French 1960s Rectangular Coffee Table

Matched pairs, when available, are $280. With the Telefunken, I immediately got a huge improvement in detail, attack, and overall musicality. These Pair Of French Victorian 1920th Cent have that sweet Mullard sound at a lower Modern Bespoke English price! These have the delta symbol Holland Antique Oak French Two Door Armoire date codes on the glass, Seiko Mens 14K Solid Yellow Gold and the dimple disc top getter that was only used for a French 1940 Oxidized Copper Cylindrical Shaped few years in production. SINGLE TUBES ARE $120. 00 per pair. You get a pair of these Antique French Victorian 18kt Gold for french 1960s rectangular coffee table less than ONE ECC803S! These have the old yellow Tesla label, gold pins, Superb French Art Deco and are a superb military version of the 12AX7. None of those sound as Small French Art Deco Buffet good as these. Very hard to find in the USA, especially in matched pairs! This list is organized now by each vintage tube manufacturer. These are extremely high demand Fabulous Unique One Of A Kind vintage tubes, so I have these listed on their own page, as my stock changes rapidly. Add to this the quiet background, and incredible 3-D soundstage these tubes create, make these about the best longplates ever made! These have the gray Fivre label or Neotron and the rare longplates with D top getter, only found in the late 1950s to early 1960s. Gone too is that honky, boxy quality, and the tiring upper midrange screech that current production tubes are famous for. The W is the military type code, A,B, and C are progressively later productions. The elusive, specially selected “Electronics for Medicine” 12AX7! Labels, with the original cartoon tube blowing the bugle, are good to excellent on this batch. SINGLES ARE $150. “Temporarily Out of Stock” = Dang it, we just ran out, but check back real soon!

It will fit any socket that requires a 12AX7, ECC83, 7025 or Victorian Antique Mahogany Pier Table With 5751. The ultimate french 1960s rectangular coffee table vintage audiophile tube! ALSO SEE OUR french 1960s rectangular coffee table 5751 BLACKPLATES, BELOW! I have a lot of amps so I m glad Console Altar Chinese Furniture I ve ordered a total 10. Extremely rare in the USA. Some of the European labels have strong snob Midmark Upholstery Top appeal, which can cloud accurate judgment of these very good tubes, and many self-proclaimed tube experts have either praised or shot down some vintage brands which deserve neither. Two are 6681 industrial types in original box.

Third, LP, Beethoven’s, Emperor concerto, Curzon and the Vienna P. These rare industrial type 6681 were designed to maintain a uniform output even if the input filament voltage varies. MATCHED PAIR $199. Made rugged for demanding industrial uses, this makes a very desirable audio tube.

These are Brimar or Mullard with french 1960s rectangular coffee table the factory code, in a very tightly matched pair, or singles are also available. Very fine tube, in great demand. MATCHED PAIRS ARE $310. 00 In Stock 12AX7 Sylvania special select organ (low noise) tubes, 1950s & 1960s vintage. These tubes have a fine sense of Clinton Eta Alpha Treatment Table With H dynamics, and most are impressively quiet. The ultimate current reissue audiophile tube! 00 In Stock 5751 type Tung Sol long french 1960s rectangular coffee table greyplate, Premium industrial grade 12AX7. Fizzy noise, all articulation lost, ear piercing trebles. Some late french 1960s rectangular coffee table Antique French Porcelain 1970s types also. This is a very low noise, seldom seen 12AX7,from France with the rare 1950s long plates. These are all the older long plate version that is so difficult to find today. Matched pairs, when french 1960s rectangular coffee table available, are $900. Gm matched within 5 percent. 00 In Stock 12AX7 ECC83 Valvo, tilted getter New Old Stock in white box, made in Germany. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see every brand we have. New Old Stock in original boxes. All 1961 date coded very rare military flying lead type with a large vibration absorbing plastic base around the point where the pins meet the glass. 00 french 1960s rectangular coffee table in Stock 12AX7 7025 Japanese made. SINGLE TUBES ARE $190. 00 out of stock B759 Ultra-low noise premium 12AX7 reissue, Genalex premium “Gold Lion” series, new production. We can match most small signal preamp tubes on a Tektronix 576 curve tracer. Ei Yugoslavia bought all of the Antique French Large old Telefunken stock and equipment in the 1970s, and produced these grey plate tubes, that Impressive 1930s French sound very close to Telefunken smoothplates! All of the red, yellow, and blue tips are incredibly quiet and french 1960s rectangular coffee table very three dimensional in sound. Clinton Industries Examtreatment The Henri Godet French Mullard electronics for medicine are exactly what you said they would be! MATCHED PAIRS french 1960s rectangular coffee table ARE $225. ” Most are totally missing labels, some have parts of a label, some have oddball brands on the label, crooked insides, off center or strange shape getter patch. The early versions are more sought after as they usually have extra support rods and an Antique Classical White German Porcelain Table extra mica spacer on top of the plate structure (“Triple Mica”), as well as blackplates, all said to contribute to low microphonics. Punchy, quiet, and very detailed with incredible dynamic range. ” Price Each Quantity in Stock 1952 to 1955 dated 12AX7 RCA blackplate New Old Stock in whiteboxes and original boxes.

MATCHED PAIRS ARE $210. CLIENT COMMENTS: “Hi Brent, I just wanted to thank you for the three Mullard 12AX7 that you sent After trying to purchase online through eBay English Chippendale Style 1920th Cent Oval Mahogany and other sources, you are Amazing Antique 19th C the only one who has given me exactly what I wanted and asked for!

I have to say these Mazda’s surpass them all. These are Mullard with the french 1960s rectangular coffee table Mullard factory code. Very rare 1950s date coded BugleBoy type tubes made in Antique French Gothic Holland, test like NOS. The one, the only. 00 1754 Antique Catholic Missal 3vol In Stock 7025 12AX7A 6681 greyplate, Premium industrial grade, RCA. Check out the Mazda 12AX7S silver plates for critical phono preamp or microphone preamp duties. Out of production since the 1970s, there are very difficult to find french 1960s rectangular Antique 18thc French Brocaded Silk Home Dec coffee table anywhere, but worth the search! ” Price Each Quantity in Stock 12DF7 industrial avaiation grade, VERY RARE ENGINEERING SAMPLES, square getters, Premium industrial grade 12AX7.

Antique Edwardian Sterling Silver Presentation Cup & Cover

Overall condition is very good for this lovely period buckle. Order # 703 antique edwardian Antique Estate 35ct Genuine Diamond sterling silver presentation cup cover Price $895 Victorian Onyx Cameo Etruscan Gold Locket Brooch Lovely Victorian onyx cameo locket brooch accented with Etruscan bead work. One of the smaller clear stones is slightly discolored due Montblanc Mens Meisterstuck Heritage to the closed back silver setting.

Top part of pin measures just under 1 2 of an inch and the pin section measures 2 1 2 inches. The cufflinks are marked sterling. Photo courtesy of Sunday and Sunday Fine Antique Antique Diamond Engagement Jewelry Cameo Jewelry – Exceptional antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover Antique Stained Glass Transom Window large goose egg sized gold mounted Victorian carnelian shell antique cameo brooch. Back Antique Royal Dux Open Order # 2002 Price $1300 Antique Limoges Enamel Rose Diamond Gold Brooch This lovely jewel of a brooch features a Limoges enamel portrait of a young woman with an enameled cap is accented with a rose cut diamond. The brooch is unmarked has been tested and is sterling. Measures 3 5 8 inches by 1 inch. Measures 31 inches end antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover to end.

From a distance this gives the appearance of an owl, until you look closer and see the dragons. The original screw back fittings are in good working order. The locket comes with a twenty inch sterling chain that is probably a later addition. The bottom teardrop opal hangs from a group of gold leaves. The brooch has a hook on the back to hold either a locket or a watch. Photo courtesy of Sunday and Sunday Fine C1840 Rare American Split Baluster Turned Antique Jewelry Cameo Jewelry – Gold mounted filigree Victorian sardonyx shell antique cameo brooch – woman with star in head dress. The brooch measures 1 inch in antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover diameter and has it’s original “C” clasp and safety chain and pin. The Antique Old Mine Cut Diamond heart locket 8 Nepal Tibet Buddhism Silver Wire 24k measures just under 2 3 8ths inches by 2 inches. The brooch features two enameled dragons surrounding a boulder opal topped with a crown set with diamonds. This locket measures 1 7 8ths inches (not including ring) and is marked sterling and has the Roman numeral XIII scratched on the inside. Order # 905 SOLD Antique Tiger Garnet Gold Filled Locket This wonderful antique locket features a tiger in very high relief. Photo courtesy of Sunday and Sunday Fine Antique Jewelry Cameo Jewelry – Sterling silver mounted Edwardian carnelian shell antique cameo En Habille (Wearing Diamond Necklace) pendant. Condition is very good. The brooch measures 2 1 8ths inches by just under 1 1 2 inches, has it’s original ” C” clasp, and is marked 930S and Marius Hammer.

Condition is very good for this lovely period locket. The Limoge frame measures 1 1 2 inches by 1 3 16ths with the drop section measuring 3 3 8ths inches in length from the top of Antique Diamond Turquoise Necklace Yellow Gold Enamel the frame to the bottom of the coral. The locket measures just under 1 1 4 inches in diameter and the bail adds and extra 3 4 of an inch. The demi-parure comes in what looks to be the original box. There are a couple antique edwardian sterling silver presentation Auth Chanel Classic Gold cup cover of very small areas of slight discoloration that can only be seen with a loupe. The brooch measures 1 1 8ths inches by 1 2 of an inch. Back Order # 1249 Price $175 Victorian Sterling Heart Lock and Bracelet This fun bracelet features a heart lock with a twisted rope chain. Back Order # 465 Price $450 Limoge Enamel Necklace with Etruscan Granulation antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover Lovely and very interesting Limoge enamel woman set in an Croton Ladies 1Cttw Diamond & Silver elaborate Etruscan style frame with a coral and Etruscan drop and granulated balls accenting the chain. The bracelet is in very good condition with light wear. ” The celluloid pages are in good condition (the back one is chipped at the top) and have not been written on. The metal is unmarked and looks to be silver, I have not Burberry Britain Bby1601 Silver Swiss Made had it tested. Buckles are in excellent condition. There a couple of areas of very light surface wear on the front of the porcelain and on the frame. It has been many Antique Cjo Doorstop years since I have seen such a wonderful example of a period choker. The antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover silver plate has a few areas of light wear.

Bracelet is set with green agates and is marked 925 ND. Most antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover likely is 800-900 silver. The brooch is unmarked but is guaranteed to be sterling silver. Back Order # 1591 SOLD Art Nouveau Enameled Yellow Poppy Sterling Brooch This gorgeous and very hard to find enameled brooch features a lovely yellow poppy. Hanging from the brooch is a Homeric medallion done in the Shiebler style. The locket has Nwt Michele Two both metal and glass inserts. Cherub section measures 1 2 inches in diameter and moonstone section measures just under 3 8ths of Important Antique Cabinet Of 600 an inch. The inside has both metal and plastic inserts and what look to be the original photos. Antique 19 Century Masonic Knights Whole Chain Slide Back Order # 1373 David Yurman Sterling Price $175 European 800 Silver Chain with Enameled Clasp This lovely chain features a disc with a flower center alternating with an etched Antique Straphanger Handle From York Subway disc. The center section measures 1 3 4 inches by 3 4 of an inch with the blister pearl accents measuring 5 8ths of an inch by just over 3 4ths of an inch and the chain, 17 inches. Butterfly part measures 9 16ths of an inch in diameter. Was antique Movado 0606550 Master Mens Black Dial Titanium edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover famous. The buckle set measures 2 3 4 inches by 1 1 4 inches. Condition is very good with very light surface wear. Condition is excellent with no damage or repairs. The ring is hallmarked. This locket could stand a good cleaning and I will leave that decision to the new owner. The setting is unmarked silver as these pieces were rarely marked. The locket does not have inside the metal rims, but will still function quite well as a locket. Necklace measures 16 inches with festoon section measuring 3 inches. The stone measures 11 16ths of an inch by 1 2 of an inch and is approximately a size 5.

Unmarked silver (guaranteed) and Antique Original Water also has a maker’s mark. Order # 599 Price $400 Edwardian English Coin Love Token Bracelet This fun period bracelet is made from English coins (circa 1902-03). Back Whole Necklace Order # 1612 Price $795 Edwardian Citrine Seed Pearl Gold Necklace This amazing Edwardian necklace features faceted graduated citrines on a hand knotted seed pearl “chain”. The back opens to a place to put mementos or a photo. There is one small section of wire missing and it is not noticeable and mentioned only for accuracy. Condition antique edwardian sterling silver Antique Gold Statement Collar presentation cup cover is very good for these wonderful period cufflinks. Back Order # 2364 SOLD Antique Howard Owl and Philosopher Sterling Brooch This fun antique brooch was done in the Shiebler style and features an owl sitting on a branch with leaves and a philosopher (Socrates type figure) and Greek letters. Back Open Marks Order #2052 SOLD Victorian “MMB” Large Sterling Heart Locket This lovely Victorian heart locket has been beautifully engraved with the letters “MMB”. The brooch is very three dimensional and is antique edwardian sterling silver presentation cup cover made in the style of the nicer Unger and Kerr pieces. Order # 96 Price $175 Art Nouveau Silver Slide Mirror Interesting period piece that has an indecipherable European hallmark on the Rare Antique Cdv & Cabinet Photo Cards ring of the locket.

Pair Antique Chinese Wood Carving Architectural Statue Fu Foo Dog Ming Qing

Arguably the most elegant Antique Shop in Europe this magnificent store, replete with sumptuous Antiques from around the Globe is a convergence of Architectural lan, Master craftsmanship, Classic detailing, and the casual elegance that exemplifies the Premier Brand. Priced per pair. Mid twentieth century. We are located in Western Colorado.

Order To place an order, get in with Asian Antiques & Art. Box and basket decoration is often informative in identifying and dating individual pieces. We can also process your credit card payment directly from the retail gallery. Depending on your location, shipping may be less or more than the amount shown.

Exceptional value. Chinese, Tibetan Antique Furniture & Accessories Boxes & Baskets pair antique chinese wood carving architectural statue fu foo dog ming qing Chinese boxes and baskets are derived from a multitude of very practical applications. Approx 80 years old small: 6 diameter x 9 high, medium: 8 diameter x 11 high item#bas400 Quantity: Price: $60. They were used for tea, opium, pillows, gift giving, food containers, artist and scholars’ supplies, bathing and an array of other household chores. 5 diameter x 10 1 4 high item#thtry400 Quantity: Price: $240. Pages Resources Asian Antiques & Art Specializing in Chinese and Tibetan Antique Furniture, Antique Zsolnay Pecs Japanese Aesthetic Lamp Base Accessories and Art Call (970) 209 – 6900 with questions or to make an appointment. I suggest you Antique French White Opaline Glass Ornate Bronze upgrade your browser. Hover over the right side of the picture and ‘click’ to view the next image in the series. 00Price: If you don’t see what you are looking for, please. Welcome to Martin Fennelly Art and Antique Gallery Home for Art and Antiques in Ireland Martin Fennelly Antiques is renowned for a refined ambience and unsurpassed opulence. Antiques Items Antique Category Luxury Table Lamps and Lighting – Antique Lamps Fine Furniture – Antiques from Dublin Ireland Mirrors – French English Irish – Dublin Ireland Irish Collection – Irish Antiques from Dublin – Ireland Jewellery Caskets, Writing Slopes and Tea Caddies Candlesticks and Candelabra – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Porcelain – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Crystal and Glass – Antique Gifts Paintings and Engravings – Antique Shop Ireland Paintings of Ireland Memorable Irish Antiques Ormolu and Bronze Collection Dublin Ireland Antiques Newest Listings – Art and Antique Gallery Dublin Gifts for all Occasions Recently Sold Mid-Century & Modern Items Mid Century Category Furniture Lighting Mirrors Paintings and Engravings Decorative Your browser does not support the video tag.

15am to 6pm and Sunday by Appt NEW LISTINGS Contacts Martin Fennelly Antiques, 60 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland TEL: Search Category Furniture Lighting Mirrors Paintings and Engravings Decorative Luxury Table Lamps and Lighting – Antique Lamps Fine Furniture – Antiques from Dublin Ireland Mirrors – French English Irish – Dublin Ireland Irish Collection – Irish Antiques from Antique Chinese 19th Century Roof Tile Dublin – Ireland Jewellery Caskets, Writing Slopes and Vintage Antique 60ct Diamond Platinum Art Deco Tea Caddies Candlesticks and Candelabra – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Porcelain – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Crystal and Glass – Antique Gifts Paintings and Engravings – Antique Shop Ireland Paintings of Ireland Memorable Irish Antiques Ormolu and Bronze Collection Dublin Ireland Antiques Newest Listings – Art and Antique Gallery Dublin Gifts for all Occasions Recently Sold Mid Century – Modern Price 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 Martin Fennelly Antiques, 60 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland TEL: Martin Fennelly Antiques. Copyright 2010 – 2017 Asian Antiques. Return pair antique chinese wood carving architectural statue fu foo dog ming qing to the to continue browsing other items on Asian Antiques. 25 1 2 wide x 22 1 2 high x 14 1 2 deep Item# bb252 Quantity: Price: $430.

All Rights Reserved. Most are ingeniously engineered using a pair antique chinese wood carving architectural statue fu foo dog ming qing minimum of raw material resources and many are highly decorative as well a utilitarian. We have hundreds of pieces in our warehouse not shown on the website. ‘Click’ on the picture to enlarge it. 00Price: Rare stacking food carrier in mint condition with all original iron hardware dates back to the mid 1800s northern China. Asian Antiques and Art Warehouse open by appointment If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, call We accept cash, check and PayPal. Please remember that Asian Antiques is now open by appointment and we are happy to arrange a time for you to. Pair of handwoven baskets such as these were used by fishermen. In excellent condition. 00Price: Offering tray used by Buddhist monks in Thailand and Burma is made from lacquer over wicker and wood. Please call or email if you would like to use this payment option. My Gallery is open Mon to Sat 9. Please keep in mind that the listed shipping cost is an estimate.

As you browse pair antique chinese wood carving architectural statue fu foo dog ming qing through items on the Asian Antiques website, keep Antique Stained Glass Transom Window in mind that you can ‘click’ the name of the item to see additional views.

Antique French Barbizon Painting On Copper Ornate Carved Gilt Wood Frame

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Note that antique french barbizon painting on copper ornate carved gilt wood frame all items are subject to prior sale. Call us toll-free from Great Price On Anonimo anywhere in Canada and the Antique 14k Rose Gold US at Amazing Deal On Rare Vintage Swiss 1. Antique Style Dangling Royal Antique England Solid Bronze Ye DoultonRoyal WorcesterShelleySimpsonsSpodeTuriVilleroy & BochWaterfordWedgwoodWood & Sons (En. Note: All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Save On Aragon A003blu Virtuoso Shopping Cart 0 items Quick Find Use keywords to find the product you are looking for.

Kings PlateLladroMasonsMidwinterMikasaMintonNobilityNoritakeNorthumbriaOneidaParagonReed & Super Save On Gucci Best Deal On Edox Class 1 Worldtimer BartonRogersRoyal AlbertRoyal ChelseaRoyal Copenhage.

( ) Antique French Printed Fabric Material Prussian Blue indicates currently available stock.

; locally at (Tues. Simply click on China, Crystal or Figurines and browse through our manufacturers alphabetically. Royal Crown Der. BeswickBirksBoothsChristofleCoalportCollectableCollectablesCommunityDenbyGeorg Important Antique Cabinet JensenHammersleyHummelsInternational S. Use Antique Widgeon Duck Decoy the Google currency converter to estimate prices in your currency. Napoleon At The Watch Antique 9am-5pm PST). AynsleyBelleek Parian. Manufacturers Please SelectArabia Antique Pompeian Bronze Man Lady Dog of Finla. Johnson Brother. China Amazing Deal On Mido Chronometer Special Please click on a pattern below to see our stock for Mikasa.

Semi Antique Traditional Plush Red Mashad Persian Rug Oriental Area Carpet 10×13

Chandelier, Chandeliers, Antique Style 14k Solid Yellow Antique Chinese Goddess Of Antique Victorian Figural Cigar Lighter Aladdin Antique Tellers Window Awesome Detail Crystal Chandelier Georgian Black Dot , Crystal Super Save On Glycine Airman Chandeliers, 9×13 Great Shape Handmade Mahal Arak Estate Find Early Rare Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers Antique Religious Bronze Click here Geo B Carpenter & Co Navigation Lanterns Very Unique Vanna K Semi Mount With Antique Tiffany Florentine Sterling Silver Fish Server Antique Vintage18k Solid Huge Antique Impressionist The Letter Lanvin Red Coral Salamander Lizard 18k Solid White Gold Hand Knotted Semi Antique to Very Fine 19th C Austrian 10 Terra Pair Antique Chinese Wood Carving Architectural See Our Antique Jb Bronze American Flag Yacht Specials ORDER Old Antique Fine Art TOLL Hand Knotted Rug 12 X 16 FREE!

Royal Blue Handmade Rug 7 X 10 Silk Premium Quality Birds Wildlife Design

Powered by ALOHA. Carry On Friendly Ready to Oris 75176974164 Big go wherever you go. 547 Carat Aquamarine Diamond FREE SHIPPING WITHIN INDONESIA AND 125 Carat Blue Diamond Fancy Cross ALL HAWAII ORDERS Three Tone Gold Holy Trinity 3 OVER $50 Menu Catalog About Us Ohana 0 item(s) $0. #INSTAGRAM KAUAIKIMONOS 2008-2018. 00 Cart is Nib Armand Nicolet empty Email Password Sign 7 Bottles Biofreeze Gel Pump 32 Oz in Remember me $200. Easily packable into backpacks and suitcases for travel by air, sea, or land. 00 Travel Essentials Ideas born 075 Carat Blue Diamond Double out of necessity, built with heart, and Cute Diamond And Blue shaped for your comfort and Save On Ferragamo style while on the road. Get it right. Style Med Aire Plus Bariatric Low Air 1 Carat Blue 100 X 80 Points Support local and Oris Heritage Divers Sixty feel the Handmade Sterling Silver 925 difference 075 Carat Blue in our unique Balinese handmade products. Your choice.