Antique Chinese Silver Snuff Bottle Pendant W Carnelian Agate Bead 33g

557 and that it had grown into an industry by Tang dynasty (A. From about 1634 onwards, Chinese junk captains took orders from the Dutch for porcelain in special shapes for which models of European objects were provided. Another letter from a VOC official on the Coromandel Coast, Antique Eagle Figural Finial Topper Brass Gilt dated 1610, complains about the lack of marked pieces delivered by the Chinese:”It should be seen to that all these afore-noted kinds of porcelain have under the bottom a blue seal, for about this they are very particular. Reid, Anthony, 1979. 2: 111-116. Countries of antique chinese silver snuff bottle pendant w carnelian agate 14k Rose Gold bead 33g The World.

Jenyns, Soame 1967. Asian Art antique chinese silver snuff bottle pendant w carnelian agate bead 33g Museum, 1982. The Ming Gap and Shipwreck Ceramics in Southeast Asia. Vainker, S. Paris: UNESCO and Bergham Books. Baltimore & London antique chinese silver snuff bottle pendant w carnelian agate bead 33g : The John Hopkins University Press. Simply to be able to document the varying decorative styles on export Antique 19c American wares at different times in history is an important art-historical objective. Dehua Wares. Swatow in Het Princessholf. You will be buying directly from a team of dedicated researchers that excavated, recovered and researched every single piece offered antique chinese silver snuff bottle pendant w carnelian agate bead 33g for sale. Chinese Blue Original Antique Watercolor James Jas & White Ceramics. Brown, Roxanna M. Seekins, Donald M. We do not sell anything that is not excavated by ourselves or properly recorded and researched before offered for sale so every piece comes with the “Best possible provenance”WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO EMAIL OUR PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER; SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR POSSIBLE PURCHASE OTHER INTERESTING SITES FOR OLD TIME POTTERY, MARINE ARCHAEOLOGY, MING POTTERY, ANTIQUE PORCELAIN AND ANTIQUE BOWLSThis is not another site where antique dealers sell their wares for profit.

, editor, 1982. The Peony antique chinese silver snuff bottle pendant w carnelian agate bead 33g Pavilion Collection. You have to learn to look for other signs There are three commonly seen Noritake marks, namely the Noritake Maruki (often called Komaru) Mark, the M (for Morimura) Wreath Mark and the RC (for Royal Crockery) mark Antiques Categories Copyright 2018 Antique Redlich & Co Sterling Silver Design Drives Our Passion For Antique Sterling Silver And Antique Jewelry call Nelson and Nelson Antiques Welcome to Nelson and Nelson Antiques. Catarina revisited: The Portuguese Empire in Asia, VOC politics and the origins of the Dutch-Johor alliance (1602-c. The Pearl Road Tales of Treasures Ships in The Philippines. During the Song dynasty high-fired ceramics were immensely popular and developed to perfection. Production did however continue, and in large quantities, but supply Gothic Dome By George Sharp Sterling remained uncertain until about 1657 when the Dutch ordered much of their porcelain in Japan. London: A & C Limited. At the same time some of the official kilns, were razed during peasant revolts and eventually closed in 1608. If you have any questions please contact me personally by phone or email. Centuries after Marco Polo praised Chinese ‘porcelain’ and remarked on the large volume of export, Father Matteo Ricci, writing about China in the period of his residency there (1582-1610), noted:”The finest specimens of porcelain are made from clay found in the province of Jiangxi, and these are shipped not only to every part of China but even to the remotest corners of Europe where they are highly prized by those who appreciate elegance at their banquets rather than pompous display. Liu Xinyuan, 2005. Singapore: Southeast Asian Antique Tablecloth Renaissance Tape Lace Needlework C1900 Ceramic Society. (7) Liu Xinxin, op.

Wade, Geoff, translator, 2005. History written in porcelain sherds: Two early Portuguese shipwrecks off the South African coast S o Jo o, 1552 and the S o Antique George I Sterling Bento, 1554, Taoci Revue Annuelle de la Soci t Fran aise d’ tude de la C ramique Orientale, No. First class wares had the brightest color and no kiln defects such as wa. ” (22)It is difficult to ascertain the volume of Jingdezhen porcelain intended for the European market in the later part of the 16th century due to lack of records. British Archaeological Research International Series (Supplementary) 43. Bryan, 1986. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press. All artefacts sold are delivered with a Please read what others say about our artifacts Antique French Porcelain Ch and deliveries: To see PICTURES & VIDEO CLIPS, To read more about our shipwrecks, To preview our wreck-reports and books, To see our International museum displays, To chat with our main researcher; Sten Sjostrand OUR GUARANTEE:When buying anything from our web pages you are NOT dealing with antique dealers or other middle men. Porcelain that was customized to suit the needs of the Middle East included large plates with Islamic motifs. A Group of T’ien-Ch’i Porcelains in the Percival Antique Korean Celadon David Foundation. 200 years of Minton makers marks, trade marks and year cyphers. This ancient trade started sometime around the 4th century and lasted well into the 19th century. Singapore: Institute antique chinese silver snuff bottle pendant w carnelian agate bead 33g of Southeast Asian Studies. Saw more ships departing, the Fujian ships were larger. Leeuwarden, The Nerterlands: Gemeentelijk Museum Het Princesseholf. H and Kawakatsu, Heita editors, 1994. Life and Enterprise on The China Coast, 1700-1845. China: Shijiazhuang. During the Yuan dynasty the Chinese potters introduced new forms and painted the earliest known untraditional Chinese motifs on high quality porcelain for foreign dignitaries. They know nothing of the beautiful rules of this art; though it must be acknowledged that they paint flowers, animals, and landscapes which are much admired, on porcelain as well as on fans and lanterns of the finest gauze” See; William Burton, Porcelain, It’s Art and Manufacture, B. (29) Professor Liu Xinyuan, personal discussions, August 2005.

Originally founded as a studio in 1897 within the James Macintyre & Co ceramic company, Moorcroft pottery is among the most popular pottery collectables. Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1984-1985 , 49: 79-93. So, how do you make sure what you choose is the right kind of antique furniture, that it’s a sound investment in both taste and style that fits your budget but won’t stop being fashionable No More Posts Antique Marks is a great resource for antique collectors & dealers Antique collectors, buyers and sellers can easily access a wealth of information, using our main site or using our mobile friendly version of antique marks while you’re out and about. Ceramic Finds from the Site of the Ming Palace in Nanjing. Alves, Francisco, Eric Rieth. Tsui Gallery 075 Carat G H Diamond of Chinese Art: Chinese Art and Design. Sassoon, Caroline, 1978. In March 2005 the author was also privileged to discover other production sites being. Oriental Art, XLV I: 98-100. The Southeast Asian Ship: An Historical Approach, Journal of South-East Asian Studies, 11 2: 266-76. We are sterling silver antique dealers who have been serving New York City, New York for over 40 years. Gottingen: Stiedl Verlag. Blanc de Chine, The Great Porcelain of Dehua.

Kaolin remains white when fired, but its low plasticity makes it difficult to pot. Brown, Roxanna, and Sten Sjostrand.

Antique Sheraton Style Solid Walnut Armchair Inlaid Burl Cameo Needlepoint

While the smallest details like fixtures and accessories receive extensive consideration when planning the space around us, the piano is often perceived as having no unique style or identity of its own. Queen Anne furnishings followed and were also a simplified version of the better known style of the same name from Britain. Make An Offer Submit An Offer Thank you for your interest in this instrument. Some may choose antique furnishings to match an older home or they may antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint be used to accent a contemporary style structure. We are glad to consider reasonable offers on our instruments, but we do ask that these be serious inquiries only.


The demand for specialized, custom-decorated instruments was so great that many manufacturers had a separate “Art Department” employing skilled artists and craftsmen full-time for the purpose of creating these beautiful works of art! The following period, Louis XV, is also antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint known as Rococo. Please be as detailed as possible with your comments and make sure your offer amount is clearly stated. And, just like it was a century ago, piano manufacturers are once again slow to change their product lines in order to offer anything other than the sterile, generic black Antique French White Opaline Glass Ornate Bronze piano, making it difficult for both the client and the design professional to realize that there is an alternative. Once your offer is submitted, a sales representative will respond to your offer as soon as possible. DID YOU KNOW – Although our restoration shop is located in Tennessee, we do more work for clients in California, Texas antique sheraton style solid Japanese Antique Iron Garden Lantern walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint and New York than any other states! YemenZambiaZimbabwe Country Email Enter Email Confirm Email Telephone Message with Offer PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should Platine De Royale French Provincial 4 Pc be left unchanged. The success of the furniture and textile industries eventually led piano manufacturers to offer special models in period-style cases like Louis XVI, Italianate, Chippendale, Georgian, Jacobean, Spanish Renaissance, etc. THE GEORGIAN PERIOD ENGLISH FURNITURE RENAISSANCE Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Queen Anne, Sheraton & Adam A. These first American pieces featured influences from antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint the Italian Renaissance An Antique Chinese Dragon and featured arcaded paneling. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. THE GOLDEN AGE OF FRANCE Louis XIV, Louis XV & Louis XVI Styles A. All Rights Reserved. Prior to modern construction techniques, these pieces were crudely constructed and lack the refinement of later styles. Although it may be the largest and most visible piece in a room, the piano is often given the least amount of consideration when it comes Barrister Bookcase 4 Stack Vintage Antique to style, design, and color.

The Sheraton style was built within the same period of the Chippendale, but had its own unique style. These pieces were primarily made from oak , known for its durability, and were carved with foliage of the region in which it was produced. Chippendale styles are something that you will find at your antique furniture dealers which were made from during the late 18th century. As we come “full-circle” as a modern society, elements of style which were once valued are again becoming popular and mainstream. Some of today’s best-selling lines are rooted in centuries old design, while other best-sellers offer “distressed” and “faux-finished” pieces which are specially finished in order to make new Antique Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar 19th furniture look old and worn!

The first period of furnishings that you will likely come across is Gothic furnishings which were produced from 1558 to 1625. With the arrival of the new Century, a revival of classic and historically influenced design styles was gaining immense popularity worldwide. These furnishings Antique Hand Made Gros were made for the aristocrats of the period and spared no expense in the construction and decorations which were often made of ebony and gilded with bronze. Use this information and you will find the perfect pieces at your local antique furniture antique sheraton style Vintage Antique Old Pair German Porcelain Bisque solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint dealers for your home or office Antique Furniture Info Copyright 1997 – 2011 All rights reserved. SIGN UP TO RECEIVE OUR EMAILS 2017 Antique Piano Shop. Antique furnishings can Mole Richardson Vintage Film Studio Light Industrial fit into any type of home or style aesthetic. The pieces of this period were lacquered based on Chinese techniques and was the first to focus on comfort. To make an offer on this instrument, please submit your information in the requested fields below. Rather than being the focal core element to bring a room together as it was intended, many designers today approach the piano as an afterthought meant to blend into the background unnoticed. This will not only allow you to know about the history of the pieces, but also is relevant in assessing the value of the items. William & Mary style furnishings were available antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint for a short time at the beginning of the 18th century which was a basic version of the Baroque style. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Site by Inquire Your Name Email Enter Email Confirm Email Telephone Message NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. EARLY AMERICAN AND COLONIAL DESIGN Early American, Colonial & Duncan Phyfe Blasius Colonial Upright Piano George Steck Colonial Grand Piano Kimball Colonial Baby Grand Piano Kimball Colonial Upright Piano Knabe Early American Grand Piano Mason Hamlin Colonial Grand Piano Shoninger Colonial Upright Piano Steinway & Sons Colonial Grand Piano Weber Duncan Phyfe Grand Piano HOW IT WAS THEN: THE ARRIVAL OF THE NEW CENTURY The Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and earl 20th Century was a time of lavish lifestyles, excessive luxury, and great prosperity. Some antique furniture dealers only carry merchandise from select periods, so it is important to narrow down your list of interests when you are searching for options. Though slow to change, it eventually became clear to piano manufacturers that they would need to offer antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint period-specific style instruments in order to meet demand and remain competitive. The renaissance in historically influenced design style prompted the building, furniture, and textile industries to include period-styled products 075 Carat Diamond Victorian in their offerings in order to meet the demand of the customer. Louis XIV furnishings from 1643 to 1715 are quite rare as few were produced. From antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint a dining room table to a desk for your home office, antique furniture can provide a unique touch to your home. This period was widely produced in styles for royalty to the common person. Early colonial furnishes were produced at the turn of the 17th century as the first America colonies were founded in America starting with Jamestown in 1608. Our hectic, fast-paced lives find comfort in the spaces we create around ourselves; the ideal of “Hearth and Home” is more important today than ever before. It was not uncommon for a wealthy client to visit a prominent piano factory, choose the instrument they preferred among all others, then had the factory commission specialized cabinet makers and artists to design and build a custom cabinet around the instrument they chose. These styles were 1638 Joan Blaeu Large Original Antique largely influenced by Greek and An Antique Decorative Worn Out Samarkand Area Roman ideas which had been discovered. Chase Louis XVI Grand Piano Baldwin Louis XV Rococo Grand Piano Baldwin Louis XVI Grand Piano Baldwin Louis XVI Grand Piano Baldwin Louis XV Grand Piano Bechstein Louis XV Grand Piano Behr Brothers Louis XV Upright Piano Blasius Louis XVI Upright Piano Bluthner Louis XV Grand Piano Bush & Gerts Louis XV Upright Piano Cable Nelson Louis XVI Upright Piano Cunningham Louis XV Grand Piano Hardman Louis XVI Grand Piano Knabe Louis XIV Baroque Grand Piano Knabe Louis XVI Grand Piano Krakauer Louis XVI Grand Piano Mason Antique Jade & Diamond & Hamlin Louis XV Grand Piano Schubert Louis XV Upright Piano Sohmer Louis XVI Grand Piano Steinway Louis XV Rococo Grand Piano Steinway Louis XVI Grand Piano Steinway Louis XVI Grand Piano Steinway Louis XV Grand Piano Weber Louis XV Grand Piano Weber Louis XVI Grand Piano Weber Louis XVI Grand Piano THE PIANO IS THE CORE FOCAL POINT OF A ROOM. Styles of Antique Furnishings Antique furniture dealers are a great place to find furnishings or a great accent piece for your home. Many find this in itself to be a reason to purchase antiques as they are better constructed than many options available on the market today. THE JACOBEAN PERIOD Jacobean, William & Mary, Spanish Renaissance & Gothic Baldwin Jacobean Grand Piano Bluthner Spanish Renaissance Grand Piano Cable Nelson Spanish Style Grand Piano Chickering William & Mary Grand Piano Hardman Jacobean Grand Piano Hardman Spanish Renaissance Grand Piano Hardman William & Mary Grand Piano Ivers & Pond Spanish Style Grand Piano Kimball Spanish Renaissance Grand Piano Knabe Spanish Renaissance Grand Piano Knabe William & Mary Grand Piano Kranich & Bach Gothic Grand Piano Marshall & Wendell Latin Grand Piano Sohmer Spanish Renaissance Grand Piano Weber William & Mary Grand Piano Gorgeous Antique Victorian Mens Wurlitzer Jacobean Grand Piano CUSTOM MADE, ONE-OF-A-KIND “ART CASE” PIANOS More prominent manufactures specialized in creating Semi Antique Persian Bakhtiari Mint Condition custom, antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint one-of-a-kind pianos on special order for wealthier clients in order to match their home’s decor. The 19th century was largely focused on neo-classicism in the designs which lent to the creation of the sideboard. Symmetry was key to these neo-classicism pieces where it can be seen even in the smallest detail. The styles are symbolic of the peasant culture from which many of the immigrants originated. Germanic furniture was also popular in the 18th century and represented more traditional ideas antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint and styles. In addition to their standard traditional lines. This piano would have been picked out among all others for its fine tone quality, and then a small fortune spent to have the cabinet custom decorated to suit the client’s decor! Top Bar Search: Antique Piano Shop Dedicated to the Restoration of Antique Instruments INTERIOR DESIGN An Alternative To The Generic Black Piano the piano’s place in design history THE FORGOTTEN ELEMENT IN DESIGN Because of its size and visibility, the piano is intended to be a core element of a room design a central piece with its own distinct style that defines the room around it. Antiques can often draw a deep historical connection for people when they realize the age of the pieces that they find at antique furniture dealers. It is important to learn about the different periods of antique furniture prior to embarking on a journey to find the perfect fit for antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint your home. The Sheraton style is known for its refined antique sheraton style solid walnut armchair inlaid burl cameo needlepoint elegance and return to rectangular shapes with strong straight lines leading the designs. DISTANCE IS NOT AN ISSUE! The furnishings of this period were massive in size and solid in construction. THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE PERIOD Italian Renaissance, Florentine, Tuscan & Venetian Blasius Florentine Upright Piano Cable Nelson Italian Grand Piano Chickering Florentine Grand Piano Knabe Florentine Grand Piano Knabe Italian Renaissance Baby Grand Piano Knabe Italian Renaissance Grand Piano Knabe Italian Renaissance Grand Piano Marshall & Wendell Florentine Grand Piano Marshall & Wendell Italian Grand Piano Mason & Hamlin Florentine Grand Piano Mathushek Florentine Grand Piano Mehlin Tuscan Upright Piano Needham Florentine Upright Piano Schiller Florentine Grand Piano Sohmer Florentine Grand Piano Steck Italian Grand Piano Weber Italian Renaissance Grand Piano Weber Venetian Grand Piano Weber Exquisite Antique Royal Vienna Cup Tuscan Grand Piano TODAY’S REVIVAL OF TIMELESS, OLD WORLD DESIGN STYLE Today, modern furniture and textile companies are expanding their lines of period-inspired products as the demand Antique Vintage Natural Royal for Classic and Traditional style continues to grow.

Antique furnishings have stood the test of time and this is because of their sturdy, solid wood construction. This style was a combination of the Gothic period and the Rococo style with a touch of Chinese influence.

Ruby Diamond Gold Ring Antique Victorian

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Antique Hubley Cast Iron Chicago Worlds Fair Bronze Plaque Dog Art Paperweight

For Sale: $1,450 Circa 1902-1914: This Bliss paper litho on wood target game portrays Buster Brown in a messenger outfit, Mary Jane in a dress with a comical oversized bow, and Tige squeezing a pair of schoolbooks and sporting a party hat, the three of them caught forever winking at each other and ready to begin one of their famous pranks. For Sale: $1,650 Circa 1890-1894 Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Lines Trolley Car with white horse. Lovely pink details decorate the mouth and trunk and a bright red sadle is trimmed antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight in yellow. Bailey and celebrates the 1910 formation of The Boy Scouts of America. Quickly, the mouse strikes at the coin, and the cat Antique 1920s 3ct Fancy Cut Ruby 18k appears with a mouse and ball between its legs. For Sale: $1850 Circa 1888: This 1880s Hubley Trick Dog cast iron mechanical bank with six-part base has excellent original paint, comes in completely original condition and includes a key for the coin trap. , was the inventor and designer of Paddy And The Pig. It is completely original with no chips, cracks, or repairs and retains its original painted surface. This handsome example of turn of the century utilitarian folk art is sure to please even the most advanced collector. Here is a fine example of Stevens’ version of the Jolly bank. The great long legs harken to the Palmer Cox antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight Brownie figures of the era. The large size of this wonderful antique tin toy will make it the centerpiece of any advanced toy collection.

Condition is excellent on this rare beauty, with only a couple spots of solder on the tips of the feet and one leg possibly soldered from the inside. Williams Manufacturing Company Elephant Swings Trunk Large cast iron mechanical banks simply moves its trunk Antique American Mystery when a coin is inserted into its slot. The bank features a completely original and untouched painted surface, has no chips, cracks, or repairs, and works perfectly. You can own antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight this fantastic 20″ Bing teddy bear for a fraction of that price! This iconic mechanical bank is in completely original condition with no repairs and all original paint. This example of the cat balancing variation has an original base, retains over 80% of its completely original paint, and contains no chips, cracks, or repairs. Note that this bank does not rely on stereotypical imagery but on the pure innocent beauty of a yellow-haired Caucasian girl petting her friendly and obedient dog as it wags its tail in approval. Recently acquired Rare Antique 17 18th Chinese Bronze Figure and fresh to the market the condition of this example is stupendous. SOLD James H. SOLD Circa 1886-1892: Shepard Hardware Co. Nearly mint untouched paint decorated surface. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut, the cat and mouse mechanical bank is difficult to find. Yellow based version also Antique 14k White sports a unique ruffle, hat and costume combination. SOLD Antique American 4 Color Paint Decorated Game Board Circa 1880: Here is a wonderful four-color checkerboard in an unusual and pleasing color scheme: brown, hunter green, mustard, and black. For Sale: $2,650 See All Unusual Americana Circa 1892: It is more than safe to say that the Jolly N is the most popular mechanical bank ever created because no other mechanical bank has been made in more variations, manufactured in more nations, or produced for a longer span of time. Bowen and manufactured by the storied J. For Sale: $2850 See All Unusual Americana Circa 1882: Originally marketed as the Bullfrog Bank antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight and the Frog Bank, James H. This ingenious optical illusion was sure to delight its young turn of the century owners and help them save their change for that proverbial rainy day. Early American Stoneware Early Antique Toys For Sale: Mechanical Banks, Antique Bears, Cast Iron Vehicles, Chromolithography American Games, Tin-Litho Wind Ups and other Unusual Americana Circa 1924: Marked on the bottom “MADE IN GERMANY D. Stevens Company masterpiece mechanical bank is attributed to highly acclaimed bank designer Charles A.

This highly prized bank is in completely original condition with no touch ups or repairs. Antique Early Large Grouping The lithography is fantastic antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog China Bronze Cloisonne Four Heavenly Kings art paperweight and the condition is extremely good. Copyrighted by Pat Sullivan. SOLD Althof Bergmann Early American Tin Articulated Horse and antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight Rider Bell Toy Circa 1870: Early American tin horse and rider pull toys don’t get any better than this handsome 14″ x 12″ Althof Bergmann jumbo articulated bell toy with early heart-shaped wheels that approximate a horse’s gait and facilitate the ringing of the bell when the toy is in motion.

As a testament to its popularity, the bank was made in at least 12 different hand-painted color schemes.

Sold Circa 1890: Designed by Peter Adams, Jr. This bank was offered in many paint schemes, but the patriotic red, white, and blue bank with the beige teller’s window remains the most endearing and classic color combination of this small but enticing architectural mechanical bank. SOLD 1881-1896: W. This gorgeous doll sled was gently used and exhibits the good honest wear that advanced collectors desire in their antiques. Stevens Company and imitates, in comic fashion, a frog catching its prey, in this case a child’s coin. For Sale: $5,500 Circa 1900: Both sides of this striking and large handmade antique gameboard are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. , designed by Charles Shepard & Peter Adams, patentedJune 8th, 1886. This releases the boy in the yellow shirt who flies over his companion and hits the tree’s lever on the way past it, sending the coin into the bank. Comic character automotive toys are far and few Small French Art Deco Buffet between, but the hefty 10″ Sight-Seeing Auto is in a class of its own. July 15, 1884. This antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight wonderful Uncle Sam mechanical bank has especially well-painted eyes! Stevens Company Tammany mechanical bank portrays crooked New York politician William M. This spectacular example is completely original, including its paint, steering wheel, and its five characters, which include Gloomy Gus, The Sailor, Mama Katzenjammer, Papa Katzenjammer and Happy Hooligan. In other words, this bank has never seen the inside of an auction house or has never been passed through another collector’s hands and is an important and completely fresh to the market specimen of this truly wondrous invention. Judy receives the coin in a plate in her hand, a lever is pressed and Punch rushes forward brandishing a club, when Judy turns quickly and deposits the coin in the bank. For Sale: $595 Circa 1897: Patented to James Bowen on April 72, 1897 and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut’s J & E Stevens Company , the iconic boy on bench variation of the I Always Did ‘Spise a Mule cast iron mechanical bank stands as one of the most recognizable pieces of 19th century Black Americana and is a must have for all collectors of antique mechanical banks and Black Americana. Perfectly preserved and working, this rare antique Halloween windup of a dancing witch and pumpkin wheels playfully around. If you are looking for an outstanding early American tin toy with first class provenance, then this fantastic Althof Bergman Jumbo horse and rider pull toy should fit the bill. For Sale: $1,895 This early McLoughlin Brothers game was designed by the infamous Man on the Moon Game artist. SOLD Contact us for other buying options or for more information. Interesting paper Antique Double Door Cast Bronze chromo-litho depicting a two man band consisting of a fiddle player and a bones player. To operate the Antique Laver Kirman Persian Room Size bank, one puts a coin into the slot on top of the tree and clicks the button on the rear of the bank. SOLD Circa 1880: Patented to James Bowen on April 22, 1879 and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut’s J & E Stevens Company in 1880, the iconic jockey over variation of the I Always Did ‘Spise a Mule cast iron mechanical bank stands as one of the most recognizable pieces of 19th century Black Americana and is a must have for all collectors of antique mechanical banks and Black Americana. A very interesting mechanical bank that was designed to fire a gunpowder cap while sending coin into tree truck. For Sale: $1450 Circa 1869: Designed by John Hall and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut’s J. SOLD Great Original Surface: Fresh from a local Vermont estate is this wonderful antique American gameboard in original yellow and black paint. PATENT LEHMANN PATD 1903, 1905 1907,” this Lehmann Paddy and the Pig is one of the most whimsical and fantastic German tin windup toys of the early 20th century, featuring an Irishman saddled atop a pig and ready for the ride of his life. SOLD Circa 1884: This bank represents a typical Punch and antique hubley cast iron chicago worlds fair bronze plaque dog art paperweight Judy theatre, scenery, curtain and all. For Sale: $550 Circa 1905: What a pleasure it is to offer this extremely scarce Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto to the antique toy collecting community! And produced by Shepard hardware Company of Buffalo, New York, the Jonah and the Whale mechanical bank plays on the famous Old Testament story of Jonah being swallowed by the whale. SOLD Great Original Surface: Fresh from a local Vermont estate is this wonderful antique American gameboard in original red and white paint.

For Sale: $650 Circa 1891: Designed by James H. For Sale: $4,950 Circa 1891: Shepard Hardware Company’s Leap Frog mechanical bank illustrates the centuries old children’s game and depicts two youths playing leapfrog next to the fence in their yard.

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