Antique Large 14k Gold Synthetic Color Change Sapphire Brooch Or Pendant 35 Ct

$1,250 Sold 6521 Fine slim 14K gold Longines antique pocket watch with exceptional dial circa 1899. $1,750 6470 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K gold reference 2526 vintage automatic wrist watch with porcelain enamel dial circa 1954. $7,250 5445 Fine large and impressive continental 18K gold skeletonized quarter hour repeater circa 1810. $13,500 6872 Fine and lovely Swiss 18K gold and painted enamel ladies antique pendant watch by Breting Freres circa 1860.

$39,000 Sold 6413 Fine and beautiful Swiss 18K gold, diamond and enamel keywind ladies antique pendant watch circa 1860. $8,000 8130 Fine and rare Elgin 14K gold antique pocket watch with beautiful painted hard enamel Odd Fellows dial, circa 1888. 6851 Scarce Swiss gunmetal hardcore erotic antique pocket watch circa 1890. $6,150 7051 Swiss gunmetal antique antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct pocket watch circa 1900 with hidden automated erotic scene. $2,500 8181 Fine and rare Patek Philippe anti-magnetic 18K red gold reference 2532 vintage water resistant wrist watch with luminous dial and hands circa 1950; $16,000 8152 Fine and extremely rare 18K Waltham Model 72 antique pocket watch, one of three prize winners at the Philadelphia International Exhibition of 1876 that was instrumental in putting American horology on the international map. Vanderbilt to his private secretary, circa 1872. $16,750 Sold 6962 Fine, scarce and beautiful Dutch gilt and painted enamel 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Fancy Canary verge and fusee antique watch by Williamson circa 1750. $20,000 Sold 6824 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold hunting case 5-minute repeater with Polish Provenance circa 1903. $1,200 Sold 6147 Scarce Hamilton “Otis” gold filled reverso vintage wrist watch circa 1941. $10,000 6821 Good Rolex reference 6593 Bombay Oyster Perpetual Bubbleback vintage wrist watch circa 1955. $8,000 Sold 5611 Fine 18K gold and enamel Swiss minute repeater by Haas circa 1910. $2,800 Sold 6227 Fine and scarce Dutch silver pair case verge and fusee antique calendar watch by Jacobus Vander Mido Multifort Mens Watch Automatic Hegge, Hague, circa 1720. 7030 Fine and Rare Breguet style Thomas Engel 18K gold Concours Observatorie Chronometre pocket watch with thermometer, calendar and 30-hour power reserve with original wooden box circa 1980. $4,150 Sold 7058 Fine and scarce 18 S Waltham Vanguard 14K gold 23 jewel antique railroad pocket watch with winding indicator circa 1907. $10,750 For a fuller description antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. 900 Sold 5719 Rare gilt hidden scene erotic enamel verge and fusee antique pocket watch circa 1800. $4,800 6965 Fine, handsome and scarce Universal Tri-Compax 18K red gold moonphase calendar chronograph Fancy Knot Chain 14k Yellow Gold 78g vintage watch circa 1945. 7052 Very fine and very rare E. $59,850 8229 Fine and scarce 14K yellow gold Movado Polyplan oversized vintage wrist watch circa 1912. $6,000 Sold 6717 Good Swiss Modernista gold filled jump hour sector antique pocket watch circa 1900. $5,250 Sold 6513 French gilt verge and fusee quarter repeating automaton antique pocket watch incorporating a medal commemorating the restoration of the French monarchy, circa 1830 $6,000 Sold 6515 Dudley Type 2 Masonic gold filled open face antique pocket watch circa 1925. $30,000 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $4,000 8240 Fine 14K gold antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct 16 S Hamilton 993 antique pocket watch with fancy dial circa 1910.

$6,000 Sold 5499 Fine fancy pink 14K gold antique pocket watch chain circa 1880. $3,000 sold 7065 Fine Howard Type III 14K gold antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct antique pocket watch circa 1864. $4,100 6852 Very fine and scarce Swiss 14K gold jumping quarter second split second chronograph with return Alcoholics Anonymous 523 14k to zero function by Huguenin and Grizet circa 1880. $1,050 Sold 6114 Very fine and 40ct Round Diamond very scarce small (42 mm) Jules Jurgensen 18K gold hunting case minute repeater circa 1885. $4,750 Sold 6393 Interesting skeleton verge movement circa 1760 with a painted biblical enamel panel circa 1600 in a purpose made gilt case. 13 Ct Tw Diamond Womens Earrings Pave $24,000 Sold Shared Prong Set Asscher Diamond Engagement 6505 Fine and beautiful continental 18K gold, pearl and painted enamel quarter hour repeater antique pocket watch circa 1810. $1,050 Sold 6198 Fasoldt Longines 14K gold railroad grade antique pocket watch circa 1900. $3,100 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $11,500 Sold 6231 Fine and beautiful Swiss 18K gold heavily carved, chased and engraved ladies hunting case antique pendant watch circa 1900. $4,750 6784 Good Swiss stainless new-old stock IGJ automatic center seconds calendar wrist watch with automated erotic scene circa 1990.

$8,100 8022 Fine and rare 14K gold Elgin grade 72 convertible 21 jewel antique pocket watch with original box circa 1879. $3,600 Sold 5691 Rolex red 18K gold ladies vintage wrist watch circa 1950. $3,000 Sold 6636 Fine Patek Philippe 18K reference 2484 vintage wrist watch circa 1953. $20,000 7029 Fine and rare large continental 18K gold verge and fusee antique pocket watch with sweep seconds and indications for the day of the month and phases of the moon, circa 1790. $10,750 Sold 6687 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe reference 2468 hourglass vintage wrist watch circa 1947. $11,250 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $1,500 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. We also have many rings, earrings and necklaces set with semi precious stones such as garnets, amethyst, jade, amber, topaz, aquamarines and so much more! $7,250 Sold 5916 Lovely Elgin 12 S multi-color 14 K gold box hinge ladies antique pocket watch circa 1920. $5,000 8179 Fine Swiss 14K gold carilion chiming grande sonnerie quarter repeating clockwatch circa 1900. $2,500 5701 Fine and very scarce American 14K gold and gold quartz antique pocket watch chain with locket fob circa 1880. $2,750 Sold 1920s Antique Replica Metal Gas 6065 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold 20 jewel antique pocket watch with Guillaume balance made for Samuel Culver Park circa 1899. $1,250 Sold 6073 Fine, beautiful and unusual 18K gold and diamond rococo style keywind hunting case ladies antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct antique pendant Natural Jade Tourmaline Stones Negative Ions watch by Barbary, Paris, circa 1870. $1,300 Sold 6364 Fine 18K red gold Vacheron & Constantin antique pocket watch circa 1904. $40,000 7020 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold antique pocket watch circa 1879. 6017 Fine Ulysse Nardin dead seconds circuit breaker deck watch with electric contacts in box circa 1945. $4,000 Sold 6361 Very fine and extremely rare Patek Philippe large and heavy 18K gold tandem wind “trip” minute repeater circa 1900. $1,600 Sold 6199 Very unusual Elgin 16 S antique pocket in a nickel huting case with St. $2,500 Sold 5609 Vacheron & Constantin 14K gold and painted enamel antique ladies pendant watch circa 1907. $3,500 Sold 5875 Fine, rare and handsome 18K gold English minute repeater antique pocket watch with black 15 Ct Solitaire Engagement Ring Size dial by Parkinson & Frodsham, London, circa 1880. $7,500 6952 Very fine and extremely rare Movado nickel lever deck Chronometer de Bord in gimbaled desk stand fitted antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct with a mirror to view the Stylish 10k Rose Gold Chocolate Brown balance through a glazed aperture. $2,250 6933 Fine and scarce Swiss slim 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph with register by C H. $4,650 Sold 6509 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold midsize antique pocket watch circa 1875. $3,000 Sold 5841 Fine Swiss 18K gold stemwind pivoted detent pocket chronometer in original 170 Ct Round Fsi2 Diamond Solitaire box by E.

$1,600 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $3,000 Sold 6043 Good large and impressive 18K gold automaton quarter repeater antique large 14k gold synthetic color change sapphire brooch or pendant 35 ct verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Robert Guillarmond circa 1800. $26,500 18k White Gold Gold I1f Sold 6436 Fine Edward Prior English silver and tortoise shell giant quadruple cased verge and fusee antique pocket watch for the Turkish market circa 1860. $10,000 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. Sold 6405 Fine Swiss Patek Philippe 18K gold antique hunting case pocket watch circa 1868. Hissey, circa 1895.

$2,150 Sold 6827 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold ladies antique pendant watch circa 1895. $6,000 Sold 5980 Fine English 18K gold half-quarter ruby duplex keywind repeater by Arnold, Charles Frodsham, London, circa 1845. $4,750 Sold 5886 Good Swiss Modernista gold filled jump hour sector watch circa 1900.

Antique Persian Portrait Cabinet Vase Qajar Hand Blown Cobalt Blue Enamel Glass

Dikte: 32,0mm. Van 1918 tot 1930 Thuss was de belangrijkste beeldhouwer van de Bergmann Foundry en ge xecuteerd veel van de zeer gewaardeerde sculpturen die Nam-Greb, Thuss, of zijn ondertekend met een B binnen een urn ontwerpen (die dat niet zijn ontworpen door Franz de oudere). 1913) by Otto Gutfreund. Description: Original Japanese erotic porcelain aqua celadon glazed waterdropper. Museum of Art and History, Geneva. Bronze with black patina. Click 124 Ct Round Hi on the Picture. Dimensions: Height: 4″, Width: 4 3 4″, Thickness: 2″. Description: antique persian portrait cabinet vase qajar hand blown cobalt blue enamel glass Erotic Antique Bronze. 1480) by Andrea del Verrocchio. Niet alle beelden zijn ondertekend of gemarkeerd. Tin-lead alloy. Bust of Emperor Charles IV (1378) Gilt Bronze. P936 – – US$ Summit Doppler L150a Auditory Hand Held Currency Converter. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Altes Museum Antikensammlung Berlin. Size height: 1 1 5 inches. ) For more info on miniature painting see the above description of a2736! The frame adds a voyeuristic effect. The statue has been produced using moulds in the lost-wax process. We do not offer identification, valuation or appraisal services.

Description: Antique Oriental erotic miniature painting on ivory. Hoogte 8,3cm. Dimensions: Height: 4 1 2″, Width: 12 1 5″, Thickness: 2 1 2″. Signed by a master artist, possibly Motomitsu (Lazarnick: p.

Staatliche Museum, Berlin. Contact Info Mughal – Indian – Erotic Miniature Painting – Lion. In ancient China especially the very small Antique American Folk Art Cane Ww I feet of the young females were beloved by Chinese men and bare feet are very seldomly depicted. Kleding antique persian portrait cabinet vase qajar hand blown cobalt blue enamel glass zeer fijn Bruin Scrimshawwerk. National Museum of Iran, Tehran. A2735 – 685 – US$ Currency Converter. Portrait of Lorenzo Ghiberti (c. Haren en Antique Kimball Chicago Pump Organ Late 1800s Ogen Wenkbrauwen in Zwarte Inkt. Eind 19e Eeuw Begin 20e Eeuw. 6×9 Persian Kerman Walters Art Museum. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. Bust of Emperor Trajan (c. A2504 – – US$ Currency Converter. ( Harry ) Nederweert 1906 1982 – Eindhoven. P2264 – 185 – US$ Currency Converter. Beautiful example of bronze 990 Lalique Ice Light 3 abstract sculpture. Thickness 20 mm. Contact Info Mughal – Indian – Antique Erotic Miniature Painting -Trio. ): 17 3 4″ x 15 3 4″ inches. Totale Breedte: 32,1mm. A2719 – 575 – US$ Currency Converter. 105) Marble. Omschrijving: Prachtige Erotische Ivoren Netsuke Okimono. In the following decades miniature portraits were continued to be made although they remained a high-prized luxury. The pose of the love-making couple in this painting is clearly inspired by Kunisada s famous Azuma Genji (1837) 1 Carat Blue shunga design! Dikte: 31,60mm. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCULPTURE. Late in life (after Antique Vintage Brass 1930) he lived in Cincinnati untill his death in 1945. Bust of a Young Man (1660) by Ercole Ferrata. Gothic wood carving. Surviving fragments of Greek sculpture are occasionally 2 Carat Black Diamond Antique Cross Women Antique Chinese 38 Wide 78 displayed as busts, when they are in fact no more than heads that Oscar De La Renta have broken off full-length statues. Seiu’s kinbaku work is very seldomly seen on the art market!

Museum of Modern Art, New York. 220) Marble. Because of 075 Carat Blue Diamond Fancy his pioneering role in the Fine Diamond Square Stud Earrings 050 art of bondage Seiu is nicknamed the ‘father Antique Oak Frame Lion of kinbaku’. Breedte 18,5cm. N2759 – antique persian portrait cabinet vase qajar hand blown cobalt blue enamel glass 1100 – US$ Currency Giorgio Armani Womens Frosted Glass Icicle Picasso Style Sterling Silver Enamel Converter.

Signed and numbered (right below): Ferdinand Bertholet (6 20). We and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, purses and accessories. Bronze and Porphyry. The artist very 075 Carat Blue nicely interweaved different styles and influences from Japanese (shunga), Indian (Mughal) and Chinese erotica from the 19th Century.

Contact Info Rare Original 35 Carat Blue Diamond Round Hoop Bronze Erotic Statue Woman In Promiscuous Pose Nino Oliviono. Head of King Sargon of Akkad (2250) Copper. Retrospective Bust of a Woman (1933) by Salvador Dali. Rare type, in very fine state of preservation condition. Breedte Raymond Weil Parsifal Mens Diamond 14,5cm.

Antique French Printed Fabric Material Prussian Blue Curtain Panel W Ruffle

Some people can purchase an object as an opportunity and purse permit, others tend to specialize in order to build an important collection showing the whole range of a specific subject and its development. Our stock consists antique porcelain and pottery (table wares and decorative items) from all British factories: Bow, Chelsea, Derby, Coalport, Minton, New Hall, Ridgeway, Spode, Swansea, Worcester and a good range of articles from the major European factories like Meissen, Berlin, Nymphenburg, Sevres, Paris, Niderviller, Gardner, Ginori, etc. New Items For All New antique french printed fabric material prussian blue curtain panel w ruffle Items and latest updates visit our Blog. All Rights reserved. We are happy to take any enquiries covering Antique Oak Frame Lion Print 35 12 the subject and try to help and advise our clients delivering a valuable guidance in the journey of collecting. Subscribe here. In order to satisfy the increasing demand from collectors and enthusiasts at all levels the range of collectable items has widened enormously to include a dazzling array of affordable “china” that was once in every day use, from the humble cup and saucer to the jam pot and ewer. We are member of English Ceramic Circle (ECC) and London Ceramic Circle (LCC). Antique Porcelain antique french printed fabric material prussian blue curtain panel w ruffle Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions 05 Carat Blue Diamond Double Halo and changes to the Web site. 1852, painted with topographical views Fine Antique Davenport Porcelain desert plate, armorial plate Antique 18th and 19th century Derby porcelain Antique Liverpool Porcelain, Seth Pennington’s, Chaffers’ factory, Philip Christian, William Reid 18th Century Lowestoft Porcelain, Lowestoft blue and white, polychrome, teabowl, cup and saucer, Lowestoft figure. Wall Worcester Porcelain basket c. Samuel Alcock porcelain c. 1765-70 18th Century German Enamel Snuff Box 19th Century Nymphenburg Porcelain Vase A Pair 18k Solid White Gold of Staffordshire William Greatbatch Creamware Creamboats c. 1817 A Hochst Porcelain Basket c. Leave me a comment in the box below. From the early 1870s onwards there was an enthusiasm for all things Japanese antique french printed fabric material prussian blue curtain panel w ruffle and at the century’s end a curious mixing of Victorian Japanese and Victorian ‘Renaissance, heralded as L’art nouveau. 1770 Worcester Porcelain Punch Bowl “Rock Strata” pattern, c. From the examples listed on our site you can see the simple outlines of the 1740s-50s, the mid18th century development of a delight in rococo and chinoiserie fantasy, the pseudo-classical interest in the 1760s, revived heavy-handedly at the end of the century, the substantial shapes of the Regency, the late Georgian revival of chinoiserie and rococo again. 1863 Late 19th Century Meyers Material Spreader Great Meissen Porcelain Candelabra Minton Terracotta Moon Flask c. 1770 A fine Chelsea Porcelain Finger Bowl, red anchor period, c. Having the privilige to be based in London gives us the opportunity to have an easy access to some of the World’s most famous Auction Houses, Antique Fair shops and markets. 1873 A fine 19th Century Italian Maiolica Charger A Worcester blue & white porcelain basket c. That’s why our aim is to succeed in both informing and arousing enthusiasm. We hope this site will open the eyes of experienced collectors to new delights Antique Impressionist Style while introducing the newcomer to the pleasures of collecting and the lasing charm of antique ceramics.

1820,A part Copeland-Spode topographical dessert service c. 1755 Pair Minton Majolica Figures Match-holders Boy and Girl with Baskets Necklace Handmade Natural Custom Women Amber Poland c.

1755 Large 19th Century Italian Maiolica Charger Pair of 19th Century Minton Porcelain Vases Furstenberg Porcelain Model of a Buffalo c. A Collection of Seven 18th Century Chinese Porcelain Coffee Cups A Large 19th Century French Biscuit Porcelain Figure Group “Judgement of Paris” (possibly Sevres), signed “Le Riche”. Also you must note the “Elizabethan” and “Gothic” romanticism of early Victorians, 11×9 Mm Aaa the naturalistic excesses of the mid-19th century and the phase of statuesque ceramics-white figures, white relief-moulded jugs. 1929 A Large Dr. Today, however there is a third class of collector – the investor, who buys not only because of great love of the subject but also to seek a hedge against inflation and the lowering the value of the money and savings. You can also find us on Ebay and Facebook under the user name: “ANTIQUE-PORCELAIN-ONLINE”. A Rare Coalport Cabinet Plate (outside-decorated) c. 19th Century KPM Berlin Porcelain condiment set,silver-gilt mounted by “A. 1780 Rare French Palissy Ware Dish “The Abduction of Hippodamia” A fine Meissen Porcelain Plate c. 1822-1859, dessert plate, cup and saucer 18th Century Bow Porcelain 18th Century Bristol Porcelain, Bristol Porcelain teapot, bristol cup and saucer Caughley Porcelain A pair of Chelsea Porcelain figural candelabra c. 1770 A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Figures c. Comments Have your say! We also have a large selection of antique pottery and a variety of Orienthal ceramics. 1740-50 First Period Worcester Porcelain Tea Caddy, “Old Mosaic” Japan Pattern c.

Our price range is antique french printed fabric material prussian blue curtain panel w ruffle from 30 to 3000. Risler & Carre” Paris. 1865 A set of four Swansea porcelain plates c. As many specialists say: “The most helpful source of learning is a dealer’s shop” so please feel welcome to our site! 2013, trademark. 1805-10 Rare Chelsea-Derby antique french printed fabric material prussian blue curtain panel w ruffle Porcelain Coffee Can In Box Nb10w Tw01b Omron & Saucer c. Antique 19th Century Coalport Porcelain desert plate, coffee set, cup and saucer Spode porcelain centre dish c. French Faience Plaque of st Bruno (possibly 17th Century) A Silver Cigarette Box with Royal Worcester Plaque by H. 1765, one modelled as Cupid with a bow and quiver tied at his side, the other as his female companion, a basket of flowers in her right hand.

No collection is perfect.

Large 19th Century English Hunting Landscape Hound Dogs Horse Oil Paining Ward

Circa 1820. Height: 4 inches. A county wall map and large 19th century english hunting landscape hound dogs horse oil paining ward atlas was published for most Pennsylvania counties. This atlas included a state map and 61 county maps showing the geology of the state. W10241 Good Georgian rummer with plain ovoid bowl, on square ‘lemon squeezer’ base. Please La Virgen Maria De Guadalupe Our note: new stock items are distributed throughout the pages. The illustrations and maps were engraved by W. Circa 1760. W1458 Good Georgian wine glass with trumpet shaped bowl, on short opaque twist stem with two spiral threads over lace twist. Around mid-century came the classic county wall map which led directly to the classic county atlas. Price: 275. Hopkins, Philadelphia 1872 (LeGear L3035). W10237 Good pair of Georgian rummers with plain ovoid bowls, on capstan stems. Price: 325. Walling and O. W10220 Beautiful pair of Art Deco port or sherry glasses with conical bowls cut with a band of fine horizontal mitre flutes over stylised large 19th century english hunting landscape hound dogs horse oil paining ward flowers, on tapering scale-cut stems and feet cut with radiating mitre flutes. This is probably the best known state atlas. W9537 Beautiful pair of Georgian Irish rummers with double ogee bowls engraved with festoons, on stems with central blade knop. Dump Trailer 6×12 Landscape Equipment 684-685 of Phillips). W10178 Superb Georgian large rummer with bucket shaped bowl cut with a row of small demi-lunes over oval reserves containing vesicas cut with fine diamonds, on stem with large facet-cut knop and foot cut with radiating mitre flutes. Height: 6 inches. W9933 Superb French tumbler cut with a roundel flanked with fine diamonds andcolumns of fine strawberry hobnails Petrol Snow Blower Sweeper 4hp and diamonds alternating with vertical pillar flutes each decorated with strawberry lunettes and a central small lenticle. The period from 1790 to 1830 saw the beginning and development of the American map industry.

W10140 Superb Victorian goblet with ogee bowl cut with a row of oval lenticles over facet-cut diamonds, on ‘teared’ and fluted waisted stem and star-cut Authentic Chanel Cc Logo Necklace foot. Price: 145. (Two shown). They would solicit subscriptions for an atlas and if enough people signed up, go ahead and make one. Burrowes; Uriah Hunt & Son, Philadelphia 1846. W9759 Fine pair of Victorian champagne flutes with trumpet shaped bowls cut with basal broad flutes, on fluted stems with hexagonal centre knop. Prices to not include delivery. Price: 115. Hand coloring, done primarily by women on a production line basis using stencils, started circa 1820. Hopkins did this with several other county atlases including Butler, Mercer, and Montgomery counties. From the 1860s to the end of the century, the county atlas became a best selling item for publishers. It had only two regular maps, the rest were geological section maps; but it was the most detailed description yet of Pennsylvania topography. This two volume work was published privately by the Chief Geologist of the First Geological Survey Best Buy On Christopher Ward of Pennsylvania, Henry Rogers, because of a lack of state support. Circa 1930. W10230 Fine pair of Georgian port glasses large 19th century english hunting landscape hound dogs horse oil paining ward with double ogee or ‘kettledrum’ bowls cut with a band of fine diamonds over basal broad flutes, on blade knopped stems. WELCOME 19th Century Pennsylvania Maps WELCOME The Checklist of Pennsylvania Maps 14k Gold Jesus Crucifix ends here, and from here on the map lists are not inclusive. At least one map Alexis Bittar Lady O is shown for each year. This work is not La Santa Muerte Two Tone 14k Gold strictly an atlas. Height: 3 inches. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us. Probably Baccarat, France. Lesley, published by the Board of Commissioners for the Second Geological Survey, Harrisburg 1885 (LeGear L2996). Gray, published by Stedman, Brown & Lyon, Philadelphia 1872 (LeGear L2995, L6140, P. W10112 Fine pair of Victorian champagne flutes cut with basal broad flutes, on plain stem with facet-cut blade shoulder knop. The century is assumed to begin in 1800 and end in 1899. Price: 225. This 314 page book was intended as a school geography, however the 50 or so state and county maps make it an atlas also. Click here for more pages of wine glasses: , , , , , ,, click here for more pages large 19th century english hunting landscape hound dogs horse oil paining ward of wine glasses: , , , , , , W10113 Fine pair of Victorian champagne flutes cut with basal broad flutes, on plain stem with facet-cut blade shoulder knop. Laurie Leigh Antiques Fine English & Irish Antique Glass 18th Century Wine Glasses, 19th Century Wine Glasses, Goblets and Rummers Page Six Below are a few examples of our Bill Wall Large extensive stock of wine glasses. The Geology of Pennsylvania, 1858.

Height: 5 inches. Usually county atlases included just a Natural Jade Tourmaline Stones Negative Ions single state map and single county map, and so were not ‘state’ atlases. W10232 Lovely set of six Art Deco champagne Early Antique English glasses or coupes engraved with stylised flowers and foliage. Price: 110.

The first atlases of the state were published in the 1800’s including the following: State Book of Pennsylvania Containing an Account of the Geography, History, Government, Resources and Noted Citizens of the State; with a Map of the State and of each County, by Thomas H. Atlas of the County of Fayette Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl 3 18th and the State of Pennsylvania, from Actual Surveys & Official Records, compiled & published by G. W9714 Good set of six Victorian champagne glasses or coupes with pain bowls on plain stems and feet. The maps are organized by decades as shown by the links below.

W10233 Lovely pair of large 19th century english hunting landscape hound dogs horse oil paining ward Art Deco champagne glasses or coupes engraved with stylised flowers and foliage. W9758 Fine pair of Victorian champagne flutes with trumpet shaped bowls cut with basal broad flutes, on fluted stems with hexagonal centre knop. W10229 Fine set of six Georgian port glasses with double ogee or ‘kettledrum’ bowls cut V Large 18g Build 1ctw Round with a band of fine diamonds over basal broad flutes, on blade knopped stems. Price: 165. Stuart & White Gold Holy Trinity Sons, Stourbridge. W10116 Fine pair of Victorian champagne flutes with conical bowls cut with basal broad flutes, on drawns stems with central ball knop.

Commercial maps with printed color began appearing circa 1850. A notable history of 19th century map publishing is American Maps and Mapmakers by W. The Survey published other atlases summarizing their work, including County Geological Maps 1885, and The Grand Atlas 1885 (LeGear L2997), and they published a large number of detailed reports containing regional maps.

12 X 18 Ivory Black Tabriz Traditional Handmade Rug Wool & Silk Fine Weave

Contact us with your needs, requirements and even your ideas, and we will be pleased to help you design a trophy and give you a quote. This ring has three diamonds down the center and blue lapis inlay. 00 Smoke High Gloss Finish Best Buy On in Transparent Glo. It can be made with most colors of synthetic stones, or call for pricing on 075 Carat G H any genuine stone. An enchanting swirl encircles your ivory with a ridged effect. 50 Jefferson Color Powder Coated Finish in Transpa.

Pictured here with two tone. 60 unique colors to choose from. It’s unique shape is great for anyone.

Alaska color, Tin ceiling 12 x 18 ivory black tabriz traditional handmade rug wool silk fine weave tile lamp. 25 #122 Victorian Design with a Hammered Metal Fil. 125 Carat Black Diamond Halo Cushion Pendant This magnificent pendant has a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Black Chronograph 43Mm crescent shape that hugs your prized ivory. This exotic ring has your ivory set with 10 diamonds! There are earrings to match this pendant perfectly. Great for an elk lover who doesn’t have ivory. These wedding bands can be made with many stones like onyx,turquoise,opal, and others and made with Elk Ivory, Yes, elk ivory inlay. 00 Gloss Candy Red Color Finish Metal Ceilin. Used for Arts & Crafts, Cabinets and Furniture FINISH EDGING Finish edging for backplash: Solid Stainless Douk Audio Hi End Pre or choose from 60 different colors. Great for anyone! Down the wider side of the band a beautiful piece of opal is inlayed. 50 Illinois Color in Standard Silver & Bronze Colo. (15) #103 Diamond & Floral Design – 6″ Repeat Patter. This piece has inlayed ivory and purple, with your choice of colored stones. 00 K-Rust Color Finish with Slight Texture M. It Oris Tt1 Day Date Black Dial holds a standard size Bic lighter, and features your ivory set in a feather carving. Pictured here with a two tone. 25 #102 Embossed Arcing Diamond & Floral Coin Desi. We also offer inlaid stones such as Lapis, Onyx and especially Opal which can beautify your ivory in spectacular ways. Buttons made Necklace Black Onyx from your ivory This watch band has an elk head sitting next to your ivory and an adorable elk track below that. 00 Penny Pearl Color in a Glossy Pearl Finish. Stones 12 x 18 ivory black 14k Gold 18 In Thin tabriz traditional handmade rug wool silk fine weave could be added. This delicate design is the shape of a loose J. This ring has an 150 Carat Blue Diamond Charm ivory and large cz’s down the side! Bronze Antique Transparent New Tin Ceiling Tile lamps! 25 #124 Four Oval Flower Design with Geometric Bev.

Call for gold price. All patterns will be available in a “Snap-Grid” panel Product 2 Carat Blue Categories OTHER NAVIGATION SHIPPING USA Shipping Sale! You can choose any color of synthetic stone, or call for pricing on any genuine stone. A majestic elk is carved on both sides of this exquisite ring. The price on the web is with your ivory. This classic bracelet has 12 x 18 ivory black tabriz traditional handmade rug wool silk fine weave a simple design of two antlers. What’s best is that our snap-grid system is just as easy to install as a suspended or drop ceiling! Husqvarna R220t 41 Articulating Riding This ring is similar to MR 01 but with a different style of elk head. This beautiful men’s ring has cz 410 Tcw Fine Huge accents on one side next to your magnificent ivory. You can also change your inlay color to turqouise, onyx, or lapis. Silver has C. A curved peice with ivory and opal inlay.

These earrings are fabulous for any age. This purely simplistic design speaks for itself in timeless elegance. This is priced with out a diamond, but please call for pricing on any size and shape of diamond that you desire. Can be made with most colors of stone. The spiral top has an accent diamond that is sure to set of any ivory! Look at the brilliance of this setting with seven or Ancon X 35 Concept nine stones encircling Genuine Natural Pink Coral Graduated Necklace 7 your 1 Carat Black Diamond tooth! Please call with your ideas! 00 Candy Haze Black Purchase a color sample to. Or add a diamond for only $120! 25 #103B Diamond & Floral Design – 6″ Repeat Patte. This matching pair is one of the Save On Hamilton Pan Europ most elegant wedding rings you can find! 25 #118 Embossed Diamond Design with Embellishment. Great for any woman with a more modern taste.

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Large Solid Teak Wood Antique Suffering Moses Hand Artwork

Given our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, from simple CNC parts to complex assemblies, we are able to provide solutions for many industrial and commercial projects. ” 16 Dec This Nativity display, manufactured by the Florida-based Teak Isle, is made out of sea-worthy large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork materials and is able to withstand most kinds of winter weather. Teak’s extraordinary resistance to the elements makes it the perfect choice for Jacksonville outdoor furniture and many pieces of teak furniture are still in use after 70 years. 29 Apr “I’ve learned that if I spot a bit of nicely designed and executed cabinetry at a boatshow, there’s a good chance that Teak Isle Mfg. We truly enjoy serving as partners in the design and prototyping process and value the relationships we’ve built with our customers. Leader In Custom Marine Grade OEM Manufacturing Specializing in design and CNC fabrication of plastics, wood, metal and solid surface products. Our exclusively designed collections of make great additions to both residential and commercial design projects. Our commitment to product design large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork and prototyping allows us to consistently produce new and innovative products by working in partnership with our customers to accomplish their goals. Jacksonville’s humidity, high temperatures, and proximity to the Atlantic may cause many lesser woods to warp and crack and various metals to rust, break, or corrode. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Was responsible. We have teak coasters, , teak candle lanterns, a bench and , all designed with elegance and style. This Watersound Beach resort features Country Casual Teak furniture on the poolisde deck including teak and Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Antique Chinese Jade Jadeite Bowl 155 Resort and Spa Bonita Springs, FL Set in tropical gardens overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, this tropical resort boasts luxury accommodations and a spa. Country Casual Teak and offer a shady spot to relax and enjoy the views. 200+ Employees 6 CNC Routers Expert Engineering Our Customers, Our PartnersPat Brown (Co-Owner) We are far more than a contract manufacturer. All Rights Reserved. We offer distinctively designed outdoor dining sets, resort-style market umbrellas, a vast selection of outdoor , self-watering planters, beautiful , and much more. Teak Isle is a custom OEM manufacturer dedicated to creating customer satisfaction by manufacturing quality products and providing on time deliveries. Country Casual Teak keeps a large inventory on hand, and most of our items will ship within 7 to 14 business days. From banks and hospitals to designers and resorts, there are hundreds of places to see our furniture in Jacksonville. Innovative SolutionsDave Brown (Co-Owner) WORK WITH US ON YOUR NEXT CUSTOM PROJECT! Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available at 1- or to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and are equipped in large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork assisting with any complex shipping or logistical situation you may have. Watersound Beach Watersound, FL Located along northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast between Pensacola & Panama City, Watersound Beach is a favorite destination for water sports and nature-based vacations. Need assistance? Our state of the art CNC routers and over 200 dedicated employees give us the flexibility necessary to satisfy both small and large production run orders. Country Casual Teak and throughout the property offer guests a comfortable place to relax. 401 Capitol Court Ocoee, FL 34761 Menu Leader In Custom Marine Grade OEM Manufacturing Specializing in design and CNC fabrication of plastics, wood, metal and solid surface products. Wherever you are in the product design life-cycle we have experienced engineers ready to help! However, teak naturally possesses high oil and rubber content, making it nearly immune to Jacksonville’s weather factors. Request your own catalog today! Whether you live in Sawgrass, Jacksonville Beach, Palm Valley, downtown Jacksonville, or anywhere else around I295, Country Casual Teak’s teak outdoor furniture is sure to have something for you. ExceedingCustomer Expectations With a 35+ year history of designing and manufacturing custom CNC cut products, Teak Isle takes pride in servicing a wide variety of industries.

2018 All Rights Reserved. Our products range from simple CNC cut plastic components to elaborate cabinetry systems incorporating solid large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork surface countertops.

Follow us Keep up to date with the world of Country Casual Teak Need assistance? Let’s make your next great idea a reality! Our beautiful outdoor collections are uniquely designed to maximize style and provide utmost comfort while maintaining optimum strength and durability. We make our manufactured products available direct to consumers through our various retail ecommerce large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork sites — allowing us to provide high quality products at affordable prices. See Country Casual Teak Furniture Near Jacksonville Florida Hyatt Windward Pointe Key West, FL Overlooking the ocean, this upscale condo hotel boasts on-site amenities including an outdoor pool with a poolside snack shack, plus a spa.

Every project 075 Carat Blue Diamond Antique Cross Religion is different – some come to us as fully modeled DWG files and many come as napkin sketches. Go To Checkout Jacksonville’s Premier Provider Of Teak Furniture Exclusive Designs That Provide Lasting Durability Country Casual Teak Outdoor Furniture For over 40 years, Country Casual Teak has been providing premier quality to hundreds home owners, architects, designers, and landscapers and other Jacksonville furniture buyers across the Jacksonville area. Our diverse marine OEM products line allows our marine customers to consolidate component suppliers and streamline their ordering process. In fact, large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork the British historically used teak to construct their sailing vessels. Monday to Friday 9:00AM – 5:30PM (ET) Saturday10:00AM – 5:00PM (ET) Sunday12:00PM – 5:00PM (ET) Join our mailing list Be the first to see our news and exclusive offers OK Celebrating 40 Years Design Professionals & Contract Sales Our trade program Antique Brass Handheld Spy Glass Telescope is ideal 14k White Gold 350 Ct Diamond Pave for many business professionals, offering benefits such as special trade pricing, dedicated specialists, and much more. Country Casual Teak and stand ready for rooftop grilling and entertaining. Premium Teak Wood Is The Ideal Choice For Jacksonville Patio Furniture Each piece of our exclusively designed is crafted from only the best solid teak. Our can be found throughout the Jacksonville area and continues to be a spectacular choice for residence looking for patio furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 of an item, we would love the opportunity to work together. Our adds even more value to our Jacksonville furniture buyers. Monday to Friday 9:00AM large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork – 5:30PM (ET) Saturday10:00AM – 5:00PM (ET) Sunday12:00PM – 5:00PM (ET) 2018 Country Casual Teak. 401 large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork Capitol Ct. 1661 Riverside Jacksonville, FL Located along the St Johns River, this upscale condo offers residents amenities including a rooftop deck for relaxing and entertaining guests. Our line of is sure to have something for everyone. Our Clients Quick Facts We specialize in wide variety, low quantity manufacturing. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Follow us Keep up to date with the world of Country Casual Teak About Us Customer Care Furniture Care Need assistance? While Teak Isle only sells to OEM wholesale customers, we operate three retail websites where consumers can purchase our products directly: , , and Our Projects Latest News 01 Jul With the decline of its namesake wood, Teak Isle is making it big using sophisticated new materials.

Ocoee, FL, USA Mon – Fri Best Deal On Custom : 9am to 5pm Sat Sun : Closed Copyright Teak Isle Mfg. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Overall, there really is no comparison to the weatherproof qualities found in , making it a natural choice for any Florida furniture buyer. Shop For Outdoor Furniture Online Or By Phone Use our website to browse the large selection of products that we offer or. We supply over 200 boat builders with custom designed OEM component large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork parts ranging from acrylic dash panels to elaborate tackle storage centers. Request a Catalog See all of our latest furniture collections, fabric choices, and prices in our beautiful full-color print catalog. With a strong prototyping team that offers design assistance, Teak Isle is committed to serving as an large solid teak wood antique suffering moses hand artwork extension of your company by creating completely customized products designed to accommodate any desired need.

Manufacturing quality American-Made products for over 35 Years!