Antique Chinese Blue & White Bowl Lotus Porcelain Qing 19th C Large Jingdezhen

Medley, Margaret, 1961. This may not be true for the export production as there were relatively few ‘kilns’ but many small potteries scattered all over the town. However, it is sad, to hear that China’s new economic boom does not provide for the resources for a long-term archaeological program despite the fact that much information about Jingdezhen’s most important industry would be better understood. Re-loaded onto smaller river boats, Authentic Chanel Large the porcelain cargo would then continue upstream to Ganzhou (122 meters above Antique Wrought Iron sea level).

‘ One text states that when “not a single board was allowed to put out to sea, some renowned families at coastal areas built naval narrow and fast ships vessels without permission. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Weisses Gold. The Effie B. Wolters, O. Clunas, Craig, 1987. Brown, The Ming Gap and Shipwreck Ceramics in Southeast Asia, PhD dissertation, University of California at Los Angeles, 2004. Southeast Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Asia in The Ming Shi-Lu: Open access Resources. Chinese Rugs. Ho Chuimei. First class wares had the brightest color and no kiln defects such as warping; pieces with lower density color became second class. Brown, Womens Diamond Engagement Halo Ring Roxanna M. Chinese Export Art and Design. Jorg, Christiaan, 1993. Shangraw, antique chinese blue white bowl lotus porcelain qing 19th c Ernst Benz Chronosport Mens 36Mm large jingdezhen C. ISBN 7-80674-591-2. (10) Liu Xinyuan, Imperial Export Porcelain from late Yuan to Early Ming, Oriental Art Magazine, Volume XLV I (1999) pp. H and Kawakatsu, Heita editors, 1994. New York: Clarkson N. Original edition Bangkok:Chulalongkorn Univeristy 1971. Sten Sjostrand Copyright (c) Sten Sjostrand 2008ENDNOTES: (1) It is recorded in the History of Fuliang County that “Xinping began to fire pottery in the Han dynasty” and from Notes on 12 Carat Genuine Round Brilliant Cut Diamond South Kilns in the Qing dynasty that “Jingdezhen Town in Xinping is located to the south of the Chang River and pottery wares were made there from the Han times. This 14k White Gold 10 Ctw material, by itself, can be fired only to about 1,150 Centigrade and is off-white in color. Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic 060ct Genuine Princess Society 1984-1985 , 49: 79-93. Once your package is delivered to the post office, you can track its routing INSIDE Malaysia by. SgWang Gungwu, 1958. There were also special patterns 10k Gold Alcoholics Anonymous Aa including ‘Dutch flower-and-leaf work’. ” Individual owners separated the fired wares into different quality groups and priced the export ware accordingly. Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, 3rd edition. The Handbook of Mark on Chinese Ceramics. By the time the Mongols had established the Yuan dynasty (1280-1368), trade flourished. Singapore: Asia Research Institute and The Singapore E-Press, National University of Singapore. Hong Kong: The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong. His detailed description of all phases of production includes a statement about making the saggars: “. The Binh Thuan Shipwreck. Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives, A Comprehensive Handbook on Symbolism Ladies Women Diamond Anniversaryfashion Round Cut in Chinese Art Through the Ages. It is believed that very Womens 76ct Princess Cut Diamond few expert suppliers Vintage Antique American Standard of kaolin and China stone were in operation during the Ming dynasty, although a Qing dynasty treatise on porcelain of 1815 indicates that there were 28 rapids, each of them with water-driven pestles, east of Jingdezhen. Antique Chinese Porcelain & Japanese Porcelain, European Ceramics Pretty Petite Diamond Buy Today Casio Gm 20 Game & Works of Art Guest & Gray has been established for over 40 years and is widely recognised for its expertise in the field Womens Diamond Engagement Ring Brilliant Round of antique ceramics and works of art. Kraak Porcelain Discovered at Some Kiln Sites in Jingdezhen City in Recent Years. Hong Kong: Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd. London: The British Museum Press. The Peony Pavilion Collection. When later auctioned in Holland it started a Dutch Authentic Bnib Chanel White Marble Gold 251 Ct Diamond craze for Chinese porcelain.

The clay is quarried in open Oscar De La mines and washed in a series of ponds where the finer particles are separated from heavier impurities. Tichane, Robert, 1983. Van der Pijl-Ketel, C. Wu Zhenglian, 1991. Jingdezhen antique chinese blue white bowl lotus porcelain qing 19th c large jingdezhen Institute of Ceramic Archaeology and The Fung Ping Shan Museum, 1992. The Portuguese Trade, Oriental Art, XLV 1 (Spring)Pope, John Alexander, 1956. Asian Art Museum, 1982. 14k White Gold Round Cut Solitaire Scott, Rosemary and John Guy, 1994. As enterprising now as then, Jingdezhen potters antique chinese blue white bowl lotus porcelain qing 19th c large jingdezhen are still mining kaolin in the same quarries and pulverizing China stone in the same traditional manner.

(It is likely that this communal corroboration between the different potteries and kilns lasted until at least the 15th century and beyond, when private kilns are known to have assisted official kilns with imperial orders. Official kilns continued to make the finer wares.

A Group of T’ien-Ch’i Porcelains in the Percival David Foundation. Oriental Art, XLV I: 98-100. (25) Sheaf and Kilburn, op. All work 2 Carat Diamond with each shipwreck is done in corporation with the Malaysian National Museums. Some pieces of porcelain from The Wanli Shipwreck included the circular outlines on the base but no markings within them. Previous editions 1923, 1962. Zhangzhou antique chinese blue white bowl lotus porcelain qing 19th c large jingdezhen Yao.

London: London, New York: Longmans, Green, and Co. Grenoble: Casterman. Thus, from the Ming dynasty we see superior 14kt White Gold quality porcelain wares Sparkly Vvs1f 030ct Real Diamond made by specially appointed workshops for the exclusive use of the court. (3) Liu Xinxin, ibid. Suarez, Thomas, 1999. Chinese Blue & White Ceramics.

Diamond Princess Square Ring 209 Ct Antique Style 18k White Gold Size 65 8 9

We follow a simple, 5-step process to turn your loved one into diamonds, that hold lasting memories. Every other company in the industry outsources their production to a third party. Please enable it diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 for a better experience of. With your stunningly beautiful diamond, you now get to carry the most special feeling in the world with you all the time. ) of hair for each order you’d like. I would like to thank Anita for going out of her way to deliver my ring before my wedding. From the second we walked in the door until the second I left the customer service was just impeccable. You have the option for a face to diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 face consultation via 14kt Diamond Engagement Ring Skype or FaceTime. Your diamond is 100% real and receives a grade according to the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat. When you order your setting and diamond, you receive a special identification number. The fire and sparkle of the Princess Cut diamond makes it a popular selection for engagement rings. Responsibly Sourced All diamonds are sourced diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 from a small number of carefully selected mines that are committed to the highest business, social, ethical and environmental standards. My mother passed in November last year and I wanted something beautiful to signify her. 19 CT 1295 1595 1615 1700 1700 CARAT 1500 1745 1875 2200 2300 CARAT 2300 3300 3500 3900 4000 CARAT 3300 4900 5000 5700 6600 1 CARAT 4400 6195 6195 12505 12505 1 CARAT 5995 7100 – – – 1 CARAT 7495 8400 – – – 2 CARATS 8745 10995 – – – OPTION CARAT ORANGE – YELLOW 70 days YELLOW – GREEN 70 days DEEP – RED 70 days 0. 09 DIAMOND SAMPLES VIDEOS Blue Round Cut Orange Round Cut Red Round Cut Green Round Cut Orange Princess Cut Red Princess Cut Green Princess Cut White Round Cut Blue Round Cut Orange Round Cut Red Round Cut Green Round Cut Orange Princess Cut Red Princess Cut Green Princess Cut White Round Cut We were never big supporters of the highly regulated diamond industry that gives the general public the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable. Your diamond gets placed under an intense pressure of 60,000 atmospheres and an extreme temperature of 3,632 F! Such personal and caring service. Thank you Anita for making this these hard times not so hard. 34 CARAT 0. My dad would of loved you. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring While not the traditional selection, princess cut diamonds are a very popular selection for a stunning engagement rings (either as a solitaire or with accent stones). Yours sincerely John and Sandra, USA STEP 4: CREATION OF YOUR DIAMONDS MADE FROM ASHES OR HAIR In this step of the process, we pride ourselves in keeping your updated while our specialists create your diamond in our production facility. Depending on the color you choose, our approximate delivery is 70 120 days. Address 7995 Plaza Del Lago Dr,Estero, Florida 33928 United States Phone Hours Monday-Saturday: 10 – 7Sunday: noon – 5 Community Latest Press Copyright 2018. CARAT OPTION ORANGE – Round Hi Vs2 YELLOW 70 days YELLOW – GREEN 70 days DEEP – RED 70 days BLUE 120 days WHITE 120 days Mini 0. 89 1 CARAT 0. And laboratory diamonds are guaranteed 100% conflict-free because they’re made by experienced professionals. 03 CT 515 – – – – Med 0.

If not, you’ll receive it from an authorized courier. ALL DIAMONDS ARE PRICED SEPARATELY. 19 1 CARAT 1.

All our diamonds are laboratory grown over a period of just months in our own production facility.

Interest Free Financing Take advantage of up to 5 Years Interest Free Financing. 59 2 CARATS 1. Vintage Antique 65ct Diamond Except for the “Bargain Basement” selections, these diamonds are within our minimum requirements as listed above and are suitable for solitaire settings or settings with accent stones. If possible, our consultants will come to visit you in person. Colours Blue White Orange – Yellow Yellow – Green Deep Red Cuts Brilliant Princess Radiant Other cuts are available upon request. ) of cremated ashes or cup (or about 0. We’ve been in 3 Ct Round Cut business creating personal diamonds for more than 9 years. 6,000 square foot showroom Relax and browse in our modern spacious diamond superstore showroom. 80) Luxury Selection: View this Balance of Price and Quality: View this Low Price Selection: View this Bargain Basement 970 Ct Yellow Gold : View this See all three-quarter carat James Allen princess cut diamonds that fit our minimum standards: One carat (1. Princess Cut Diamond Shape Jump to If you love the fire of the traditional Round Brilliant Cut (the standard diamond engagement ring cut), but want something a little different, you might just fall in love with the icy fire of the square Princess Cut Diamond. Create your own diamond Tips to choose your colour Authenticity Guarantee Jewellery Options Creation Process Select a Manufacturer How to Order Personal Service Track Your Order Authenticity Check Prices About Testimonials Certified Partners Become a Partner Contact Local Blog HQ Blog USA Canada UK Australia Czech Republic Japan New Zealand Puerto Rico Hong Kong ( ) China ( ) Taiwan ( ) Germany Spain Close Main menu Diamonds What is Heart In Diamond? After completing the analysis, the carbon in your sample is extracted and added to the diamond growing foundation. This machine mimics the process diamonds go through when they grow naturally in the Earth’s crust. On Sunday I received my stunningly beautiful green diamond ring in memory of my beloved Mum, who passed away in March. Create your own diamond Tips to choose your colour Authenticity Guarantee Jewellery Options Creation Process Orders Select a Manufacturer How to Order Authenticity Check Prices Company About Testimonials Certified Partners Become a Partner Contact Local Blog HQ Blog Close menu TAKE A LASTING REMINDER OF YOUR LOVED ONE WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO Heart In Diamond creates stunningly beautiful diamonds from your loved one’s hair or ashes so you can hold on to your special memories of them forever. Our laboratory specialists need cup (or about 3. It took lots of phone calls and emails but I finally settled on a beautiful yellow diamond made into a heart shaped ring. Even though they’re grown in a laboratory, our diamonds are 100% identical to naturally mined diamonds. Some clients Chanel Chain Necklace combine hair from living family members. We are very appreciative of the excellent customer service we experienced from Claire McHan, as referenced above. Princess Cut Diamond The princess cut diamond is a sparkling cut, not unlike the round brilliant, but square. She explained the process used to preserve a combination of our son’s ashes with locks of hair from my husband diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 and myself as well as from each of his sisters in the creation of individual stones which we have now had set in rings that each one of us can keep as a tangible living memorial of someone we loved very dearly.

Unlike every other memorial diamond producer, we make your diamond in our own production facility. Using your ashes or hair to create laboratory grown diamonds ensures a conflict-free process. I was able to design the ring exactly the way I wanted and they were able to make it happen. We also offer a bespoke design jewellery service with step by step personal creation; Send your loved one’s (family member’s, relative’s, friend’s, or pet’s) hair or ashes; Our lab then extracts carbon from the sample, which in turn is created into diamonds; Receive your personal diamond; Our kind and compassionate consultants guide you hand-in-hand through the process. You’ll know exactly what is happening during your diamond your diamond creation throughout its entire journey.

Heart In Diamond has changed the diamond industry and has made diamonds really worth something valuable. SETTING PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR DIAMOND. Prices The Lowest Price For Your Precious Personal Diamond. 1 mm NAME MINI diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 MED CARAT CARAT CARAT CARAT 0. Hand-Selected Princess Cut Diamonds To give you some ideas of what’s available for a princess cut diamond ring, we’ve preselected a range of certified princess cut diamonds for you to examine (all from and Blue Nile, two premiere diamond stores). Many thanks Domini, UK STEP 3: SEND YOUR LOVED ONE’S HAIR OR CREMATION ASHES Now that you’ve chosen your diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 diamond and setting, it’s time to provide your loved one’s hair,fur or ashes. Our minimum recommendations for buying princess cut diamonds are as follows (please remember these recommendations are opinion only, and your tastes may vary): Cut: Good Color: H Clarity: SI1 Depth Percentage: 58-77% Table: 58-77% Now if you’re on a tight budget, you can still find a nice stone going with these minimums: Cut: Good Color: I Clarity: SI2 Depth Percentage: 56-84% Table: 53-85% Could you purchase cheaper princess cut diamonds by going below these minimums? The Diamond District Your #1 Diamond Store in the Fort Myers, Estero and Naples area 100,000 Diamonds Choose from thousands of loose-certified Forevermark and GIA certified diamonds at or below internet pricing. Save up to 50% Save up diamond princess square ring 209 ct antique style 18k white gold size 65 8 9 to 50% below retail Jewelry Store prices, every day at southwest Florida’s Diamond District. This number tracks the status of your diamond throughout the creation process. Dan & Elaina Esperon Dan and I chose to purchase our rings from the Diamond District because of the great reputation for quality, service, and affordability.

Rare Antique Chinese Shanghai Municipal Svc Shanghai Volunteer Corps Hall Mark

Mounted on the rare first pattern Anti-Aircraft Tripod. 07749 134810 World War 2 German Occupation ZB37(t) Machine Guns 08 May ’18 The ZB37(t) Medium Machine Gun was produced from 1939-42 and was issued to Nazi SS Divisions. This is the original TT30 version with 2-piece gripstrap that was used throughout WW2 by the Red Army.

01785 851515 World War 2 British Bofors Gun – Model L60 14 May ’18 Recently received from an international army museum exchange. 5cm, Brl 11cm. 07595 511981 Scarce Chinese 7. OA 69cm, Brl 54cm. 16 May ’18 These superb military Mk IV rifles were officially adopted by the British Army in 1888 and supplied to many British colonial outposts. Technically they were the 1893 5 but this contract was marked Mod Mauser 1896 ; it was a 5-shot 7 x 57 bolt action rifle and was used with Antique Watercolor Arab great effect against the British. These Australian rifles are WW2 dated and bear full Australian markings on the metal parts and wooden stocks, most especially the butt markings. 5cm, Brl 8. OA110cm, rare antique chinese shanghai municipal svc shanghai volunteer corps hall mark Brl 63cm. Good condition considering it s Antique Gold Statement Collar Grecian Chunky Vintage now 70 years old. OA rare antique chinese shanghai municipal svc shanghai volunteer corps hall mark 118cm, Brl 62cm. 01785 851515 Beretta 7. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 1 Chelmsford Militaria Has Just Recieved 30 Enfield Rifles 26 April ’18 At Chelmsford Militaria we have just received the first batch of 30 Napoleon At The enfield rifles from 100 just purchased. Generally Good Condition. Without such a certificate, it is illegal to sell or to offer for sale or to give or exchange such items.

There are WW1 and WW2 smles and WW2 No4 rare antique chinese shanghai municipal svc shanghai volunteer corps hall mark rifles to include British made ones. 303 Enfield range to obtain due to its scarcity. 2450 + 25 P&P 01785 851515 81mm Mortar for sale (Portuguese) 18 May ’18 Deactivated 81mm Calibre Mortar for sale, base plate, bipod, barrel and end cap included. Detailed pics if required. Price includes EU Postage Tracked. 07722 003092 EU Spec Deactivated Pistols For Sale 29 April ’18 All matching numbered WW2 high power nice order, original 995, Colt 1911A1 WW2 refinished no markings to top slide, apart from letter P but number serial makes it Remington Rand 995, Atra. Can be vastly improved with glueing, cleaning and home restoration. Good mix of WW1 & WW2 kit also stocked- grenades, webbing, gas masks, headgear & military miscellanea. Offer Price 388 + 15 P&P. Originally designed at the Springfield Armoury in 1903 and used throughout WW1; The bolt action was in fact a Mauser design and became the subject of a law suit which cost the US Government $3,000,000 in royalties when they lost the case. 6 telescopic sight with polymer sight cover and a standard 30-shot NATO magazine. An Antique Obsolete Antique Pair Blue Jasperware Tall Tablebanquet Calibre, fully working No Licence Required.

07762 111458 A. 01785 851515 Arms and Weapon Accessories WW2 – 2nd June 01 May ’18 You can bid in person, in Caen, Normandy or bid Online. Bid rare antique chinese shanghai municipal svc shanghai volunteer corps hall mark at our galleries or Online. Less than 10,000 of these were made. 62×54 Maxim PKM 45, Lee Enfield. 92 belt-fed air-cooled weapon with adjustable rate of fire from 500-800 rounds per minute. Extensively Battle used weapons with abrasions and scarring but Good Condition.

50 Cal T&E Gear 09 May ’18 NOS. 275 + 12 P&P. Please contact us for price or further details. Excellent to Antique Style Dangling Fine Condition with much blued finish and crisp bores. 199 + 15 P&P 01785 851515 ZAR Martini Henry 1897 04 May ’18 Obsolete calibre Martin Henry made for the Antique Victorian 18k Gold Enamel Boers. Rare Original Collector s Items. 92mm MG34 MG42 50. 99 + 15 P&P. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 0036 309 729 174 A G Militaria Ltd A. Also available: Colt 1860 blank firer, pinfire revolver, pepperbox pistol for renovation and EU spec Welrod SOE pistol. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS rare antique chinese shanghai municipal svc shanghai volunteer corps hall mark 69 American. These genuine rifles have lightened MkI action bodies, lightened barrel with fluted knox form, flash hider with bayonet lug, unique elevating rearsight. 01785 851515 Antique English. 38 ACP and has a safety lever on the left grip; marked. Just superb piece.

EU deac cert Feb 2017. An Antique Obsolete Calibre No Licence Required. Shop Visits By Appointment Only Please. They are in Superb Condition and played a very significant part in the salvation Hand Knoted Antique Persian Malayer of Great Britain in WW2. NOTE These are not Belgian, not Commonwealth, they are genuine British examples and most desirable. 38 ACP Fosbery Pattern 8-Shot Revolver 24 May ’18 This single action second generation automatic revolver has a most unusual action, as once the first shot is fired, the action re-cocks itself using a zigzag groove on the cylinder. Posted UK only. During WW2 the pistol was modified and renamed the TT33. Supplied by the British Government in 1906 to the Nepalese Army and stored for nearly 100 years in the Royal Armoury of the Lagan Silekhana Palace. 32 nice 220, Tankers revolver, prefix number makes it 44 325 price includes post all cock and dry fire but can’t be stripped, trade px considered. An Fanciful S Antique Handmade Kashan Persian Absolute Bargain. 45cal 30 April ’18 Nice early Colt 1911A. G Militaria 24 April ’18 Interesting selection of bayonets currently in stock including Martini Henry P’71 cutlass, S14 Saw-back, unit marked P’07 Gia I Si1 14k White Gold Princess hooked quillon. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 07736 777266 Rare Original British Enfield. Price is 3750 plus P&P. Surrey Militaria Tanks And More The Quartermaster Inspector Veteran Militaria WD Militaria Westland Military Antiques Wolf Pack Militaria World Wide Arms Ltd The requested URL was rejected. All moves as it should. As New Condition.

Duck Boot Scraper Antique Adirondack C1900s Heavy 18 Lbs Decoy Hunting Birds

5 35 TN640 12 6. 5 30 Sponsored Links: More : Price: $46. All duck boot scraper Antique Pompeian Bronze Man Lady Dog antique adirondack c1900s heavy 18 lbs decoy hunting birds Rights Reserved. : 0 ITEMS: $0. NOTE: To avoid delays with 18 Carat D Vs Princess your order, please select the matching part Ci 1970s Antique Master Piece Persian Isfahan number and price. Rare Antique Monkey Figure Pottery The tool was designed to be both efficient and durable, Antique Steelcase Industrial Mid Century Small Metal since they Antique Hand Made Gros Point knew its strength would be tested! TNT Tools Denver Tool :: Specifications Five different sizes (see chart)Handle Color: Yellow, Black :: Antique Emerald & Old Cut Diamond Features Combination of the following five tools:AxeRamPry toolSledge hammerD-ring pull hookVarious applications include fire, law enforcement, and construction Part # Tool Weight (lbs. Product: Antique Hubley Usa Cast Iron Hunting $220. ) Head Weight (lbs. 5lb Head, 35″ Handle (TN835) $235. Fine Antique Victorian The patented Denver Tool Stunning Antique Chinese And Silver was invented by two Denver firefighters working at a busy downtown firehouse. 00 due to its excessive size and weight.

00 Main 115 Carat Black Princess Diamond Navigation TNT Tools Denver Tool TNT Tools Denver Tool No, we don’t have any that are a mile long. 5 35 TN630 11 6. 5lb Head, 40″ Handle (TN840) Qty: Handle: Yellow 1 Carat Blue Diamond Black(B) This item requires an of $5. 5lb Head Antique Chinese Gilded Brass Bed Warmer 30″ Handle (TN630) $220. 5 40 TN635 11.

00 Sub-Navigation Hot Products New Products 075 Carat Green Diamond Halo Round Pendant Recently Viewed Items Copyright 1997-2018 Columbus Supply.

5 40 TN835 13 8.

) Length (in. 5lb Head, 40″ Glycine Mens 3928191 Lb9b Airman Handle 14k White Gold 18 (TN640) $235.

After being in situations where they didn’t have the right tool at the right time they designed a tool that would be simple to 115 Carat Blue Diamond Fancy carry and use, but would give them the right tool 1 Carat Blue Diamond Infinity Cross Religion at the right time: five tools in one. ) TN840 13. Antique Old Mine Cut Diamond 5lb Head, 35″ Handle (TN635) $220.

Antique Calendar Fusee George Iii Sterling Silver Pair Case Pocket Watch 1810

$4,800 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $8,000 6603 Good Meylan 14K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch circa 1920. 5954 Fine and large Thomas Earnshaw, London, silver pair case cylinder and fusee circa 1793. $6,000 8146 Fine Swiss 18K gold quarter repeating musical antique pocket watch by Terond Alliez & Blanchard, Geneva, circa 1800. 6076 Large and impressive Swiss 18K gold Sur t quarter repeater chronograph moon phase triple calendar antique pocket watch circa 1900. 6374 Oversize Swiss nickel antique Rado Original Yellow pocket watch with mining scene on antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 the back circa 1890. Icon-instagramCreated with Sketch. $3,875 Sold 5872 Fine and scarce Charles Frodsham English keyless fusee freesprung antique pocket watch with winding indicator circa 1886. $12,000 7025 Fine Swiss 14K gold Vacheron and Constantin antique pocket watch circa 1908. $1,500 Sold 6150 Lovely 18K gold and enamel antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 Swiss keywind antique pendant watch by Albaret Freres circa 1860.

5357 Fine antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 and beautiful 18K gold and champlevee polychrome enamel quarter repeater ladies antique pendant watch by L’Epine circa 1830. $1,750 Sold 6002 Fine slim 14K gold Hamilton 23 jewel dress antique pocket watch circa 1937. $1,500 Sold 6039 Fine and beautiful Ulysse Nardin 18K gold, diamond and enamel Art Nouveau ladies antique hunting case pendant watch circa 1890. $9,250 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. The ebonised case Rado Centrix Day Date is on fruit wood and standing on cast brass bracket feet with the classic handle to the top. $12,000 Sold 5933 Fine French oignion silver antique pocket watch with silver cock by Saintpiere, Paris, circa 1710. $4,750 Sold 5768 Fancy slim Swiss 18K gold minute repeater by Coppel circa 1900. $1,800 Sold 6975 Fine Dutch silver repousse pair case verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Hoevenaar, (Hoevenoor) Leyden, circa 1710. $2,300 Sold 6042 Good Swiss 18K gold triple calendar moonphase antique pocket watch circa 1890. $3,300 Sold 5512 Interesting Swiss gunmetal erotic antique pocket watch circa 1890. $11,500 8184 Fine and very rare Hamilton 14K solid gold electric Pacer vintage wrist watch circa 1995. $11,500 Sold 6231 Fine and beautiful Swiss 18K gold heavily carved, chased and engraved ladies hunting case antique pendant watch circa 1900. $3,000 Sold 5637 Lovely platinum, 18K gold, diamond and painted enamel ladies pendant watch by Bailly circa 1905.

8209 Fine Gruen ‘Prince’ white gold filled Antique Pair Outstanding Victorian vintage wrist watch circa 1930. $26,500 Sold 6888 Beautiful slim Swiss 18K gold and painted enamel bell repeater verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Roux and Bordier, Geneva, circa 1790. $4,500 Sold 5862 Handsome Swiss Ullman silver and niello minute repeater Chinese market antique pocket watch circa 1900. $4,250 Sold 6336 Fine and rare Waltham Howard 14K gold hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1904. $1,200 Sold 5877 Fine and scarce German Lange 18K gold antique pocket watch with 24-hour dial in original box circa 1908. $4,150 Sold 6465 Fine and extremely heavy 18K gold Howard Type III antique hunting case pocket watch circa 1867. $7,250 Sold 5907 Lovely 18K gold and enamel miniature antique ladies pendant watch by LeCoultre circa 1890. $1,250 Sold 6521 Fine slim 14K gold Longines antique pocket watch with exceptional dial circa 1899.

$2,000 Sold 6783 Fine Swiss silver and enamel bezel wind ball watch and chain in original box by LeRoy and Fils circa 1920. $1,500 Sold 5915 Beautiful large Swiss silver gilt pearl and painted enamel jumping center seconds Crab Tooth Duplex antique pocket watch for the Chinese market circa 1850. $12,000 8170 Fine and extremely rare 18K antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 gold Waltham 72 antique pocket watch with custom factory decorations, circa 1872. $7,800 Sold 6390 Fine Swiss 18K gold and painted enamel keywind hunting case ladies antique pendant watch by Paillard Freres, St. $39,500 8032 Fine 18K gold Jules Jurgensen antique pocket watch circa 1885. $4,100 6836 Fine Elgin multi-color 14K gold and diamond 6 S ladies antique Catorex 13818169150 Bm Mens Chrono Tradition Wrist pendant watch circa 1889 Authentic Michele Deco Moderne 11 $2,000 6825 Fine 18K gold and enamel International Watch Company (IWC) Art Deco antique pocket watch circa 1919. 6030 Fine Swiss silver triangular antique Masonic pocket watch by Tempor circa 1930. $6,800 Sold 5745 Most unusual Thommen push crown activated silver quarter repeater antique pocket watch circa 1890. $10,000 Sold 6357 Fine and handsome medium size Swiss 18K gold and enamel antique pocket watch with original box by Mathey circa 1880. $4,750 8143 Fine 18K gold L size Howard antique pocket watch circa 1877.

$1,500 Sold 6202 Lovely ruby, emerald and enamel 18K gold Swiss ladies Art Nouveau antique pendant watch circa 1890. $1,300 6194 Fine and very unusual Lange Glashutte 18K gold antique pocket watch in “brain coral” design hunting case circa 1903 in unusually fine condition. $5,350 Sold 5891 Swiss gunmetal erotic automated antique pocket watch circa 1890. $40,000 Sold 6841 Fine and rare Patek Philippe platinum, diamond and ruby Art Deco antique dress pocket watch with matching chain circa 1923.

$9,300 6801 Fine English 18K gold demi-hunter retrograde perpetual calendar chronograph by John Bennett, Maker to the Royal Observatory, London, circa 1877. $27,500 Sold 6786 Fine silver Patek Philippe repousse ladies antique pendant watch circa 1888. $6,000 8177 Fine Elgin 18 S 14K gold 21 jewel Father Time box hinge antique pocket watch with rare engraving of an indian brave, circa 1903. $2,150 Sold 6269 Lovely Swiss painted enamel 18K gold ladies pendant watch by Louis Auguste Piguet, Geneva, circa 1860. 6017 Fine Ulysse Nardin dead seconds circuit breaker deck watch with electric contacts in box circa 1945. $12,750 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $4,600 Sold 6001 Unusual English silver hunting case verge and fusee antique pocket watch circa 1791 by Grimalde, London. $5,600 6833 Ulysse Nardin – Paul Nardin small 5-minute repeater with original box and certificate circa 1900. $6,350 Sold 6075 Fine and rare English silver pre-hairspring antique pocket watch by Williams, London, circa 1680. $1,500 Sold 6113 Fine and scarce 14K gold Timing & Repeating Watch Co. $3,500 Sold 6319 Fine Swiss 18K gold jumping quarter seconds chronograph by 227 Ct Round Hi Diamond White Topaz Huguenin, Locle, circa 1860. $12,000 7008 antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 Fine and very rare Presidential presentation 14K gold antique watch with original box and documentation circa 1908. $8,150 Sold For a antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $8,300 Sold 5964 Fine, rare and handsome slim Robert Cart Chronoscope two-color 18K gold and enamel Art Deco antique pocket Invicta Reserve 16298 antique calendar fusee george iii sterling silver pair case pocket watch 1810 watch with fob circa 1920. $3,750 Sold 5896 Fine and slim 18K gold duplex antique pocket watch by Brothers Melly circa 1835. $2,500 Sold 6600 Fine Swiss Agassiz 8 day 18K gold antique pocket watch with winding indicator circa 1920. $2,100 Sold 6533 Very scarce large Swiss two-tune gunmetal musical watch circa 1890. Magson, London, circa 1750. $4,750 Sold 8202 Fine IWC slim 18K white gold dress antique pocket watch with original certificate circa 1928. $4,500 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $5,000 Sold 7078 Fine and beautiful 18K gold Louis XIV style Patek Philippe St. Petersburg, circa 1900. $4,500 6983 Fine and scarce English silver and tortoise shell pair case verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Hewitt, London, circa 1690. 900 Sold 5719 Rare gilt hidden scene erotic enamel verge and fusee antique pocket watch circa 1800. $3,400 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number.

Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring

I found a chip in one of center. 00 USD Listed on May 9, 2018, 9:34 pm , REDUCED Breath taking 14k two-tone 2. Price: $215.

00 USD Listed on May 5, 2018, 12:41 am , Certificate of Authenticity included. 5 Palladium Emerald is approximately 7×3 Diamonds are approximately I in color and. 5 14k white gold Worn a few months Cushion cut center with halo Beautiful. 00 USD Listed on May 8, 2018, 12:32 pm , i just recently re purchased this as a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom, but sadly she lost her 2 year battle with cancer on Thursday. 5mm round White Zircon stones in this rhombus or diamond shaped cluster ring. 00 USD Listed on May 20, 2018, 11:25 pm , Bought from Etsy seller Love Always Galacia, size 6. Looks almost brand new, hardly worn. 00 USD Listed on May 5, 2018, 2:35 pm , ANTIQUE EMERALD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING 14K WHITE GOLDEMERALD EST WEIGHT 0. 00 USD Listed on May 22, 2018, 12:26 am , 14k 18k Yellow Gold White gold victorian ring with rose cut diamonds that form a halo around persian turquoise. 00 USD Listed on May 1, 2018, 2:02 am , This ring features a 7mm OEC Forever Brilliant moissanite set in an unplated 14k white gold ring with diamond detailing on the gallery. On the sides are white gold accents that are shaped. 00 USD Listed on May 10, 2018, 6:51 pm , Authentic, 2 Ct Cushion rare Coach Lindsay Hamptons blue leather shopper satchel Approx 14″L x 9″H x 6. In excellent used condition- the heart charm does have some minor scuffs and scratches that are easily buffed out. 00 USD Listed on April 30, 2018, 5:50 pm , White, sparkly 6. 00 USD Listed on May 8, 2018, 2:21 pm , 16 Round Pink Sapphires 1. 00 USD Listed on May 23, 2018, 3:16 pm , Very pretty but rarely used and less so over time as my earlobes seem to be getting bigger as I get older. Diamonds are near colorless, SI. It Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring measures 2. Price: $17. This band is in Excellent Condtion and recently polished! Setting is Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring by Etsy seller Ivy. 4mm wide and tapers Beautiful Necklace Mans to 2mm on the bottom of the shank. 99 USD Listed on May 10, 2018, 11:33 pm , One-of-a-kind genuine sterling(925 as marked) bracelet in size 7. 5″ x 3″ x 1. 62cts of Natural Songea Yellow Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring Sapphire from Tanzania. Retails Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring for $2250. 00 USD Listed on May 11, 2018, 6:49 am Alexander Mcqueen Gold Plated , I have a gorgeous transitional diamond I do not want to sell, but have to. This is selling on ebay for. Double row band ring in 10K Yellow Gold featuring 3 4ctw of Natural Champagne Diamonds in a low profile style. 25ctw (10mm) Heart Shape Strontium Titanate with. Price: $20. Price: $1,750. There is one 9mm white skull ($15), and three 6. There is dust on. 00 USD Listed on May 5, 2018, 12:49 am , This beautiful ring has a double row (16 total) of natural round pink sapphires measuring 2.

00 USD Listed on May 17, 2018, 12:20 am , For sale is a David Klass Vatche-U113 replica solitaire set with a 10mm Fine 738 Carats Natural Blue Sapphire Stringstrand (4 carat diamond equivalent) H&A WinkCZ in 14k white gold. Excellent, like new condition. I just had a nice pair of hand cut old european mossanites set in them.

It has the. Price: $175. 00 USD Listed on May 20, 2018, 9:58 pm , Georgous 3 carat moissanite classic solitaire, Price: $1,650. 99ct August Vintage Cushion! Very Unique. 00 USD Listed on May 20, 2018, 10:14 pm , 8mm Charles rd OEC classic. They were tried on around the house once but are otherwise new without the box. 00 USD Listed on May 2, 2018, 1:01 am , Selling my previously owned Wedding Ring Set – This is a gorgeous set and includes the following; – 9×7 mm Forever Brilliant Oval Cut Moissanite by Charles and Covard Engagement Ring – 18KT Rose. Perfect for a. It is in very good.

Price: $850. Price: $55. 44 ACTUAL (Approx. Preloved Tiffany Jazz eternity band. Price: $740. Priced way less than anything comparable on Ebay. 14k White Gold Leo Ingwer setting. 00 OBO Listed on May 20, 2018, 4:34 pm , For sale:A lovely, barely used diamond heart pendant and chain. I bought this and have never worn it. 00 USD Listed on May 23, 2018, 8:10 pm , One ladies 14K (stamped) white gold 3-piece diamond wedding set. 5ct Radiant C&C Forever Brilliant. Paypal Fine 30 Tcw friends & family please, contact for. 26tcw pair of Rubies – 5mm round – well-matched, the color is a great red pinkish-red, and they seem to glow fluoresce in certain lighting – one ruby has a very small dark crystal-type inclusion. 00 USD Listed on May 7, 2018, 2:07 am , 1.

25, 10k wg. Price: $365. Two 4x6mm Chinese White Interlap Cubic Antique 60ct Genuine Blue Sapphire 18k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring Zirconia Trapezoid side stones. 5 and sizableMetal Type(s): 14KT WHITE GOLD Gemstone Type(s): TRANSITIONAL CUT DIAMOND AND SINGLE CUT DIAMONDSTotal ApproximateGemstone Weight. 00 USD Listed on February 27, 2018, 4:37 am , I had this made because I couldn’t resist the incredible combination of milgrain, filigree, and engraving.