Antique 19th C Oil Painting On Board American Mountain Lion Landscape

NEUROSURGICAL ANTIQUES An 1840s trephine set and its various instruments are discussed. The lift-out tray retains the paper label: MANUFACTURED BY J. CIVIL WAR MEDICAL ANTIQUES A fine presentation Civil War Medical Staff Sword Model 1840. A Civil War medical box with period label stating: Charles E. Needle Case Hand Carved Antique ophthalmoscopes. WHITE, BIDDLE, TIEMANN ANTIQUE APOTHECARY CHESTS, UNUSUAL BOTTLES, SHOW GLOBES, BALANCES, WEIGHTS, SUPPOSITORIES REVOLUTIONARY WAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, SURGICAL SETS, INDIVIDUAL ANTIQUE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, DOCUMENTS ANTIQUE CIVIL WAR-BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH- ANTIQUE MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, SURGEON’S UNIFORMS, Amazing Deal On Versace Womens Destiny INSIGNIA, SWORDS, MODEL 1832 MEDICAL STAFF SWORD, MODEL 1840 MEDICAL STAFF SWORD, ANYTHING PRESENTED TO A SURGEON OR DOCTOR, SURGICAL SETS, SURGICAL BOOKS, SURGICAL MANUALS, PHOTOGRAPHS, LETTERS, DIARIES, U. , are used exclusively. 1820s Laennec monaural stethoscope turned in three parts from cedar. 1830s Staffordshire leeches jar. Please let us know your interests and what you might have.

Alex Peck has been a student and dealer of medical, surgical, and dental antiques since 1978. PHRENOLOGY ANTIQUES Phrenology busts and other phrenology antiques are discussed and pictured. AN ANTIQUE MEDICAL, SURGICAL, & DENTAL ARTIFACTS RESOURCE SITE Sale Catalogue Recent Sales Additions Reference Books Save On Tag Heuer Formula Archives Wants List Collecting Alerts Links to Medical Museums ANTIQUE SCIENTIFICA antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape SITE UPDATED 9 MAY 2018 All pictures and text on this site are copyrighted 2018. BONTECOU, HAREWOOD HOSPITAL, GETTYSBURG, ANTIETAM, WILDERNESS, CIVIL WAR BATTLES, CIVIL WAR HOSPITALS, SAMUEL PRESTON MOORE, PORCHER ANTIQUE ANESTHESIA INHALERS AND ETHER AND CHLOROFORM BOTTLES, DROPPERS, AND OTHER ITEMS ANTIQUE UROLOGICAL AND ANTIQUE LITHOTOMY SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, LITHOTRIPTERS, LITHOTRITES, LITHOTRIBES, GORGETS, STONES MADE INTO ORNAMENT AND KEEPSAKES ANTIQUE CANES OR WALKING STICKS WITH A MEDICAL ASPECT, Antique Cigar Band CONTAINING MEDICATIONS, SYRINGES, STETHOSCOPES, ETC. We are Milwaukee’s finest Antique Mall Located at 2045 W. High definition unedited photo files of many of the items found on the website are available for sale to advertisers, publishers, researchers, etc. We look forward to hearing about items that you have antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape for sale. 1860-1866), New York. Primary sources. ACTIVELY BUYING MEDICAL ANTIQUES: ANTIQUE MEDICAL AND ANTIQUE SURGERY INSTRUMENTS, CIVIL WAR SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, AND BOWIE KNIVES MADE BY GEORGE TIEMANN, PETER ROSE, WILLIAM GOULDING, HERNSTIEN, BRINKERHOFF, H. OBSTETRICAL ANTIQUES Obstetric instruments are discussed and pictured. ANTIQUE SURGICAL SETS An 1850s general operating set of amputation, trephining, ophthalmic, and urological instruments by George Tiemann, New York. APPRAISALS & IDENTIFICATIONS See Appraisals for information on our service. LITHOTOMY antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape ANTIQUES Antique lithotomy and urological instruments.

ANTIQUE MEDICAL PHOTOGRAPHY Daguerreotypes, albumens, CDVs, and tintypes antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape of medical subjects. Period artifacts, texts, instrument maker’s catalogues, photographs, etc.

(1813-1882), in conjunction with the firm Wade & Ford (fl. Antique Great Price On Fortis Cosmonautis Official and antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape historical medical and surgical consulting and technical advisor services available for film, movie, documentary, theatrical, and television productions, etc. A rare Civil War Confederate surgeon’s coat from Virginia. We are always looking for new medical antiques Porcelain Censer Kangxi Mark 1662 1722 to improve and add to the archives collection, the sale catalogue, and as topics for future. PHILADELPHIA. A selection of bow-framed amputation saws that span 250 years of surgical history are presented. ANTIQUE PHRENOLOGY MATERIAL, BUSTS, ESPECIALLY EARLY AND IVORY EXAMPLES, CALIPERS, BROADSIDES ANTIQUE CLINICAL THERMOMETERS, GOLD AND SILVER CASES, TIEMANN’S BENT, IVORY AXILLA, IMMISCH, SURFACE X-RAY TUBES AND RADIOLOGY ANTIQUES, COLD CATHODE X-RAY TUBE, CROOKES TUBES, X-RAY MACHINES APOTHECARY ANTIQUES AND PHARMACY ANTIQUES, JARS, BALANCES, MEDICINE CHESTS, MEDICAL CHESTS, SHOW GLOBES, LEECH JARS ANTIQUE MICROSCOPES, PRE-1900 BRASS MONOCULAR AND BINOCULAR, POWELL & LEYLAND, ROSS, BAKER, PILISCHER, MARTIN, CUFF, Antique Estate Flowers 14k White Gold 650ct MARSHALL, W. GYNECOLOGICAL ANTIQUES Antique specula in ivory, wood, pewter, and other materials. 1880 Cammann binaural stethoscope with tension spring and antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape screw adjustment. Scarificators and Super Save On cupping glasses are illustrated. White Amazing Deal On carried War in 1862 Put up by his mother E. BLOODLETTING ANTIQUES A fine and decorative c. Alex Peck actively buys important and high quality antique medical, Super Save On surgical, bloodletting, and dental instruments, tools, equipment, Revolutionary War and Civil War medical antiques, books, photographs, letters, personal medical-related objects of doctors, medical school memorabilia, and other similar items. A fine 1860s amputation set with instruments marked: GEMRIG. ENT ANTIQUES ANTIQUE EAR TRUMPETS AND HEARING AIDS ANTIQUE ENEMAS, STOMACH PUMPS, AND DOUCHES ANTIQUE AMPUTATION SETS An 1850s amputation set by Max Wocher, Cincinnati. -Furniture, lamps, pictures, oils, historic WI art, rugs, dolls, toys, metal work, architectural items, advertising, art pottery, ephemera, light fixtures, primitives, glass, china, vintage clothing, hats, shoes, and outerwear, many well lit cases with small antiques, jewelry, collectibles and memorabilla and the list goes on. Imagine what you will find! JONES, BECK, CARY, DOLLAND, ADAMS, ZENTMAYER, BAUSCH & LOMB, TOLLES, GRUNOW, QUEEN, BULLOCH, NACHET, ZEISS, LEITZ, EARLY MICROSCOPE ACCESSORIES ANTIQUE ANATOMICAL MODELS, CORCH Antique Reproduction Portrait Jumeau Eugenie , FULL-FIGURE, TORSO, HEAD, BRAIN INDIVIDUAL BODY PARTS, ANIMAL, PLANT, BORK STEGER, AUZOUX, PICHLERS WITWE & SOHN, LEOPOLD AND RUDOLF BLASCHKA, ECORCHE ALEX PECK MEDICAL ANTIQUES MEDICAL ANTIQUES INTRODUCTION SERIES (IN DEVELOPMENT) ANTIQUE ANATOMICAL MODELS Auzoux anatomical models ANESTHESIA ANTIQUES Nice Vtg Antique 14k Yellow White Gold Anesthesia antiques, such as inhalers and droppers, are discussed. All rights reserved. MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, MEDICINE CASES, HOSPITAL STEWARD’S KNAPSACKS, SURGEON’S COMPANIONS, PANNIERS, ESPECIALLY Amazing Deal On BY ASTORIA LAB, SQUIBB, OR MARIS, OTHER CW SURGEON’S PERSONAL ITEMS, SUCH AS CLOTHING, GUNS, SWORDS, PHOTOGRAPHS, CDVS, MEDALS, ANYTHING RELATED TO J. GEMRIG 109 South Eighth St. ANTIQUE STETHOSCOPES A c. Milwaukee, WI 53233 MEDICAL ANTIQUES U. Antique spectacles. Open 7 days a week 10am-5pm We accept Cash, Check, Mastercard, and Visa Name First Last Email Comment Submit 2045 W. Milwaukee, WI 53233 -A huge selection of quality Antiques 18th thru 20th Century-Dozens of southeastern Wisconsin’s top dealers -From the Sophisticated to the funky-Customer oriented, friendly helpful staff Riverview Antique MarketContinuing the 16 Year Tradition ofExceptional AntiquesLocated in the Menomonee River Valley our beautifully restored c. The collar is faced in the black branch color of the Confederate medical department. The insert cone of cedar and brass was used when listening to heart and voice sounds.

The elegant, the mysterious, Cocktail Audio X30 the Antique Chinese 50 Wide unique! This site discusses the use of wet and dry cupping.

JULIAN CHISOLM, FRANK HASTINGS HAMILTON, STEPHEN SMITH, VALENTINE MOTT, ALEXANDER MOTT, REED BROCKWAY BONTECOU, R. White at Deerfield NH. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, U. A scarce Civil War-date general operating set as designed Amazing Deal On Glycine Watch Combat Sub by James R. KERN, GEMRIG, KOLBE, HELMOLD, REES, WOCHER, MARTIN, ROSE & SELLERS, ROSE, ARNOLD, REINHARDT, DUFILHO, SNOWDEN, WIEGAND, SCHIVELY, CODMAN & SHURTLEFF, SHEPARD & DUDLEY, FORD, WADE & FORD, KUEMERLE, TEUFEL, AUTHENRIETH, KLOTT, WOLF, CHEVALIER, S. Please contact us at. DENTAL ANTIQUES Antique dental forceps, toothkeys, and pelicans are discussed. 1892 building holds a vast array of items. MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, U. OPHTHALMIC ANTIQUES Cataract surgery sets. CHISOLM, J. Go on a treasure hunt for a unique gift or decorative item, or something just for yourself! ANTIQUE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Antique Tourniquets: Petit’s Spiral, USA Belt, Signoroni’s, Mott’s, and other unusual examples. HOSPITAL antique 19th c oil painting on board american mountain lion landscape DEPARTMENT MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, U.

Vtg Antique 20s Opera Coat Maroon Pink Bonwit Teller

0 Vintage Art Deco 3-Color Reverse Painted Picture Frame in Black, Cream & Gold Share Buy: $12. 0 Shirley Temple Circle Scallop Edge 11×13″ Art Geo B Carpenter Deco Reverse Painted Picture Frame Share $39. 99Stewart Warner Speedometer Gauge Sw$60. 0 Vintage 9pc CELLULOID GREEN Dresser Vanity Set PEARLIZED 1940s Antique Pyralin Share $65. 00Vintage Stewart Warner Speedometer Police Special Rebuilt Ratrod Streetrod$299. 0 Vintage Art Deco 3 Pink Sapphire Solitaire Pendant color Reverse Painted picture frame- Black, cream & silver Share Buy: $69. 0 Vintage Art Deco Vibrant Red Cream Reverse Painting Picture Frame 4 X 5 Inches Share $65. 49 Vtg Wood Framed Reverse Painted Picture Convex Glass Cottage River Bridge Share $69. 99Vintage vtg antique 20s opera coat maroon pink bonwit teller Stewart Warner Green Line Speedometer Original 813726$450. 99Model A vtg antique 20s opera coat maroon pink bonwit teller Ford Speedometer Stewart Warner Oval 1928 1929 1930 4$79. 99 Antique Ivory Bakelite Pyralin Celluloid Vanity Set With Original Case Share $64. 00Vintage Chrome Stewart Warner 160 Mph Speedometer Ratrod Gasser$89. 0 Q269) Vintage Reverse Painted Glass Picture Frame, Art Deco, Gold Black “Cream” Share Buy: $64. 99 Vtg 30-40’s 12pc Ivory Pyralin Antique Russian Painting Soviet Vanity Tray Frames Powder Box Cream Jars + Set Share $6. 99 Reverse Painted Lake Windmill Scene on Oval Bubble Glass Picture w Wood Frame Share $75. 95 1930s 40s Antique Vtg REVERSE Painted GLASS PICTURE Portrait FRAME Art Deco Share Buy: $55. 99 “Horseshoe Falls” Reverse Painting Antique Oval Frame Convex Bubble Glass 23×17 Share $149. 0 Reverse Painted Silhouette Picture in Plaster Oval Frame 9″ x 7″ Convex Glass Share Buy: $39. 0 Antique Round Metal Frame w Reverse Painted Edges Gold & Black Share Buy: $49. 99 Vintage ART DECO Reverse Painted BLACK & SILVER Metal Dresser Standing Frame Share $29. 80Vintage Stewart Warner 100 Mph Police Special Speedometer Gauge Hot Rod Scta$459. 50Stewart Warner Crescet Pointer Speedometer 5 In Curved Glass Model 529x D8 1936$385. 47 Vintage Reverse Painted Art Deco Style Table Top Picture Frame Share $20. 0 VINTAGE ANTIQUE REVERSE PAINTED ON GLASS IN GOLD GUILD FRAME HOUSE LAKE Share $17. 0 Vintage Art Deco Reverse Painted Black, White & Silver mirror Picture Frame Share $55.

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Antique Set Of 4 18th Century Italianate Carved Wood Corbels With Preening Birds

Measures 7 inches by 7 16 of an inch. The earrings are most likely German in origin. Condition is very good and this stunning locket has it’s original patina with very little surface wear. The stickpin comes with it’s original period purple velvet stickpin box (marked on the inside-Fred Sauter Jeweler, 2713 Girard Ave. The locket is marked with the boar’s head, the French mark for 800 silver, and an undecipherable maker’s mark. Back Order # 1794 RESERVED Kerr Butterfly Lady with Sunflowers Vermeil Brooch Interesting and unusual large brooch with the Kerr butterfly lady surrounded by sunflowers. The inside is original and has a place for two photos. The inside does not have it’s metal inserts but will still easily function as a locket. 002 Cts Diamond Measures 1 1 2 antique set of 4 18th century italianate carved wood corbels with preening birds inches in diameter. The heart locket could stand a good cleaning and I will leave that decision to the new owner. There are several small areas of light surface wear on the front and back. The choker measures 14 1 2 inches by just over 7 8ths of an inch and is unmarked 800 silver (tested). The necklace measures 2 3 8ths inches by 1 3 4 inches. At one time the brooch may have had a gold wash, of which very little remains (more noticeable in photo than in person). The brooch measures just under 1 3 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches and is marked Kerr, sterling, and # 1699. The brooch measures just under 2 inches by 1 2 inch. Order # 910 Price $250 Victorian Locket with Pansy Memorial This very sentimental Victorian locket features a very special treasure on the inside. The pendant is hallmarked on the ring and is undecipherable (French or Austro-Hungarian) and is guaranteed to be at least 800 silver. The heart has both metal inserts (a bit antique set of 4 18th century italianate carved wood corbels Genuine Oem Ariens Sno Thro Mower Mower with preening birds worn), one plastic insert and an original picture.

The bracelet measures 7 1 antique set of 4 18th century italianate carved wood corbels with preening birds 8 inches (wearable length) by just under 7 8ths inches. Order # 286 Price $75 Renaissance Revival Enameled Mother and Children Pendant This is one of the most unusual European Renaissance Revival (circa Translucent Zodiac Lavender 1870-1900) pieces I have seen.

The festoon section measures 4 1 4 inches by 1 1 8th inches with 14k White Gold Prong Set 075ct the total length of the necklace being 15 3 8ths inches. Very Unique Vanna K Semi Mount With Back Open Order # 1911 SOLD Art Nouveau Lady Water Lily and Cattails Sterling Locket This Art Nouveau locket features a lovely lady with a cattail and water lily swirling in her hair. Back Marks Order # 1898 Price $225 Marius Hammer Dragonfly and Water Lily Sterling Silver Ep Locket With Sterling Brooch A most unusual Marius Hammer brooch featuring a dragonfly hovering over 4 6mm Chaine Collier a water lily in vibrant shades of green, blue, brown, yellow and white. The ring measures just under 3 4 of an inch in diameter.

A lovely F&B sterling heart locket with the same pattern is listed in # 882. The mirror has some wear. A stunning Art Nouveau cameo featuring a full face carving of a lovely woman surrounded by flowers. The chain measures just over 24 inches. The inside antique set of 4 18th century italianate carved wood corbels with preening birds is marked sterling and a shamrock style maker’s mark. The cufflinks Genuine Kohler Ch750 Short measure 3 4 of an inch by 1 2 inch across the top. The pendant section features features a blue glass with a molded sterling frame and blue glass dangles. The brooch pendant measures 1 5 8ths inches by 1 3 16ths inches and has it’s original clasp, a pendant loop, and is marked 14k. Condition is very good with light wear on the back. The earrings and brooch are in very good condition Authentic Lori Bonn Silver antique set of 4 18th century italianate carved wood corbels with preening birds and look like they have been rarely worn. Measures 3 inches in diameter with the inside measuring 2 3 8ths inches in diameter. Order #831 Price $195 La Pierre Daisy Sterling Buckle Set This lovely buckle features a very elaborate daisy (or sunflower depending on your interpretation). Good size, measuring 2 3 8th inches by 5 8ths of an inch. ), M B, and A B. ) Copyright 2000 Antique Stoves All rights reserved. Order # 1065 Price $275 Edwardian Marcasite and Paste Flower Basket Silver Earrings Lovely delicate period marcasite flower basket earrings accented with black glass pastes that Pair 3 12 drop from a fanciful bow. Condition of enamel is very good with very slight surface wear. Order # 418 Price $150 Antique Sapphire and Pearl 14k Stickpin Simple and elegant stick pin circa 1900 Designer Princess Cut Halo Semi Mount accentuated by a sapphire and a pearl. The inside has both metal rims and plastic inserts. This locket measures 1 7 8ths inches (not including ring) and is marked sterling and has the Roman numeral XIII scratched on the inside. The Beautiful Antique Meissen Porcelain Figure Of brooch is guaranteed to be 800 silver. The locket has both metal inserts. Unmarked silver with a gold wash. Order #192 Price $450 Victorian Jet Mourning Brooch Lovely Victorian jet glass mourning brooch with a pearl accent. Necklace in Antique 70ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k Gold very good condition. The natural turquoise cabochons have the normal cracks an fissures that are associated with this type of stone. The back has been engraved with the letters that look to be “TAR” (possibly “JAR”). Measures 2 inches by 2 inches (excluding jump ring). Order # 224 Price $95 Art Nouveau Sterling Sunflower Buckle Lovely period buckle measures 2 3 4 inches by 1 3 8 inches (both pieces together). As popular Yamaha Pw4040a 4000psi 40gpm Gas as dogs have always been in antique jewelry, interestingly enough, you rarely see a dog lockets in gold. These is some light wear to the applied gold on the rim. One stone has been replaced and one is missing on the side. This work shows the Japanese influences of the time with both the subject matter and also the use of different metals. 100 Ct White The enamel is in very good 14kt White Gold Semi condition with very light surface wear and the photo shows a small amount of glare. Order # 619 Price $325 Art Nouveau Iridescent Enamel 14k Stickpin This lovely Art Nouveau stickpin features a pansy enameled with iridescent enamel with a pearl center. Order # 549 Price $175 Victorian Bohemian Rose Cut Garnet Berry Brooch This unusual motif is late Victorian or early Edwardian in style. The back has very slight wear. Whole Stickpin Back Order # 740 Price $225 Antique Enameled Butterfly 14k Gold Stickpin This lovely figural stickpin features a butterfly enameled with iridescent shades of aqua and blue with a red dot on the top and bottom of each wing.

Order #741 Price $125 Art Nouveau Butterfly Lady Brooch A lovely butterfly lady accents this large period brooch.

The brooch measures 1 1 8th inches by 7 8ths of an inch. Large size, antique set of 4 18th century italianate carved wood corbels with preening birds measuring 3 inches by 1 1 4 inches. The brooch measures 2 3 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches. The sapphire and pearl pastes have some light wear. The back has been beautifully engraved with the letters E T (or G) and K. Each of the center of the clips has several small areas of wear.

Antique Coin Silver Double Sided Marrow & Cheese Scoop

Gold washed bowls. This a lovely heavy art deco centerpiece bowl which has never been monogrammed and has a wonderful color. 50 troy oz. Circa 1930. Dated and inscribed 1890. British antique coin silver double sided marrow cheese scoop import marked. Name E-mail Featured in BIZ Magazine Real Testimonials I have been buying from here for 3 years now and feel so very good about it. Length 6 1 2″ Price: $375. Silver and box in good condition. Hollow handles and all sterling blades in pristine condition. Please check availability H8100 Tiffany Acid Etched Fruit Bowl A Tiffany sterling silver footed fruit bowl with scalloped edges and acid etched floral decoration inside and outside. 00 H7160 Tiffany Olympian Sterling Pitcher A Tiffany & Co. Length 17 1 2″ by 12 3 4″; weight 49. Price: $2,250. 7 toz Price: $2,500. 00 Pair Peter Krider Sterling Dessert Plates A pair of heavy sterling silver dessert plates by Peter Krider of Philadelphia octagonal in shape with chased baskets of flowers, cornucopia and leaves on a textured border. 05 Carat G H Round Diamond Double Engraved decoration and inscribed “Stuart” on the dome. 165 troy ounces. Old Bee mark. 1 1 2″ tall. Height of pots 13″ and 12 1 2″ respectively at the handles; height cream jug 11″; sugar 9 1 4″; waste bowl 4″ tall. Monogrammed in the cartouche on Stephen Dweck Heavy the band. Perfect satin finished gold washed bowls. Combined weight 14. Applied border. 8 troy ounces. The capacity is 4 1 2 pints (see hallmark on the base.

Length 17 3 4″ by 13″; weight 45. 00 H5744 Tiffany Antique Gilt Bronze French Antique Sterling Gravy Boat A large heavy sterling silver sauce boat by Tiffany and Company circa 1880 in pristine condition. 00 H7366 Spl Phonitor X Balanced Headphone Amppreamp Silver Kirk Repousse Sterling Sideboard Dish Style 2055 A Kirk Repousse sterling silver sideboard dish with scalloped border and plain center antique coin silver double sided marrow cheese scoop field which has never been monogrammed.

Total of 60 pieces. Takes a post card size picture. Excellent condition and antique coin silver double sided marrow cheese scoop monogrammed as shown. 4 troy ounces. Price: $1,895. There are four applied paw feet on the base. The sides of the caddy are decorated with Antique Cast Iron Clock W romantic figures and floral swags. They are in excellent condition. Length 9 1 8″. Weight 104 toz. 00 H7723 Schofield Baltimore Sterling Covered Dish 48. 00 EX7959 English Silver and Agate Fish Set A superb twenty four piece fish set composed of twelve sterling silver knives with agate handles 8 1 2″ long and twelve sterling forks with Large Antique Indian Burmese Hand Crafted Solid agate handles 7 1 4″ long, all dated for London 1916 made by Arthur Martin Parsons & Frank Herbert Parsons. It has a weight of 41 troy ounces. An unusual Remote Electrode Probe Ec01ag abstract and modern design for the period and a rare set.

Weight antique coin silver double sided marrow cheese scoop 31 troy oz. Price: $2,850. 4 troy ounces each. 00 each H8556 Gorham Modernist Bowl A Gorham modernist silver plated fruit bowl. Diameter French Antique Bronze 7 1 4″ Price: $2,750.

The two weigh a massive 6. 13″ by 11″. Marked with the retailer on the pedestal. Circa antique coin silver double sided marrow cheese scoop 1860. , Antique Knife Edge 275 Ct Cushion Cut 925 1000, 1. The handles have four rooster heads in the design.

OPEN Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturday-Sunday 10-4 Some of our Products! 00 the set N7947 Pair of German Silver Shoes Matching Circa 1898 1902 A large Double Head Tdp pair of matching antique sterling silver shoes by the Neresheimer Company of Hanau imported into Britain by Berthold 075 Carat Green Diamond Double Halo Mueller in 1898 Antique Victorian French R 18k and 1902 and import marked accordingly. Price: $1,500. The handle has multiple applied shells. Circa 1867. The candelabra are 11 1 4″ tall with the chased fruit and leaves, three dimensional central column and removable bobeches. The cup is 3 1 2″ tall and the knife is 7 1 4″ long. Marked on the back of the handle which also has a female hand at Chanel Nwt Cc Dark the junction with the bowl. Length 14 1 8″ by 10 3 4″ wide. 05 troy ounces. Four measure 6″ tall. 00 Shovel Server: $1,500. Finely engraved with 18th Century George Iii Antique Sterling birds, flowers and leaves and monogrammed in a small cartouche. Corner of “E” street) Occasionally we attend shows and may be out of the area. The interior has a gold wash.

Rra 2×4 Antique Chinese Medallion Open Field Rust Collector Rug 021319

Thank you for being a good witness for Christ. I have loved to shoot my entire life, and reload as well. Like my friend says. Erwin January 18, 2017 Jeff, Thank you for doing such a good job making informative videos.

” As a gun reviewer you are always expected to be impartial! I hope you don’t believe the world (especially the USA) is the same place it was just 16 years ago! Those that called us to arms in order to “throw the bums out” became bums themselves. I have seen too many cases to write it 14k Yellow Gold Rare Antique off as a liberal agenda, and believe me, Antique 14k White Gold 73ct I am one of the biggest conspiracy theorists you will meet when it comes to the enemies of our freedom.

I do not use it in MY rifles because it leaves a lacquer residue in the chambers. Alex Doster October 6, 2016 Keep me posted, and say “hello” to Hamilton for me. If a policeman finds even one bullet loose (that is not locked in a safe or a travel case) you can be jailed. It matters, Antique Chinese Bottle Vase Kangxi because you seem to go out of your way to often declare that you’re NOT like the typical gun rags, and that your integrity and opinions are not for sale.

Change should be our new mantra again, but change from Obama policies, from liberal spending, from socialist viewpoints, replaced with change to conservatism, patriotism, and a focus on becoming the nation that lives as the republic established through our Constitution. If would take a major, prolonged war effort to attempt to subdue or disarm the American people. He has been a gun owner since he turned 18 years old. We almost lost that right. Can they not connect the dots, or is there method to their madness, or do they really think the government will be by the side of they and their family 24 7? Your prejudice against people who dress, Antique Cylinder Music talk, and groom differently than you is very obvious.

Anyone who wants to sample the waters in the. ) But I don’t boast about it in front of the young dudes. Quinn: Just a quick note to say I really enjoy the Gunblast website and the information you offer there. They will spend 1200 bucks on a good rifle, then buy the cheapest ammo available. I really appreciate your practical, real world, wise point of view on both your weapons reviews and use, bullet selection and carry suggestions. JAH September 10, 2010 I was just reading your report on the Whistlepig and Tactical Solutions barrels. I want to use it on my farm for coyotes, bobcats, ground hogs and some day prairie. I like what you and your colleagues do, and thank you rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 for the Service you all provide. I prefer Native American Saddle the handling qualities of the 5. Two years ago, I had a close friend call me to ask who fixed my rifle because his was doing the same thing. I will just have to try and get on with my life somehow, without your approval. We live by the Constitution conceived and written by men who believed that every man (“all the Yeomanry”) should be armed no Antique Religious Bronze Jesus Christ Seating On less than and possibly better than any standing army raised by a government so as to assure that government “should not pose a threat to the liberties of its citizens”. 835 Antique Chinese Turquoise Vase With High Thanks for being an encourager and serving Jesus. Would make an excellent ladies carry gun IMO. Jeff Thank you rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 for articles. Where I used to live in Alabama there were a lot of feral dogs which traveled in packs. They would be as happy writing about anything else. I’m really disappointed that you seem to have made a recommendation against steel cased ammo without having any first hand experience that you could Antique Steelcase Industrial use to justify your position. I just caught myself browsing the ads on the margins of your home page. The scantily clad woman cannot be blamed for the man’s lust. It will save a lot of embarrassment rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 at the range from hang-ups and malfunctions. Uptight people are so uncool. The 357 magnum was never on my list of any type weapon because again of an experience many years ago. The handgun is, again, merely a tool, but it is a very handy tool with which to bring a violent act to a sudden stop. I am just writing to say THANK YOU, and please keep up the good work! In my opinion, the 2ndAmendment is about the security of the free state’ and that a militia and right to keep and bear arms by the people is not only a right but an obligation if we intend to remain free. I had considered purchasing one, but wanted some reviews and opinions of it first.

With rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 our loose immigration laws, and the liberals holding their death grip on the government, could there be trouble in the future from other “Americans”? His father was not raised in the U. Obama’s vision of “change” hasn’t been right for America, and finally the American people are showing him so at the polls. Where golf ain’t he only thing we shoot. Jeff Greg, my name is Bill Hershiser, and I live in rural Ohio, a friend of mine e-mailed me your article about you and your brothers, and how you Primitive Antique Victorian Ride On Horse got started, and about being Christian, I just want to thank you for that article, it was very interesting, and it is refreshing to see and hear others who love Christ, God Lovely Traditional S Antique Plush bless and good luck. Vic February 19, 2010 Pistol rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 grips; why this or that? He was born in Florida, his parents immigrated from Cuba, he’s pro gun ownership, he’s pro fiscal responsibility, and he can communicate conservative values to minorities and bring them over to our side and away from the Democrats. All of my vehicles were built by corporations. I rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 just hope in “OUR” future the Politicians will realize we are just normal human beings that don’t mean any harm to regular people, but if we have to, WE as a people have a right to protect ourselves. Thank you, you are of great help. Mostly, I just wanted to thank you for the honesty and quality you are putting out there. Let’s rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 be real do you think you should pay more for Orange Juice after a Florida freeze, grain based products after a draught or just let them go broke? I wrote an email to Kathy on 01 June (no response) and a second on 10 July 2015, which stated the following: “Second Inquiry (first un-responded) as to the status of my pistol. 62×39 does have higher velocity in its supersonic form, the difference is not enough to be noticeable within the practical range of these cartridges, and the Blackout is also available with much heavier bullets in its subsonic form. Hi Jeff, Your comments on rra 2×4 antique chinese medallion open field rust collector rug 021319 the and control are dead on. One more thing on the cigarettes; the government’s hands aren’t clean on this. I put my old trusty Leupold fixed power 45X (week 51 Antique Vintage Mahogany Wood Sail Boat year old eyes) but I can see it hit the bull when I do everything correctly. I USE A WINCHESTER BOLT ACTION DEER RIFLE, AN OVER AND OVER WINCHESTER 101 shotgun and a Smith and Wesson ultralite 5 shot 38 hammerless revolver for protection in the home. Com is not the proper place to address his issues that do not apply to gun ownership and use. This rifle is so much fun to own and shoot. I enjoy your website and figure you have a good insight, so here’s are a couple questions and comments: Why is it, that even with the given problems you’ve experienced on certain firearms, such as the , you still end up praising these weapons by the end of your article? Good intentions (by you) for sure, but there’s a lot more involved in helping that person reach their goal(s). I love the easy takedown (who doesn’t? Mark S January 22, 2014 leaves a lot to be desired. Just ordered one from a local dealer.

1729 Restored Bible Rare Printing Family Vintage Antique Leather18th Century 18c

Europe of the Fifteen. HBS 67579 $2,000 A High Spot of Mexican Lithography BAZ, Gustavo. Avec les moyens d’en C1820 Fine Antique Russian Orthodox retirer plusiers millions d’or, & soulager son peuple ‘advenir. India and Pakistan partitioned and gain independence from Britain. In Three Books. London: Jacob Tonson, 1718. Mutual excommunication by Catholic and Eastern Orthodox church ends 591965November 9. Rome: Vittore Carmelio and or Zacharias, 1517. Castillo de Bellver. In Four Volumes. The Papacy suffered a great loss of respect during the Avignon Papacy (1305-1378) and especially during the Papal Schism (1378-1417), when two and at one point three men declared themselves Pope and opposed each other. 8000 Moslem Serbs massacred in a refugee camp 591995 Summer. Department of Homeland Security created (Public Law 107-296) 62312002December 3-9. Assyrian eclipse. Our Mother The Lady of All Nations: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate could be the next official dogma 602000 The European Union makes a significant commitment and converts to one currency 602000Euphrates river dries up by 40. Great March comet. With a preface by the editor, Antique Stoare Vase Origin Att in which some geographical, nautical, and commercial questions are discussed. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2008.

Tropical Cyclone. The four hundred years of slavery of the twelve tribes began after Joseph died at the age of 110 (Genesis 50: 26 and Exodus 1: 6-14) or after they came to Egypt. Thomas Nelson, Nashville, 2006 and 2007. Barcelona Process. HBS 67948 $4,500 First Edition Hound in the Original Cloth DOYLE, Arthur Conan.

London: Benn Brothers Limited, 1923.

2350 BC Possible earthquake on the New Madrid fault 2334 BC- 18962334 BC Sargon the Great of Akkad (2334-2279). HBS 64799 Exquisite Antique Brothers $1,500 First Edition With Ten Original Photographs KNEELAND, Samuel. Matile, Doctor of Civil War; Late Professor of Law at Neufchatel; Member if the American Philosophical Society, Etc. Translated from the Greek by Isaac Littlebury. North Korea 1729 restored bible rare printing family vintage antique leather18th century 18c invades South Korea. Editors, 1876. 46 John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and George Whitefield.

Anthony Messenger Press, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2009. He entered Egypt at age 130. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1903. 2,000,000 army of Xerxes I defeated by 1729 restored bible rare printing family vintage Antique Gustav Stickley Rare Even Arm Settle antique leather18th century 18c the Greeks. Goals: National unity (March 1861), end expansion of slavery, abolition of slavery (1862), preserving democracy (1863). Constable 1729 restored bible rare printing family vintage antique leather18th century 18c and Co. They use patterns to determine the exact date when events will end or begin if they cannot find a biblical or historical date. Wisconsin and Missouri synod dissented 601999 First time human cloning experiments admitted Tower of Babel (Unfinished Tower)1999Louise Weiss Building, Strasburg Inaugurated (14 December). With Five Etchings by Alfred Boilot, Loys-Henri Delteil and Xavier le Sueur, After Paintings by Adrien Moreau. Basel: Johann Herwagen, 1541. The non-violent religious movement of the 1950s and 1960s emerged as the civil rights movement in the USA, which finally Betsey Johnson Vintage Nautical afforded racial equality for African-Americans, one hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation! After seven years 1729 restored bible rare printing family vintage antique leather18th century 18c of plenty. Zarquawi officially joins Osama Bin Laden 2004 October 7. This summer we learned that the information about the Iraqis buying nuclear material from Niger was false. Jane Roberts of Elmira New York use the ouija board to get messages dictated by San entity named eth Modern Spiritualism 1966 Ouija Board. 1920 Peking Man. The Visigoth kingdom fell to Muslim Berbers (Umayyad Caliphate) 47722Leo III forced conversion of Jews and “new Christians” 47732Battle of Tours. 15 year old Scottish Girl had visions about a Secret Rapture of believers before the appearance of the Antichrist and the two stage coming of Christ. Little Brother & Little Sister and Other Tales by the Brothers Grimm. Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1866. Failing Wachovia bank bought by Citigroup for $2. In his 1729 restored bible rare printing family vintage antique leather18th century 18c First Apology written in 155, he described the Memorial of the Last Supper on Sunday, one that would be called the Divine Liturgy in the East and the Mass in the West, an event which has remained essentially the same for nearly 2000 years. 5 million Jewish children. ” The Council of Orange enshrined Augustine’s teaching on grace and free will in 529 AD. Thomas Becket (1118-1170) at Canterbury Cathedral in 1538. Spine ruled and lettered in gilt. ” Saul asked who spoke. Siege April 6, 1453 to May 14, 1454 541455 Romanus Pontifex.

The role of Italy in Blairgate. After the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, the United States makes new terrorist laws that are equivalent to the inquisition. Hans Blix told the UN security council that there is no evidence of mobile biological labs, revived nuclear weapons programs and that the Niger documents about Uranium purchase are not authentic 62322003March Vintage 18ct White 8. The English Franciscan William of Ockham (or Occam) was known for the principle of Occam’s Razor, that one needs to reduce everything to its simplest cause. With pictures by W. 148 tornadoes in USA killed 330, injured 5484. 33% of homes on sale are in foreclosure. Du cap Horn et du D troit de Magellan. Putnam, 1850. Kennedy announced on nationwide television on June 11, 1963 that he would submit Civil Rights legislation the following week. 1, 49-53 THE RELIGIOUS CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT We must obey God rather than men.