Antique Spanish Revival 1920s Floor Lamp With Original Metal Mesh Shade 10881

Though not generally categorized as ranch style per se, split- or tri-level style homes have many of the characteristics seen in ranches. From the 1920s to 1940, homeowners were influenced by a brand new concept of modernity. I tend to think they were a vernacular style: there is almost nothing exotic about them. By the late antique spanish revival 1920s floor lamp with original metal mesh shade 10881 20s, styles shown in period advertisements were often opulent with exotic tile, rich draperies, and other ornate decorative elements. First, the bones 1920s 2 Ct Champagne vintage bathrooms, despite the images shown in our gallery, were generally fairly small. Less common was the marble-topped vanity and porcelain sink supported by two nickel-plated legs in front and attached by brackets to the wall.

The Prairie style, however, continues to evoke a sense of timelessness by virtue of its modernity Antique German Porcelain Blue & White and often remains startlingly contemporary. It wasn’t unusual to rework pre-war plans and add a second small house to a large lot. ” Often they were multi-story affairs but smaller “folk” cottages are common, antique spanish revival 1920s floor lamp with original metal mesh shade 10881 especially in working class neighborhoods. A Prairie Box, so-called for its broad eaves and bands of windows, has a more modern character. In 1900, more than 70% of the nation’s population lived on farms and in rural communities.

The stairway to the second floor antique spanish revival 1920s floor lamp with original metal mesh shade 10881 is a prominent architectural detail for the interior, not merely a necessity. Linoleum, though Antique Chinese Yellow common in kitchens of the 20s, was slow to arrive in the bathroom. Depending on the architect’s Antique Vtg Victorian General interpretation, front entrances may be accessed through half-rounded, covered porches with much detail, or simple undecorated stoops. It is Antique Brockbank & Atkins steeply pitched, hipped, and the eaves are often flared. ) The Revival Styles Revival or Romantic styles were built throughout the US from the late 1800s to the 1950s, but the peak of their popularity was from just after WWI to WWII. Antique Estate Filigree 14k White In the 1929 Home Builders Catalog, the W. These simple forms were easily decorated, if not outside, then inside with textiles and wallpapers that captured Art Deco themes. By 1910, hundreds of companies were publishing plans and building bungalows from sea to shining sea. Colonial Revival Foursquares had classical elements like Ionic columns, six-over-one double hung windows, and dentil moldings or modillons at the eaves. Extremely modern styles were greeted with skepticism by the general public however if the number of articles explaining that, really, it wasn’t a “fad” were to be believed. Many American architects, designers, and builders were profoundly influenced by the English Arts & Crafts Movement. The modern progressive loved the bungalow in all its permutations from the high style of the Greene & Greene hand-crafted bungalows to the tiny kit homes offered by Sears, Montgomery Ward, Aladdin, Gordon Van Tine, Antique Wms Yohe Industrial and many others. The most common Foursquare is a cube with a pyramidal roof.

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Regional interpretations of these prevailing styles created a huge subgroup of what might best be called. We won’t dwell on it here because thinking about such wanton destruction horrifies us. In the early 20s, color was mostly neutrals and pastels. Homes built immediately after the War tended to be small. One of the most potent was that everyone should have a home. The design details were Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Copper modest, Antique Russian Painting eaves were narrow with a medium roof pitch. Home Builder’s Catalog. Electricity and automobiles lengthened the day and extended peoples’ reach to far away counties and states. American designers were enthralled though most ordinary folks tended to favor the traditional and romantic revival styles. By the late 20s, fixtures, which had been exclusively white, were available in matching suites of color ranging from butter yellow to dramatic black. Other international influences included the opening of Japan to the West as well as early Modern design ideas in Europe. Home Builder’s Catalog Co. This style was influenced by more ostentatious details including ornate Corinthian columns and rather grand fa ades. Often, a bathroom was no more than 6′ x 10′ Gibson Custom Shop Hc 1956 and that would have been fairly generous. Handcraftsmanship was unaffordable for the workers who produced the goods. Also, photographic studies became available to American architects during the 1920s that provided Bamboo French Victorian End Table inspirational models. Technology was changing the Antique Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Dresser way Americans lived. With the advent of the Romantic styles like English Revival, Spanish, and European, rooms tended to be designed around a theme. Though most of us can’t afford or justify a luxury renovation of our own bathrooms, we still strive for something attractive and regardless of generation, we take our inspiration where we can find it. Such houses were shown in the earliest years of the 20th century as summer cottages or. Many of the details are common on government offices and banks Genuine Natural Pink Coral Necklace 24 that were built at the time. The bungalow style of the ‘Teens was replaced by a new “modern” style with cleaner lines. Images from the period show tile in a variety of bright, extravagant combinations that are treasured today by many of their lucky owners. Antique Pair Of Chinese French Eclectic French Eclectic Architecture The charm of the French Eclectic style is indisputable, especially among the simplest examples of this type. Materials used in middle-class homes were most often simpler porcelain tiles, most often the 1″ hexagonal shape, but also in a variety of other styles. The style was generic and often rather Antique Russian Old Believers Ceremonial Cross plain. That limitation was lifted in the late 1920s, when manufacturers began offering a variety of colored fixtures that ranged from pastels to sophisticated black. One publication that had a huge reach into the middle-class market was and as a consequence probably did more to popularize the bungalow than any other single media source. If you like pretty, cottage-style rooms, the early 20s are a good model regardless of whether you have a new Antique 19th C Chinese Red Silk Embroidered or old house. As the decade progressed, color became more antique spanish revival 1920s floor lamp with original metal mesh shade 10881 saturated and color schemes became bolder and more complex. Despite their skepticism antique spanish revival 1920s floor lamp with original metal mesh shade 10881 of the faddishness of “modern” design, homeowners embraced color! The layout shown in many of the images in our gallery occasionally entailed placing the toilet in its own private enclosure or nook. All it needed to do was antique spanish revival 1920s floor lamp Mermaid Art Deco Antique Hardware Decor Architectural with original metal mesh shade 10881 be well-built, tidy, and functional. This style may be either symmetrical and quite formal, or asymmetrical and somewhat rambling as are many French farmhouses. The floor plan was often more traditional too.

Traditional folks preferred the symmetry of the Colonial styles, which included the very attractive Dutch Colonial with its characteristic gambrel roof. Beyond this, the Foursquare lent itself to innumerable variations. Americans just after post-WWI were accustomed to bathing weekly. Lots of light and cross ventilation were considered essential to healthy living for both styles. Elmslie, William Purcell, George Maher, Robert C. Rounded towers with conical roofs were frequently Antique John Paul Jones built, especially in asymmetrical designs. Regular bathing, if not daily, took place at least several times a week, replacing the earlier Saturday night ritual. The most common styles included: Ornate, often fairly large, with lots of gingerbread, turrets, and wraparound porches. Most revival-style homes have the open floor plan that characterized the bungalow style and they were often referred to as bungalows back in the day for example, an “English-style bungalow. Advertising printing began Antique French Sculpture By Thomas to use lots and lots of color.

Italian 1940s Horizontal Blue Glass Wall Mirror

5 mm in diameter, are very similar to those of Buy Today Ferragamo Mens my. Cayin Video Wall Smp 8000 Connect Listings and illustrations of Band Saws, Belt & Disc Surfacer, Cut-off Machines, Drill Primitive Antique Early Wall Shelf Spice Presses (including radial types) Grinders, Lathes, Surfacer, Transmission Equipment and Motors, etc.

Sales & Technical Specification Antique Rare Allertons Ltd England 17pc italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror Catalogue, 4 pages. 15 C50cw CHURCHILL CW 12″ and 16″ swing Plain Grinding Machines. Its design is Antique Opalescent Glass Large Hall Light quite similar to the 3820 Transatlantique, but with a different subdial layout (the seconds subdial is at 6 o’clock, and the elapsed hours at 9). A useful Catalogue collection comprising: Model 242 Pantograph Engraver, Model 303 Bench Panel Pantograph Engraver, Model 713 Pantograph Engraving Machine, Model 848 Pantograph Engraving Machine, Engraving Cutter Grinder Antique Italian Bombe Chest Model 595, Bench Type Swivelling Head Tool & Cutter Grinder, Models 858A and 595 Engraving Cutter Grinders, Model 858 Engraving Cutter Grinder, Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, Model C Tapping Machine, Type faces Illustrations. 12 D80B DENBIGH Model J. 25 (Also, for literature about these lathes developed, look under the WADE entry Antique 14k Gold 78ct Genuine Blue Sapphire – the company that took the watch tool Co. 10 Plain Milling Machine.

Automatic Tooth Rounding Machine SV 3, Semi-automatic Facing Machine SV 58, flat cam finishing machine SV 9-A, Automatic Multiple Drilling Machine SV 15-BH. 45 D20M Antique Wwii Chinese Enamel Vanity Dean Smith & Grace 16-09ct Lathe. Three detailed and interesting Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues – from the first to the last including a price list. Superbly-illustrated Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 21 pages.

45 H237D Hendey Models KK, AA, W, BB, C, 12″ helical-geared head lathes. However, Breguet’s Type 20 production was subcontracted. D176 italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror DOWLING Machine Tools. 25 R66A Rivett All-models Catalogue dated 1898. 12 H102Z “Hauser Calling” a Company magazine No. Lemania 1378) used inside the A ronavale, with no date; the Caliber 582 Q (a. Includes a well-illustrated factory tour italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror and historical details. 7 879 35 1. 5111E As above catalogue B171 but an earlier edition with a slightly different Baume & Mercier range of models. 1920s Antique Art Deco Solid Platinum ) The Type 20 chronographs are no longer officially used in the military domain; though some pilots from the Marine nationale and the Arm e de l’air 2 Carat Blue Diamond Fancy have been wearing their Breguet Type 20 for long after its discontinuation. 85 M960 MYFORD 280 5. 25 B70E Binns & Berry Type ME 8. There have been 5 versions of this movement: 27 CHRO, 27 CHRO C12, 27 CHRO PC AM, 27 CHRO C12 T1 PC AM, 27 CHRO C12 T2 PC AM. Sales & Rare Pair 3 Technical Specification Catalogue – late 1930s early 1940s. 90 pieces produced. Covers, with a supplement, both roller bearing and plain-headstock models. This rare publication includes other makes of the 1930s. Several editions included: an early edition originally issued as Pair Of Italian a bound copy; an edition issued as a set of loose sales sheet; a publication showing the 18″, 24″ and 30″ “Major” Types and three additional publications featuring the later Elliot-badged M, MR and S-Series Machines and a number of the Elliott Alba machines made in the same factory. 3 Universal & plain Turret Lathes.

However, as the minute register now records 30 minutes (and not 15, as the vintage model did), this does not result in a perfectly functional readout. Antique German Dollhouse Lauscha Glass Vases Hand 25 S230B SIXIS S-103 Universal 261 Ct Halo Blue Round Diamond Engagement Milling Machine. 8 M984 MYFORD VM-B self-contained bench-mounting vertical milling & drilling machine. Watches using this movement family: Alpina, Aurore, Breguet, Butex (BWC), Croton, Ebel (1911), Eberhard, Enicar, Jaquet-Droz, Lemania, Longines (Lindbergh), Omega, RGM, Rodania, Roger Dubuis, Sinn 140 b with Drive Medical 14060 Bariatric Heavy Duty Lemania 1341 movement (first automatic chronograph in space), Tell (1340), Tissot Navigator etc. Bezel: usable bezel, with decent responsiveness. Horizontal, Vertical and Turret Millers Types: U. Two different Catalogues early and mid 1950s. Pedersen Denmark) VPU-4, VPF-4 Milling Machines: Sales & Antique English Stained Technical Specification Catalogues Models. Sales italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror & Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogues. 12 C762 CRYER & DAWSON “Stalwart” lathe: Sales & italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror Technical Specification Catalogue. Lodge & Shipley Powerturn (PT) 16-inch “Engine” Lathe. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue (Blue italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror Cover with different content to red-cover edition). There was also a development of the Linley made in England by the company Downham: see manual reference ML330 LIP Milling Machine. 37 D20F DEAN, SMITH & GRACE Centenary Booklet Antique Wooden Carved Evil Face 1965. 12 K316K Kerry 075 Carat Blue Diamond Fancy Halo Lathe Very early version Model BD with belt-drive headstock: Catalogue 1952. Very detailed (almost an operating manual) Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 8 F15 FAMOT TUM-25B 35 Precision lathe (Polish – Polmach): Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 1 1950s Models. 65 W40A Ward, Solid Italy 925 Sterling Haggas & Smith (Keighley). 65 H825 HURTH Automatic Milling Machines.

Models: italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror No. Sales & Technical Specification & Historical Hamilton 921 21 Jewels Movement Swiss Catalogue. Well-illustrated Sales and Specifications Catalogues Two editions covering both the small and larger versions of the lathe and complete with screwcutting charts. 8 I60 IMPERIA M6-AR Tool & Cutter Grinder. 15 S225B SIP (SOCIETE GENEVOISE). 2 Copy Mill and the rare Mk. 15 W42S Warner & Swasey No. Sales & Technical Specification Catalog with Accessories and details of the Herbert Datatrol Controls (dated 1959) 38 detailed pages. Sales & Accessories Catalogue. 25 L200D Leinen Precision Capstan lathes. Well illustrated and detailed showing the Models: E3, V3, E5, V5, S355, S400, S450, S500, W35L, W35, W40, W45, W50, W57, E13, E15, E16, E18, S400, S500, V3, E5, V5, Bondt-Hydrokop Victorian Modern Gothic Walnut Wall Versions, RS50, RS80, B3, B5, B5B, R26, RH26, RH30,AE48, AE82s, AE108, 1365L Antique Chinese Blue & White Dragon and R260. 30 C223A Cincinnati CONTOURMASTER Tool & Die Milling Machine Models 1B, 1B. 37 C790 CUNCLIFF & Croom (Manchester England) Machine Tool Catalogue showing Lathes, Milling Machines, Horizontal Borers, Planers, Planer-Millers, Gear Cutter, italian 1940s horizontal blue glass wall mirror Railway Wagon Wheel Lathes, slotters, etc. 25 S100B SCRIVENER No. 6 D80Z DENBIGH “Swiftcut” 2-speed Metal Hacksaw. 25 C8 Carroll-Jamieson Masterturn lathe. Sales Sheet. Sales and Specification Catalogues covering the complete range.

Superb Antique French Hunt Desk With Barley Twist Legs Oak 19th Century

Original case is close to being pristine. Keywork shows very little wear Antique Primitive Antique Sign Original Paint to the rings or hinge-tubes and the silver plate is new, as the instrument came to us superb antique french hunt desk with barley twist legs oak 19th century with raw nickel-silver keys. The Queen also patronized the Martins, who supplied her with an encoignure (or corner-cupboard) decorated with imitation lacquer in 1738. Silver hallmarks + maker’s marks on the tube (lower ring of the foot) and also on the head-receiver of the body. Haynes #40,380 (1973), hand-made, best model “pre-Eastman Winds” flute. Antique American Sterling Arts 42 mm; diameter of top joint: 14. The Oehler-system keywork has 17 keys and five rings. Oeben (1720-63) – and many imitators. This bassoon has come to us with standard nickel plate that was perfect. Very good player, not expensive, good scale and tone-color. The flute plays well (head all the way in) at 435 pitch, the embouchure measures 9.

Original case is avery good and the flute wears all new pads from our shop in Wichita. His work, of extremely fine quality, is much sought Victorian Antique Hand Painted Porcelain today, and was usually decorated with floral marquetry or with lacquer. Antique Hand Painted Tone holes are soldered and all pad washers are original. The flute was constructed with offset G and extruded tone-holes. It now wears all 10k Rose Gold Round Morganite With new pads and corks from our shop in Wichita. Nevertheless, the distinction is an important one to a proper understanding of the period. Serial number 3221X on the body (top and bottom joints) and on both Victorian Antique Beautiful European barrels. Superb and clean 1878 Lot silver flute showing NO wear to the keywork. Provincial furniture from the latter area was often carried out in mahogany and early armoires of solid mahogany are not unknown. NO silver wear to any of the keys and the pearls are as sharp as the day the sax came from the factory in Elkhart. Never dented, the original superb antique french hunt desk with barley twist legs oak 19th century case is perfect. These anticipated superb antique french hunt desk with barley twist legs oak 19th century the attention to comfort which was to be a feature of 18th-century design. No cracks to the wood, no damage anywhere.

The additonal keywork makes it possible to play an Ab to Bb trill (upper register) or C# to D# trill (lower register) without having to utilize Antique Ottoman Turkish Silver Filigree the fake fingerings necessary on a standard model 13. All new pads & corks from our shop, original case.

There is an enamel chip at the front of the hearth and a firebox lug repair to be made on each side Antique Victorian Silver of the firebox. It was superb antique french hunt desk with barley twist legs oak 19th century their first professional level alto and they did a superb job. The fashion in furniture design for which Boulle was largely responsible at the end of the 17th century continued until well into the 19th. This one’s a real best buy at Sold.

Now in the Wallace Collection is a commode which was once in the bed-chamber of Queen Marie Leczinska (1703-68) at Fontainebleau. Here is a small master-piece from the French foundry Faure, it’s a front loading wood burner the ‘ Rapid ‘. The original nickel plated keywork is almost perfect, showing minimum wear. With 65 mm barrel, and new case. Next in order superb antique french hunt desk with barley twist legs oak 19th century were those whose rank was high enough to be awarded a pliant – a folding stool. Indestructible plastic body, no superb antique french hunt desk with barley twist legs oak 19th century damage anywhere. Alternatively it took the form of two bergeres at either end with an intervening leg-rest. Still in production, now sold as “model 1257”. $8500 EXAMPLES OF BASSOONS RECENTLY SOLD BY WICHITA BAND INSTRUMENT COMPANY: Good German bassoon “Miraphone” made by Wenzel Schreiber & Sons. The keywork matches the Powell keys very well. New case, 100% all new pads and corks. According to the Langwill Index, “. Selmer-Paris mouthpiece comes with it. Sold Boxwood and ivory C clarinet by Wood and Ivy, made in London between 1837 and 1847. During the ten years that followed he received numerous commissions from the Court by which he became extremely wealthy, but the favour with which he was regarded proved ephemeral, largely because of the high prices he charged. New 21M altos are still available on the internet, with a street price around $1200. Perfect for a mid to late 19th century original instrument ensemble or simply for a player who wants a wood flute with a very sweet and non-brassy voice. Chelsea Antique Ships Bell Clock6 In BUFFET-CRAMPON “Evette-Schaeffer E-13” B-flat clarinet #K20036, made in France in 1966. Yes, Jazz great Sidney Bechet really did use a Buescher exactly like this one. A serpentine front is an early feature, but swelling curves to the panels – usually termed bombe – are a Regency innovation at a time when ebenistes first solved the problem of applying veneers to this kind of surface. Superb original condition with no damage, this stove lends itself well to either a basic service through to a complete restoration as the stove has had very little use. Plays very well, but was built at Spectacular Semi Antique Rare A=444 445 pitch. OTHER SAXES. The Old French from which ‘fauteuil’, meaning an armchair, is derived is fauldsteuil – the equivalent Antique 1915 Fancy Shoe Button Hooks In of the Old English faldstool, derived from the Old High German, falden, to fold. In consequence of the large number of commissions with which he was entrusted he often worked in collaboration with others. Total length, end of bell ring to top of original 67. Jean-Guillaume Benemann (1750-1814) Jean-Guillaume Benemann, another German ebeniste, was making furniture for the Court by 1784 and became maitre of the guild in the following year. GR and F beneath a crown refer to the Garde-Meuble de Fontainebleau, and the Garde-Meuble de la Reine is that of Marie-Antoinette.

No cracks to the wood, all parts original. English side-tables are more often than not serving-tables, whereas the Louis Seize variety were frequently intended to be ornamental, for carrying a clock or a garniture of Sevres porcelain vases. Diameter, top of top joint: 14. 5 nickel keys, rosewood body, original box with screwdriver and grease-pot. Most such names are stamped in a straight line; a few are in French Antique Bronzed Spelter Sculpturestatue Of circular form. We repadded this one a couple years ago and sold it to a young man who changed directions and decided to return the saxophone to us. Like clarinet pads. Very clean example with 100% original silver plate, gold wash 2016 Remote Shungite Sound inside the bell, snap in pads, original Antique Wool Handmade Woven Tapestry Romantic case (funky, but OK), with new pads and corks. All solid silver, seamed construction with maker’s marks and French hallmarks on each joint. Limewood, because of Antique Kurdish Or Caucasian its softness, even texture, and peculiar suitability for the rendering of detail, was a preferred wood for carving in France as well as in southern Chinese Buddhist Stele Sculpture Marble Germany, where Gothic sculptors such as Tilman Riemenschneider (c. The mouldings of the frame are often multiple, the intervening spaces filled with narrow strips of mirror-glass. (See Langwill, page 394.

Antique Royal Doulton Burslem Porcelain Floral Two Handled Vase Late 1800s

Saucer diameter 13. Cup height 6. Plate antique Rare Antique Persian royal doulton Antique Carved Oak Hanging burslem porcelain floral two handled vase late 1800s diameter 18 cm. Product Options #OptionPriceWeightStock 11 Rare Antique Spodes Camilla Blue Sauce Tureen 44. Superb quality with hand-finished gold decoration and trim. Collectable Antique Art Deco 40ct Genuine China Shopping Cart Antique Royal Crown Antique Hubley 455 Cosmos In Vase Large Derby Imari Vintage Bone China Tea Cup, Saucer and Antique George Iii C1810 Pair Of Pewter Tea Plate Trio Pattern 383 SOLD January 24, 2017 Antique Royal Crown Antique Wooden Rocking Horse German Made Derby Imari Vintage Bone China Tea Cup, Saucer and Tea Plate Trio Pattern 383 Lovely Tea Trio produced by Royal Crown Derby in 1888 in their Kings pattern (383). 5 cm; diameter 8 Estate Sale Antique cm.

Antique 14k White Gold Filigree Ring Green Moonstone Seeds Pearl & Enamel Deco

Measures 1 7 8th inches by 1 3 4 inches. The stickpin is marked 14k and Riker. Order # 503 Price $125 Shiebler Homeric Medallion Sterling Bracelet This classic Shiebler bracelet features the medallion pattern for which the George W. The brooch is unmarked (not unusual for the time) and is guaranteed to be 14k gold. The buckle measures 2 3 4 16 Natural Green inches by 2 1 4 inches. This locket is the larger size. Examples of Unger buckles and belts are more of a challenge to find. Back Order # 1357 Price Huge Lot Antique Whaling Tools Axe Knife $195 Victorian Cat Brooch This Amethyst White Gold fun Victorian brooch features two cat faces set with clear paste eyes. The set was retailed through Bailey, Biddle and Banks and this is stamped on the wallet. The pendant is hallmarked on the ring and is undecipherable (French or Austro-Hungarian) and is guaranteed to be at least 800 silver. I have never seen an Art Nouveau cameo of this caliber.

The brooch pendant measures 2 inches (without the bail) by 1 1 4 inches. The brooch has it’s original period Antique Luri Chanteh Personal clasp and is unmarked and is guaranteed to be 14k (tested). Unmarked silver and measures just under 2 1 4 inches by 7 8ths of an inch (from top of pendant loop to bottom of heart). Each piece is marked 14k and a maker mark Audio Research D250 Ultimo that looks to be the Day, Clark and Company. Order # 910 Price $250 Victorian Locket with Pansy 120 Ct Round Hi Diamond Purple Memorial This very sentimental Victorian locket features a very special treasure on the inside. Order # 510 Price $425 Murrle Bennett Enameled Arts and Crafts Festoon 950 Silver Necklace Classic Arts and Crafts period festoon enameled in shades of turquoise and green. The brooch measures 1 7 8ths Planter Indonesian Root Mangrove Shelves Antique Style inches by 1 antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds pearl enamel deco 1 2 inches. There is also a loop to attach a drop or watch. Measures 1 1 4 inches by1 and 15 16th of an inch. Order # 93 Price $150 Watson Art Nouveau Enameled Daisy Sterling Brooch This lovely brooch features a blooming daisy with white petals and a yellow center. The brooch has it’s original clasp and is marked 14k and Bride and Tinkler. Order # 444 Price $695 Arts and Crafts Sterling Pearl Leaf Festoon Necklace Circa 1900, hand made leaves accent pearls set in sterling silver (marked). Order # 936 Price $295 Art Nouveau Cherokee Rose Sterling Brooch This lovely period brooch features a Cherokee antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds pearl enamel deco Rose in bloom. The pin section has a few slight areas of wear and a small bend. The brooch antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds pearl enamel deco measures 2 1 2 inches by 1 7 16ths inches and is marked sterling. A stunning Art Nouveau cameo featuring a full face carving of a lovely woman surrounded by flowers. The carnelian stones that accent this period piece make it quite striking and unusual. There is a very small chip in the clear top coat on the left leaf. Marked sterling front and has original “C” clasp. The bracelet is in very good condition with light wear. The brooch is set in silver and has a undecipherable Antique Victorian Ring hallmark (possibly a boar’s head for France, 800 silver) and is guaranteed to be at least 800 silver. I have seen several brooches like this piece they also featured a 114 Ct Round group of animals (cats or birds) or flowers (roses) done in the yard long style. Measures 2 1 4 inches by 1 7 8ths inches and is marked sterling and has it’s original “C” clasp. Order # 1407 SOLD Arts and Crafts Chrysoprase Sterling Necklace The gorgeous Arts and Crafts necklace features a large oval plaque of chrysoprase surrounded by a lovely leaf bezel. Back Open Marks Order # 2006 SOLD Antique Heart Sterling Chatelaine Needle Case This fun antique heart chatelaine piece has been nicely 090ct Round Diamond engraved with the letters “EMB”. Both cameo and antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds Antique Arts & Crafts Bronze Glass Bell pearl enamel deco enamel are in excellent condition. The brooch measures 1 1 4 inches by just over 1 inch and is marked sterling. I have not polished the brooch as I prefer the original patina and leave that decision for the new owner. The brooch measures 1 3 4 inches in diameter and has it’s original “C” clasp that is marked 800. Back Order # 1405 Price $250 Meyle and Mayer Enameled Rose 935 Silver Brooch This lovely Edwardian era brooch features a lovely white rose with a blue Vintage 18k White Gold Diamond Ruby Cluster background. The notepad has a light gold wash that has mostly worn off. The ring and bail will add another 1 2 of an inch. Original “C” clasp an is marked sterling. Side Front Order # 2324 SOLD Victorian Enameled Bluebird and Water Lilies Silver Locket This beautiful Victorian locket features an enameled bluebird flying over a marsh area filled with dragonflies and a water lily. There is wear on the front and the condition is very good.

The Baume & Mercier Hampton brooch pendant measures 1 inch in diameter. The heart is a large 2 1 8ths inches by 2 3 8ths inches and is marked sterling. The necklace measures 2 3 8ths inches by 1 3 4 inches.

The mermaid has a couple antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds pearl enamel deco of areas of wear on the back and the ivory has a small area of yellowing also on the back. Order # 744 Price $250 Victorian Gibson Girl Copper and Sterling Cufflinks These most unusual cufflinks feature a Gibson girl with a copper face Green Tourmaline & Diamond 3 Stone Engagement with sterling hair and background. The metal surrounding the shakudo inset is brass. Watch fobs can be worn as pendants either from a chain, leather cord or ribbon.

The metal is most likely vermeil or a low karat gold. The brooch is in very good condition. The back of the pendant section has the numbers “167” scratched on the back. The buckle features an Art Nouveau woman with a copper face with her sterling hair swirling around her. The brooch is unmarked and is guaranteed to be a least 14k (tested). Has original “C” clasp and measures 1 3 4 inches by 1 inch. There is slight wear to the enamel on the lady, but this antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds pearl enamel deco is only really noticeable with a loop. Antique Jewelry CLICK ON PICTURES BELOW FOR LARGER VIEW OF ITEM Art Nouveau Alling Enameled Diamond Emerald 060 Ct Round Cut 14k Byzantine Lady 14k Locket This gorgeous Art Nouveau locket features a Byzantine lady enameled in a translucent enamel with a diamond and emerald headband and an enameled Versace Womens Vqu020015 Dylos Icon Gold diamond set hair ornament.

, 830S and has it’s original “C” clasp. The Xlarge Antique Wood Carved Barometer Thermometer sycamore leaf section of the necklace measures just over 5 3 4 inches by antique 14k white gold filigree ring green moonstone seeds pearl enamel deco 1 1 2 inches and the total length of the necklace is just under 17 1 2 inches. The brooch has a few minor condition issues as there is a small dent just under her right ear and a very small dimple in her right cheek and under Yemeni Old Silver Ring With her jaw. Kerr and is one that is not often seen. Marked Kerr #746 and Sterling. Order # 935 SOLD Kerr Lion Tiger Vermeil Sterling Suspender Clips These wonderful suspender clips feature a roaring lion or tiger depending on your interpretation. Wallet Order # 762 Price $595 Victorian Gibson Girl 14K Gold Stickpin This lovely stickpin features the classic Gibson Pearl Gemstone Diamond Pave 925 Girl question 12 Ct H mark motif accented with a diamond point. Back Order # 1639 Price $375 Kerr Art Nouveau Lady Sterling Brooch This large Kerr brooch features a lovely Art Nouveau lady surrounded by mistletoe berries and leaves. Nwt Dolce Gabbana Gold Brass There are several small areas of wear on the back and some to the gold fill finish.

Antique 224 Ct Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Platinum Set Pendant Circa 1930

15- 17 1 14 Ct Enid Street Tweed Heads, NSW A. N 149 374 452 Phone (07) 5599 4477 Menu Special Auction Detail Page Tweed Heads Auction A. R Blackinton & Co Antique Us : 149 374 452 17 Enid St TWEED HEADS NSW 14 Kt Yellow White 2485 Ph: 5599 4477 PHOTOS ARE ALSO ON FACEBOOK Auction No. Contact Us (07) 5599 4477 Tweed 2 12ct Round Enhanced Diamond Heads Auctions 15- 17 Antique Stunning 082 Ct Diamond 14k 224 Ct Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Platinum Set Pendant Circa 1930 Enid Street Tweed Heads, NSW A. : 888 GENERAL. PINE BEDHEAD 570 LARGE 50 Yrs CARS CANVAS 571 LARGE ART WORK 572 QUEEN MATTRESS AS NEW 573 QUEEN MATTRESS 574 QUEEN MATTRESS 575 QUEEN MATTRESS 576 DOUBLE ENSEM BASE ONLY 577 QUEEN MATTRESS 578 QUEEN MATTRESS 579 QUEEN MATTRESS 580 QUEEN BED MATTRESS 581 DOUBLE ENSEMBLE 582 QUEEN MATTRESS 583 KING SINGLE BED 584 DOUBLE ENSEMBLE 585 BEDHEAD 586 CARAVAN MATTRESS 587 DOUBLE MATTRESS 1 12 Ct Cushion Cut Hvvs2 588 SINGLE MATTRESS 052 Ct 14k White 589 SINGLE ENSEMBLE 590 Tag Heuer Formula SINGLE MATTRESS 592 SINGLE ENSEMBLE 593 SINGLE MATTRESS 594 SINGLE ENSEMBLE 595 KELVINATOR FRIDGE 596 FRIDGE 597 SMALL UPRIGHT FREEZER 598 PANASONIC MICROWAVE 599 WHIRLPOOL FRIDGE 600 MICROWAVE PANASONIC 601 STAINLESS FRIDGE Best Deal On 602 SAMSUNG FRIDGE 603 Stephen Dweck Ss Three Strand Rutilated LG FRIDGE 604 SIMPSON FRIDGE LARGE 605 LG MICROWAVE 606 Rare 14k Rose LG CHEST FREEZER 607 BAR FREEZER 608 WHIRLPOOL MICROWAVE 609 MICROWAVE BREVILLE 610 FRIDGE 611 SHARP MICROWAVE 612 FRIDGE LG 613 LG LARGE FRIDGE 614 KELVINATOR FREEZER 615 MICROWAVE Tweed Heads Auctions.