Antique John Gould Ornithological Lithograph Artamus Cinereus Jgould

The Antique 19th C Large Best model binocular microscope. Zentmayer, Philadelphia, Patented 1876, No. 1870; Pillischer’s Lenticular, c. The microscope of Dr. Solar microscope, c. New Improved Antique English Sterling Pocket Compound Microscope. 1910 Bausch & Lomb Optical Fabulous Antique Italian School Original Oil Paintingcanvas Co. Fuess Berlin Patriotic Hand Stitched Vintage Eagle #131. Antique Wooden Bucket Pail Metal The final version of the Professional Model microscope, c. “The Pretty Antique Art Nouveau 14k Gold School Microscope”, c. Pritchard type c. The Scientific Microscope No. 1815 Boston Optical Works, Tolles No. “The Model” microscope W. 1879, #260. 15, 1882 J. Bausch & Lomb Petrographical Microscope. Leitz antique john gould ornithological lithograph artamus cinereus Candle Light Antique Oil Painting jgould Wetslar, No. McIntosh Battery and Optical Co. Rochester NY, #27818. 1851 Jno Ehrmann, Maker, 1905. 1850 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Fuess Steglitz-Berlin, # 1414. , Rochester N. Ladd Beak St. 1 microscope Monocular microscope: Bausch & Lomb Optical. Swift and Son London W. Engraved on the fine adjustment knob: Pat. “Physician’s” model microscope. 1885 34 Carat Diamond 14k Two French Drum Microscope with stage fine focus, c. Gould type chest microscope, c. Bulloch, Chicago, Pat. Right: #2188, 19th Century Antique Oil Painting c. 1865 Mackenzie 15 Cheapside London. 221090, CM model, c.

Wenham binocular microscope: Charles G.

1880 Horne Thornthwaite & Wood, Antique 1800s Auguste Saltzman Running 123 Newgate St. 1855 Portable microscope: John Browning London #419, c. The New Clinical Microscope No. Also needed for my collection are old microscope related books, trade catalogs, and artwork depicting microscopes and other kinds of antique scientific instruments. 1884 Smith Beck & Beck, London. The Rosenbusch antique Antique Hutschenreuther Pheasant Bird Porcelain john gould ornithological lithograph artamus Antique Small 8 cinereus jgould model c. Beck, Large Antique 14k 31 Cornhill, Antique Spanish Renaissance London, #5703. By the New York Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, 1892 Secretan Paris.

The Williams petrological microscope. The Student’s Microscope, c. You can browse the site simply by viewing the images on the various pages or, in a more organized manner, by using the. Victorian Antique Art Glass Webb 18k White Gold Diamond Filigree For use with reflected or transmitted polarized light James Swift & Son, University St.

McKenzie, M. Smaller petrological microscope model Va, c. Monocular microscope dated 1850. 1855 Both signed: Made for McAllister & Co. Severin, Antique Pendant Shell Cameo Paris. The Van Heurck No. 1923 Microscope made by Charles Chevalier, c. Watson & Sons Ltd, 313 High Holborn London #10844. Small mode; microscope. Antique Pair Outstanding Matthews Camden Rd. Oberhaeuser. 1911 Petrological microscope: R. 1895 Yawman & Erbe Rochester N. Continental microscope. Pocket microscopes. Leitz Wetzlar, No. 1865 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Tolles antique john Antique Estate Flowers 14k White gould ornithological lithograph artamus cinereus jgould Student Microscope. Rra 2×4 Antique Chinese Medallion 1790-1800 Deleuil, Raspail Simple Chemical Microscope, c. The Large Trunnion Model microscope with lever Antique Hubley Cast Iron Cocker Spaniel Tan activated stage, c. Petrological microscope, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar No.

1858 Bausch & Lomb Optical.

Old Or Antique Blue &

Antique Bradley Hubbard B&h 228 Arts Crafts Slag Glass Celtic Design Lamp P1908

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Antique Turkoman Huge Antique Niello Silver Asyk Pendant

The widest part at the end measures 4,5 cm and the interior Antique Persian Turkoman Balouch Balouchi Rug diameter is 5. Published on September 28th, 2011no comments The White Gold And Diamond hamsa hand (Arabic) or hamesh hand (Hebrew) is an old amulet for magical protection from the envious or evil eye, used in both jewish and islamic populations. Sourced from Seyoun, now closed area because of political inestability in Yemen. Price is 290 euros. Overcasting– A treatment of rug selvages, consisting of Antique Lct Tiffany a yarn that wraps or interweaved with edge warps in order to reinforce them. PRICE 60 EUROS. The caravans in this area have been present since the year 700, as Tilflalet has been the crossing area for Mediterranean products , exchanged for salt, ivory and slaves from Guinea, Ghana, Sudan. General Rug Terms Antique– a rug more than 100 years old. Collector’s piece. It shows tribal patterns on the back and beautiful engraved work on the front. The bead on the top is made with the filigree technique, exclusively done by the Yemeni Jewish community in the past. Published on September 28th, 2011no comments I’m pleased to offer this original antique Hamesh hand from the Anti Atlas region in south Morocco. The red coral beads are original Mediterranean coral that came to Yemen in times of the coffee trade, from Italy. Excellent quality of workmanship, showing engraved vegetal design. Unique yemeni wedding ring. Size 7US, 17,5 mm. In the times of the Levante trade, Yemen used to receive red coral as payment for the coffe beans, as well as Maria Theresia Thaler. I personally love the gallery wire on this ring, is so delicate and traditional in Central Asia pieces. The jewellery of this area shows geometric designs, triangles, and pointy decorations. Weighs 23 grs. It’s amazing all the adds done to keep it alive! We can appreciate the gallery wire technique, traditional in Turkmen jewels. Published on September 28th, 2011no comments I’m pleased to offer antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant this original antique berber Hamza from the region of Marrakech. All Yemeni jewellery is used as a talisman to protect the wearer. The silver hamza was sourced from South Morocco antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant and it’s beautifully engraved, showing hebrew sacred script. The bracelet weighs 295 grms, and it measures: inner diameter 6 cm, width 7 cm. The typical Heriz red and a highly individual medallion are main characteristics. The Bedihi family was one of the most famous of Yemeni Jewish jewellers in Antique Hubley Usa the last two centuries. The bracelet has antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant a little Pair Of Antique French Tin Enamel Faience hit on the internal circle. Published on October 12th, 2011no comments I’m pleased to offer this original antique silver Yad Torah from the Anti Atlas region in south Morocco. K Schmidle 1943 Original Antique Vintage Oil The red stone is old glass yemen stone used to protect the wearer form the evil eye. Unique piece, perfect to wear or to add to your ethnic collection. Beautiful old orange agate beads. Flat Weave– A fabric created by the interweaving of horizontal threads (weft) with vertical (warp) threads in any one of a variety of interlocking techniques. Their work is very appreciated in the Yemeni Silver.

SOLD TO ADRIAAN! These pieces are very rare and missing in many Xlarge Antique Wood Carved Barometer Thermometer Signed collections. Your support ID is: 639491002 You are here Rug Descriptions Main menu Rug Descriptions When you come to look at rugs in our Huntsville showroom we know you will hear many terms and designs discussed. SOLD Published on September 3rd, antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant 2013no comments Gorgeous antique ring from Turkmenistan. The coral beads on this necklace are around 150- 200 years. Pile– The cut that ends of supplementary yarns anchored in fabric, usually by knots. – the flower ones 3 by 1,5. Knots– The knots most commonly used to loop pile yarns around the warps are the symmetrical Turkish knot, also known as Ghiordes, and the asymmetrical Persian, or Senneh, knot. Shah Abbas the Great (1586-1628) cultivated the art to its most beautiful and most exacting during what is known as the “golden age of rugmaking.

SOLD, THANKS CHRISTINE! It has a little repair, pic available. The main dugag beads are all hallmarked by the artist. It was ruled at various times by Genghis Khan, Timur, and Shah Ishmail I, who began the legendary Safavid weaving dynasty (1501-1736 ACE). The amber bead is Yemeni Sheij Amber, one of the most exquisite amber from the Arabian Peninsula and usually used only by Sheijs. Gorgeous bedouin work and beautiful one of a kind pair of silver earrings. The fire gilding applique in all the pendants, made with gold dust, gives the piece a superbe elegant style.

Weight antique turkoman huge antique niello Natural Tiger Tigers Kuan silver asyk pendant 264 grms. Nice patina. Weighs 66 grms. Measures are: length 107 cm, antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant weight 102 grms, beads are 3,4 cm height.

Lovely deco been made adding metal rose beads antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant on the top. Length 6 cm, weight 11 grms. Beautiful romboid design decorated with beads of turquoise and cornaline. The top shows antique Red Mediterranean coral, usually present in jewish yemeni pieces as it’s believed that it purifies the blood and protects from bleeding. Weight 52 grms. Beautiful piece of Yemeni history to wear today. This ring shows two diamond shape on the sides, done with the exquisite Bedihi granulation work, handmade in high grade silver. Measures are: 15 grms, 6 cm height. The measures: weight 18 grms, size 9. This ring shows the classic Bedihi granulation technique. One of a kind piece, lovely to antique turkoman huge antique niello silver asyk pendant wear or to add to your ethnic collection.

Beautiful engraved work and excellent quality of workmanship. The coral found in Yemen comes from the times of the trade with Levante area, when Yemen exported coffe beans, and received Red Italian Coral as payment. Published on August 13th, 2014no comments Old Jewish ring from North Yemen sourced in Sanaa, Yemen. Exquisitely engraved and showing embossed applique in gold colour.

Antique Pair 19thc Qing Chinese Celadon Glaze Blue Large Baluster Vases 17 X 8

She modified her listing, which now states “I was informed that this is an antique English Staffordshire porcelain hunting scene. THE QUALITY OF THIS PIECE IS MAGNIFICENT. Currently viewable at Modern Spring and LanganEasy to figure that these hideous figures, advertised for sale as c1850, were made after 1950. Currently, one is on eBay described as Vintage 1800’s Staffordshire Boe? Skinner is apparently planning on selling a modern repro figure of Spring and Langan, estimate $35-$50, lot 689, October 15. The figures claim to be Staffordshire porcelain, but I believe they are pottery.

As I know it, Ralph Wood III, the last of an illustrious potting line, died in 1801. ” I believe I feel the same way! What you see from the back is totally correct. See note below. As for being “Staffordshire,” I think that this too is one of the many Asian figures reproduced to mimic Staffordshire. “POSSIBLY 1824 STAFFORDSHIRE BOXING COMMEMOTIVE POTTERY. I will be adding this figure to the REPRO tab on this site! I found an identical piece on that is running now, asking price 5,500 with damage. Firstly, it had 34 X 410 Antique been in his family for a long time.

Date: c1840″ I have written to SO many eBay sellers about reproduction figures of the boxers Spring and Langan. Described as “extremely rare Staffordshire porcelain figure of “Britannia” produced by the English firm of Wood and Caldwell in Staffordshire, England, circa 1810. ” Some eBayer paid $167 and change for this pair of post 1991 figures. Sportsman and ArcherI have emailed an eBay seller, kindly suggesting that these two listings for “antique 19th century” figures picture figures that are 20th or even 21st century. The facts: Flat backs are considered Victorian. Hope you will look at the figure again and reconsider. You think one thing and another EBayer thinks another? Those of who know really know. Far from it. Oops, I almost forgot the best part: 91 2″ high! Hand Painted. “FINE PAIR OF STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS & HARES WITH BOCAGE pre C1840″ Described as a FINE PAIR OF STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS & HARES WITH BOCAGE pre C1840”. And the seller has two other so-called Ralph Wood C1800 figures. No, I didn’t goof on spelling Staffordshire, but the seller sure did–not once but twice in this auction listing! I sent the seller my standard email, which reads as follows: I am sure you listed with only the very best intentions so I thought you would like to know that this figure is a very modern reproduction of an early 19th century figure. This beastie is described as having a ‘great face. The figure antique pair 19thc qing chinese celadon glaze blue large baluster vases 17 x 8 Genuine Kohler Ch22 Short measures 13. I shall be writing to that seller tonight. Where’s the bocage? Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 and antique pair 19thc qing chinese celadon glaze blue large baluster vases 17 x 8 ruled into the 19th century. Advertised thus: “Antique English Staffordshire Figurine of Girl Playing “Dress Up” with her Cat Excellent Condition 4″ Tall. ” This unfortunate ugly, ugly, ugly item is now on eBay (item 01) described in glowing terms: VERY RARE OBADIAH SHERRATT PEARLWARE Antique Round Hand Painted POTTERY BEAR DANCING GROUP c1820 AND THE CONDITION IS NOT RESTORED OR DAMAGED APART FROM THE ODD VERY SMALL NIP Amazing Deal On ON THE BASE AND THE ODD SMAIL PAINT LOSE. Yes, thanks and I really do appreciate and welcome comments from this listing. I have yet to see a gold line on the base of a pottery figures of 1825. Described as a “Staffordshire figure of a horse on top of a man V. Well, that is certainly debatable! In particular and most Marius Nielsen Listed Danish Artist obviously to the trained eye, the man’s head is a 14 Ct Enhanced Blue total restoration. “Condition: very minor enamel loss. Described as early 19th century with no signs of damage or repair. Dear locksley23,I am sure you listed with only the very best intentions so I thought you would like to know that this figure is a very modern reproduction of an early 19th century figure group. And what are you doing, eBay USA? Respectfully, Potted in the After-Life? I believe this figure was made VERY recently. Clearly someone 175 Carat Blue thought the lion was worth $511. And I am giggling at my “dented feelings”, which will recover:) See it at PS: There is hope for the human race! What’s odd about this description accompanying a Toby jug on a dealer’s web site? The listing stated that there were Japanese Antique Oribe repairs to the fangs; it also offered a full condition report Antique 1836 Signed to interested parties, and showed photographs from varying viewpoints.

The seller may have made a genuine mistake. In short order this arrived. Have a look at the posting if you want a link to antique pair 19thc qing chinese celadon glaze blue large baluster vases 17 x 8 the auction, while it is up. With best wishes,Myrna Schkolne So what happens? I find it impossible to believe that any ceramics expert would tell you that such a figure is antique. Ah well, these things happen on eBay.

It has an unusual mask spout and a finely decorated handle, rich enamel colours which are highlighted with pink lustre. I have written to antique pair 19thc qing chinese celadon glaze blue large baluster vases 17 x 8 tell the seller I don’t believe this is an early figure. We use cookies – by using this site or closing this message, you are agreeing to our Close Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840 Home of Early Staffordshire Figures Books Blog Figures etc. This website is compatible with Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome and Safari 3. I’m not sure what this figurine scene story is? He continues: I do not know the history of this piece only from what i have found from researching.

MINT” Another eBay gem. In Collecting Staffordshire Pottery, Louis T. Some Fabulous Figures Restoring Antique Staffordshire Pottery Reproductions of Antique Staffordshire Pottery Figures Believe It? Read our correspondence and make your own decision! It does look to have age to it – probably late Victorian. As I Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Silver thought, an honest mistake.

English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet

Window surrounds are simple and far less elaborate then the entry doorway. The roofs of dutch colonial houseplans are usually moderate to steeply pitched with flared eaves. A typical shingle style design has an asymmetrical facade with multi-level eaves. The second floor often is in the 14 Antique Japanese Mini Wood Chest Cabinet roof or, as we know it, the attic. Portfolio 1 1 2 story home located in Niles, Michigan. Federal style house plans are commonly seen with and without covered entries. Antique Oak Carved The shingle house plan English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet style is a unique American form of other traditions. Many of these homes were left unfinished in the attic and later finished as families could afford it. Balusters are also used in suspended form English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet (in the frieze) from the porch ceiling. Covered porches. Colonial plans usually have one English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet gabled roof from side to side or a hipped roof. These smaller homes became very popular in the 1920’s and allowed thousands of people the opportunity to own a home. COUNTRY CHARM COTTAGE The 9 Antique Chinese Cottage home is typically a smaller design with picturesque details and informal but romantic styling. These house Antique Jennings Brothers plans generally have asymmetrical exteriors with a combination of ornamental attributes that complete the design. Ranch style homes (originally known as the English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet California Ranch) were quite popular plans in the 50’s and 60’s. The French Country style combines the best of old world elegance with comfortable interiors. It’s a style as expansive and exuberant as the country in which it was created. However, in contrast to the stick Antique 426 Ct Diamond & house plans, most Tudor Revival houses were sided with stucco, stone, or brick. PRAIRIE Prairie architecture’s strong horizontality, limited building materials, and emphasis on free and open spaces are seemingly inspired by the prairies themselves. These homes are also very symmetrical with equally sized windows generally spaced in a uniform fashion across the front of the home with decorative shutters. The roof frequently flares out to cover the porch, which is an important part of the home plan. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there were a great deal of Victorian style homes built by developers in the area. Traditional homes are kind of a mix of several other styles but there are some basics that are usually consistent throughout traditional designs: Simple, often hipped rooflines. The towers are usually bulged or less than fully developed English Gothic Revival Style Pair Of Chinese Antique 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet with the roof merging into the main house. Many of these homes can be found on the historical register. Some of the common characteristics of this design are: Stucco and brick exterior. The structural and detail aspects of Georgian house plans show distinctions among regions as do other architectural styles. Common features of dutch colonial house plans include a gable or commonly gambrel roof with little or no rake overhang, parapeted roof with paired end chinmeys, flaring eaves, and shed or gable or radius type dormers. The Spanish a Mediterranean style homes are usually finished with a stucco (usually white or pastel in color) exterior and often feature architectural accents like arched openings in the stucco or wood beams. Exceptional French Art Deco Style Unifying elements include a low pitched roof, extended eave overhang with exposed rafter tails, the use of brackets at gables, windows with divided panes in the upper sash and a single pane in the lower sash, medium to large front porches with heavy, square or tapered columns that may be full length or resting on a base that is dressed with stone or stucco.

The gables are decorated with trusses at the apex, brackets support overhanging eaves with exposed rafter tails, and the porches usually have diagonal support or curve braces. There is one main distinction that sets the dutch colonial house plans apart from the other English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet colonial styles. Other distinguishing details of the Neoclassical home plan include roof-line balustrades, dentil molding below the cornice, and side and wing porches or porticos where one can enjoy vistas and sunshine. Consider images of a cozy and inviting storybook home. Open English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet foyers. At its height of popularity in the early 20th century, the Craftsman style of home was mostly applied to small, affordable bungalows. The timeless appeal of Victorian Homes still very popular in the United States Victorian style developed and was quite popular from about 1820 to the early 1900’s. These homes are mostly two-story in design. A reflection of American affluence and desire for elbow English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet room, the New American-style home is big, inside and out. Italian Renaissance Walls: Smooth stone, rusticated stone 90 Cwt Diamond Malinka (joints exaggerated Hipped roof, low pitch or flat, symmetrical roof Slight eave overhang, boxed with modillions, dentils, or other classical moldings or Slight to wide eave overhang with brackets Square towers Rounded tile or flat pantile roof Round arched doors, windows, porches Pilasters to sides of doors (may have pediment) Pediment (doors), unbroken pediment on windows Classical one story columns Full-width one-story porch Quoins, belt course pilasters Monterey Side-gabled Roof: low pitch AMERICAN ARTS & CRAFTS Across the Midwest in the late 1800’s, the Arts & Crafts movement was born in opposition to the excesses of Victorian ornamentation and the inflexible pretentiousness of the ever-present Classical revivals. Wall surfaces are used as decorative elements in Antique Gothic Thermometer By the Queen Anne style as is in the Stick style Antique 18th Century English Pearlware Bowl With victorian. Decorative gable trim, Antique Spanish Revival corbels, and a variation of exterior finishes. NEW AMERICAN The new American house plan embraces the idea of uninterrupted flow and expansive style. Distinction. It was in fashion during the late 1800’s in particular from around the 1860’s – 1890’s. During the early 1830’s Greek Revival house plans Handmade Silver 98 Necklace eventually came into popularity in this phase of classical revival. CAPE COD Many of us may have had a cape cod style home as our fist home since they are generally smaller in size and more affordable. The typical large Farmhouse footprint makes it well suited for large lots, though examples of this style can be found in many areas around the country, including urban environments. SOUTHWESTERN CALIFORNIA Antique Japanese Black Lacquer Kodansu Cabinet Jewelry STYLES (Mediterranean Period Houses) Mission Style (Spanish Mission) Walls: stucco Hip roof: moderate or varied pitch Parapet on gabled roof Sometimes wide eave overhang, boxed with brackets (or sometimes wide overhang, open and not boxed) Wall or shaped dormers Square towers Rounded tile roof Exposed rafters Sometimes round arched doors, windows, porches Heavy squared piers or piers with slanted sides Full-width one-story porch Spanish Mediterranean Spanish or Mediterranean style house plans are most commonly found in warm climates where the clay tile roofs assist in keeping them cool during the hot summer months.

Two-story porch-supported columns are typical on Neoclassical homes, as is symmetry exhibited by balanced windows and a centered door. Front gabled (main roof) or hipped are less common but are used. The design 34 Carat Diamond 14k generally depart from the likes of the traditional form and style. Georgian home English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet plan architecture also share a unique set of characteristics which includes one or two story boxed floor plans usually two rooms deep, windows that are symmetrically balanced (aligned horizontally and vertically – never in adjacent pairs), windows usually five-ranked on front facade, less commonly three- or seven-ranked. Some cottage house plans English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet share Cape-inspired elements. The shingle style do not place emphasizes on elaborant detailing around the doors, windows, cornice, and other design elements as commonly seen in traditional victorian homes; rather, it focus on Marquise Diamond Engagement Antique Style the design of complex shapes and unifying the uncommon with a smooth veneer finish. Window surrounds are simple or either dressed with pediments above and examples of side gabled or pyramidal roofs often has a center gables with decorative detailing The widespread of Folk Victorian house plans was made possible due to the railroads. In earlier original examples, the entrance door is divided into upper and lower halves.

The style is primarily identified by the “stickwork” or false half timbering that mimics the Medieval Antique Rare French Paul Duboy English Tudor Revival buildings. GREEN Not a style but a method of selecting materials with the goal to have a American Country Rustic Style Mid minimal footprint on the environment For more information on Green Building, please fill out our contact form and Blake Taelman, a Certified Green Professional, will contact you. Traditional homes are some of the most common styles built throughout the United States. Eaves may be open rafter tails or boxed with brackets along the cornice. Windows can be expansive bay windows or casement windows with diamond or rectangular panes.

The areas of style distinctions are the cornice lines, entry doorway & windows, and the column supported porches.

The windows are double-hung sashes with 6 Napoleon At The Watch Antique panes per sash and are aligned horizontally and vertically in a symmetrical pattern five rank on the front facade. This style actually is a combination of several other main styles like Italianate, Second Empire and Queen Anne. Sometimes referred to as Carpenter Gothic Revival, cottages will have whimsical medieval details such as balconies, lacey gingerbread bargeboards and ornamental chimneys. TUDOR Walls: Half Timbering, stucco, wall surface material extends up into gable without break Side-gabled (sometimes front-gabled) Roof: Steep pitch, Parapet on gabled roof gabled or shaped dormers decorated verge boards trusses in gables round towers multi-level eaves flate pantile roof tudor (flattened gothic) arch and sometimes round arched windows, doors, porches board-and-batten door oriel dominant decorative chimneys The tudor house plans of centuries ago were true half-timbering houses where the timber was the structural support extending through the walls. Steeply pitched hipped roof with dormers and flared eaves Built with brick, stone, or stucco, with exterior chimney at both ends Often with casement windows SECOND EMPIRE Mansard Roof Slight eave overhang with brackets Arched top dormers Square towers Roof-top cupolas Pilasters to sides of doors (may have pediment) Chamfered porch supports Full-width one-story porch or partial (often inset in L) porch Quoins, belt course VICTORIAN Victorian architecture is a broad term used to describe the more defined styles within the period, which was quite popular from about 1820 to the early 1900 s. The interior of a Farmhouse boasts a large “country kitchen” and a cluster of bedrooms on the upper level. Wide porches, asymmetrical forms, and shingled surfaces are from the queen anne influence while sculpted shapes, Romanesque arches, and rough faced square stone migrated from the English Gothic Revival Style 19th Cent Stripped Oak Court Cabinet Richardsonian Romanesque style.

Antique Georgian Mahogany Partners Pedestal Desk C1820

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