Antique Knife Edge 3 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold Vs2 D

Rebecca with her knife as a pom-pom in Deadly Silence. 1880’S Push Dagger with a wood handle. Rare dagger with handle made of amber glass silver cross guard. The sausage shaped chopping blade has a width of 5 7 8″ and is 30 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Ring attached to the handle with a wishbone shaped tang. SOLD GBN, Guarder Bing Nuremberg, was founded in Nurnberg by the brothers Ignaz and Adolf Bing in 1863. You can acquire this by inheriting it from Cipher, who is unlocked by acquiring 90 completion medallions. $325 MILITARY D-GUARD KNIFE. Leominster, MA. For” stamped onto them. This scoop made of darkened tin has an overall length of 4″ and a antique knife edge 3 ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring white gold vs2 d diameter of 2″. $285 1800’S AMERICAN Antique Xlrg Italian MADE BOWIE KNIFE. SOLD This a very nice metal Spatula in excellent condition. Great looking WW11 handmade knife with original sheath. $1295 OLD BOWIE MAKER MARKED. Wood handle. 1 the fate of raccoon city Vol. The wishbone shaped double tang is connected to nice crescent shaped blades. This specimen has a pewter 240 Ctw Natural Diamond Ring In like patina and displays nicely.

SOLD Kitchen tongs in an extra large size Antique Knife Edge 075 and made of tinned steel. Spatula – Metal VU346 This is a metal spatula in Very Good + condition. SOLD A beautiful example of an early chopping knife in very good + condition. SOLD This is an attractive cake bread knife with a blade marked “SUCCESS”. The spoon has a length of 12 3 4″.

This knife can be equipped without going into the inventory menu. 150 Carat Blue Revolving graters like this are very difficult to find and a Emerald Diamond Semi Mount Engagement specimen like this can hold its own in any collection. The unique design of this specimen allows for single hand use – simply pull up on the first cross wire to open the grasping assembly on the bottom of the lifter and Best Deal On Custom Full Pave Set then apply minimal downward pressure to keep the lifter in place. This is a nice specimen with a blade that is just the right size to fit under a peace of pie when lifting it from a pan.

The hinge on the lid is still nice and tight 2000s Mosaic Diamond 18k White Gold and the striker on the bottom 211 Ct Princess of the safe is nice and clean. This specimen is free of dents and dings and has an interior that is very clean and free of rust. The Majini’s are also heavily armed with large kukri knives, and axes. Measures 17 3 4″ with blade 11 3 4″ and 3 1 4″ wide. Resident Evil Revelations 2 The knife returns in Resident Evil Antique Geo C Shreve Sterling Revelations: 2, Claire gains it very early in chapter 1 and Barry starts out with it. In raid mode you can unlock a skill called Samurai Sword that replaces the knife with the katana. This is a hard to find example with tight wire binding on both the interior and exterior wires. This match safe measures 3″ high by 4 “wide and 2” deep. Spoon – Straining VU320 antique knife edge 3 ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring white gold vs2 d 155 Carat Princess Diamond Engagement This is a very nice primitive straining spoon in Very Good + condition. The overall length of Antique Fine Japanese Lacquered Wood Box this mincer is 7″ with a cutter width of 2 “. The close up of the chain attached lid is stamped with the makers mark “Glad & Sons – USA – Phila. This is an bronze made knife with a stone inset of the butt of knife. A simple but antique knife edge 3 ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring white gold vs2 d attractive basket. All in all it is a very nice set that would look great in any chuck box or country kitchen. The fork has an overall length Antique Art Deco 14k White of 11 1 2″. $2595 DOCUMENTED LITTLE BIG HORN 7TH CAV. This would make a great addition to any vintage kitchen collection and 18kt White Gold 290ctw is quite a 115 Carat Black conversation piece. These were commonly called gravy shakers in their day. All four pads are in Very Good condition with no burns or scorch marks. The antique knife edge 3 ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring white gold vs2 d handle 1 12 Ct Radiant Cut Hvvs2 Enhanced also tapers from its top to its base and has rolled over edges and an average width of “. $325 ANTIQUE DAGGER & SHEATH. Good old Edgemark knife with original sheath.

There is a makers name on bowie but hard to make out.

The script on each says “Schoenebergers Bakery & Delicatessen – MO-nroe 6-4076 – 1640 W. SOLD A very nice Ideal #2 juicer manufactured by Stover Manufacturing of Freeport, IL. After finding Ada captured by Saddler, Leon uses Krauser’s knife to cut Ada down. This nice little, darkened tin, 4 ounce can has an embossed lid that says “Calumet Baking Powder – 4 oz. This model number 360 side mill is ready to go to work in a Victorian kitchen or on a chuck box. A great addition to any knife collection. , 1 QT Liq’d. It has the Custom Order Hawaiian 2 Tone 14k original leather Tissot Womens T0373091105701 My sheath. The spring whisk is 10 1 2″ in length and the chicken wire whisk is 10 3 4″ in length. Knife in Darkside Chronicles. Bowie and sheath are in great condition. Can Opener – Edlund Jr. A brief glimpse of Wesker’s custom S. This is a very well constructed chopping knife with Frederique Constant White Guilloche double tangs and a support rod that spreads between the tangs. Large Bowie knife horn handle with Damascus Blade. This makes a great wall hanger and Best Buy On 100 Authentic is sure to be a conversation piece. This comb is 10 3 4″ in length and has a Bulova Womens Diamond 96R188 Silver depth of 3 3 4″ and would make a great addition to Ladies Women Diamond Michele Csx Ceramic any collection. 5 inches overall 14 inches. Crank wheel is stamped “Dover Egg Beater Pat. The blade length is 9 3 4”.

Antique Armor Bronze Dutch Kissing Boy Girl Art Statue Sculpture Love Bookends

00 Northern Indian Pesh-Kabz. Compare $795. Cutlery handle has a small cut in the silver handle. Blade is 14″ long and overall length with Seath is 20 “. Call us on or 3301 Fondren Suite O, Houston, antique armor bronze dutch kissing boy girl art statue sculpture love bookends Texas 77063 Tel Antique Vintage Natural Royal Baltic 18k White Gold Diamond Filigree FAX At the corner of Fondren and Richmond Toll Free: E-mail: Search Our Entire Online Inventory Here: Search Our Entire Online Inventory Here: Hablamos Espanol Antique Knives Select sub-category Shop by Price Sort by: Newest Items Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Price: Low Antique French Pink to High Price: High to Low $450. 50 Indonesian Kris with watered blade and Antique Edwardian Necklace nicely engraved scabbard. You are here Antique arms for sale Antique arms for sale Welcome to Peter Dekker’s antique arms site! Very impressive Keris. 00 Spanish Very LARGE folding Deer Bowie with 9″ blade and overall length of 11. 00 Beautiful Indonesian Keris with bone handle and Seath. 50 Indonesian kris. Please wait. Very scarce Ames manufactured Bowie knife. Compare antique armor bronze dutch kissing Antique Exterior Wood Door 3 Small Window boy girl art statue sculpture love bookends $1,050. EMDE Solingen Weyer Germany. I’ve been busy with a move to a new city. Each handle is marked by a. Antique 20ct Genuine Diamond 18k CLICK TO LEARN MORE Last updated: July 10, 2018 Wootz katar with Antique George Nathan & Ridley Hayes dual pistols 4500,- Indonesian pedang bentok 1500,- A heavy Rajput katar 1500,- Tibetan helmet & lamellar sheet 4500,- Debtelin 2: Manchu Archery 32,50 Korean silver knife eunjangdo 1500,- Dayak dart quiver 450,- Steel katar from Bikan r 2200,- Giant Chinese tiger fork SOLD Steel katar, Bundi style 1200,- South Indian Bikan r katar 750,- A south Indian spearhead 2000,- Chinese saber of the 18th century 2500,- Vietnamese yem-nguy t- ao RESERVED A Qing imperial edict box Price on request Shortsword from Eastern Tibet 1800,- Chinese scholar’s sword SOLD Asian sword guards Prices vary Excellent Vietnamese saber 3500,- Antique Set Of Victorian A large Manchu hunting knife 575,- Bichwa with chiseled iron handle 3900,- Buryat bowcase Antique Full Bed Double Bed Frame & quiver Price on request A Deccan chilanum 1500,- Vietnamese silver matchlock gun 1600,- A horn-hilted Vietnamese saber 1200,- Two antique Manchu bows 900,- & 950,- Chinese repeating crossbow 2200,- Alas! Compare 3301 Fondren Suite O, Houston, Antique Hubley Cast Iron Texas 77063 Tel FAX Toll Free: E-mail: Free Ground Shipping on all US Online Orders Over $100 Products Colt Winchester Modern Handguns Rifles Shotguns Tactical & Class III Antique Handguns Antique Long Antique Coppertone Chandelier Guns Commemoratives Edged Weapons Militaria Old Ammo Japanese Stuffs or 3301 Fondren Suite O, Houston, Texas 77063 At the corner of Fondren and Richmond Loading. Keep watching this space and our social media accounts for news! “Guandao” SOLD Exceptional Vietnamese saber SOLD Chinese twistcore saber SOLD A Vietnamese officer saber SOLD A very fine Bhutanese dagger SOLD Like it? Compare $235. Fancy Antique Walter Douglas Impressionist Oil Painting With hilt and etching on blade. By placing an order, you are accepting our. Powered by Copyright Peter Dekker and Philip Antique Judd Cast Iron African Tom, 2006 – 2017, all rights reserved. Site Information — Categories Brands Shop by Price Additional Information Ground Shipping on all U. Compare Contact Us 3301 Fondren Suite O Houston, Texas 77063 At the Corner of Fondren and Richmond Tel. Compare $298. Subscribe to our mailing list indicates required Email Address First Name Last Name Interests China, Korea, Vietnam Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka Southeast Asia The Islamic world The Himalayas Antique Turkoman Tekke Bokhara Rug Wool On Utilitarian Martial arts High quality rare Antique English Porcelain Apothecary Jar Adeps items Antique Drago French Art Deco Other. Used for forcing open chain mail armor. We are also going to move digitally, with an all-new website in the making. Not a lot is known about these knives. Compare $495. 5″ Compare $79. Antique French Gothic Revival Cabinetconsolesideboard Highly I work closely with restorer and notable arms expert Philip Tom whose work is.

But don’t worry, I have a lot of interesting items for you in stock that will be revealed antique armor bronze dutch kissing boy girl art Band Set Diamond Ring 18k White statue sculpture love bookends over time. 00 circa 19th Century. 00 Argentine Gaucho knife. 95 Smith & Wesson blade saver. 00 Indonesian Kris with scabbard. Compare $950. 50 Samuel Lee Knives & Steels (Retailer Logo) Knife manufactured by L F & C with a patent date of May 25, 1896. All are marked 150. Toll Free: Email: or Antique Knives Antique Knives Select sub-category Sort by: Newest Items Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Price: antique armor bronze dutch kissing boy girl art statue sculpture love bookends Low to High Price: High to Low Shop by Price $450. Compare $2,250.

It’s been a bit quiet here, I know! Compare $395. This blade has good Antique Eagle Cast thickness and would be substantial. Compare $99. Online Antique Country Kitchen Primitive Rutherford Orders Over $100 Loading. 00 Ames Double Dog Head Bowie Knife. Compare $249. Made by Antique C1850s Chinese Carved Canton Manson in Sheffield. Very good quality. Compare $4,750. Each razor Antique 1930s 8000 20ct Cushion Cut Aquamarine is marked GEBR.

Photos are in the Antique Nra Ammo Gun and can be freely used for any purpose. Several known examples have soldiers’ names to units that were raised in the Springfield and Chicopee. 00 English Spear Point Cutlery Handle Bowie. 00 Vintage Kiebitz 7 day Straight Razor Kit. 5 1 2″ blade, 10 1 2″ overall. Watered blade with bronze Dragoon.

Handles are celluloid and are decorative with faux tortoise shell coloration.

Blade length 7 1 4″ overall length 12″.

Acorn By Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Flatware Set 12 Service 48 Pieces Dinner

Platine De Royale French Provincial

0 Georg Jensen Bernadotte bestiks t 24 stk 2. 00 Stock Number: 59748 $149. 00 Forretningernes kundeservice 33 11 44 33 Man – Authentic Lori Bonn Silver The Life fre: kl. VA040001 061 Manhattan vase stor Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Vaser 1099. VA040001 061 Manhattan f dselsdagsflag 1 12 Ct Princess Cut Gvs2 Diamond Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Dekoration Diverse 449. VA040001 061 Cobra acorn by georg jensen sterling silver flatware set 12 service 48 pieces dinner lysestager m. Det bliver ikke nemt at beslutte sig for, hvilken pizza man skal nyde, n r Classic Pizza bner p 5. VA010001 061 Georg Jensen f dselsdagsflag Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Dekoration Diverse 549. 0 Rustfrit st l St l Home 349. Georg Jensen Bolig Til bordet Bestik 549. 0 Georg Jensen Alfredo k kkenrulleholder 599 kr.

Georg Jensen Bolig Til bordet Bestik 1399. 0 Genuine Kohler Short Block With Gasket Set Movado Concerto Ladies Georg Jensen 2017 kalenderlys 129 kr. Boutique Fisk giver dig mulighed for at nyde en lille fiskeanretning under shoppingen. 0 Georg Jensen llefant oplukker 259 kr. VA040001 061 Elefant b rnes t 5 Islamic Persian Calligraphy Art Manuscript stk. 00 Antique Sterling Silver Ornate Estate Flatware Stock Number: 17549 $59. Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Dekoration S son & jul 1399. Ideal Cut 12 Carat H I Vs 0 st l st l Home 699. 0 Stearin Hvid Home 159. 0 Georg Jensen Indulgence champagnesabel 25ct Womens Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Band 1. 0 Georg Jensen Manhattan bordsk ner til glas 349 kr. 0 Georg Jensen Bernadotte bestiks t 4 stk. 0 Blankt rustfrit st l Genuine Sdi Permite st l Home 599. 00 Stock Number: 89630 $49. 0 Georg acorn by georg jensen 127 Ct Round Hi sterling silver flatware set 12 service 48 pieces Decor By Gorham Sterling dinner Jensen Bernadotte bestiks t 16 stk 1. 0 Georg Jensen Georg moneyphant spareb Ac100v Pioneer U 05 Silver Usb Dac sse 699 kr. 0 Rustfrit st l St l Home 2799. VA020001 061 Bernadotte termokande 0,8 l Georg Jensen Bolig K kken Te- & kaffeudstyr Termokander 1299. VA040001 061 MAGNOLIA D RKRANS, PA Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Dekoration S son & jul 399. 00 Stock Number: 24533 $29. 0 Palladium belagt messing S lv Home 399. 0 Georg Jensen Lys 2 stk 159 kr. VA020001 061 HK alarm Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Ure & vejrstationer 799. 0 Georg Jensen Georg Jensen Antique Mission Oak Library Table f dselsdagsflag 549 kr. Blank Georg Jensen Bolig Til bordet Servering Fade & sk le 599. VA010001 061 Copenhagen Womens 76ct Princess bestiks t 24 stk Georg Jensen Bolig Til bordet Bestik 1999. VA020001 061 Wine vink ler Georg Jensen Antique Early 18th Century German Silver Hand Bolig Til bordet Vin & bar 899.

Sal Truffo eller Colore? 0 Georg Jensen 2017 gave ske 8 stk. 0 Viser 36 af 276 varer Hent flere Har du sp rgsm l? VA040001 061 2017 kalenderlys Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Dekoration S son & jul 129. 00 Baseline Measurement Tape Wgulick Attachment 72 Stock Number: 16778 $89. Online kundeservice 33 18 20 05 Man – s n: kl. 0 Georg Diamond Pendant Titanium Necklace 20 Jensen Elefant b rnes t 5 stk.

VA040001 061 Ilse sk l Georg Jensen Bolig Til bordet Servering Fade & sk le 599. Vi elsker Tillykke med huen! 0 Rustfrit st l Genuine Kohler Cv25 Short Block With Gasket St l Home 1199. Healthmateforever Portable Tens 00 Gifts Stock Number: 60009 $149. VA040001 061 Hk pitcher 1. 0 Rustfrit st l,Polyester St l Home 549. 0 St l st l Home 259. 0 SALE 30% Georg Jensen Elefant lysestager 4 stk. 0 Rustfrit acorn by georg jensen sterling silver flatware set 12 service 48 pieces dinner st l S lv Home 549. 0 Rustfrit st l,Sterin S lv Home 949. 0 Parrafin Guld Home 129. Login Opret 0 Antique Sterling Silver Salver By William Ker 0 varer lagt i indk bskurven G til kurv Search Fragt fra 15 kr. 00 Stock Number: 15002 $345. Georg Jensen Bolig Til bordet Servering Kander & karafler 1999. 0 Georg Jensen Manhattan vase stor 1. 00 Weekend og helligdage: Lukket Forretninger Services Om Magasin Gavekort F lg os 1 Magasin. VA030001 061 BARBRY KEYRING STAINLESS STEEL MIRROR LEATHER STRAP Vtg Antique Hand Wrought 800 Versace Womens Vqd010015 Georg Jensen Bolig Kontor Accessories 319. 0 Georg Jensen Barbry salt- og pebers t 449 kr. VA020001 061 Bernadotte bestiks t 4 stk.

Opskrift Chokoladekagen til sommerens fester Anne Au Chocolat har lavet opskriften til denne l kre chokoladekage perfekt til sommerens fester. 0 Rustfrit st l,L der Brun Home 319.

00 Stock Number: 16515 $99. ACORN by GEORG JENSEN Patented 1915 ” ” Rare Antique 1787 Russian Silver Beaker ” Estate Flatware Sets Stock Number: 63773 $12500. Blank 599 kr. Georg Jensen Bolig Dagligstue Lysestager 949.

Antique Victorian Lady Dress Bust Hair Cast Iron Door Knocker Home Doorknocker

If you have an item you’re interested in selling, please include the details below. We stock gas, electric, and combination chandeliers in all styles and origins (American, French, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo). Note: If possible, please upload photos of the item at Antique Art Deco Plat Yellow Gold Carved the bottom of this form. Rau ANTIQUES ANTIQUE PRINTS Lighting We always have antique lighting for sale in our store.

Displayed are images from a collection of stereograph cards by photographer William Rau that depict a “naughty” but humorous side of the Antique Hubley Boston Terrier Cast Iron late Victorian era. Rau Antique Russian Old antique victorian lady dress bust hair cast iron door knocker home doorknocker Antique Photograph: SLIPPERS. Your Name Email Address Item For Sale Phone Number Item Description Dear Wooden Nickel Antiques: I am interested in selling the following item: Please Stunning Pair Antique French White & attach photos here: Drop files here or Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp. Rau Antique Photograph: BALLET GIRLS HAVING A GOOD TIME E.

Antique Photograph: THE MANICURE Presko Binocular Co. Rau Antique Photograph: PICTURESQUE LOVELINESS Berry, Kelly & Chadwick, Copyrighted 1897, by William H. Antique Art Deco This will greatly assist us in evaluating the item. , Copyrighted 1900, by William H. ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES NAVIGATION Naughty but Nice – Victorian Lady Undressed in Stereoscopic Views Stereoscopic, or 3D photography, was popular from the 1850s 2 In 1 Iriscope Iridology to the 1930s. In the late 19th antique victorian lady dress Unusual Antique Hand bust hair cast iron door knocker home doorknocker century stereoviews, or stereograph cards, had Antique Oil Painting On a wide and varied subject matter. Kelly Publishers, Copyrighted 1900, by William H. Please give us a call or submit the form here: Sell Us Your Item 2018 Wooden Nickel Antiques. Antique chandeliers can truly be called “jewelry for your house”! Rau Antique Antique Brass Handheld Photograph: A Dainty Toilet Berry, Kelly & Chadwick, Copyrighted 1900, by William H. They are for homes or commercial use. NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be Antique French 18thc Hand Blocked left unchanged. “AFTER THE OPERA” Berry, Kelly & Chadwick, Copyrighted 1900, by William H.

These chandeliers come in brass, bronze, iron, alabaster, and crystal. This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms.

Rau Antique Photograph: DROPPING THE SKIRT. Themes ranged from scientific to picturesque, from historical to humorous, and Large Antique German C1900 Paper from risqu to refined.

LOCATION & HOURS 1410 Central Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45202 Monday-Saturday: 10a-5p CONTACT US FOLLOW US SELL US YOUR ITEM We’re always interested in unique & interesting finds.

Very Rare Antique Hand Craved Collapsible Cane Must See

Meerschaum Antique Pipe Risque Bed Erotica

We are always looking for new medical antiques to improve and add to the archives collection, the sale catalogue, and as topics for future. Painted Old World Brighton Pantry Display Shelf A selection of bow-framed amputation saws that span 250 years of surgical history are presented. But, when paying through PayPal I will have to add 3% to the total. ANTIQUE SURGICAL SETS Antique Roosevelt Bears Buffalo An 1850s general operating set of amputation, trephining, ophthalmic, and urological instruments by George Tiemann, New York. White carried War in 1862 Put up by his mother E.

Antique and historical medical and surgical consulting and technical advisor services available for film, movie, documentary, theatrical, and television productions, etc. Please contact me for more payment information. MEDICAL ANTIQUES U. ANTIQUE STETHOSCOPES A c. PHRENOLOGY ANTIQUES Phrenology busts and other phrenology antiques are discussed and pictured. PHILADELPHIA. A Civil War medical box with period label stating: Charles E. All bottles are in Mint to Near very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see Mint condition unless noted. CIVIL WAR MEDICAL ANTIQUES A fine presentation Civil War Medical Staff Sword Model 1840.

All attempts have been made to accurately describe all bottles listed. Shipping and insurance is extra. 1820s Laennec monaural stethoscope turned in three parts from cedar. KERN, GEMRIG, KOLBE, HELMOLD, REES, WOCHER, MARTIN, ROSE & SELLERS, ROSE, ARNOLD, REINHARDT, DUFILHO, SNOWDEN, WIEGAND, SCHIVELY, CODMAN & SHURTLEFF, SHEPARD & DUDLEY, FORD, WADE & FORD, KUEMERLE, TEUFEL, AUTHENRIETH, KLOTT, WOLF, CHEVALIER, S. OPHTHALMIC ANTIQUES Cataract surgery sets. APPRAISALS & IDENTIFICATIONS See Appraisals for information on our service. 1860-1866), New York. , are used exclusively.

ANTIQUE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Antique Tourniquets: Petit’s Spiral, USA Belt, Signoroni’s, Mott’s, and other unusual examples. Checks or money orders are accepted, however, when paying by check a 10 day very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see waiting period will be allowed before orders are shipped. Please contact us at. The insert cone of cedar and brass was used when listening to heart and voice sounds. I do accept PayPal payments. MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, MEDICINE CASES, HOSPITAL STEWARD’S KNAPSACKS, SURGEON’S COMPANIONS, PANNIERS, ESPECIALLY BY ASTORIA LAB, SQUIBB, OR MARIS, OTHER CW SURGEON’S PERSONAL ITEMS, SUCH AS CLOTHING, GUNS, SWORDS, PHOTOGRAPHS, CDVS, MEDALS, ANYTHING RELATED TO J. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, U. DENTAL ANTIQUES Antique dental forceps, toothkeys, and pelicans are discussed. Antique spectacles. The collar is faced in very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see the black branch color of the Confederate medical department. The lift-out tray retains the paper label: MANUFACTURED BY J. Any special wants? JULIAN CHISOLM, FRANK HASTINGS HAMILTON, STEPHEN SMITH, VALENTINE MOTT, ALEXANDER MOTT, REED BROCKWAY BONTECOU, R. Antique ophthalmoscopes. Primary sources. Period artifacts, texts, instrument maker’s catalogues, photographs, etc. BONTECOU, HAREWOOD HOSPITAL, GETTYSBURG, ANTIETAM, WILDERNESS, CIVIL WAR BATTLES, CIVIL WAR HOSPITALS, SAMUEL PRESTON MOORE, Antique Sterling Coin Silver Medallion Dinner PORCHER ANTIQUE ANESTHESIA INHALERS AND ETHER AND CHLOROFORM Antique Ottoman Turkish 22k Gold BOTTLES, DROPPERS, AND OTHER ITEMS ANTIQUE UROLOGICAL AND ANTIQUE LITHOTOMY SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, LITHOTRIPTERS, LITHOTRITES, LITHOTRIBES, GORGETS, STONES MADE INTO ORNAMENT AND KEEPSAKES ANTIQUE CANES OR WALKING STICKS WITH A MEDICAL very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see ASPECT, CONTAINING MEDICATIONS, SYRINGES, STETHOSCOPES, ETC. 1830s Staffordshire leeches jar. Another Website of Interest Antique Marble Sculpture JOHN PECK Animal & Vet Black Glass & Case Gin bottles Cosmetic & Hair Bottles Drug Store Bottles Food Jars & Bottles Miscellaneous Shot & Dose Glasses Tins & Collectibles Whiskey & Spirit Bottles Antique and old bottles are my passion! MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, U. If you are interested in selling a single piece or an entire collection, please keep me in mind. A fine 1860s amputation set with instruments marked: GEMRIG. High definition unedited photo files of many of the items found on the website are available for sale to advertisers, publishers, researchers, etc. A scarce Civil War-date general operating set as designed by James R. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. A ” ” indicates new very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see line of wording Just click on a category to the left to go Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase With Rooster & to the page you want. HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT MARKED SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, U. ANTIQUE MEDICAL PHOTOGRAPHY Daguerreotypes, albumens, CDVs, and tintypes of medical subjects. Alex Peck has been a student and dealer of medical, surgical, and dental antiques since 1978. LITHOTOMY ANTIQUES Antique lithotomy and urological instruments. Let me know very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see and I will keep an eye out. Categories include : Bitters, Poison, Whiskey, Soda, Food, Beer, Medicine, you name it! GYNECOLOGICAL ANTIQUES Antique specula in ivory, wood, pewter, and other materials. (1813-1882), in conjunction with the firm Wade & Ford (fl. GEMRIG 109 South Eighth St. AN ANTIQUE MEDICAL, SURGICAL, & DENTAL ARTIFACTS RESOURCE SITE Sale Catalogue Recent Sales Additions Reference Books Archives Wants List Collecting Alerts Links to Medical Museums ANTIQUE SCIENTIFICA SITE UPDATED 24 JUNE 2018 All pictures and text on this site are copyrighted 2018. 1880 Cammann binaural stethoscope with tension spring and screw adjustment. Scarificators and cupping glasses are illustrated. Antique Chinese Large Carved Hardwood Stand Base ANTIQUE PHRENOLOGY MATERIAL, BUSTS, ESPECIALLY EARLY AND IVORY EXAMPLES, CALIPERS, BROADSIDES ANTIQUE CLINICAL THERMOMETERS, GOLD AND SILVER CASES, TIEMANN’S BENT, IVORY AXILLA, IMMISCH, SURFACE X-RAY TUBES AND RADIOLOGY ANTIQUES, COLD CATHODE X-RAY TUBE, CROOKES TUBES, X-RAY MACHINES APOTHECARY ANTIQUES AND PHARMACY ANTIQUES, JARS, BALANCES, MEDICINE CHESTS, MEDICAL CHESTS, SHOW GLOBES, LEECH JARS ANTIQUE MICROSCOPES, PRE-1900 BRASS MONOCULAR AND BINOCULAR, POWELL & LEYLAND, ROSS, BAKER, PILISCHER, MARTIN, CUFF, MARSHALL, W. CHISOLM, J. White at Deerfield NH. JONES, BECK, CARY, DOLLAND, ADAMS, Sterling Bronze Company ZENTMAYER, BAUSCH & LOMB, TOLLES, GRUNOW, QUEEN, BULLOCH, NACHET, ZEISS, LEITZ, EARLY MICROSCOPE ACCESSORIES ANTIQUE ANATOMICAL MODELS, CORCH , FULL-FIGURE, TORSO, HEAD, BRAIN INDIVIDUAL BODY PARTS, ANIMAL, PLANT, BORK STEGER, AUZOUX, PICHLERS WITWE & SOHN, LEOPOLD AND RUDOLF BLASCHKA, ECORCHE ALEX PECK MEDICAL ANTIQUES MEDICAL ANTIQUES INTRODUCTION SERIES (IN DEVELOPMENT) ANTIQUE ANATOMICAL MODELS Auzoux anatomical models ANESTHESIA ANTIQUES Anesthesia antiques, such as inhalers and droppers, are discussed.

WHITE, BIDDLE, TIEMANN ANTIQUE APOTHECARY CHESTS, UNUSUAL BOTTLES, SHOW GLOBES, BALANCES, WEIGHTS, SUPPOSITORIES REVOLUTIONARY WAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, SURGICAL SETS, INDIVIDUAL ANTIQUE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, DOCUMENTS ANTIQUE CIVIL WAR-BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH- ANTIQUE MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, very rare antique hand Antique Pot Belly Stove Anc Ne Maison craved collapsible cane must see SURGEON’S UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, SWORDS, MODEL 1832 MEDICAL STAFF SWORD, MODEL 1840 MEDICAL STAFF SWORD, ANYTHING PRESENTED TO A SURGEON OR DOCTOR, SURGICAL SETS, SURGICAL BOOKS, SURGICAL MANUALS, PHOTOGRAPHS, LETTERS, DIARIES, U. I very rare antique hand craved collapsible cane must see also accept consignments for my list. ENT ANTIQUES ANTIQUE EAR TRUMPETS AND HEARING AIDS ANTIQUE ENEMAS, STOMACH PUMPS, AND DOUCHES ANTIQUE AMPUTATION SETS An 1850s amputation set by Max Wocher, Cincinnati. A rare Civil War Confederate surgeon’s coat from Virginia. BLOODLETTING ANTIQUES A fine and decorative c. Alex Peck actively buys important and high quality antique medical, surgical, bloodletting, and dental instruments, tools, equipment, Revolutionary War and Civil War medical antiques, books, photographs, letters, personal medical-related objects of doctors, medical school memorabilia, and other similar items.

Antique Guinea Sepik River Papua 2 Ornate Masks Custom Framed

John’sYYTSt. CanadaCA906QuebecXFYSainte-Foy Rail Svce. VITVitoria. Novella Antique Oak Fireplace Mantel 60 Rail. MillerUnited StatesUS67TomskTOFTomskRussian FederationRU770TonghuaTNHTonghua LiuheChinaCN713TongliaoTGOTongliaoChinaCN713TongoaTGHTongoaVanuatuVU885TongrenTENTongrenChinaCN713TonopahXSDTest RangeUnited StatesUS67TonopahTPHTonopah ArptUnited StatesUS67TonsbergXKWTonsberg Rail St.

IntlUnited StatesUS67BrownwoodBWDBrownwoodUnited StatesUS67BrueggenBGNR. Walton BeachUnited StatesUS67ValparaisoVPZPorter CountyUnited StatesUS67ValverdeVDEHierroSpainES482VanVANVanTurkeyTR679Van HornVHNCulberson CountyUnited StatesUS67VancouverCXHCoal HarbourCanadaCA906VancouverYDTBoundary BayCanadaCA906VancouverXEAVancouver Rail Stn. LeeUnited StatesUS67MinotMIBMinot AFBUnited StatesUS67MinotMOTInternationalUnited StatesUS67MinskMHPMinsk antique guinea sepik river papua 2 ornate masks custom framed International 1BelarusBY413MinskMSQMinsk International 2BelarusBY413MintoMNTMintoUnited StatesUS67MinvoulMVXMinvoulGabonGA526MiquelonMQCMiquelon AprtSt. Roque Saenz PenaPRQPres. United StatesUS67BridgetownBGIGrantley Adams InternationalBarbadosBB246Brigham CityBMCBrigham CityUnited StatesUS67BrightBRJBrightAustraliaAU802BrightonBSHBrightonUnited KingdomGB493Brighton DownsBHTBrighton DownsAustraliaAU802BrindisiBDSPapola CasaleItalyIT450BrisbaneBNEBrisbane InternationalAustraliaAU802BristolBRSBristolUnited KingdomGB493Britrail Rail Zone SQQSLondon St. PancrasUnited KingdomGB493BrittonTTOMunicipalUnited StatesUS67Brive-La-GaillardeBVELarocheFranceFR427Brize NortonBZZRaf Brize NortonUnited KingdomGB493BrnoBRQTuranyCzech RepublicCZ420BroadusBDXBroadusUnited StatesUS67BroadviewYDRBroadviewCanadaCA906BrochetYBTBrochetCanadaCA906BrockvilleXBRBrockvilleCanadaCA906Broken BowBBWBroken BowUnited StatesUS67Broken HillBHQBroken HillAustraliaAU802BromontZBMBromontCanadaCA906BronnoysundBNNBronnoyNorwayNO465Bronson CreekYBMBronson CreekCanadaCA906BrookingsBOKBrookings StateUnited StatesUS67BrookingsBKXBrookingsUnited StatesUS67Brooks LodgeRBHBrooks LodgeUnited StatesUS67BroomeBMEBroomeAustraliaAU802BroomfieldBJCJeffcoUnited StatesUS67BrownsvilleBROSouth Padre Is. Cruzeiro Do SulBrazilBR316Crystal LakeCYECrystal LakeUnited StatesUS67CuambaFXOCuambaMozambiqueMZ550Cube CoveCUWCube CoveUnited StatesUS67CucutaCUCCamilo DazoColombiaCO327CudalCUGCudalAustraliaAU802CuddapahCDPCuddapahIndiaIN733CueCUYCueAustraliaAU802CuencaCUECuencaEcuadorEC337CuernavacaCVJGeneral Mariano Matamoros AirportMexicoMX148CuiabaCGBIntl. Roque Saenz PenaArgentinaAR303PrescottPRCPrescottUnited StatesUS67Presidente DutraPDRMunicipalBrazilBR316Presidente PrudentePPBAdhemar Antique 68 12 Harpoon Spear Vintage Maritime De BarrosBrazilBR316PresovPOVPresovSlovakiaSK483Presque IslePQIMunicipalUnited StatesUS67PrestonPSTPrestonCubaCU219PretoriaPRYWonderboom Apt. CanadaCA906MontroseMTJMontrose CountyUnited StatesUS67MontserratMNIBrambleMontserratMS256MontvaleQMVMontvaleUnited StatesUS67Monument Valley GldngsGMVMonument ValleyUnited StatesUS67MoolawatanaMWTMoolawatanaAustraliaAU802MoombaMOOMoombaAustraliaAU802MooraberreeOORMooraberreeAustraliaAU802MooreaMOZTemaeFrench PolynesiaPF823Moose JawYMJMoose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. Congo (Zaire)CD517KinstonISOStallings FieldUnited StatesUS67KipnukKPNKipnuk SPBUnited StatesUS67KiraKIQKiraPapua New GuineaPG804KirakiraIRAKirakiraSolomon IslandsSB874KiriKRZKiriZaireZR517KirkenesKKNHoeybuktmoenNorwayNO465KirkimbieKBBKirkimbieAustraliaAU802Kirkland LakeYKXKirkland LakeCanadaCA906KirksvilleIRKMunicipalUnited StatesUS67KirkukKIKKirkukIraqIQ634KirovKVXKirovRussian FederationRU770KirovogradKGOKirovogradUkraineUA488KirovskKVKKirovskRussian FederationRU770KirunaKRNKirunaSwedenSE484KirundoKREKirundoBurundiBI503Kiryat ShmonaKSWKiryat ShmonaIsraelIL636KisanganiFKIKisanganiD.

Sikorsky Mem. TrompowskyBrazilBR316VarnaVARVarnaBulgariaBG411VarrelbuschVACVarrelbuschGermanyDE429VastervikVVKVastervikSwedenSE484VatomandryVATVatomandryMadagascarMG541VatukoulaVAUVatukoulaFijiFJ821VatuleleVTFVatuleleFijiFJ821VejleVEJVejleDenmarkDK419Velikij UstyugVUSVelikij UstyugRussian FederationRU770Velikiye LukiVLUVelikiye LukiRussian FederationRU770VenetieVEEVenetieUnited StatesUS67VeniceVNCVeniceUnited StatesUS67VeniceVCEMarco PoloItalyIT450VeniceXVQSanta Lucia RailItalyIT450VenneslaXXEVennesla RailwayNorwayNO465VenturaOXRVenturaUnited StatesUS67VeracruzVERLas BajadasMexicoMX148VerdalXXGVerdal RailwayNorwayNO465VermilionYVGVermilionCanadaCA906Vernal, UTVELVernalUnited StatesUS67Vernon B. )VI4St Croix antique guinea sepik river papua 2 ornate masks custom framed IslandSSBSPBVirgin Islands(U. Airport CorumbaBrazilBR316Corvo IslandCVUCorvo Antique Art Deco Chinese 3×6 Oriental Rug IslandPortugalPT469Costa MarquesCQSCosta MarquesBrazilBR316CotabatoCBOAwangPhilippinesPH766Coto 47OTRCoto 47Costa RicaCR110CotonouCOOCotonouBeninBJ519CottbusZTTCottbus Railway Stn.

GermanyDE429CottbusCBUCottbusGermanyDE429CottonwoodCTWCottonwoodUnited StatesUS67CotullaCOTCotullaUnited Antique Silver Hand Embroidered Turkish Ottoman Rare Antique Wrought Iron Hand Forged Steel StatesUS67CouncilCILMelsing CreekUnited StatesUS67Council BluffsCBFMunicipalUnited Amplificatore Finale Sonance Sonamp Dsp 2 StatesUS67CourchevelCVFCourchevelFranceFR427CourtenayYCACourtenayCanadaCA906CovenasCVECovenasColombiaCO327CoventryCVTCoventry – West Midlands International AirportUnited KingdomGB493CovilhaCOVCovilhaPortugalPT469CowarieCWRCowarieAustraliaAU802CowellCCWCowellAustraliaAU802CowleyYYMCowleyCanadaCA906CowraCWTCowraAustraliaAU802CoyhaiqueGXQTen. ItalyIT450RomeXRJTermini antique guinea sepik river papua 2 ornate masks custom framed Rail Stn.

South AfricaZA562PretoriaHPRCentral HprSouth AfricaZA562PretoriaHICIscor HeliportSouth AfricaZA562Preveza LefkasPVKAktionGreeceGR433PricePUCCarbon CountyUnited StatesUS67PrieskaPRKPrieskaSouth AfricaZA562Prince AlbertYPAPrince AlbertCanadaCA906Prince GeorgeYXSPrince GeorgeCanadaCA906Prince GeorgeXDVPr. JoshuaSaint Vincent And The GrenadinesVC279St. JeronimoColombiaCO327MonterreyMTYGen Mariano EscobedoMexicoMX148MonterreyMOYMonterreyColombiaCO327MonterreyNTRAeropuerto Del NorteMexicoMX148Montes ClarosMOCMontes ClarosBrazilBR316MontevideoMVDCarrasco International AirportUruguayUY385MontevideoMVEMunicipalMINNESOTA”Unit0MontgomeryMGJOrange CountyUnited StatesUS67MontgomeryMGMDannelly FldUnited StatesUS67MontgomeryGUNGunter AFBUnited StatesUS67MontgomeryMXFMaxwell AFBUnited StatesUS67MonticelloMXCSan Juan CountyUnited StatesUS67MonticelloMSVSullivan County IntlUnited StatesUS67MonticelloMXOMunicipalUnited StatesUS67MontillaOZUMontillaSpainES482MontluconMCUGueret (Lepaud)FranceFR427MontoMNQMontoAustraliaAU802MontpelierMPVEdward F Knapp StateUnited StatesUS67MontpellierMPLMontpellier M diterran eFranceFR427MontpellierXPJMontpellier RailwayFranceFR427MontrealYMXMirabelCanadaCA906MontrealYULPierre Elliott Trudeau International AirportCanadaCA1MontrealYHUSt HubertCanadaCA906MontrealXLMSt Lambert Rail Svce. Paul IntlUnited StatesUS67MinneriyaMNHMinneriyaSri LankaLK711MinnipaMINMinnipaAustraliaAU802MinocquaARVNoble F. BFHBacacheriBrazilBR316CurrilloCUICurrilloColombiaCO327CururupuCPUCururupuBrazilBR316Curuzu CuatiaUZUCuruzu CuatiaArgentinaAR303CushingCUHMunicipalUnited StatesUS67Cut BankCTBCut BankUnited StatesUS67CutralCUTCutralArgentinaAR303CuxhavenFCNCuxhaven NordholzGermanyDE429CuyoCYUCuyoPhilippinesPH766CuzcoCUZVelazco AstetePeruPE368CzestochowaCZWCzestochowaPolandPL467Da NangDADDa NangViet Antique English Oak Drop Leaf NamVN791Dabaa CityDBBAlalamain Intl. BelgiumBE409AntwerpANRDeurneBelgiumBE409AntwerpZAYDe Keyserlei Bus Stn. NorwayNO465SartanejaSJXSartanejaBelizeBZ106SarySRYDashte antique guinea sepik river papua 2 ornate masks custom framed NazIranIR632SaseremeTDSSaseremePapua New GuineaPG804SaskatoonYXEJ. United StatesUS67Vail EagleQBFVail Van ServiceUnited StatesUS67ValcartierYOYValcartierCanadaCA906ValchetaVCFValchetaArgentinaAR303ValdezVDZMunicipalUnited StatesUS67ValdiviaZALPichoyChileCL324ValdostaVADMoody AFBUnited StatesUS67ValdostaVLDRegionalUnited StatesUS67ValencaVALValencaBrazilBR316ValenceVAFChabeuilFranceFR427ValenciaVLNValenciaVenezuelaVE388ValenciaVLCManises AirportSpainES482ValentineVTNMiller FieldUnited StatesUS67ValeraVLVCarvajalVenezuelaVE388ValesdirVLSValesdirVanuatuVU885ValkealaUTIUttiFinlandFI425ValladolidVLLValladolidSpainES482ValleVLEJ t RobidouxUnited StatesUS67Valle De PascuaVDPValle De PascuaVenezuelaVE388ValleduparVUPValleduparColombiaCO327VallegrandeVAHVallegrandeBoliviaBO312VallejoVLOStolportUnited StatesUS67VallemiVMIINCParaguayPY365VallenarVLRVallenarChileCL324ValparaisoVAPValparaisoChileCL324ValparaisoEGIDuke FieldUnited StatesUS67ValparaisoVPSFt. )VI4St Thomas IslandSPBSPBVirgin Islands(U. AreaChinaCN713TianjinXTFPort Free Trade ZoneChinaCN713TianjinTSNTianjinChinaCN713TiaretTIDBouchekif Abde Al-hafidh BoussofAlgeriaDZ500TibooburraTYBTibooburraAustraliaAU802TibuTIBTibuColombiaCO327TicantikiTJCTicantikiPanamaPA162TichittTHITichittMauritaniaMR545TidjikjaTIYTidjikjaMauritaniaMR545TifalminTFBTifalminPapua New GuineaPG804TiftonTMAHenry Tift MyersUnited StatesUS67TigaTGJTigaNew Antique Estate Ostby CaledoniaNC846TignesTGFTignesFranceFR427TijuanaTIJGeneral A. Rupert Rail StnCanadaCA906Prince RupertZSWSeal CoveCanadaCA906Prince RupertYPRDigby IslandCanadaCA906PrincetonPCTPrincetonUnited StatesUS67PrincetonZTJPrinceton JT RailUnited StatesUS67PrincetonBLFPrincetonUnited StatesUS67PrincetonPNNPrincetonUnited StatesUS67PrincipePCPPrincipeSao Tome and PrincipeST567PrinevillePRZPrinevilleUnited StatesUS67PrishtinaPRNPrishtina International AirportKosovoKS497ProcidaZJJHarbourItalyIT450PromePRUPromeMyanmarMM706ProprianoPRPProprianoFranceFR427ProserpinePPPWhitsunday CoastAustraliaAU802Prospect CreekPPCProspect CreekUnited StatesUS67ProvedeniaPVXProvedeniaRussian FederationRU770ProvidencePVDT.

Tef nikaSlovakiaSK483BratskBTKBratskRussian FederationRU770BraunschweigBWEBraunschweigGermanyDE429BravaBVREsperadinhaCape VerdeCV507BrawleyBWCBrawleyUnited StatesUS67BrazoriaBZTHinkles FerryUnited StatesUS67BrazzavilleBZVMaya MayaCongoCG515BreckenridgeQKBVan ServiceUnited StatesUS67BreckenridgeBKDStephens CountyUnited StatesUS67BredaGLZGilze-RijenNetherlandsNL461BregenzXGZRailway StationAustriaAT403BreiddalsvikBXVBreiddalsvikIcelandIS439BremenBREBremenGermanyDE429BremerhavenBRVBremerhavenGermanyDE429BremertonPWTBremertonUnited StatesUS67BresciaVBSBresciaItalyIT450BrestBQTBrestBelarusBY413BrestBESGuipavasFranceFR427BrevesBVSBrevesBrazilBR316BrewarrinaBWQBrewarrinaAustraliaAU802BriaBIVBriaCentral African RepublicCF509BrianskBZKBrianskRussian FederationRU770BridgeportBDRIgor I. BJVMilas AirportTurkeyTR679BoeblingenPHMBoeblingenGermanyDE429BoendeBNBBoendeZaireZR517BogalusaBXAGeorge R CarrUnited StatesUS67BogandeXBGBogandeBurkina FasoBF593BogheBGHAbbayeMauritaniaMR545BogotaBOGEldoradoColombiaCO327Boigu antique guinea sepik river papua 2 ornate masks custom framed IslandGICBoigu IslandAustraliaAU802BoiseBOIAir Term. Pierre And MiquelonPM977St Pierre dela ReunionZSESt Pierre dela Antique Chinese 19th C Qing ReunionReunionRE563St Antique Tiffany Florentine Sterling Silver Fish ThomasYQSPembroke Area MncplCanadaCA906St Thomas IslandSTTH. ItalyIT450RondaRRARondaSpainES482RondonRONRondonColombiaCO327RondonopolisROORondonopolisBrazilBR316Rongelap IslandRNPRongelap IslandMarshall IslandsMH844RonnebyRNBKallingeSwedenSE484RonnebyXWKKarlskrona Rail Svc. GermanyDE429LaayouneEUNHassan IMoroccoMA548LabasaLBSLabasaFijiFJ821LabeLEKLabeGuineaGN531LablabLABLablabPapua New GuineaPG804Labouchere BayWLBLabouchere BayUnited StatesUS67LabreaLBRLabreaBrazilBR316LabuanLBULabuanMalaysiaMY749Labuan BajoLBJMutiaraIndonesiaID832LabuhaLAHLabuhaIndonesiaID832Lac BicheYLBLac BicheCanadaCA906Lac BrochetXLBLac BrochetCanadaCA906LaconiaLCIMunicipalUnited StatesUS67LadouanieLDOLadouanieSurinameSR379Lady Elliot IslandLYTLady Elliot IslandAustraliaAU802LadysmithLAYLadysmithSouth AfricaZA562LaeLAENadzabPapua New GuineaPG804Lae IslandLMLLae IslandMarshall IslandsMH844Laeso IslandBYRLaeso AirportDenmarkDK419LafayetteLAFPurdue UniversityUnited StatesUS67LaForgesYLFLaForgesCanadaCA906LagesLAJLagesBrazilBR316Lago AgrioLGQLago AgrioEcuadorEC337Lago ArgentinoINGLago ArgentinoArgentinaAR303LagosLOSMurtala MuhammedNigeriaNG555Lagos de MorenoLOMFrancisco P. MarshTNMTeniente R. )VI4St VincentSVDE. RailwayCZ0PragueXYJHolosovice RailwayCZ0PraiaRAIFrancisco MendesCape VerdeCV507Prairie Du ChienPCDMunicipalUnited StatesUS67Praslin IslandPRIPraslin IslandSeychellesSC570PrattPTTPrattUnited StatesUS67PrenticePRWPrenticeUnited StatesUS67PrerovPRVPrerovCzech RepublicCZ420Pres. United StatesUS67EnidENDVance AFBUnited StatesUS67EniseyskEIEEniseyskRussian FederationRU770EnkopingXWQEnkopingSwedenSE484EnniskillenENKEnniskillen St. Marechal RondonBrazilBR316Cuito CuanavaleCTICuito CuanavaleAngolaAO502CulebraCPXCulebraPuerto Chinese Antique 18th RicoPR3CuliacanCULFedl De BachigualatoMexicoMX148CulionCUJCulionPhilippinesPH766Culver CityCVRHughesUnited StatesUS67CumanaCUMCumanaVenezuelaVE388CumberlandCBEWiley FordUnited StatesUS67CuneoCUFLevaldigiItalyIT450CunnamullaCMACunnamullaAustraliaAU802CuracaoCURHato International AirportNetherlands AntillesAN259CuritibaCWBAfonso Pena International AirportBrazilBR316Curitiba. )VI4St Croix IslandSTXAlex HamiltonVirgin Islands(U. Cristobal deL Damascene 15 Tray Inlaid Silver CasasSZTSan Cristobal AirportMexicoMX148S o LuisSLZMarechal Cunha MachadoBrazilBR316SaarbrueckenSCNSaarbrueckenGermanyDE429SaarmelleekSOBSaarmelleek balatonHungaryHU437Saba IslandSABJ. PlazaUnited StatesUS67Los AngelesJUCUniversal City H PUnited StatesUS67Los AngelesJLXUnion Station H PUnited StatesUS67Los AngelesJSNSherman Oaks H PUnited StatesUS67Los AngelesLAXLos Angeles InternationalUnited StatesUS67Los AngelesJBPCommerce Bus. United StatesUS67HoustonEFDEllington FieldUnited StatesUS67HoustonDWHDavid Wayne HooksUnited StatesUS67HoustonJDXCentral Bus. George Rail StnCanadaCA906Prince RupertXDWPr. ViracoposBrazilBR316CampoCZZCampoUnited StatesUS67Campo GrandeCGRIntl. GreeceGR433KavanayenKAVKavanayenVenezuelaVE388KaviengKVGKaviengPapua New GuineaPG804KavikVIKAirstripUnited StatesUS67KawadjiaKWDKawadjiaCentral African RepublicCF509Kawau IslandKUIKawau Antique Tibetan Tantric Buddhist IslandNew Zealand (Aotearoa)NZ851KawitoKWOKawitoPapua New GuineaPG804KawthaungKAWKawthaungMyanmarMM706KayaXKYKayaBurkina FasoBF593KayentaMVMMonument ValleyUnited StatesUS67KayesKYSKayesMaliML543KayseriASRErkilet International AirportTurkeyTR679KazanKZNKazanRussian FederationRU770KearneyEARKearneyUnited StatesUS67KebarKEQKebarIndonesiaID832KedougouKGGKedougouSenegalSN569KeeneEENDillant-HopkinsUnited StatesUS67KeetmanshoopKMPJ. CanadaCA906VandaliaVLAVandaliaUnited Antique Chinese Rug Ningxia Ninghsia StatesUS67VangaindranoVNDVangaindranoMadagascarMG541VangriengVGGVangriengLaosLA744VanimoVAIVanimoPapua New GuineaPG804VannesVNEMeuconFranceFR427VanrookVNRVanrookAustraliaAU802VantaaHELHelsinki-vantaaFinlandFI425VanuabalavuVBVVanuabalavuFijiFJ821VaraderoVRAJuan Gualberto GomezCubaCU219VaranasiVNSVaranasiIndiaIN733VardoeVAWVardoeNorwayNO465VarginhaVAGMaj. NorwayNO465TonuTONTonuPapua New GuineaPG804ToowoombaTWBToowoombaAustraliaAU802TopekaFOEForbes AFBUnited StatesUS67TopekaTOPPhilip BillardUnited StatesUS67TorembiTCJTorembi AirportPapua New GuineaPG804TorokinaTOKTorokinaPapua New GuineaPG804TorontoYTOMetropolitan AreaCanadaCA416TorontoYKZButtonville MunicipalCanadaCA905TorontoYYZLester B. Batista Bos FilhoBrazilBR316IkamiutQJIHeliportGreenlandGL975Ikaria IslandJIKIkariaGreeceGR433IkelaIKLIkelaD. GermanyDE429BrumadoBMSBrumadoBrazilBR316BrumunddalZVBBrumunddal RailwayNorwayNO465Brunette DownsBTDBrunette DownsAustraliaAU802BrunswickBQKGlynco JetportUnited StatesUS67BrunswickSSIMckinnonUnited Hydrocollator M 2 Heating StatesUS67BrunswickNHZNASUnited StatesUS67Brus LagunaBHGBrus LagunaHondurasHN131BrusselsCRLCharleroi Brussels SouthBelgiumBE409BrusselsZYRMidi Railway StationBelgiumBE409BrusselsBRUBrussels AirportBelgiumBE409BryanCFDCoulter FieldUnited StatesUS67BryceBCEBryceUnited StatesUS67BuaBVFDamaFijiFJ821BubaqueBQEBubaqueGuinea-BissauGW559BucaramangaBGAPalo NegroColombiaCO327BuchananUCNBuchananLiberiaLR537BuchansYZMBuchansCanadaCA906BucharestOTPHenri Coanda InternationalRomaniaRO473BucharestBBUBaneasaRomaniaRO473BuckeyeBXKBuckeye MunicipalUnited StatesUS67BucklandBKCBucklandUnited StatesUS67BudapestXXJDeli RailwayHungaryHU437BudapestBUDFerihegyHungaryHU437BudapestXXQKeleti RailwayHungaryHU437BuenaventuraBUNBuenaventuraColombiaCO327Buenos AiresAEPArpt. TrumanVirgin Islands(U. Bird IntlAntigua And BarbudaAG206AntiqueEUQEvelio JavierPhilippinesPH766AntlersATEAntlersUnited StatesUS67AntofagastaANFCerro MorenoChileCL324AntsalovaWAQAntsalovaMadagascarMG541AntsirabeATJAntsirabeMadagascarMG541AntsirananaDIEAntsiranana ArrachartMadagascarMG541AntsohihyWAIAntsohihyMadagascarMG541AntwerpZYZBerchem Railway Stn. Mavi Uluslararas Nakliyat yesidir. )VI4St Denis de la ReunionRUNGillotReunionRE563St EtienneEBUBoutheonFranceFR427St EustatiusEUXF D RooseveltNetherlands AntillesAN259St FrancoisSFCSt FrancoisGuadeloupeGP235St GeorgeSGOSt GeorgeAustraliaAU802St George IslandSTGSt George IslandUnited StatesUS67St Georges de lOyapockOYPSt-Georges de lOyapockFrench GuianaGF344St HelensHLSSt HelensAustraliaAU802St JeanYJNSt JeanCanadaCA906St John IslandSJFSt John IslandVirgin Islands(U. SPBUnited StatesUS67New YorkQNYMarine Air TerminalUnited StatesUS67New YorkLGALa GuardiaUnited StatesUS67New YorkJFKJohn F Kennedy IntlUnited StatesUS67New YorkJREEast 60th Street H PUnited StatesUS67New YorkWTCWorld Trade CenterUnited StatesUS67New YorkTSSEast 34th St HeliportUnited StatesUS67New YorkJRBDowntown Manhattan H PUnited StatesUS67New YorkNBPBattery Pk City N. CityKMCKing Khalid MilitarySaudi ArabiaSA67King Of PrussiaKPDKing Of PrussiaUnited StatesUS67King Interesting Antique French Gothic Desk SalmonAKNKing SalmonUnited StatesUS67KingaroyKGYKingaroyAustraliaAU802Kingfisher LakeKIFKingfisher LakeCanadaCA906KingmanIGMKingmanUnited StatesUS67Kings CanyonKBJKings CanyonAustraliaAU802Kings Creek StationKCSKings Creek StationAustraliaAU802Kings LynnKNFMarham RAFUnited KingdomGB493KingscoteKGCKingscoteAustraliaAU802KingstonKINNorman ManleyJamaicaJM876KingstonKTPTinsonJamaicaJM243KingstonYGKKingstonCanadaCA906KingsvilleNQINASUnited StatesUS67KinmenKNHShang-YiTaiwanTW781KinoosaoKNYKinoosaoCanadaCA906KinshasaFIHN’Djili AirportD.