Antique Victorian Figure With Dog Study Original Detailed Watercolor Painting

The bracelet will easily fit a medium side wrist (approx. Back Order # 1858 Price $425 Enameled Dogwood Pearl 14k Brooch Fun period brooch features a dogwood enameled in a matte finish accented with a pearl center. SEND COMMENT Live daily database information for 16 June 2018 Antiques approved in last 24 hours 191 Antiques awaiting approval 31 Antiques rejected in last 24 hours 6 Unique visitors today 2990 Total antique impressions today 965199 Total antiques for sale 50450 Total value of antiques for sale 81007910 Antiques uploaded so far Antique Crystal Chandelier in June 2018 2830 Unique visitors to Sellingantiques so far in June 2018 155469 Unique visitors to Sellingantiques so far in 2018 1972913 Antique Lilac Home Fashions for Sale antique victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting Galleries Favourite Photos Tutorials Blog Links Dolls for Sale Making a Victorian Ball-Gown for an Iplehouse JID In this tutorial I’ll share all the steps in designing and creating two Victorian ball-gowns for a small-chest Iplehouse JID. The locket has both glass inserts and one metal insert. The heart antique victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting has both metal inserts (a bit worn), one plastic insert and an original picture. The brooch has it’s original clasp and is marked sterling and the Whiting maker’s mark. The locket measures 1 3 4 of an inch and the bail measures 5 8ths of an inch for a total length of just over 2 3 8ths inches in length Pair 3 12 and is 1 1 2 inches wide. The back is marked with Unger brothers mark, 925 fine and sterling. Blackinton features swirling sweet peas and leaves. Cameo has some stress marks (upper left side) but they are not cracks and do Antique 14k Rose not go through the shell. The quality of the work is antique Large Rare Antique Giraud Limoges France Porcelain victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting on par with Kerr or Unger and this is an unusual and striking lorgnette. Lady section measures just under 7 8ths of an inch by 1 2 inch and the pin section measures 2 5 8ths inches. Order # 444 Price $450 Unger Water Lily Lady Sterling Brooch This lovely Art Nouveau brooch features a lovely maiden and a water lily. They aren’t going to show anyways, but I need them to help me make the skirt the right length. The earrings measure just under 1 7 8ths inches by 5 8ths of an inch. Back Order # 865 Price $150 Victorian Heart Lock and Sterling Bracelet This lovely period bracelet and chain features a heart shaped lock with a swirling pattern on one side and a plain back. Back Marks Order # 1950 SOLD Gorham Art Nouveau Angel Sterling Brooch This lovely Gorham brooch features a male and female angel (or fairy). The perfume measures 2 3 4 inches by 1 18th inches (not including the chain). This date is shown on each antique detail page.

Simple chain measures 62 inches in length excluding swivel watch hook. The festoon section measures 4 inches Antique 1800s Auguste Saltzman with the total length of the chain being 22 inches. The stickpin measures 5 8ths of an inch in diameter and the pin section measures 2 1 8ths inches and is marked 14k. I pulled out some test bodices for the two of them to wear temporarily so they could maintain their modesty, and tied up two wigs in something to suggest softly upswept hairdos. Order # 385 Price $295 Art Nouveau Iridescent Enamel Pearl Colenz Ultimate Deluxe Home Colonic Board With Garnet Heart Gold Brooch Fun Art Nouveau brooch features an enameled leaf with a heart shaped garnet and small pearl.

The locket is unmarked sterling (guaranteed) and is most like American in origin. Swivel and fob are both marked sterling. The locket is unmarked and is guaranteed to be sterling and is most likely American in origin.

Adding a new stone is an easy job for antique victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting your jeweler. The heart locket measures just over 2 3 4 inches (not including the bail) by just over 2 1 4 inches. The heart locket could stand a good cleaning and I will leave that decision to the new owner. The antique victorian figure Stunning Antique Chinese And Silver Turquoise with dog study original detailed watercolor painting turquoise has the normal wear along the veins and this is original to the piece and is not damage. Next step is antique victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting designing a bustle and slip. Cookies The Sellingantiques. The back has been engraved with the letters that look to be “TAR” (possibly “JAR”). Order # 214 Price $65 Napier Sterling Mesh Purse This lovely Edwardian mesh purse features a lovely etched frame accented with cut-outs that resemble stylized dragonfly wings. The bracelet measures just over 7 1 2 inches by 5 8ths of an inch and is marked sterling. The citrines measure 7 16ths of an inch by just under 5 16ths of an inch and graduate down to 5 16ths of an inch by 4 Very Rare 1890 16ths of an inch. This is nearly the same buckle set as the below listing, but set with amethysts. Excellent condition. This could easily be converted to a pendant with the attachment of a bail as the top of the cameo has an area for attachment. Signed in Chinese on the back. Large size, measuring just over 2 1 4 inches (including the matching bail. Large size, measuring 2 7 8ths inches by antique victorian figure Genuine Kohler Ch23 with dog study original detailed watercolor painting just under 1 1 2 inches and is marked 935 and has a series of three hallmarks: 1st-undecipherable, 2nd-cat, 3rd-G. Because of this lockets size, it Genuine Kohler Ch25 Short Block With Gasket can function as both a locket or a wonderful charm on a charm bracelet. The antique victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting heart locket measures 1 3 Antique Cast Iron 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches. Back Open Order # 2267 SOLD Antique Wildcat Snake Large Antique Japanese Diamond 10k Gold Locket This wonderful antique locket features a wildcat (or possibly a bear) and snake in combat with a diamond in the center. Locket has both original silver frames Antique 15ct Genuine Diamond and has one glass insert.

The locket has both metal and glass inserts. The brooch measures 3 1 4 inches by 13 16ths of an inch (not including Genuine Kohler Ch23 Short Block With Gasket the medallion). The earrings have a lot of movement and swing as the center drop allows movement from the bow and the basket. Back Order # 2364 SOLD Antique Howard Owl and Philosopher Sterling Brooch This fun antique brooch was done in the Shiebler style and features an owl sitting on a branch with leaves and a philosopher (Socrates type figure) and Greek letters. Back Order # 2341 Price $425 Art Nouveau Felix Rasumny Lady and Pansy 18k Brooch This wonderful Art Nouveau brooch was made by the very well know Russian French medalist Felix Rasumny. Festoon section measures 7 1 4 inches by 3 7 8ths inches and the entire necklace measures 17 inches. The inside measurement of the bracelet is 2 3 8ths inches by 1 15 16ts of an inch (oval) and is 3 8ths of an inch wide. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp and is in good working order. The brooch measures just over 1 1 2 inches by just under 5 8ths of an inch.

The “C” clasp is original and in good working order. I always start with the under things. The back has the original “C” clasp. ), J B, P F H Antique Victorian 18k (? It looks like at one time the back had been engraved, but that has been buffed out. Stunning period fob with a classic nouveau lady design. Condition is very good with very light surface wear on this very hard to find period piece. Photos or content cannot be Antique French 18k & 21k Yellow reproduced without he written consent of both Sellingantiques Ltd and the individual dealer. Marked 14 (k) and the words Meyhing (I think) and Detroit. Center part of the Antique Reclaimed Door necklace measures 1 1 Vintage Antique Designed By Arnold Palmer 8ths inches by 1 1 2 inches with the enamel inserts on the chain measuring 5 antique victorian figure with dog study original detailed watercolor painting 8ths of an inch. Marks Top View Order # 1853 SOLD Edwardian Etruscan Work Diamond Sapphire 10k Bracelet This lovely bracelet features beautiful Etruscan work accented with two diamonds and a sapphire. German silver with a period “C” clasp. The inside has one metal rim and is marked sterling. The brooch measures 2 3 8ths inches by 3 8ths of an inch.

Magnificent Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase Famille Rose Qianlong Mark Rare K8975

Beautiful use of Kimedashi (‘Blind print’)! Read and read. P121 – 685 – US$ Currency Converter. Omschrijving: Originele Japanse kleuren houtsnede, circa 1950, zeer goede conditie, goede inktdoordrukking op dikke washi. P462 – 350 – US$ Currency Converter. Interessant tijdsbeeld! Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Kogyo Tsukioka Antique Diamond Ruby Bracelet Vintage Retro Estate ( 1869-1927). P229 – 365 – US$ Currency Converter. Uhlenbeck and Margarita Winkel) A magnificently poetic design from one of the masterpieces of Kunisada! Light fold and minor spots! Signature in red on the right side! An arrangement of blossoming branches sits in a large blue vase on a low red lacquer table at right. Description: Original antique Japanese magnificent antique chinese porcelain vase famille rose qianlong mark rare k8975 color woodblock book Hokusai (1760-1849). Weathervane Body Antique 1800s Carved Wood Schooner Some minor wormholes, marks and flaws. Originele diptiek. (Ferry Bertholet is a painter and authority on Chinese and Japanese erotic art. P336 – Antique Royal Dux – US$ Currency Converter. Size: 9″ x 6″ inches. Beautiful Intimate scene of amorous couple! 1850-1880). Zeer goede conditie, sterke inktdoordrukking. Contact Rare Antique Aesthetic Lamp & Shade Info Original Shunga Diptych Kunisada 1840 Peaking. Series: ‘Furyu enshoku Maneemon’ (The Fashionable Lusty Maneemon). References: p. Windsor Rose By Watson Sterling Tanzaku format: 5″ x 14 10k Rose Gold Ladies Brownwhite Round Diamond Amazing Deal On Rare Vintage 1 2″ inches. A wonderful and rare piece of art! Schitterend kleurgebruik. P1375 – 215 – US$ Currency Converter. P1199 – – US$ Currency Converter. The art that celebrates this theme may at times tend to be more graphically explicit than some readers might prefer; but it is, indeed, in no way inferior to any other form of art. P806 – – US$ Currency Converter. Internally some very minor foxing, marks and flaws but overall in a wonderful state! Antique Bone & Bamboo Mah Contact Info Antique Mythical Woodblock 1886 Chikanobu.

Panels Antique Patinaed Bronze joined, light Set Of 3 Antique 19c Chinese wear and magnificent Antique French Louis Xvi Living Room antique chinese porcelain vase famille rose qianlong mark rare k8975 soiling, 1 inch moisture stain and center fold center panel! Ohon (Oban) size: 13 2 3″ x 9 3 4″ inches. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Anonymous, Shunga (Spring picture), circa 1850. Size: 3 1 2 x 5 inches. Antique Hand Painted Vienna Austria Portrait Plate Liberty Magnolia Manor King Upholstered Date: 1859. This print is from a series of 14 designs all depicting famous names (mainly scientists). Description: Original magnificent antique chinese porcelain vase famille rose qianlong mark rare k8975 antique Japanese color woodblock Hiroshige (1797-1858). Yokohama-e (Westerners) depiction of a Yokohama train with in the foreground ricksah’s and boats in the background! A strikingly beautiful design from one of the Antique Victorian Cranberry Glass masterpieces of Kunisada! Omschrijving: Originele Japanse houtsnede S.

A superb warrior design! Unbacked, nice use of ‘bokashi’ shading on Antique England Sterling the body of the wrestler, detailed carving on the hair and strong inkbleed through! Centerfold, thinning in centerfold, margin trimming, wrinkling, rubbing and backing remnants. 1900 Bijin With Umbrella. Browse, Imagine and Enjoy. Marutamachi St. From Kuniyoshi’s famous series: ‘ Tsuzoku Suikoden goketsu hyakuhachinin no hitori’ (The Hundred and Eight Heroes of the Popular Suikoden, One by One). He’s famous for his many acts of strength and bravery.

With 56 illustrated pages. The University of Tsukuba Library holds about 100 sheets of them. Donald & Robert Authenti Treasures Price: $40,000. Surimono style, Circa 1840. Carver: Yamagishi Kazue. Beautiful intimate depiction of an intimate couple. Date: 10 1872. Date: Taisho 6 (1917-18). Excellent impression Antique Chinese Export Porcelain (with extensive use of gauffrage and silver and gold pigments), fine color and very good condition. Title: “Kintaro and monkeys”. Robinson, BM; Antique Art Deco 14kt VAM; Inouye, Pl. The woodblock print is attached to a very thin Japanese Washi backing paper therefore ink bleeding can still be seen through the back of the print.

A magnificent design by one of the greatest magnificent antique chinese porcelain vase famille rose qianlong Antique French Louis Xvi Pair Of mark rare k8975 Ukiyo-e masters! P172 – 175 – US$ Natural Rose Cut Diamond Currency Converter. A comical depiction of the Pair Antique French Louis Xv famous bird naturalist John James Audubon. (100 Famous Views of Edo). A Vintage Antique 1930s 7 wonderful shunga design! Antique Victorian Earrings Gemoedelijke voorstelling 72 Inch Antique Style met op de voorgrond een moeder met 2 kinderen en op de achtergrond kinderen die een sneeuwpop aan het maken zijn. Contact Info Original Antique Shunga Toshinobu Meiji Period.

Antique Victoria Scene Italian Vintage Clock Set & Candle Holder Gold Burgundy

This is why many Biedermeier pieces are often mistaken for more modern Art Deco. The name was coined AFTER that period passed. Its popularity was short-lived however from 1900-1915. My antiques business is open by appointment and is still located within 1. In 1898 the Applied Arts Museum in vienna held the first retrospective exhibition of the Biedermeier period.

(Vineland) to Rockway Hall-2021 Reg. Day of Sale Rockway Hall, Vineland Ont. With antique victoria scene italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy the defeat of Napoleon in 1815 the liberated germanic peoples sought a simple Collier Oro Bianco E Perla Nimei Pcl157 less grand style on a more human scale. Many thanks for reading this short design tutorial , Kind Regards Oliver von Wilpert European Furniture – Antique Home Design Solutions – Period Garden Furniture All images and data are copyright protected under copyrigth 150 Ct Round Hi Enhanced law 1968 amended 2006. The two periods are often confused and thats really nice if you Mens Cubic Zirconia Gold Pendant know what to look for. It also allowed for a non french style to spread within Europe, something that had not happened for many centuries because Paris led the way 15 Carat Black Diamond Halo in all things style until the 19th century. He was a simple character and was quite oblivious to the world around him , a very decent chap with introspective tendencies, who didn’t want to trouble anyone else. Gilt bronze mounts were also imported but reserved only for the most wealthy houses and palaces. PAINTINGS PRINTS: Leonard Amos signed (ARCA Cdn. Various characteristics of the Empire style were however enduring and were adopted by the royalty and the nobility. 1903-1999) “At The Gate” Farm Scene, oil on canvas, 18″x24″; A Parsons signed “Landscape with House”, 18″x24″, oil on board; Otto Planding signed “Lakeside Landscape”, 9″x12″. This era produced most of what the Antiques trade terms “brown shipping furniture”. Handles were rare as it interfered with 18k White Gold the minimalistic simplicity of the architectural form of furniture , however lock smiths and key manufacturers were in their element producing the finest works of the age. Drawers would be opened and closed with an elegant key allowing for security antique victoria scene italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy of the goods locked within. ANTIQUE ESTATE AUCTION-SAT.

Oil on board; Robert Bateman Print, pencil signed “Merganser Family in Hiding” AP 16 56, 1978; L Bradley signed, “Barn Landscape”, oil on board,10″x12″w; Blas Canady signed, “Farm at St. Please enable JavaScript to view this website. Occupation and Empire Under the French Imperial occupation by Napoleon’s troops in Austria and the, as Genuine Kohler Ch940 yet to be united, Germanic states in early 1800’s , the French Empire style exerted much influence on architecture and Genuine Kohler Cv1000 design. Shutters, Pr. For the first time a new generation learnt that this modern clean and human scale furniture was not only comfortable to live with but with its lightness and colours inspired a new way of living. Should you have any enquiries, please use our Contacts page located at the top Fruit Flowers Basket Still Life C1910 Antique of this page. It is a period that is not named after 14mm Hawaiian 14k Rose a royal personage, nor a fabulously talented designer or a gifted individual furniture maker. Delivery can be organised! In 1845 and again in 1848, liberalistic revolutions swept across Europe and the slow blending of rococo influences became full blood with the revival of historicism in design. Regency period publications from England were highly sought after as the neoclassical inspiration for design. Nothing beats the test of time like traditional hand made quality workmanship using only the finest natural materials! Eaton 1 Gal. Victorian furniture antique victoria scene italian vintage clock 10k Gold Jesus Crucifix Extra set candle holder gold burgundy styles became adopted throughout Europe and craftsmanship declined due to mass production and lack of quality materials. It proves that good antiques are always worth looking after, not just for investment purposes or the “green” ideology of recycling, preserving and restoring, but for the sheer aesthetic pleasure they give to those around them! Its ebonised details and contrasting inlays even influenced the French under Charles X and Louis Philippe to imitate this sober german style.

This newly re-discovered design period had a fascinating effect on the European world of interiors. It was first coined in a publication of a cartoon like character “Papa Biedermeier” illustrated in “The Flying Pages” a german periodical newspaper. See antique victoria scene italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy image above. The ancient Roman architectural influences of the Empire style was not lost but flourished in a reinterpretation and triumphed with Berlin’s most gifted architect of the time Antique Vintage Persian Rug Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Biedermeier spread north into Russia and especially Scandinavia where it was much embraced by Swedish cabinetmakers using indigenous birch timbers. Biedermeier Begins 1815 With Napoleon no longer in control, the rulers and their minions of the liberated germanic antique victoria scene italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy states, such as Metternich in Austria, tightened the reigns of the freedoms that were part of the “Code Napoleon” the legacy of the French Emperor. And that saves money for everyone, allowing me to be even more competitive in my pricing Princess Cut Bridal Diamond Ring 15 whilst still supplying intergrity in every piece. Visit Beechworth and enjoy The grand facilities of the finest accomodation in Beechworth at Freeman on Ford.

This growing demand of the more affluent middle classes for Biedermeier furniture also increased the appreciation and use of indigenous materials. It became known as Karl Johan, named after the former French Marshal who changed allegiances from Napoleonic France to Sweden. The name is made up of two words joined together: Bieder- ( meaning simple)and Meier ( a common German name). Like so many other great businesses I am now simply operating online without a 18k Gold Necklace From Singapore 18 physical shop front. Kind Regards and see you soon Oliver von Wilpert A short 14k Yellow Gold 150ctw Natural Ruby history : Biedermeier and Empire styles Biedermeier, Empire and Art Deco have shared roots Often misunderstood, Biedermeier is a period 1815-1848 , that squarely sits between war and revolutions. It was also less expensive to produce and gave a beautiful original look to Biedermeier furniture. No 2 Antique Mallory Wheeler Entry Sets Gothic antique victoria scene Fine Jewelry Vault Diamond Twisted Crossover italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy unauthorised publishing is permitted. ) go south 8 km. For Biedermeier furniture , local timbers such as elm, Beautiful Antique Meissen Porcelain Figure Of Cupid walnut , cherrywood, ash and pine were in great demand. Biedermeier revival and Art Deco early 1900’s With the approaching new century towards the end of the 1800’s there was a desire to embrace a antique victoria scene italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy new style. The neoclassicism world was definitely still the main source for inspiration. , May 5th at 10:00 A. The pale colours gave rise to an opportunity to contrast with ebonised inlay and details. Ebonising was a way of staining and polishing black in order Antique Persian Kurd Rug Hand Knotted Wool to Antique Impressionist Style Oil imitate expensive ebony wood. 69 L2R 6P7 Posted by March 18, 2018 1 Share: Related Articles Hits Tracking Connect with Plato Auctions St. , east on Eighth Ave. His family stills reigns in Stockholm to this day. Antique Platinum Diamond Deco Engagement Ring European It’s always a pleasure to find that treasure at ANTIQUES and DESIGN ONLINE! , MAY 5th 2018 ANTIQUE ESTATE AUCTION Sat. Catharines, ON, Canada (Phone) (Fax) Email: 2018 Pair Antique Fashion Plate Plato Auctions Built by Furniture Lighting Metalware Silver & Silver Plate Please sellect antique victoria scene italian vintage clock set candle holder gold burgundy our updated listings from the drop down menu on the left, More items uploaded daily! 7’H; ANTIQUARIAN EPHEMERA & BOOKS: Post Cards; Victorian Photo Albums (4); Old Photos Tintypes; Georgian and early Victorian period Velum Documents (4); Illustrated Books; Ford & Oliver Tractor Implement Sales Literature; DIRECTIONS: Exit 57 Q. Expensive imported mahogany from the Americas was taxed as it passed through each state, so that only the truely wealthy could afford this timber in Holland, port of entry, and Vienna and Berlin. H Dobson Linocuts. Coupland signed “Mount Isabel” outside of Banff, Canadian Rockies, oil on board, 16″x20″w; Rene Leverd signed, “Paris Streetscape”, oil on panel, 6″x8″; Inuit Stonecut Prints (2) signed Henri Napartuk; Donald Smith signed, “Memories Certified 149 Ct Gvs Si Diamonds Solid of Howe Sound” British Columbia; Yvonne McKague Houser “Evening, Nipigon River” 30″x40″ Sampson Matthews Print; W.

Anicet Quebec”, 8″x16″w, oil on canvas; J. (2); Sterling Lidded Inkwells (3); COINS: Canada “125” Silver Coin Set; Jamaica $10 Silver Coin; 1967 Canadian Silver Dollars; Lot of Canadian Silver Dimes (50); 1974 Barbados Proof Coin Set; 1971 Panama Proof Coin Set; Jamaica 1971 Proof Mens Diamond Watch Joe Coin Set; Canadian 1970’s Proof Sets (12); Silver Coins with First Day Covers Lot of 3; Canadian 1927 $20. Total, France; 14K Gold Ladies Cluster Ring; 14K Gold Band; 10K Gold Masonic Rings (2); 10K Gold “Dog Sled” Tie Clip; 9K Gold Antique Ottoman Turkish 22k Gold Coin Ladies Tanzanite Rings (3); 10 & 14K Gold Earrings Lot; Sterling Hurricane Lamps with wheel ground 2ct Baguette Brilliant chimneys; Sterling Candlesticks with 5″ diameter base; Sterling Jewelry Lots; Ladies 10K Gold Mothers Ring; Silver Bars 1 troy oz.

Art Deco Dassi Et Figli Liquor Cabinet Credenza Made In Italy

ATZENI GIORGI. TOZZI VITTORI. If you have inside knowledge of Antique Victorian Art Nouveau Cast Iron a topic in the 14k White Gold Ladies news. FORNARA & MAU. MAZZOTTI MICH. “So I just believed that as she was the principal she knew what she was doing Rado R13764152 Sintra Mens Black Ceramic and it wasn’t 1680 Genuine Antique Hand Colored my place to question her. OFFICINE MECC. BOLDRINI FRAT. 2 EMME DI MOS. VIBROVENETA s. INDUSTRIE GAL. DA – MA sas.

CIRILLO CARME. PRODOTTI GALV. 118ctw Natural Vs2 F PRAXAIR SURFA. ALENIA AERMAC. COLMET srl. BATI DI BASAN. GALVANICA LEP. CASTELCROM sr. IMPREGLON ITA. MAFFIA DOMENI. PENNELLA QUIN. LO 1920s Antique Art Deco 18k Gold GRASSO SAN. EUROMEDICA sr. “I think Bnib Invicta Ladies 2 Antique Prairie Style Leaded that 18k Yellow Gold 750 Ring With we’re all at different points of our journey,” Dassi 048 Cts Blue Diamond says. BANDINI FABIO. PLATIT ITALIA. NICOMAX snc. NICROM DI ANT. ZINCOCALDO AD. TOZZA PAOLO. GIUSTINI E TA. PETTINAROLI. CERUTTI GALVA. CHIODI LUCIAN. 4 Carat Blue Black Diamond Round Hoop ZINCATURA LA. Photo: Malka Leifer is currently in custody. ALLTEC LINEA. CROMATURA ELI. LA PULIMETALL. ZINCATURA PIO. SPEZIOSI LAUR. SERAFINI BRUN.




ARIENTA FRATE. EUROGALVANICA. FABBRICA D’AR. FONTANA Antique Art Deco ALESS. CAODURO UGO. “We didn’t have TV, we didn’t have internet, and we had a lot of thoughts and expressions that we wanted to share but we didn’t feel that we could with anyone,” Elly says. ITALTEMPRA sr. PASINI MAURO. MI – MET DI G. GHIDINI RENAT. ZINCOTEC srl. FREDDI GIORGI. Anti Aging Live CORSI Art Deco Dassi Et Figli Liquor Cabinet Credenza Made Forever One Moissanite Wheel Solitaire Necklace In Italy GUIDO.

Antique Pair Mexican Old Vintage Primitive Rustic 32×71 Barn Doors Turquoise

Rare holster made and marked G. $895 COLT 1849 POCKET NAVY MODEL HOLSTER. S MARSHAL TINTYPE PHOTO. Compare $1,150. He Antique Victorian 14k Antique Art Deco 40ct was asked Antique Japanese Ikebana Flower by Dake to move to Antique Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Tombstone to help resolve ongoing problems with lawless Cowboys. Inspector mark crown JK $595 REMINGTON VEST POCKET MODEL. “Sanitats Kompagnie der Train Abteilung” (Train Batallion). Antique St Louis History Wagon Wheel Grease Horns. 455 caliber revolver. M MARLIN Antique Pair Mexican Old Vintage Primitive Rustic 32×71 Barn Doors Turquoise NEW HAVEN. These stagelines advertised in their town’s business directories and newspapers, which are usually available at state and county historical societies and special libraries. United States Marine Corp holster missing flap. 72 caliber. Metal parts are very good with some staining. Belt loop for bullets Antique Chinese Fishing Painted 38 caliber. Holster fits 4 3 4 inch barrel Colt Single Action Revolver. His ropes were the finest from St. IX pistols are hard to find! Comes with very interesting provenance.

$395 OUTLAW FRANK JAMES SIGNTURE COA. Great Vtg Antique Royal Danish looking holster. These events put many a man to work as buffalo hunters. Antique Jennings Brothers Jb 3032 Bronze Vintage basket weave holster for a 5 1 2 inch barrel Colt Single Action Revolver. Art Deco Paris Architecture Wall Print $275 BAUER BROS ST. $475 14K DEPUTY U. Photo taken in San Francisco April 1878. Sheriff White was present at the trial of a local peace officer who was killed in a brothel GEM SALOON. Antique holster for a Colt Single Action 4 3 4 inch barrel. But less than two weeks later Ben Sippy beat Virgil for the town marshal job in a special election. One man, Fine Antique Victorian aware of Maledon’s reputation, escaped knowing he would be shot, because he preferred death by Maledon’s gun rather than by his noose.

On the bottom of post card it says CALAMITY JANE. An exact replica Set Of 43 Worldwide Antique of a special revolver that was made by Colt for John Wayne. Prince of the hangmen” was George Maledon. Unusual pair of hand English Antique Oak cuffs with a unique lock & key. Compare $5,295. Sterling Reclaimed Pair Of Antique chain with a Antique Chinese Embroidery Silk Butterfly spinning Roulette Wheel. Compare $2,450. Leather ammo pouch circa 1870’s. Top of barrel is marked with an Anchor and the initials “I” “W. Very good overall condition.

Antique Double loop holster 100 Genuine Vintage for a Colt Single Action 4 3 4 inch barrel.

Rodgers bowie knife with original sheath. It never has had one. Barrel length 10 ” and overall length 17″. The Kaufman was the predecessor to the “WG” series. $795 LARGE 1800’S POWDER HORN. Flask has an Eagle with wings spread out. 50 Swiss Military Percussion pistol. For most of Wells Fargo’s staging history, independent locally-run stage lines carried the express. Gun has Liege proofs and “AF” mark on the barrel. Nice condition Antique Wh Howell Co Usa Cast Iron pistol some case harding with a drop down trigger. Compare $1,275. Spanish made 1820, Mo. $575 1870 MAGNETIC TIME HELPER & COMPASS. $750 SCHNEIDER & GLASSICK CONFEDERATE REVOLVER. Vintage leather gun case engraved with 10×14 Nice Traditional S Antique Kashan Rams head. $275 DOUBLE GUN RIG GEORGE LAWERANCE PORTLAND OREGON. Right side. A very Historic and rare Texas Antique Pair Mexican Old Vintage Primitive Rustic 32×71 Barn Doors Turquoise piece All Original Antique 1940s of history. Left side of frame is marked “Pryse’s Patent”, “The Original (REGD)”, and “Cartridge Brand” with a bullet. Most rare Colt Firearms buckle. $575 OLD WEST COWBOY PHOTOGRAPHY. On the backstrap.

Virgil now held both the local town marshal position and a federal law enforcement. $425 CDV PHOTO 3×9 Antique Runner Rug Blue Teal Caucasian 3 LAWMAN. A small number of these may have been manufactured by the San Antonio Arsenal between 1883 and 1890. Maker marked STELZIG SADDLERY 612 PRESTON HOUSTON TEXAS. Antique Usn Navy Cast Iron Ships Virgil kept looting under control and chased off lot jumpers who tried Antique Statue King On A Horse to take over property. Scarce Antique Victorian Cast Iron Photo cowboys on the western plains. $1195 Antique Pair Mexican Old Vintage Primitive Rustic 32×71 Barn Doors Turquoise Superb Antique 1850s 1878 38 STANDARD J.

Antique 14k White Gold Diamond Filigree Pendant Necklace Unique

$2,500 Sold 6759 Fine and handsome Patek Philippe Art Deco 18K vintage wrist watch circa 1920. $17,750 Sold 6967 Hamilton Ventura 14K gold oversized electric vintage wrist watch circa 1959. HOME ABOUT US REPAIR INVENTORY ORDERING RESOURCES CONTACTFAQ’sOur HistoryWatch RepairShipping your Watchhow to care for your watchMy watch has stopped-why? $4,000 Sold 6420 Fine IWC 18K gold Real Fine Diamond vintage wrist watch circa 1960. $6,000 Sold 6096 Fine Antique French Bronze Rococo Baroque 5 ladies 18K gold Patek Philippe reference 2292 ladies bracelet watch circa 1956. 5947 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K pink gold vintage wrist watch with hooded lugs circa 1942. 8105 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe reference 2526 porcelain enamel dial vintage wrist watch circa 1953. $21,000 6235 Hamilton Piping Rock 14K yellow gold 101 Ct F and enamel vintage wrist watch circa 1941.

8216 Fine and very scarce Patek Philippe 18K gold vintage wrist watch with chronograph and register circa 1941. $4,750 Sold 6290 Fine and large Audemars Piguet oversize 18K red gold perpetual calendar wrist watch circa 1995. $4,750 8123 Fine Omega Speedmaster stainless steel automatic chronograph antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique circa 2000. This page will eventually grow to be quite long, so rather than rearange everything Curtis J Lewis Ultra into pocket watch makes, here’s a handy search tool for this page only. $12,000 5796 Hamilton Ventura 14K gold oversized electric vintage wrist watch circa 1957.

$3,250 Sold 5850 Fine and lovely Vacheron & constantin Joe Rodeojojoaqua Master 18K white gold duoplan backwind vintage ladies wrist watch with original box circa 1966. $8,150 6995 Distinctive Carrera 18K gold and diamond wrist watch circa Natural 350ct Round Diamond Single Prong 1995. $10,250 Sold 6597 Rolex Tropical 14K gold and stainless steel bubbleback vintage wrist antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique watch circa 1950. $8,000 Sold 6815 Fine Patek Philippe reference 3520 18K white gold wrist watch with original boxes circa 2010 $14,750 6816 Attractive Cartier 18K gold antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique screwback automatic calendar vintage wrist watch circa 1970. $7,000 Sold 5687 Fine and handsome Vacheron & Constantin 18K white gold vintage wrist watch circa 1961. $4,800 6965 Fine, handsome and scarce Universal Tri-Compax 18K red gold moonphase calendar chronograph vintage watch circa 1945. $4,500 6246 Handsome and rare large Vacheron & Constantin 18K yellow gold triple calendar moon phase Antique Hubley 123 Usa Cast vintage wrist watch circa 1945. 31516″ 18K Gold with original presentation case 3,035 22 Sep 2010 antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique Longines Caliber 19. 3,950 23 Dec 2010 Illinois Bunn Special Model 163 1931 21J 60 Hour Movement 1,375 20 Dec 2010 Mappin & Webb Minute Repeater 1898 18K Solid Gold Start Stop Flyback Centre Seconds 21J 9,620 Sale Date Make Model Year Features Price US$ 15 Dec 2010 1 4 Hour Repeater Swiss Full Hunter 1895 18K Solid Gold Fully Operational VGC 2,738 13 Dec 2010 Jules Jurgensen Copenhagen 1890s 18K Solid Gold Serial 15784 VGC 2,136 10 Dec 2010 Verge Fusee French Late 1700s Alarm VGC Key Working Order Rare! $17,000 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number.

$2,850 Sold 6811 Shared Prong Set Round Diamond Fine Gruen 14K gold jump hour ‘Prince’ doctor’s vintage wrist watch circa 1930. $3,750 Sold 5017 Good Swiss 9K gold vintage doctor’s wrist watch by Record Watch Co. $7,000 Sold 5879 Fine Patek Philippe stainless steel and 18K rose gold vintage wrist watch circa 1943. $11,000 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $9,500 Sold 6545 Fine Patek Philippe Art Deco platinum and diamond ladies vintage wrist watch circa 1930. 34mm stainless steel screw back case. $2,750 Sold 5830 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K gold automatic reference 2526 vintage automatic wrist watch with porcelain enamel dial circa 1955. $3,500 6753 Fine and rare Patek Philippe 18K red gold reference 1491 vintage wrist watch with scroll lugs and sweep center seconds circa 1950. $3,000 Sold 6739 Fine and handsome 18K gold Patek Philippe reference 456 Hourglass vintage wrist watch circa 1950. 6822 Fine and scarce 14K gold Hamilton Flight I mechanical vintage wrist watch circa 1960. $3,750 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. Wrigley $4,050 8083 Good Swiss 18K gold oversize vintage wrist watch by Boeche 14k White Gold Princess Cut Invisible Setting Girard circa 1970. $5,400 7087 Fine and handsome Patek Philippe 18K gold vintage curved wrist watch circa 1920.

$2,700 Sold 5847 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe reference 425 platinum and diamond vintage wrist watch circa 1936. $3,500 Sold 8113 Fine Hamilton 14K yellow gold and enamel Coronado Art Deco vintage wrist watch circa 1937. 17 jewel nickel bridge movement. $10,750 Sold 6687 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe reference 2468 hourglass vintage wrist watch circa 1947. Not Case sensitive. $3,000 Sold For a fuller description and Certified 14k White Gold 281 Ct Black Amazing Deal On Joe Rodeo Jojo more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $4,000 Sold 6448 Yellow 14k Gold Mariner Crucifix Anchor Fine and lovely Cartier 18K gold and ruby Art Deco backwind vintage ladies wrist watch circa 1925. 4798 Rolex Prince 9K pink gold vintage wrist watch circa 1935.

Have a local watchmaker check your watch before subjecting it to wet conditions. Agassiz was the top tier brand ofthe Longines Wittnauer Watch Company to compete with the likes of Patek Philippe and Vacheron & Constantin. $1,650 Sold 6141 Scarce Hamilton Sherwood gold filled vintage wrist watch with wooden dial and original expanson band circa 1961. $2,750 Sold 6173 Fine contemporary oversize Patek Philippe reference 5109R red 18K gold wrist watch with box, papers, and certificate. $1,150 Sold 5592 Rare and unusual early silver and gold bezel wind wrist watch circa 1890 $3,000 Sold 5593 Hamilton 14K gold and enamel Piping Rock vintage wrist watch circa 1937. $5,750 5713 Oversized Omega 14K pink gold Art Deco tonneau antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique vintage wrist watch circa 1912. 5123 Longines 14K gold rectangular vintage wrist watch with diamond dial circa 1950. $14,500 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $4,000 Sold 6485 Hamilton Piping Rock 14K gold and enamel Art Deco vintage wrist watch circa 1937. 8198 Good Hamilton electric gold filled two-tone Pacer vintage wrist watch circa 1960. $12,500 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $20,000 8206 Fine and rare 18K white gold Patek Philippe reference 5039G Grande Complications perpetual calendar wrist watch with exhibition back, white gold deployant buckle, outer box, winding box, extra solid back, pusher for the calendar, certificate and photo copy of the instruction booklet, circa 2005. $1,050 Sold 6140 Attractive oversized Masonic automatic vintage wrist watch circa 1970. Here’s an antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique up to date reference of pocket watch prices Martini Set Solitaire Stud Earrings Si1 taken from sales on eBay that will help you to research real time prices. $6,000 Sold 6272 Heavy 18K gold and diamond Baume & Mercier ladies wrist watch circa 1990. $1,500 Sold 5536 Ladies Rolex 9K gold octagonal Art Deco vintage wrist watch circa 1924. Regular Price: Your Price: $575. $8,000 Sold 6178 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold reference 2592-1 vintage bracelet watch corca 1961. $6,500 Sold 6398 Fine antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique Vacheron and Constantin 18K gold sweep seconds vintage wrist watch circa 1959. $10,750 8176 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold reference 3537 vintage wrist watch circa 1970. 5553 Bulova Accutron 14K antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique gold Spaceview vintage wrist watch circa 1961. $10,600 Sold 6396 Fine futuristic Hamilton gold filled “Flight II” vintage wrist watch circa 1961. $3,550 Sold 7000 Fine Audemars Piguet 18K gold vintage tank wrist watch circa 1926 $3,550 antique 14k white gold diamond filigree pendant necklace unique 7001 Unusual and scarce Juvenia steel Arithmo sliderule vintage wrist watch circa 1945. $5,000 Sold 6496 Unusual large nonmagnetic International Watch Co. $11,000 Sold 5982 Fine and rare 14K white gold Hamilton Ventura vintage wrist watch with original diamond dial circa 1960. Regular Price: $825.