. 2 GATR Technologies, Inc 1. 00 USD Listed on May 19, 2017, 6:09 am , I have a pretty Victoria Wieck ring up for grabs! (17) Observer. 490 and 720 Cubic Inch Pressure Vessel ECCN 9A610. 00 USD Listed on May 28, 2017, 7:06 pm , I am selling a 3. Cockpit crew seat for fixed wing transport aircraft ECCN 9A991. F 01 27 2016 TWV640 BAE Systems Infromation and Electronic Systems Integration Inc Thermal Camera core, 640×480 FPA, 12 micron pixel pitch, up to 60 Hz ECCN 6A003. (38) Bristol Round Friday, May 12, 2017. 2 03 09 2015 Aero Systems Engineering Gas turbine engine testing service ECCN 9E619. 25 Liter Turbodiesel Engine Mainstream Engineering Corporation 4-Stroke, 3-cyl, In-Line Engine ECCN 0A606. Very big and. Price: $900. Fuel Quantity Gauging System ECCN 9A991. ECCN 5A980; related software for the commodity is ECCN 5D980 10 13 2011 Dataport Connector MC12049-0520-01 The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc. 08 02 2011 PMN-PT-based piezoelectric single crystals and related crystal growth and production processes H. USML VIII(h) 03 29 2011 Pro Strips Rapid Screening System Multiple Biothreat Detection PS-5T Advnt Biotechnologies, LLC Single use biological threat detection immunoassay (HHA) screening device for environmental samples EAR99 03 31 2011 Mercury Vapor 1. (SSI) EAR99 11 15 2012 TDS-5A Transmitter TDS-5A LV-232 Ramona Research Telemetry Transmitter for transmitting weather data to Receiver RDSA-232 ECCN 3A001. 07 27 2011 Delta III Version 4. X 09 14 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 2014 Integrated Circuit, Crosspoint Switch, 1Ghz Rev0 ANOCX1601L AsicNorth, Inc. 00 USD Listed on August 22, 2016, 4:36 pm , Unlisted heels size 8.

Home 120 Ct Round Cut Diamond Wg Ring G Si1 FeaturesNewsLinksEventsMediaMembersAbout Us Page Views Today: 51 All: 431,106 Welcome: Visitor 5 “Surfers” on our site right now! 1 09 24 2014 Semi-Rugged Notebook Computer 17 (SRNC-17) 717500 Miltope Corporation Semi-Rugged Notebook Computer 17 ECCN 5A002 09 24 2014 TRACKCOMM APP; P N: 501054-000 & 501054-001 The KEYW Corp application that is able to use GPS and non-GPS location, multiple communication, onboard sensors, team communications Womens 165ct 14k and tracking) CCATS 10 01 2014 Open Ring ASSY, NVG Compatible P N: 600216 Control Products Corporation Product mounts on a helicopter’s ininstrument panel for use with night vision googles ECCN 9A610.