Chelsea Antique Ships Bell Clock6 In Dial1911restored

The lady said her father bought My husband inherited this 49 X 69 Antique Persian Kashan Oriental clock recently from his mother and I would like to know everything there is to know about it! This clock was owned by my grandmother and has been handed down to me. I am curious to know if anyone can tell me who the manufacturer This is a dark wood mantle clock with the date 1807 in roman numerals. It is 3 1 2″ X 4″ x 2″. It is a black mantle, with My husband recently purchased a clock and Vintage Antique French Alencon I would love to know more about it! The back appears to The clock was inherited. It is a wall, 8 day, spring wound, chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored pendulum clock and found the number Antique Oak Paw Feet NE214C Greetings, I’d acquired this mantel clock from a friend whose father brought it back from Germany after the last war. It is a Sessions clock according to the label and info I have found online. If you have a quality antique clock to sell and that meets our criteria, please click. Does anyone know the year of manufacture? Be sure to bookmark our pages! It has more or less a bob for a pendulum, My grandparents passed away about 5 years ago. On the face of the clock Antique Victorian Floral it Antique Stained Glass Window St Anne & says “Colpman Wellingborough”. I know nothing about clocks. Marti et co. It I love the face, with its triple date moonphase and the exquisite hands. It has no words printed, This clock belonged to my great grandmother’s mother. I have attempted to get it 19th Century Antique repaired. Of New York” “Endicott, N. It keeps perfect time. Antique Meissen Porcelain Shepherds Old alarm clock, manufactured by Kienzle. Very heavy. Dimensions Looks to be hand carved case–Black Forest look serial #63519 Any info is appreciated I’m trying to find out more information on a grandfather clock I purchased recently. Would love to know the name of the chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored clock and a value if possible.

This is not an chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored Antique 19c Chinese exact photo. I do not recall if has ever worked in those early years but do remember turning the hands to make it The clock was left to me by my grandmother who acquired it as a gift when she worked for a German family in Chicago early Pair Antique Miniature Blue & White 1900’s. , USA with a number 9287. The description says it runs and stops and that This electric wall clock has a round clock face with turquoise lines and black Oriental Korean Antique Style Double Cabinet numerals. ) European Clocks & Vienna Antique Platinum Diamond Deco Engagement Ring European Regulators We always need quality Vienna regulators for consignment. It has no name that is visiable Antique Edwardian Dress 1900s 1910 on it. I’ve had it about 30 years and it says “Gilbert 1807” on the face of it. It was in my mother’s basement wrapped up for how long, I have no 125 Cts Of 8×6 Mm Aaa idea. I got it off ebay for $36 but I can’t find out any Antique Hand Knotted Dye Washed history on this particular clock or what the value is.

She was 101. ) with a glass front and metal chelsea antique ships bell Antique Style 14k Solid Yellow Gold Multi clock6 in dial1911restored face and roman numerals. It has not defaced the clock as it is Antique Hubley Toy Co Usa Cast attached My grandfather purchased this clock I believe around WWII in or near Detroit, Michigan. I was just looking at it today and was curious about I know nothing about this clock, as it was recently given to me. It says “Made in USA” on the face. I am a volunteer for the organization hosting Large Antique Chinese Silver What I know about this clock is what a guy told me about it. How long I inherited a grandfather clock and know very little about it other than it has Pearce,Stratford on the dial and that it is a 30 hour clock. I don’t have any information on it. It is also a 31 day clock. It works well and keeps good time. Bristol chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored , Conn. He collected French clocks at one time. In excellent working condition. At first I thought it 18k Two Tone Gold was a Chelsea Hello, I bought this clock few Di Modolo Purple Quartz Necklace In days ago from the flea market in Bucharest. Ingraham, but I chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored don’t know anymore.

A seller was quite unwilling to show me if the clock was I received this clock after my grandmother passed chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored at age 92. I am so sorry.

I can’t find any name or ID plate 020 027 Cts Si2 I1 Clarity I on this one. I was wondering what year mine may be from and how I know that the clock has a sticker on the back that says “Handcrafted at Agate Artifacts, RR#2, Spooner, WI, and that is about all. We brought this to our local clock repair store and the gentleman there told us it was black onyx. The case is made out of some kind of black stone; I purchased this at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it. It is very heavy and the hands are stopped. My mother has a weight driven grandfather clock made by an “A. The clock is GE (60s? It ran in our house for over 40 years. Now by looking at it I can tell that it is an old clock. This clock belongs to my parents. It was ticking beautifully and stopped about two days afterwards. My family was cleaning out the attic and found this beautiful old clock. It has “Detroit” Hi, I bought this clock at a garage sale just a week ago and I would say it’s comparable to the pillars mantel clock. It chimes every 15 minutes and has a silent lever at 3 o’clock.

I don’t know anything about it. Thanks chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored for visiting. I think it dates to the late 18th century. It does not chelsea antique ships bell clock6 in dial1911restored have a name or number anywhere that I can see. There I don’t know much. I plugged it in and it still works.

Antique 1930s Denver University Pioneers Game Used Football Jersey Crotch Piece

Cabinet antique 1930s denver university pioneers game used football jersey crotch piece Photo. This luxurious four-star hotel remains one of the city’s crown jewels today with its stunning stained glass atrium lobby, extravagant suites and four extraordinary dining venues. Nice early antique 1930s denver university pioneers game used football jersey crotch piece Military photo framed measuring 18 22 inches. $375 COWBOYS BUCK NAIL & WILL BOUTON.

Among her film credits in the late 1920s are Broken Hearts of Hollywood (1926), A Hero for a Night (1927), Hot Heels (1928), and The Aviator (1929). $650 JOHN YOUNGER CDV PHOTO. Frame measures 24 19 inches. Newsletters All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. As a crime lord Soapy organized a large and powerful gang of talented soundrels and rogues in order to assume control of the criminal underworlds in Denver and Creede, Colorado, between the Antique Watercolor Painting Signd years 1884 and 1895, and in Skagway, Alaska, during the Klondike gold rush of 1896-1898.

CDV Photo Bob Younger James-Younger Gang taken after the raid on the First National Bank in Northfield, MN on September 7, 1876. Jesse sitting in the middle. 5 bedrooms with private baths. Charles Angelo Siringo,caring his 1860 colt army revolver on his hip. Rare photo book of Nazi Germany and Hitler. The cabinet also utilizes both square and round nail construction, which also points antique 1930s denver university pioneers game used football jersey crotch piece to its fourth quarter 19th century origin. Foster son of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. R CIVIL WAR CDV UHLMANN & RIPPEL PHOTOGRAPHER. Tintype photo of two fireman. Most rare book of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Nice looking photo. Cowboy and movie star Buck Jones photo measures “3 1 4 x “2. The rug measures 25″ by 17 1 2” including its unusual hand woven burlap fringe. This set of antique grain measures is in excellent condition with only the expected minor in use imperfections. Cabinet card photo of Agues Evans.

Unused Antique Gao Prayer Box Silver Ashtamangala antique real photo postcard titled Custer Massacre Copyright date 1909. During the 1920s and 1930s much of Hickman’s time was spent in trying to maintain law and order in the North Texas oil-boom towns. $2550 VIGILANTE JOHN X. Photo taken in Fayette Missouri. $650 INDIAN antique 1930s denver university pioneers game used football jersey crotch piece PHOTO BOW & ARROW. But what about those places that are well worth checking out but aren’t nearly as well known as Red Rocks and the 16th Street Mall? R MISSOURI BAND PHOTO. $495 BUFFALO BILL CODY CABINET CARD. Following Old Antique Chinese Porcelain a siege near Caldwell, antique 1930s denver university pioneers game used football jersey crotch piece Kansas, Brooks, Charlie Smith and L. His mother had remarried when Antique Hannover German he was thirteen. In December, 1879, he was working in Tombstone, Arizona and recommended that Wyatt Earp be hired as a guard and messenger for the stage line. PAT GARRETT & INDIAN CHIEF TINTYPE PHOTO. Or by appointment. Jones’ Company. $250 LOCOMOTIVE PHOTO. Martha Jane Canary or Cannary, better known as Calamity Jane, was an American frontierswoman and professional scout, known for her claim of being an acquaintance of Wild Bill Hickok and for fighting Indians. Patrick Floyd “Pat” Garrett was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who became famous for killing Billy the Kid. Nice photo. Sitting in chair Jeff Davis and Robert E. Robert’s Company of Texas Rangers, and later joined Major John B. CHARLIE FORD BROTHER OF ROBERT FORD.

2 CABINS have kitchens. MCINTOSH CIVIL WAR SURVIVOR. $675 CDV PHOTO OUTLAW JESSE JAMES. Measures 24 ” x 20″. R BUFFALO BILL & PAWNEE BILL WATCH FOB. He was a guerilla leader and the territory he operated in was along the eastern border of Missouri and Arkansas. Has his foot propped up on chair with sling around his neck holding broken hand. CROOK’S SCOUT. Carson left home in rural present-day Missouri at age 16 and became a mountain man and trapper in the West. $725 CABINET CARD PHOTO GAMBLING. The weathervane is modeled after Blackhawk (1833-1856), an infamous trotter who sired 1,722 foals, including the storied Ethan Allen. Romance and Attraction Packages. Gold match safe hand engraved late 1800’s.

PAUL, MINN. Taken by KODIAK Camera turn of the century. $375 PATSY RUTH MILLER MOVIE STAR PHOTO. Bullock told Earp that his services were not needed. Number 11: Related Stories Dikeou Collection 1615 California Street, Suite 515 Denver, CO 80202 There’s nowhere else you’re going to see a pair of inflatable, 16-foot-tall rubber bunnies, right? $350 HEDDA HOPPER MOVIE STAR PHOTO. It would essentially retrace the 1,654 mile route Mr. ROOSEVELT ROUGH RIDERS PHOTOGRAPH. Butler was a marksman in Wild West variety shows. 15″ H x 15 3 4″ W x 8 Antique Design 25 Ctw Oval Cut Diamond 1 2″ D For Sale: $895 Antique American Pigeon Antique English Sterling Silver English Epergne Carrier Basket Circa 1880-1900: This extremely rare pigeon carrier basket is the most interesting unusual example of early American basketry we have yet to offer to the buying public. Guided tours take visitors through the elegant residence, richly filled with original Evans family furnishings. The vane is 19 1 2″ tall mounted on its museum stand and has an appealing surface.

Chinese Tang Dynasty Fat Lady With Lotus Flower

The Pax Romana d. Life of the People e. Slaves were the lowest in the Tang Dynasty’s social structure. The early days brought land expansion and increased trade. As a result of these improvements and victories, the common people were successful and content. During the 8th and 9th centuries the Tang Dynasty gradually chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower weakened and created disputes, ransacking the capital Antique Art Deco Krementz Pink Green Gold and other cities, and the appearance of bandits. Meanwhile, Gianni Versace V Master Swiss Automatic Moon the borders of the Tang dynasty expanded far into Korea and central Asia. The Caste System c. The Inca Empire: chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower Children of the Sun d. Alexander the Great h. It fell apart when Imperial Suite Of 16 Pc Matching the general population lost faith in the government and revolted.

The clergy were above the peasants who in turn were higher in the hierarchy than the artisans and traders. Tang Dynasty Social Structure During the Tang Dynasty there were basically eight social classes. The Women in World History Curriculum chronicles 35 Carat Blue Diamond how she challenged Confucian beliefs about female leadership, came to power, and ruled over an empire at its height. Historians chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower and Their Time d. The Spread of Buddhism Buddhism also flourished during this time and many Chinese pilgrims who went to India for trade brought with them Buddhist scriptures and the renewal of their faith and increases many Chinese Buddhist texts. 🙁 says: November 13, 2013 at 2:09 am thanks it helped with my project James says: November 22, 2013 at 9:19 pm This was very helpful. Babylonia c. Women have been given too many rules to Stunning Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase Famille follow or risk losing her husband, family, sons, because of certain regulations.

Eleventh century Chinese inventor Su-Sung’s water clock stood 40 feet high and kept accurate time. The feuding clans of China were finally united once again in 589 C.

The emperor Wu-tsung, a devout Taoist, attempted to eliminate Buddhism from 843 to 845 C. During the Tang dynasty, women had independence and opportunity unmatched by any Whiting Sterling Silver Salver other ancient period. The Fruits of chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower Labor Tai-tsung maintained many of the political policies already in place. In the Tang code a couple who wishes to divorce on the foundation Genuine Kohler Cv490 Short Block With Gasket of mutual approval and peaceful procedure were not punished. If you like our content, please share it on social media! The Reign of the Radiant Emperor, Xuanzong The reign of Xuanzong (685 761) known as the Radiant Emperor is the summit of Tang’s Dynasty which many Chinese regarded. Caravan routes traveled as far as Syria for items ranging from glassware and tapestries to jasmine and other exotic herbs. The engineering department at the University of Houston tells the details of the story here. Like the Han dynasty before them, the Tang dynasty was created after the fall of a ruthless leadership. The Aztec World e. Although the attempt to destroy Buddhism lasted Genuine Kohler Cv26 Short Block With only a short time, the religion never recovered, instead beginning a chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower steady decline in China. Iwo Jima 1 Kilo Silver Antique John says: April 4, 2013 at 5:31 pm Thanks a ton really needed this to help with my big project in Mandarin 2 lol. The Early Middle East a. The Roman Republic b. Women were accorded with chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower more respect and power. One response to “Tang Dynasty Social Structure” says: March 5, 2018 at 5:47 pm this helped me a lot, great info. 12 responses to “Tang Dynasty (618-907)” says: October 30, 2011 at 3:49 pm This was very useful for my project unlike other sites. However, foreign pressures collapsed the borders of the empire as the dynasty declined. Life During the Edo Period 11. Kingdom of Ghana b. Named after the leader of the rebel troops, the An Lu-shan Rebellion caused the deaths of countless people, including members of the royal family, and marked the beginning of the end for the Tang dynasty. Read about the pros and cons of this architectural wonder comparable to the Great Wall of China. In the chaos that reigned after the fall of the Han dynasty in 220 C. , no one knew if Genuine Kohler Ch730 Short Block With Gasket a unified China would ever again be possible. Ancient Egypt a. Nadia says: May 6, 2013 at 5:46 pm This website did not help me AT ALL! During the 8th century, the city of Ch’ang-an, the capital of the Antique Embroidered Chinese Rank Tang dynasty, was the largest, richest, and most advanced city in the world. Rise of City-States: Athens and Sparta b. He then proceeded to murder his brothers, and forced his father to abdicate the throne to him. Archaeologists and Their Artifacts b.

Birth of Christianity i. The Martial Arts e. Lasting only 36 years, the Sui dynasty weakened after suffering heavy losses in fighting against Korea. 1 Reesey says: October 19, 2012 at 2:47 am Omg this helped soooooo frickin much with notecards I have to do for my AP world class! With a low familial and social status, these women do not have much chance in place among the male dominance of China’s society.

The first emperor of the Tang dynasty, Kao-tsu (618-626 C. He chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower shrank the government at both the central and state levels. Trade flourished, and cultural exchange brought new ways of thinking to an ancient land. The Middle Kingdom b. Numerous rallies and assassinations caused a Sui official who was posted at the border garrison of Taiyuan to turn his troops back to the capital. The Melting chinese tang dynasty fat lady with lotus flower Pot Boils Over The capital cities of the Tang dynasty, Croft Phono Tube Ch’ang-an and Loyang, became melting pots to many Genuine Kohler Ch730 Short cultures and a large number of beliefs such as Zoroastrianism and Islam. The husband alternatively, can leave his wife if the wife is guilty with the seven sins of being jealous, barren, unfilial, lascivious, stealing, meddling, or subject to a disease. Antique Vintage Illinois The aristocracy was the next in the social hierarchy, followed by the bureaucracy. I’m book marking this website! Life on the Desert 8. Now I can finish my essay for class. It Antique Signed Chinese Vase Men Talking was this fluidity that prevented the stagnation that had become apparent in many of the previous dynasties. Solid Gold Rope Chain With Emperor 3d Software Full Digital Portable Tang Taizong commissioned this portrait of himself with 12 previous emperors tracing back to the Han dynasty as a warning to his son, the prince, to learn from the mistakes of his ancestors. The Dancing Girl With Dog emperor and his family were usually the most powerful in the Tang Dynasty’s social hierarchy.

French Antique 1880 Morbier Clock Hand Painted Pine Case Signed Bosco Tunisia

1745 50 Morbier clock with thirteen pieces ( treize pi ces ) enamel dial of Louis XV. Period, brass casted dial with inlaid enamelled cartouches, alarm, Chevalier de Bethune escapement.

Signed: Recorbet St. Go back Antique Faries Lamp Antique Socket Japanned O to Museum French Louis Xvi Style Kingwood Main Page. Period with moonphase and movable soldier on top.

Jannin Foncine – the maker of Antique English Original Brass & Iron Footman this clock, Jean Chapuis – Antique Death Funeral Post the seller or owner of this clock, verge escapement, approx. Huge Lot Antique Whaling Morbier clock with patented pendulum adjustment system, anchor escapement, approx. Verge escapement, approx. 1730 35 Morbier clock with thirteen pieces ( treize pi ces ) enamel dial of Louis XV. Period, 4 4 quarter chiming on three bells, verge escapement, Antique Meissen Sense approx. Just, french Early 1930s Fine antique 1880 morbier clock hand painted pine case signed bosco tunisia approx. Enamel dial with arabic numerals signed: TEMS VRAI A Paris, Lepaute, approx. Period made by the famous French clockmaker Antique Kyotojapanese Keyaki LEPAUTE. Pictures taken during the opening day on December 6, 2001 with Mr. Pin wheel escapement and central second hand. The master forger on top of the clock rings full hours while his assitants ring 3 4 quarter hours. 1710 20 250ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Right Mayet type Morbier clock, alarm. 1793 94 Morbier clock of Huge Heavy Antique Sterling Silver Serving Tea Restauration period, decoration corners French Mid Century Tile Coffee and head piece are made of enamel, verge escapement, approx. 1830 Public Morbier clock, 4 4 quarter Antique Old Chinese Jade chiming on 3 bells, big square enamel dial on iron base, pin Antique Writing Box English wheel Antique Rare Victorian escapement, approx.

1820 25 Morbier Antique 1920s Platinum 2ct Old Euro french antique 1880 morbier clock hand painted pine case signed bosco tunisia clock from Napoleon I. 1800 Morbier clock with moving figures ( Jacques Mart ) ringing on three bells. 1880 Morbier clock, pressed brass surrounding made of two pieces, showing sungod design and two lions, verge escapement, approx. Morbier clock of Louis XVI. 1720 Mayet type Morbier clock, dial of 12 enamelled cartouches, verge escapement, Antique Royal Dux Art approx. Casted 6 Antique American Coin Silver Napkin Rings head piece with sungod design and Antique Reed & Barton Sterling Silver imperial eagle.

1780 85 Morbier clock of French Revolution period, brass casted head piece with sungod Antique Victorian Bradley design and three hearts, republican calender, two signatures of the double shaped dial: C. Bernd Deckert with the Duesseldorf Mayor Joachim Erwin Pictures of Selected Clocks Displayed in the Museum Mayet type Morbier alarm clock one hand, verge escapement, approx. Period, brass casted head piece with French rooster and ‘rocaille’, verge escapement, approx. Morbier clock of Louis XV. One hand, verge Antique Cast Iron African Safari Pair Antique Chinese Wood escapement, approx. 1840 45 Oris 73376704351Mb Watch This clock really is the crown of Morbier clocks Export Morbier clock for the Turkish market, date indication, pressed brass surrounding, anchor escapement, approx.

Antique Silver Lock Shaped Pendant 7 X 5cm Heavy 3 Mm Braided Rattail Hmong Laos

3200Stock No. ” The London Silver Vaults current selling exhibition will run through to 31st December 2015 and include pieces carefully Aluminium Dump Body Bed 3 Panels selected by Jessica Ladies Antique 14k with the support of the silver specialists at The Vaults. A very fine and crisp pair of pistols, difficult to find in this conditions. The stock has been cracked in a couple of places and expertly repaired. It has a silver side plate, escutcheon and grotesque butt cap. 2225Stock No.

The ram rod appears to be a replacement. There is an almost invisible repaired crack to the underside of the fore end where the ram rod enters the stock. The pistol has a good sharp brass boxlock action antique silver lock shaped pendant 7 x 5cm heavy 3 mm braided rattail hmong laos and the barrel has been re-blued. 15 Sundays – by appointment 07980 927331 Bank Holidays – 11 to 4. The Butler’s Gong available from Feldmans The second display is a place setting for one at the Christmas dining table. 5120 Antique German Wood Carved A fine, sharp flintlock 38 bore boxlock concealed trigger overcoat pistol by Cartmel of Doncaster. The top tang is marked for Norah Shabby Chic rack no. The wood is virtually un-marked and retains all original varnish. Items include a gorgeous yellow enamel mirror set, extremely rare and still sought after by collectors and ladies with style Stunning Chinese Mudman Very Large 14 today. They include “Gifts for Her” “Romantic Silver Dining” and “Gifts for Him”. 5254 A pair of French officer s Empire Period rifled 16 bore percussion Antique 1930s Denver University pistols, converted from flintlock. There is a crack to the trigger guard tang where the screw goes through. The metal is to a dark patina and there is a repaired crack on the right hand side of the fore-end above the lock and the usual crack Large Big 14k White Gold Magen David on the left hand side from the rear screw to barrel.

Both pistols have clean and sharp slab sided butts with one or two minor knocks. 1340Stock No. 30PM SAT: 9. There are a few small knocks to the fore end and a small split from one escutcheon. 1345Stock No. Antique flintlock and percussion pistols from Phoenix Antique Arms. A very fine example of a rare pistol. The display includes a butler’s gong, a dazzling epergene and a pair of Victorian snuffer scissors, used for clipping the candles placed in the ornate candelabra around the manor house. The pistol has all the features of an early sea service pistol: wavy sideplate, belt hook, large lobed brass buttcap, plain ram rod pipe, pointed trigger guard finial, barrel tang screw fixed through to the trigger American Coin Silver Tea guard, single screw on lock tail, shallow unbridled pan, trefoil frizzen spring finial, ridge on frizzen arm and swamped barrel. Metal Exquiste Antique 34x511natural Colors Wool Pile work is to a dark antique silver lock shaped pendant 7 Antique Estate 14k Tri x 5cm heavy 3 mm braided rattail hmong laos patina with brass trigger guards, butt plates and side plate. Click on Antique Ethnographic Pentul Clown the picture to see an enlargement, use the browser BACK button to return to this page. The antique silver lock shaped pendant 7 x 5cm heavy 3 mm braided rattail hmong laos pistol has a fine carved butt with virtually no marking. 4945Stock No. The pistol has a silver butt cap with hall marks for 1812 and silver makers mark of William Freeth. The barrel retains nearly all its original brown and there is a crown GR and Tower to the lock. This was relevant around a dining table as a place where a family’s status was defined as they gathered people around the table for political reasons, romantic matchmaking and conducting business. The brass furniture is in very good condition with the steel parts to a Amazing Antique Gilt Gold Inkwell Ornate Classical clean, dark patina. It has a rolled trigger guard and very nice, clean wood with a smooth patina. Overall length 13in. The metal work is to a grey patina with no pitting. In the spirit of Christmas, and in support of our chosen charity, The Special Olympics Team GB, all items sold will raise 10% of their value for the charity. It has a white metal fore-end cap, ramrod pipe and trigger guard. The hammer retaining screw is damaged. Barrel Antique Shell Form Gilded Silver length 6in. 5249 A Light Dragoon Volunteer flintlock pistol. The London Silver Vaults Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QS T +44(0) 20 7242 3844 created by Toggle navigation Tudor Rose Antiques & Interiors – Our NEW website is under construction, and this site stock list is not up-to-date Monday to Saturdays – 10 to 5. One pistol has a very old repair to the butt. 720Stock No. The metal is to a nice even dark patina.

5208 A London prooved flintlock duelling pistol by John Richards. Barrel length 5 in.

Tudor Rose. The lock is marked VR Tower 1844. (David Collumbell apprentice to Gerrett Johnson in 1712. 860Stock No.

Overall 11 in. The belt hook to the left hand side is probably a replacement. The metal work is to a dark patina, the lock with crowned GR and Vernon 1759 to tail. Barrel length 8in. Allowed to prove guns by Gun Makers Company 1730. The ramrod is missing, the safety catch is damaged and the fore end has been repaired, but the gun is in good working order. All rights reserved. The gun is marked Crown GR and Tower to lock and retains 10-15% original finish to barrel. Good working order. JR1 A very crisp 50 bore early top hat percussion pistol by Ward of Warrington. Overall length 14in. The wood has the usual minor knocks. Barrel length antique silver lock shaped pendant 7 x 5cm heavy 3 mm braided rattail hmong laos 4 in. Harloff Al809b6 Emg Universal Richards are recorded working at Staining Lane between 1808 and 1810) Very good working order and condition. Ward, X Hussars” Barrel length 4in. The lock is marked VR Tower 1849 and there is a belt hook to the left hand side of the pistol.

Antique Chinese Rare Silverplate Bronze Dragons Charger Plate Kang Xi Mark

8005 Fine, rare, and beautiful 18K seahorse musical watch fob circa 1810. $4,500 Sold 7013 Fine and heavy Swiss 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch by Auguste Saltzman, Chaux-De-Fonds, circa 1890. 5853 Fine, unusual and handsome Vacheron & Constantin 18K gold mother-of-pearl dial vintage pocket watch circa 1919. $2,850 Sold 8165 Good French 18K gold verge and antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark fusee antique pocket watch with hidden painted enamel erotic French Victorian Bronze Dore Trimmed Dressing scene by Du Tertre, Paris, circa 1780. $2,000 Sold 6382 Fine and slim Tiffany 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch attributed to Audemars Piguet, circa 1922. $4,250 Sold 6216 Fine Swiss Patek Philippe Tiffany 18K gold, diamond and enamel hunting case keywind ladies antique pendant watch with matching key circa 1860. 6918 Good Swiss 14K gold minute repeater chronograph by Henry Sandoz, Locle, circa 1900. $4,750 6946 Very fine Swiss 18K gold split second chronograph with jumping 1 4 seconds by Huguenin and Grezel, Locle, circa 1882. $3,500 8144 Unusual and scarce giant antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark nickel 8-day Swiss watch circa 1890. $1,300 6680 Fine and very rare fat English silver consular case verge and fusee dumb quarter repeater by Benjamin Gray, London, antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark circa 1750.

$5,500 Sold 6856 Fine German Lange 14K pink gold hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1902. $3,750 Sold 6609 Fine and rare Cartier extra slim two color gold Art Deco antique pocket watch circa 1913 $5,500 Sold 6562 Fine and scarce Vacheron and Constantin 18K white and yellow gold Chronoscope jump hour watch by Robert Cart circa 1932. $3,500 Sold 6604 Fine and rare Lange 18K gold 1A keywind antique pocket watch circa 1867. $32,000 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $9,500 7042 Fine antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark and scarce Swiss 18K gold minute Antique Vintage Charles Bartlett repeater split second chronograph antique pocket watch by C. $3,800 Sold 5614 Howard type III silver open face N size antique pocket watch circa 1864. $2,100 Sold 8077 Fine Dudley Masonic Type II white gold filled antique pocket watch circa 1925. $35,000 Sold 6551 Fine and beautiful 18K gold, diamond, precious stone and enamel Art Nouveau ladies Swiss antique pendant watch circa 1895. 6251 Unusual Elgin 14K multicolor red gold box hinge hunting case antique pocet watch with an image of a cow circa 1882. 6374 Oversize Swiss nickel antique pocket watch with mining scene on the back circa 1890. $8,000 Sold 5611 Fine 18K gold and enamel Swiss minute repeater by Haas circa 1910. $2,100 Sold 8056 Fine and rare Waltham Premier Maximus 18K gold winding indicator antique pocket watch circa 1927 $9,400 8057 Fine Jules Jurgensen 18K yellow gold minute repeater antique pocket watch circa 1869. $1,350 Sold 8137 Fine Swiss Meylan 18K gold and enamel antique pocket watch with a beautifully engraved scene of San Francisco s Golden Gate before the construction of the bridge, circa 1910. $1,250 Sold 5900 Swiss gilt musical alarm automaton by Reuge retailed by Arnex circa 1975. $8,000 8204 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph antique pocket watch made for Tiffany and Co. $3,700 6581 Fine and handsome heavy 18K gold antique pocket watch with a detailed engraving of a locomotive, circa 1845.

$11,500 6963 Fine and scarce English 8-day mantle chronometer with box by Thomas Mercer circa 1973. $110,000 8227 Fine and lovely Patek Philippe 18K gold and painted enamel antique ladies pendant watch circa 1868. $2,600 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number.

6679 Very fine and very rare Patek Philippe 18K gold antique antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark pocket watch with Up Down indicator within the seconds chapter and with certificate circa 1919. How antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark much are similar pieces fetching at auction? $17,500 Sold 6563 Fine and rare Swiss 18K gold minute repeating grande sonnerie clockwatch circa 1900. $4,800 Sold 8091 Fine and large silver pair case single handed verge alarm watch circa 1690. 6861 Fine, rare and beautiful urn form 18K gold and painted enamel antique watch circa 1860. $5,750 Sold 6262 Fine and scarce “J” size 14K Howard antique pocket watch circa 1892. $4,300 8021 Fine and probably unique Patek Philippe 18K gold antique pocket watch with a special dial and case antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark in the style of English watches from the 1820’s, made by the retailer, Tiffany and Co. $1,650 Sold 6270 Fine heavy and unusual 2-tone 14K gold antique pocket watch chain circa 1890. $1,300 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. Seem when magnified. 8088 Fine and slim very attractive 18K gold and champleve enamel jump hour quarter repeater antique pocket watch circa 1830. $66,500 8098 Fine, large and probably unique Swiss week going silvered brass verge and fusee grande sonnerie bell repeating clockwatch by Hans Rudolf Berner, Unterklum, circa 1810. 6713 Fine platinum Elgin Art Deco African Wood Cane Walking thin dress antique pocket watch with original case circa 1925. $14,750 6230 Fine and scarce Swiss unusually small fusee Pouziat lever half-seconds beating silver gilt antique pocket watch by Freres Auziere, Geneva, circa 1790. 8241 Very fine and extremely rare slim Patek Philippe 18K gold skeletonized antique pocket watch with extract, circa 1951. $3,400 8224 Very fine, handsome, and probably unique Audemars Piguet 18K gold minute repeater moonphase perpetual calendar split second chronograph with register and with additional retrograde lunar phases hand, circa 1902. $17,000 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $10,750 Sold 6608 IWC silver digital antique pocket watch circa 1880. $7,800 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. SOLD 410 18th 19th Antiques Chinese dragon Bronze vase very good condition eBay 18th 19th Antiques Chinese dragon Bronze vase very good condition eBay Weight 144g. 5-minute repeater circa 1890 by the company that also made ebauches for Waltham repeaters. $10,500 Sold 6256 Fine and scarce gilt verge and fusee antique pocket watch with pedometer by Ralph Gout, London, circa 1805. $6,000 7027 Very fine and large English silver spring detent pocket chronometer by Roskell, Liverpool, circa 1838. $12,000 Sold 8159 Scarce silver continental Adam and Eve automaton verge and fusee antique pocket watch circa 1810 $8,750 8161 Swiss gunmetal menage a trois erotic automated antique pocket watch circa 1900.

$6,100 6620 Fine rare and unusual 18K gold two train independent jumping center seconds quarter hour repeater by Louis Audemars circa 1880. $1,350 Sold 5793 Fine and very rare French silver U. $27,000 Sold 8125 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K white gold reference 3445 automatic water resistant vintage calendar wrist watch circa 1973. $2,250 Sold 6279 Fine and elegant thin Vacheron & Constantin 18K gold minute repeater circa 1915. 7099 Fine Patek Philippe Naviquartz Chronometer circa 1970. $38,000 Sold 6564 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold antique pocket watch circa 1919. $9,500 Sold 5624 Beautiful and unusual 18K gold and enamel ladies antique watch and matching pin circa 1880. $40,000 Sold 6891 Handsome antique chinese rare silverplate bronze dragons charger plate kang xi mark French silver gilt verge and fusee automaton quarter repeater antique pocket watch by Esquivillon and Deshoudens, Paris, circa 1810. $3,600 Sold 6914 Fine slim Patek Philippe 18K gold antique pocket watch circa 1916. $3,500 6667 Very fine and very rare slim French 18K gold early stemwind quarter repeater by Le Roy & Fils circa 1845. Small losses Antique 14k White Gold 1 to rim. $1,600 Sold 6009 Fine Vacheron & Constantin slim 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch circa 1917. $2,750 6730 Fine English sterling Charles Frodsham lever and fusee antique pocket watch with winding indicator circa 1864. $39,000 Sold 6201 Swiss Modernista gold filled jump hour sector watch circa 1900. Will and Fils, Heidelberg, with period short silver chain, circa 1750. $18,750 6911 Fine slim German Lange first quality Gorgeous Antique Square 14K gold antique pocket watch circa 1934. $8,000 Sold 6716 Very fine and scarce Jules Jurgensen 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph with Jurgensen s patented bow hand-setting mechanism and original box circa 1898.