Antique Pair Of Old Paris Porcelain Grey Hound Or Borzi Resting Dogs

A great piece for antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs any collection. This is a unique opportunity to own a very rare antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs sword in exceptional condition. $5,500 6881 Fine Swiss 18K gold and enamel verge and fusee melon form antique watch by Wiss and Menu, Gneva, circa 1810. $6,000 Sold 8075 Fine and rare Swiss 18K gold, pearl and painted enamel minute repeater chronograph antique pocket watch for the Chinese market by Schwob Freres, circa 1890. This is the only one I Rare Antique French have had available in 30 years.

579) ELEGANT ITALIAN SWEPT-HILT RAPIER, CIRCA 1600 WITH EXCEPTIONAL CONSTRUCTION: The construction of this sword is exceptional.

Click image for more details 13) A HOMOGENOUS SOUTH GERMAN FLUTED HELMET FOR FIELD USE IN THE SO-CALLED MAXIMILIAN FASHION CIRCA 1510-20 from the Order of the Knights of Saint John during the Seige of Rhodes and invariably taken as war booty to St. $1,650 Sold 6369 Gubelin Swiss antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs gilt brass world time vintage pocket watch circa 1960.

A similar one sold at Christie’s November 21 1986. $2,000 Sold 5501 Fine and heavy 14K gold ladies antique watch chain with slide circa 1880. 5776 Fine Swiss 18K gold hunting case Vacheron & Constantin ladies antique pendant watch circa 1870. Was at one time on a very good composite Gothic suit. $13,750 Sold 6512 Fine and scarce Mobilis 1 minute tourbillion antique pocket watch circa 1900. Circa 1900. 746) ETCHED TO DEATH CIRCA 1600 GERMAN JEWELRY COFFER CHEST STRONG BOX: Best etching in an armada coffer I have ever had. $7,350 7083 Fine Swiss 18K yellow gold hunting case chronometer minute repeater split second chronograph antique pocket watch by Fritz Piguet and Bachmann, Geneve, circa 1880.

$2,400 6960 Fine, beautiful and scarce continental 18K gold, enamel, pearl and diamond verge and fusee antique pocket with a Jewish Star design, circa 1790. $15,500 6745 Fine Swiss 18K gold watch commemorating the death of Abraham Lincoln made by Roger & company, Geneva, circa 1865. $1,800 Sold 6089 Scarce Swiss gunmetal double dial world time calendar antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs watch circa 1890. 7) A NORTH GERMAN CLOSE HELMET, CIRCA 1560 BRUNSWICK FORMERLY IN THE HANOVERIAN ROYAL ARMORY COLLECTIONS: With rounded one-piece skull rising to a roped medial comb and fitted at the nape with a plume-holder (the skull with an early patched repair and one small hole), visor, upper bevor and bevor attached by common pivots (replaced), each secured at the right side by a spring-catch with leather restored lifting-peg, the visor with stepped centrally-divided vision-slit Antique French Style Oval and pierced with six rectangular and four circular ventilation holes and a pair of holes for the attachment of a brow reinforce, the prow-shaped upper bevor pierced with circular arrangements of ventilation holes, two gorget-plates front and rear 40. $27,000 Sold 8044 Fine large English silver and tortoise shell quadruple case verge and fusee antique pocket watch for the Turkish Ottoman market by Edward Prior, London, circa 1837 $3,450 8045 Fine and interesting Hampden 14K gold 18 size Railroad model antique pocket watch in a factory converted case, circa 1878. 2 inches of an Italian Key that has survived in very good condition and can be the center piece of any Medieval Renaissance collection. 744) PARTIZAN (AGUCCIA) WITH INITIALS AND COAT OF ARMS OF VITTORIO AMEDEO CIRCA 1600: Magnificent original etching.

697) Rare Swiss Sabre Circa 1540:The Swiss saber (German, Schweizers bel) is a very rare type of sword or early saber sought out by collectors. The upper replaced left shoulder is indicative of this group. $24,000 Sold 6505 Fine and beautiful continental 18K gold, pearl and painted enamel quarter hour repeater antique pocket watch circa 1810. It was probably originally covered with a velvet like cloth. Length 48 inches. $14,750 6082 Fine slim Swiss 18K gold ruby cylinder quarter repeater antique pocket watch circa 1830. You are buying with 100% confidence We are receiving many items on a weekly basis. 6368 Fine and most unusual oversized Swiss gunmetal high relief man-in-the-moon antique pocket watch circa 1890. $5,800 Sold 5606 Silver gilt continental cylinder and fusee hour striking clockwatch repeater circa 1800. $8,000 6603 Good Meylan 14K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch circa 1920. 18K gold Antique Persian Turkoman Balouch Balouchi Rug antique pocket watch circa 1869. $3,350 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. There are 76 near identical examples in the world famous Ambras armory. Beyond Xlarge Antique Wood rare, a museum quality piece with exceptional brass decoration. 72) AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE PAIR OF SOUTH GERMAN ETCHED AND GILT GAUNTLETS CIRCA 1560. Steel bow with original finish and bow. $5,000 Sold 7078 Fine and beautiful 18K gold Louis XIV style Patek Philippe St. 431) AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE VENETIAN SWORD FOR NAVAL WARFARE CIRCA 1590-1640: Near mint original condition. $6,000 Sold 5187 Fancy ladies 18K gold, enamel and pearl antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs antique pendant watch circa 1800. $40,000 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $1,750 Sold 6002 Fine slim 14K gold Hamilton 23 jewel dress antique pocket watch circa 1937. 6901 Very fine and very antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs rare English silver pair case verge and fusee antique pocket watch with differential dial by Bukinham, London, circa 1700. $10,000 6899 Fine continental 18K gold quarter repeating musical antique pocket watch circa 1810. This very large example at 7 inches of a Venetian Key has survived in very good condition and can be the center piece of any Medieval Renaissance collection. 7087 Fine and handsome Patek Philippe 18K gold vintage curved wrist watch circa 1920. Designed to penetrate armor, antique pair of old paris porcelain grey hound or borzi resting dogs mail and anything foolish enough to stand in its way. Swiss sabers are unique in that they have a single-edged, slightly curved blade which in the mid 16th century were set in regular sword hilts, including the variety of designs found there, with re-curved quillions and or rings and knuckle guards. $6,750 8042 Fine English 18K gold half-hunter quarter hour repeater antique pocket watch by Dent, London, Watchmaker to the Queen circa 1899. $8,000 Sold 6614 Fine French 18K gold and painted enamel verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Berthoud, Paris, circa 1780. $1,500 Sold 5615 Rolex gold filled Observatory Quality antique pocket watch circa 1910. $2,500 Sold 5723 Fine 14K pink gold antique pocket watch chain circa 1880 $1,400 Sold 5751 Fine Vacheron & Constantin 18K gold ladies antique pendant watch with pin and box circa 1905. $3,500 Sold 6134 Fine 2016 Dared Vp 845 Set Vacuum and unusual large English silver triple case verge and fusee antique pocket watch with champlevee and enamel dial by Paul Lullin circa 1710. $8,000 8130 Fine and rare Elgin 14K gold antique pocket watch with beautiful painted hard enamel Odd Fellows dial, circa 1888. 8164 Fine and beautiful 14K gold Waltham Santa Fe Route 18 s antique pocket watch in particularly fine condition. 617) 17TH CENTURY GERMAN AUSTRIAN MORNINGSTAR FLAIL. Incorporating 7 shooting bolts locking mechanism covered by original protection plate. It is said that owning a jousting suit with garnitures was the equivalent in today’s dollars of owning a 747 jet. Lots of copper color in this pot which also shows it to be of Dutch origin. $2,000 Sold 6060 Fine, beautiful and unusual Swiss 18K gold and enamel ladies antique pendant watch by Ed Koehn, Geneva, circa 1890. $2,750 Sold 5856 Fine and elegant Patek Philippe 18K pink and white gold slim Art Deco antique pocket watch circa 1927. $12,500 Sold 6168 Massive Waltham keywind antique pocket watch in 5 ounce coin silver case circa 1878. 6524 Fine Audemars Piguet 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch 16huge Antique Dresden Royal Vienna Charger with custom dial circa 1890. $12,500 Sold 5794 Fine Swiss silver detent deck watch by Soudan, Geneva, circa 1890. $6,000 Sold 6159 Fine small 18K gold Jules Jurgensen bow setting antique pocket watch circa 1885. Only the finest weapons for 1880s Antique Victorian Etruscan Gothic Revival 18k the guard came from this court. This sword is not in museum condition and be thankful because it Rare Antique Oil Painting Impressionist would cost over $20K. $9,000 Sold 5990 Fancy Elgin 14K gold antique pocket watch with fancy dial circa 1905.

Natural White Jade Stone Carved Ganoderma Two Red Crowned Crane Birds Art Statue

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Mother sues bus company for $7MILLION after they dropped her five-year-old daughter off at the wrong stop on. Hawaii volcano eruptions set the sky on. ABOUT JADE AND JADE JEWELRY Long revered by Asians as the most precious of all stones for centuries, besides being the most beautiful and valued natural material for making and utensils, jade is considered to possess the power of good luck, good health, and the ability to resist evil spirit and to get rid of bad luck. Kathryn Brolin is ‘half way’ through pregnancy and shows off growing baby bump in a black crop top Proudly showing off her tum Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper play with adorable one-year-old daughter Lea in NYC park They doted on their little girl Locals fear their sleepy surf town will be ruined and overrun by celebrities as Thor actor Chris Hemsworth’s massive new mansion takes shape Hilary Swank shows off her legs in 12 Carat Genuine Round Brilliant tennis whites as she cozies up to beau Philip Schneider at the French Open The 43-year-old Oscar winner Advertisement Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber sell luxe Malibu mansion for $45million. How Kate enjoys dressing Charlotte in outfits that PERFECTLY match her own for. 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Mr White’s firm said the Apprentice star had been in a hotel three miles away when the stripper arrived, but footage later showed him filming the incident. The material found there is exported to China and Hong Kong. And it looks like she’s been practising the royal wave too Legally blonde! Strictly come clean! Finally, a drug that can help STOP debilitating migraines for good – but the breakthrough treatment could. The most important deposits are in upper Burma, near Tawmav, interlayered in serpentinite, or in secondary deposits in conglomerates natural white jade stone carved ganoderma two red crowned crane birds art statue or in river gravels. How Kate enjoys dressing Charlotte in outfits that PERFECTLY match her own for joint appearances PICTURED: ‘Hero’ special forces soldier, 26, killed in Somalia attack ‘carried out by Al-Shabaab militants’ I use chemicals? 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19th Century Turkish Geometric Tribal Antique Carpet Area Rug

Blackmore’s , Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s J. Froude’s Fossilised remains of Neanderthal found in Rhineland, First refrigerator ship, Synthetic colours developed by William Perkins, Henry Bessemer invents Bessemer Antique Monterey 1930s California Tile Table W converter which makes low-cost steel, Sir William Siemens makes ductile steel for boiler plating 1857Peace of Paris Antique Victorian Castor Condiment Cruet Hand Knotted Persian Tabriz Heriz ends Anglo-Persian War and guarantees independence of Afghanistan, , British and French take Canton, Irish Republican Brotherhood (Fenians) founded in New York, First Indian Universities founded, Antique Chinese Coconut Shell Snuff Bottle Baikie’s Niger expedition (until 1864) Financial and economic crisis in Europe and North America due to speculation on US railroad shares, Garibaldi forms Italian National Association with a view towards the unification of Italy, Mountain Meadows massacre sees Antique Full Bed Mormons coordinate an attack Antique Victorian 14k Yellow Gold W Agate on the Fancher waggon trainVictoria Semi Antique Genuine and Albert Museum opened, Trollope’s , Henry T.

Wells’ , Oscar 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug Wilde’s , G. Huxley’s , William Thomson invents mirror galvanometer, Antique Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Two Piece Cheese Joseph Lister studies coagulation of blodd, SS Great Eastern is launched 1859 becomes a Crown Colony, First Bengal Rent Act, Universities’ Mission to Central Africa formed PMFrance and Piedmont fight and defeat Austria, John Brown tries to instigate 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug insurrection of slaves at Harper’s Ferry but is defeated and hangedJ. Images yearword.

Images 19th Rca Vintage Microphone century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug worldword. Mill’s , Bruckner’s , Herbert Spencer’s Barbed wire invented by Henry Rose, James Clerk Maxwell’s , Wilhelm Wundt’s 1874 becomes colony, H,M Stanley expedition to search for source of Nile (until 1877), British annexation of , Treaty of Pangkor sees British Residents in States, Sir Garnet Wolseley enters Kumasi, The Agra canal opens in India PMJapan invades Taiwan to seek compensation from China for a Japanese shipwreck on the island.

The Chinese reluctantly agree to pay compensation allowing the Japanese to Antique Russian Imperial Era Porcelain withdraw, Hawaii signs a treaty with the United States granting exclusive trading rights, Spanish Republic replaced by MonarchyFirst impressionist exhibition in Paris – the term impressionism is derived from a work by Claude Monet – Impression, Sunrise, Mussorgsky’ , Thomas Hardy’s , Anthony Trollope’s Billroth discovers streptococci 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug and staphylococci, H. Images empireword. Wells’ , Sidney and Imperial Homestead Antique Carnival Art Glass Beatrice Webb’s Antique Chinese 19th C Qing Dynasty Wood Ronald Ross discovers malaria bacillus, William Thomson studies cathode rays, JJ, Thomson discovers electrons, aspirin marketed; diesel engines invented, Havelock Ellis’ , Julius Hann’s , David Schwarz flies first rigid framed airship 1898Battle of and Fashoda Crisis in , Curzon Viceroy of , Hut Antique Reports Committee Of House Tax War, Anglo-German Agreement on future of Portuguese colonies, Anglo-French Agreement on West Africa, and Kowloon leasedDeath of GladstoneSpanish-American war, Germany’s Tirpitz plan, Zola’s in Dreyfus Affair, Russia leases Port Arthur, Death of Bismarck, USS Maine explodes in Havana Harbour, Spanish-American War leading to American victories in Cuba and PhilippinesBismarck’s , Thomas Hardy’s , Knut Hamsun’s , Henry James’ , H. Alcott’s , Dostoevsky’s , Wilkie Collins’ , begins to be publishedTraffic signals are used in London, Helium discovered, Christopher Sholes patents a typewriter with a QWERTY layout of the keys, Charles Darwin’s , Ernst Haeckel’s , Skeleton of Cro Magnon man found in France, 1869 opened, Red River Rebellion delays transfer of Hudson’s Bay Company territories to , rejects incorporation into , Stanley is recruited by New York Times to search for Livingstone Antique Ny Country Welchs Grape Parliamentary system reintroduced into France, Greece agrees to leave Crete after a Turkish ultimatum, Gustav Nachtigal explores the Sudan and SaharaMark Twain’s , Tolstoy’s finished, Anthony Trollope’s , R.

Buckle’s , Thomas Hughes’ Pasteur proves that fermentation is caused by living organisms, Trans-Atlantic cable completed, Science Museum opened in South Kensington 1858East India Company dissolved, Treaty of Tientsin obliges Chinese to open more ports to foreign access, Burton and Speke discover Lake Tanganyika, Ottawa becomes the capital of PM, Lionel de Rothschild becomes the first Jewish Member of ParliamentTsar Alexander II begins the emancipation of serfs in Russia, Orsini Assassination attempt on Napoleon III strains relations between Britain and France Maitland Smith Antique as plotters were found to have Swedish Orrefors Mid 20th Century based themselves in London, Suez Canal Company formedDion Boucicault’s , Tom Taylor’s Ferdinand Carre develops a refrigerator, T. Hyatt invents celluloid, Dmitri Mendeleev lays out elements in his Periodic Table, 1870Rhodes arrives in Africa, Cable links and London, British troops withdraw from , and Elementary education actFranco-Prussian war ends Napoleon III’s rule of France, Schliemann discovers Troy, Paraguayan War ends, Pope is declared to be infallible when speaking on spiritual matters, Italians enter Rome and declare it the capital of Italy, Adolf Nordenskjold explores the interior of Greenland, Rockefeller founds Standard Oil CompanyJules Verne’s , William Morris’ , Richard Wagner’s , Tchaikovsky’s , Death of Charles Dickens’ leaving unfinished. Huxley’s 1871Stanley finds Livingstone at Ujiji, British Columbia joins , Annexation of Griqualand West to Trade Unions become legal, Bank Holidays introduced, F. Zamenhof, Thomas Hardy’s Joseph 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug Lockyer’s , H. Von Linde constructs a machine for the liquefaction of air, Marconi invents radio telegraphy, Sigmund Freud’s 1896Famine in , Reconquest of begins (until 1899), Kaiser telegram to Kruger, Cecil Rhodes resigns as Premier of , Matabele Revolt Brutally suppressed (until 1897), Anglo-French declaration on Siam, Formation of the Federated States, Election of first French-Canadian PM in Canada, British take Kumasi in Fourth Ashanti War, Anglo-Zanzibar WarThe ‘Daily Mail’ begins publishing, Royal Victorian Order founded, Czar Nicholas visits LondonItalians defeated by Ethiopians at Adowa and withdraw their plans for an Italian Protectorate, Nobel peace prizes started, Gibson Custom Shop France annexes Madagascar, Russia and China sign Manchuria ConventionAnton Chekhov’s , A. Wells’ , Hillaire Belloc’s , W. Undersea cabling proliferates to connect overland telegraphs creating a 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug worldwide network, T. Grossmith’s , Rudyard Kipling’s , Anthony Hope’s , George Bernard Shaw’s , Sidney and Beatrice Webb’s , Anton Bruckner’s , Rare Antique Aesthetic Lamp & Shade Parker Sibelius’ Berliner pioneers use of discs (records) instead of cylinders for sound reproduction, Flagstaff Observatory erected in Flagstaff Arizona, Plague bacillus discovered, Argon discovered by Lord Rayleigh and William Ramsay 1895Jameson Raid, Anglo-Venezuelan border dispute, Protectorate established PM, becomes Colonial Secretary, Navy League foundedJapan takes Taiwan, Cuban rebellion against Spanish control begins, Kiel Canal opened in Germany, Italians defeated by Abyssinians at Amba AlagiOscar Wilde imprisoned, Joseph Conrad’s first novel is , Art Nouveau style predominates, Sienkiewicz’ , H. Goodwin invents celluloid film 1888Imperial British East Africa Company charter awarded, become British Protectorate, Imperial Exhibition in Glasgow, , and become British Protectorates, Cecil Rhodes amalgamates Kimberley Diamond Companies, Lobengula grants mining rights to British in Matabeleland and Mashonaland, Suez Canal Convention signed at Constantinople declaring it to be free and open to all shipping in both peace and warCounty Councils formed, Jack the Ripper murders in LondonSlavery ended in Brazil, Wilhelm II becomes Kaiser of GermanyRudyard 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug Kipling’s , Oscar Wilde’s , Mark Rutherford’s , James Bryce’s , Rimsky-Korsakov’s , Gilbert and Sullivan’s Radio waves discovered by Hertz, Dunlop develops pneumatic tyre, Nikola Tesla constructs an electric mother, George Eastman perfects ‘Kodak’ camera 1889British South Africa Co. Royal Charter awarded, established, Shire districts of become a British Protectorate, Naval Defence Act, Anglo-German-American supervision of London Dock strikeJapan’s Meiji constitution, Brussels Conference on the Slave Trade, Italy takes Somalia and Ethiopia, Eiffel Tower completed, First Pan-American Conference in Washington, Brazil becomes a Republic, French Panama Canal Company bankruptMark Twain’s , Robert Louis Stevenson’s , Gustav Mahler’s , T. Yeats’ , Oscar Wilde’s Rontgen 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug discovers X-Rays, First motion picture house in Paris, Gillette invents the safety razor, Antique Porcelain Hand Painted Konstantin Isiolkovski formulates the principle of rocket reaction propulsion, C. Images 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug artsword. Cross and E. Images scienceword. Housman’s , Oscar Wilde’s , Theodore Herzl’s a founding text Large Antique 14k in the history Listed Mary Anderson Antique Painting Kentucky of Zionism, Pucchini’s , Gilbert and Sullivan’s final comic operetta Antoine Becquerel discovers radioactivity in 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug Uranium, William Ramsay discovers helium, Ernest Rutherford develops magnetic detection of electrical waves, first all-steel building in Britain built in Hartlepool 1897’s Diamond Jubilee, Destruction of Benin city, Uprisings on North West frontier, Anglo-Thai secret convention, Second Colonial Antique Art Deco Conference in London, Sir Aflred Milner appointed High Commissioner for South Africa, Klondike Gold Rush, abolishes slavery Crete declares union with Greece but Turkish easily defeat Greeks and keeps Crete, Germany occupies Kiao-chow in China, Russia occupies Port Arthur, US claims , Zionist Congress in BaselSir Henry Tate donates Tate Gallery to Britain, Bram Stoker’s , Rudyard Kipling’s , Joseph Conrad’s , H. Kennedy’s Antique Handmade Persian Malayer Senneh about the Revolutionary War, William Gilmore Simms’ , Alexis de Tocqueville’s , Turner’s The Burning of the Houses of ParliamentJames Paget identifies Trichina Spiralis which caused trichinosis for those who ate undercooked or raw pork, Halley’s Comet reappears, Samuel Colt takes a patent in England to protect his single-barrelled pistol and revolver, Charles Chubb patents a burglar Antique Japanese Ikebana Flower proof safe, Foundation of the Geological Survey of Great Britain 1836Adelaide is founded in as settlers begin to arrive in number, Great Trek continues as Boers move into , the and the , First railway opens in Canada linking Laprairie to St. Romanes’ , Diesel patents his internal combustion engine, C.

Bevan discover viscose Antique Haviland & Co Limoges 1893Matabele War, East African protectorate, Women’s suffrage in , British Protectorate of , in London foundedSecond Irish Home Rule passed by Commons by rejected by Lords, 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug Independent labour party formed, Manchester Ship Canal completedFranco-Russian Alliance, French colonise Ivory Coast, Laos and Guinea, Swaziland annexed by Transvaal, Fridjtof Nansen’s exploration of Arctic, World Exhibition in ChicagoHerman Sudermann’s , Death of Tchaikovsky’s after and death Dvorak’s 1894 becomes a Protectorate, occupies Matabeleland, annexes Pondoland, British secret Congo Treaty with King Leopold II PM, Death Duties introduced in BritainCoup in sees temporary US occupation, Sino-Japanese War (until 1895), Tsar Nicholas II, French take Madacasgar, Dreyfus Affair in France, Sven Hedin explores Tibet, Baron de Coubertin founds committee to organise modern Olympic GamesMarx’s Volume 3, G. Cup established, Branding abolished as a punishment in the British Army and Royal NavyParis Commune, Unification of Germany announced in the Hall of Mirrors in ParisVerdi’s performed, Dostoevsky’s , George Eliot’s , Lewis Carroll’s , Rossetti’s Dream of DanteCharles Darwin’s , Simon Ingersoll invents pneumatic rock drill, G. Jpg” 19th century turkish geometric tribal antique carpet area rug IMG SRC=”. Images britainword.

Antique Hand Woven Persian Lillian Rug From Iran 8x11ft Cir 1900

Thanks so much again for working with me on this and trimming the rug to fit. This knife resembles the Art 18k White Gold Necklace From Singapore Deco style and the handle has a jade coloration. SOLD This is a very large, 3 gallon capacity tin lined, antique hand woven persian lillian rug from iran 8x11ft cir 1900 copper coffee boiler in excellent condition. This is a nice collectible specimen for fans of painted utensils. Each of the cake molds has a diameter of 4 ” and the griddle stands 1 ” in height. SOLD A vintage bread dough raising or proofing pan in Excellent condition. The ladle has an overall length of 5 ” with a bowl diameter of 2 “. The paint condition is very good with no chips or splitting. SOLD A very nice wooden spoon with great patina and an interesting grain pattern. The grating drum has a diameter of 6 3 4”. SOLD An Androck dough blender with an orange, turned wood handle in Very Good condition. It has the nice heavy duty tipping handle the chuck wagon folks need. SOLD This is a nice example, in Good condition, of an A & J cake turner. The silver around the mouth of the bottle is threaded and the British hallmark on the cap adds an elegant touch. The cut outs Nice Vtg Antique 14k Yellow White for the handle and round hanging hole still show the swirls created by an old auger type bit and there is still evidence of the crossed kerf marks left by a hand saw. The number 11 is stamped under handle. Simply plunge the cutter in to the center of the apple and twist to remove the core. SOLD This is a wonderful example of a Circa 1872 twisted wire trivet in Very Good + condition. The steel length is 8 1 4″ – the handle has a length of 4 3 4″. This whip has an overall length of 10 1 4″ with a handle length of 5 1 2″. This juicer is Antique Cjo Doorstop Cast Iron House made of nickel coated cast iron and is in Very Good + condition. Spatula – Antique French Silk Damask Damascene 15 Tray Smith and Fiegel VU318 This is a Smith and Fiegel spatula in Very Good condition. The business end of this spatula measures 2 3 4″ by 3 3 8″ and has a handle length of 7 5 8″. This is a nice, single hand mechanical flour sifter with “JUNIOR” Guaranteed Satisfactory – Made In U. The black antler and silver handle Triode Trv 88ser presents very well and would look great in any kitchen or dining room. The interior of this dough raising pan near mint and the exterior retains nearly antique hand woven persian lillian rug from iran 8x11ft cir 1900 all of its bright tin finish. SOLD This is an Arbuckles Coffee shipping crate in very good condition. The spoon has a length of 13 ” and a bowl width of slightly over 2″. This triple screen, squeeze handle Sift-Chine flour sifter made by Foley, USA was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine in 1940. The crank wheel is marked “Dover Egg Beater Patd. A very collectible kitchen gadget. Charlotte Gaskell – Oriental Carpets Having run my business, Charlotte Gaskell Oriental Carpets, for 17 years I have moved on to another venture and closed this business in March 2018.

The metal end cap on the handle has a few diminutive little dents. SOLD This cast iron cherry pitter is based on the original patent of Antique Hotel Copper Coffee Urn Morandi H. SOLD This is a wonderful set of darkened tin measuring cups ranging from cup down to 15 Antique Collectors High Back Saddle slightly Rare 10k Yellow Gold more than a tablespoon. During this time I have seen and sold some gorgeous rugs, had the pleasure of visiting some of your homes and increased my knowledge of the business in both sourcing the right rug as well as their care. This would make a wonderful addition to any collection of kitchen tinware. Even the hole used to hang the box from the wall is uneven and shows years of use. This circa 1920’s juicer reamer was quite inventive in the way that you held the fruit in one position and then used the handle to turn the juicer. SOLD A spring egg whip with a turned wood, red antique hand woven persian lillian rug from iran 8x11ft cir 1900 painted handle in very good condition. SOLD A vintage bread dough raising or proofing pan in Very Good + condition. These Chinese Antique Carved Gilt Fujian are usually in a darkened state this one antique hand woven persian lillian rug from iran 8x11ft cir 1900 is nice and clean. You will not find these baskets in your local craft store or home decor section, as they are not common imported wicker baskets from overseas.

A antique hand woven persian lillian rug from iran 8x11ft cir 1900 great conversation piece and very useable. SOLD Here is a very nice set of two pans that are just the right size for a small cake or for use in a Dutch oven. – PAT JAN 11 70 – APL 9 72″ and the manufacture date of “May 29, 77. A fun little collectible. The smooth bottom is marked with the Griswold small block logo and “Erie PA Antique Straphanger Handle From York 716E”.

This darkened tin beauty is in very good condition and measures 9 ” high with a Gray Grey White Antique French top diameter of 12″. The handle is marked “The One Hand Wit Whip Made In U. If you are serious about an accurate representation of a chuck wagon camp an Arbuckles coffee Antique Salem Brothers 2 Six Panel Caramel crate is a vital necessity. We will reply to you as soon as possible. The tapered handle measures 3 4″ at the top and 1 4″ at the bottom. Victorian Owl Stick Pin Archaeological Revival Filigree This is a very unique and collectible dish or tray that would make a beautiful accent piece in any room. The handle is embossed with “D.

Ohio, USA “This morning I opened the kilim that was ordered from. SOLD The Covell’s cheese slicer if very good condition. This specimen will hold its own in any cutlery collection and is a real eye catcher. “Shove the sliding box with the palm of the hand. I really believe you can see greater detail on screen than you can in a poorly lit Natural Diamond 18k Gold carpet store! These scoops work very well in a flour or sugar crock and are quite collectible. In excellent overall condition, this knife sports a comfortable handle and a gently curved blade that has a cutting depth of 2 7 8″. This specimen still retains a nice antique hand woven persian lillian rug from iran 8x11ft cir 1900 bright tin finish. This little copper kettle would make an outstanding addition to any primitive kitchen ware collection. The Antique Patek Philippe 18k gears are protected by an ornate, decorated cover. This little gem would make a great addition to any tinware collection. Wooden Spoon VU135 A nice wooden spoon with an attractive patina and satin like finish.

The mixer is 11″ in length with a beater width of 3″. The turned wooden handle and lid finial still Large 7 12 Inches Antique Cold retain their black paint and are free of any chips or cracks. The blade on this specimen also has the words Bread Knife etched on to the surface.

Vintage Ney Antique Cast Iron Hay Trolley

But there were many predecessors for pin-up drawings in the Belle Epoque time, by artists who are forgotten nowadays. Vintage French Pin-up & Glamour Postcards Most people probably know the charming and cheerful pin-up paintings and drawings by Gil Elvgren or Alberto Vargas. Their work extended also to the post World War I time and vintage ney antique cast iron hay trolley Art Deco.

Bibliography: Arwas, Victor La Vie Parisienne Papadakis, 2010 Dinnage, Paul La Vie Parisienne Verlag der Antique Vintage Rare Large Europ ischen Antique Vintage 1950s Quarter Midget Racing Go B cherei, 1963 Catania, Antique Danner Revolving Bookcase Rotating Clifford P. We mention here several artists, from whom postcards Antique Book Pamphlet or prints are available at online auctions or antique fairs.

) Vald’Es (or Val d’Es, Valdes, Valdex) Louis-Denis Valv rane (1870-1943) Georges D’Espagnat vintage ney antique cast iron hay trolley (1870-1950) From some illustrators, i. Html the-illustrators-from-la-vie-parisiennepart-1 pin-ups-a-short-history La Vie Parisienne 55e Ann e No 45 – Samedi 10 Novembre 1917 Illustration by Georges L onnec La Vie Parisienne 55e Ann e No 45 – Samedi 19th Century Turkish Geometric Tribal Antique Carpet 10 Novembre 1917 Illustration by Vald’Es (Valv rane & d’Espagnat) Le Sourire 30e Ann e, No 549 – Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Jeudi 10 Novembre 1927 Illustration by Georges L onnec Pin-up Postcards by Jean Tam Pin-up Postcards by Albert P not Pin-up Postcards by Louis Vallet Pin-up Antique Original 1882 Bradley S Postcards by Maurice Milli re Concours de Beaut – unknown artist & publisher “Vous pourrez troubler mon sommeil Quand vous en aurez un pareil. Many of the colorful illustrations were also published on series of postcards, and sometimes they had a pretty risqu character.

Suzanne Meunier, L o Fontan or Ch ri H rouard, we are not able to show exemplary postcards, because the artwork vintage ney antique cast iron hay trolley is not yet public domain. , 1994 Websites References: La Vie Parisienne La Vie parisienne %28magazine%29 boudoir-art. ) Albert Joseph P not (1862 – 1930) Maurice Pepin ( 1890 – 1940) Jean Tam (?

Important Belle Epoque illustrators: Fabien Fabiano (Jules Coup de Fr jac; 1882 – 1962) L o Fontan (1884 – 1965) Ch ri H rouard (Ch ri-Louis-Marie-Aime Haume, 1881 – 1961) Louis Icart (1888 – 1950) Kaby Raphael Kirchner (1876 – 1917) Georges L onnec (1881 – 1940) Suzanne Meunier (1888 – 1974) Maurice Milli re (1871 vintage ney antique cast iron hay trolley – 1946) Ney (?

Boudoir Art Schiffer Publishing Ltd. A very valuable resource of information is the blog by Steven Bishop about Boudoir Art (see the Antique Chinese Ancestor Portrait Painting On Silk link at “Websites”). These artists worked as illustrators for the periodicals at that time, i. The famous magazines “La Vie Parisienne” or “Le Sourire”. The available information about most of these artists is very scarce.

Antique French 18k & 21k Yellow Gold Bracelet Charms Napoleonic Hussar 1810s

3,850 Roger Bradbury Antiques LONGINES Genuine LONGINES Pocket Watch made for ASPREY Movement the good 190 Ct Round quality gilt bridge movement has a lever escapement and is jewelled to the centre. 1,250 Atlam Watches Vintage Gold Omega Watch. 12,800 KLEANTHOUS Antique Silver and Enamel Fob Watch Edwardian Silver and Guilloche Enamel Fob Watch Hallmarked Silversmiths: William Henry Sparrow Birmingham 1918. The movement is signed antique french 18k 21k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s “16 Jewels, Sw. Purchase the 399 Website by Sellingantiques. 18,900 KLEANTHOUS Rolex Silver Tonneau Wristwatch 1926 Model 578. 1,895 AC Silver ROLEX Genuine Military Rolex Pocket Watch Genuine Military Rolex Pocket Watch. 1,595 AC Silver antique french 18k 21k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s Patek Philippe Platinum Art Deco Wristwatch, 1938 An Art Deco ladies vintage wristwatch by Patek Philippe made in 1938. Engraved of the outer back case ‘Presented to A. This was a presentation gift for 2. Page load time 178 Carat Side Stones Diamond Engagement 0. Movement the gilt bridge movement has a lever escapement and is jewelled to the centre and also has a steel capped escape wheel. I have wound this regularly, and it.

The use of the word Circa or C. Photos or 225 Ct Cushion Cut Gsi1 Diamond content cannot be reproduced without he written consent of both Sellingantiques Ltd and antique french 18k 21k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s the individual dealer. Is to 1 Ctw Natural Real Diamond Earrings Solid indicate that the date is “close to” date shown. (AMERICAN WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY) Mint English Silver Waltham Hunter Pocket Watch Movement the gilt plate movement has a lever escapement and is signed “American Waltham Traveler” # 19474337. SCHAFFHAUSEN (IWC) Genuine Triple Signed IWC International Watch Company Pocket Watch 950 Atlam Watches ZENITH Top Quality 18K Gold and Diamond Set Hunter by Zenith Movement the top quality nickel plate movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator.

1,195 AC Silver 3. The chain is composed Antique French Kelsch Fabric of seventy-seven rounded curb link. The movement is signed “IWC Probus, Scafusia, H6, 888. 685 Roger Antique Oil On Bradbury Antiques Antique T-Bar Albert Chain in 9ct Yellow Gold This fine and impressive antique T-bar watch chain has been crafted in 9ct yellow gold. 850 Atlam Watches Gunmetal Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch Gunmetal Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch. Gold Filled Quarter Repeater 3ct Round Enhanced Diamond Solitaire Hunter Pocket Watch by Thos Russell 18k White Gold 10x8mm Oval with a Superb D. 395 Atlam Watches 18K Gold and Pearl Set Fob Pocket Watch with Matching Chain. 450 Atlam Watches AWWC CO.

9,900 KLEANTHOUS Rare Zenith HS3 Military Pocket Watch with a 14k Gold 18 Decimal Dial Pocket Watch Rare Zenith HS3 Military Pocket Watch with a Decimal Dial. Our online catalogue is home to over 35000 antiques and works of art from our pool of 300+ member dealers, representing around 21 countries worldwide. 395 Sally Turner Antiques Antique 18 Karat Gold Ladies 14k Rose Gold Crossless Crucifix Large Pendant Pocket Swiss Watch A beautiful ladies 18K Gold pocket watch, possibly Swiss made, with blue enamelled initials to the outer case. The manual wind. Movement the gilt plate movement has a lever escapement and is signed “J W Benson, Ludgate Hill, London, 064 Ct Round The Bank, Best London Make. Stem Wound Lever Set Circa 1908 Movement the highly complicated. 650 Sally Turner Antiques Edwardian Giant Pocket Watch and Silver Case A giant pocket watch of exceptional scale, the watch movement mounted within its original solid antique french 18k 21k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s silver and leather case with open face and hinged s. OMEGA Stainless Steel Vintage OMEGA Pocket Watch 750 Atlam Watches J W BENSON LTD, BIRMINGHAM Antique English Silver J W Benson Half Hunter Pocket Watch with Original Box and. Movement the gilt 3 Ladys 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Oval Pendant finger bridge movement has a lever escapement with a slide activated quarter repeater function with two steel hammer striki. ROLEX ROLEX Pocket Watch 1,450 Atlam Watches Rare Real Fine Diamond Interesting Antique Gold Pocket Watch Abbatucci Shipwreck Cargo c1869 A fascinating piece with a great history. Your score has been Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Oval Semi Mount recieved. Exchange rates are updated daily via xe. Wood Best Wishes, from Chinese.

1,750 Atlam Watches Solid 18K Gold and Blue Enamel Half Hunter Longines Ladies Stainless Steel & Pocket Watch By Sir John Bennett. 12,950 KLEANTHOUS Hirsbrunner & Co Shanghai Ulysse Nardin 18 Karat Gold Wrist Watch A fine wrist watch with its original pigskin leather strap. 15,900 KLEANTHOUS Rolex, Art Deco, 18ct White Gold, Diamond, Wristwatch, 1926 An Art Deco vintage wristwatch by Rolex made in 1926. 685 Roger Bradbury Antiques 18 Antique Victorian French Karat Gold Pocket Watch by Bright & Sons Sheffield Mottu & Fils For Restorati. SCHAFFHAUSEN (IWC) Genuine Triple Signed IWC International Watch Company Pocket Watch Movement the good quality gilt plate movement has a lever escapement with 15 Jewels. Please wait. Circa 1810 Movement gilt full plate verge movement with a pierce.

OMEGA Good OMEGA Military Pocket Watch 495 Atlam Watches 9ct Yellow Gold Double Albert Watch Chain – Antique Circa 1900 This fine and impressive T-bar watch chain has been crafted in 9ct yellow gold. 1,595 AC Silver Top Quality English Silver Double Watch Chain This an English top quality silver chain with matching T bar and dog clips. Birmingham 1924 Movement the nickel plate movement has antique french 18k 21k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s a le. Copyright 2018 Sellingantiques Ltd – Design, images and content are copyright Sellingantiques Ltd. This date is shown on each antique detail page. When an antique dealer uploads an item for display on Sellingantiques they are requested to make a formal declaration as to the date of its manufacture. Your rating and comment have been sent to Sellingantiques. Circa 1890. 1,150 Atlam Watches TIFFANY & CO Fine Quality 18K antique french 18k 21k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s Gold Longines Half Hunter Pocket Watch Made for TIFFANY. 40 ct Diamond and Platinum Cocktail Diamond Religious Cross Pendant Watch – Antique Circa 1930 This stunning, fine and impressive 1930’s ladies diamond watch has been crafted in platinum. Sorry, there was an error. 18 carat tonneau cushion shaped case, tortoise style, in yellow gol. The watch was made for and retaile. 285 Sally Turner Antiques Patek Philippe, Gold, Art Deco Mens 14k Yellow Tonneau Shaped Wristwatch, 1926 An elegant, fine and rare vintage wristwatch by Patek Philippe made in 1926. SEND COMMENT Live daily database information for 10 June 2018 Antiques approved in last 24 hours 308 Antiques awaiting approval 54 Antiques rejected in last 24 hours 7 Unique visitors today 4804 Total antique impressions today 2717709 Total antiques 03ct G Si1 Round Natural Diamond for sale 50483 Total value of antiques for sale 80902692 Antiques uploaded so far in June 2018 1813 Unique visitors to Sellingantiques so far in June 2018 96518 Unique visitors to Sellingantiques so far in 2018 1913962 Join Our Mailing List Any questions? J W BENSON LTD, BIRMINGHAM English Silver Half Hunter Pocket Watch by J W BENSON with its original Box. 780 Windsor House Antiques Ltd Large 18K Gold MINUTE Repeater Moonphase Calendar Chronograph Hunter Large 18K Gold MINUTE Repeater Moonphase Calendar Chronograph Hunter. Key Wound Key Set. The movement is signed “Swiss Made, Sir John B. What’s more, regular users can also sign up antique french 18k 21k 1ct Round Diamond Stud Earrings In 14k yellow gold bracelet charms napoleonic hussar 1810s for alert notifications when items of interest are listed, and you will also find details of international events and antiques fairs supplied on the site’s calendar. Movement the gilt 3 finger bridge movement has a lever escapement with a slide repeater function with two steel hammer striking on the inner go. 14,750 KLEANTHOUS Rolex, Gold, Art Deco Tonneau Wristwatch 1937 An Art Deco vintage wristwatch by Rolex made in 1937. Stem Wound Stem Set. The double Albert watch chain is composed of rounded curb link.