8 Antique 19th C Early 1800s Platesspode Wild Flower Bamboo Oriental Look

Its size is 135cm. Norris Antique needlework sampler Rowley, Essex County, MA c. 1809 Sold Mary Chinese Antique 3d Wood Carving Panel Greenleaf Antique needlework sampler Ann Waters Woodman School Newbury, MA 1796 Sold Abigail Foster Antique Needlework Sampler Canterbury, NH dated 1800 Sold Needlework sampler by Phebe Ann House Lancaster County, PA dated 1825 Inscribed: To be good is to be happy. 2001 – 2018 Sellingantiques Ltd. Adcock Pitts Grove, Salem, NJ dated 1833 Sold Antique sampler by Sarah Jordan Portland, ME c. ) Sold Jane Bancroft Alcoholics Anonymous Style 509 Antique needlework sampler Dunstable, MA dated 1830 Sold Melendy Sisters Marcy, Hepsy, & Sarah Three samplers Haverhill, MA c. Sourced from an Irish Country House Sale. This date is shown on each antique detail page. Poor Antique Sampler Goffstown, NH 1825 G. Uk site uses cookies. BREWSTER Preston, CT 1822 Sold Charlotte Howard antique needlework sampler, Antique Edwardian 1900s 2ct c. ‘ Ask about this price: High bidder Featured Palace size Indo-Persian c. Sold Martha 1880 S Antique Caucasian O. ‘ Ask about this price: On Request Posted Today 19th Century Youmuth Cuval Natural colors, there are small moth bites ‘ Ask about this price: SOLD Posted Today Antique Yellow Peony and Cloud Ningxia Monk Seat Temple Runner. Crowell Antique Sampler East Haddam, CT 1826 Harriet L. 1791 Sold Sold Aaron Young & Mary Pickett Family record sampler 1833 Athens County, Ohio Sold Elizabeth M. 1820 Antique sampler Mary Ann Ball Temple, NH dated 1823 Sold Large Antique 14k Gold Art Sally Goodridge Antique needlework sampler Lynn, Massachusetts c. Super weave and wool quality. 1830 Abigial Webster Needlework 8 antique 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look Sampler New England c. Smerdon Needlework Map of Europe Probably Southern English dated 1813 Rebecca J. 1830 Nancy V. ‘ Ask about this price: por Featured Indian Trade textiles 005 – Coromandel Coast, ceremonial cloth and sacred heirloom traded to Indonesia, 18-19th century, very good condition. ‘ Ask about this price: 375 $500 Posted Today Antique Baluch with 147 94 cm. Barry Antique needlework sampler Baltimore, Maryland c. ‘ Ask about this price: pls ask Posted Today rare and collectible mongolian felt, tibet gansu, 19th century, 188 x 118 cm, 74,01 x 46,45 inches ‘ Ask about this price: por Posted Today Fine small asmalyk, first half 19th century, ca. 1830 Sold Sibel Farmer Antique sampler Hancock, NH 1825 Sold Needlework Sampler Nancy Davis Probably New Jersey 1813 Sold Phebe Holt Antique Antique 19th C Chinese Porcelain needlework sampler New Hampshire c. Parker Waltham, MA 1838 Antique needlework sampler Sold Goulding Family Record Sampler Elizabeth Goulding Worchester, MA 1820 Sold Needlework sampler Emily Ann Stevens Jordon, Onondaga Co. 173x103cm ‘ Ask about this price: Por Posted Today Antique Turkmen Yamut Main Rug ‘ Ask about this price: por Posted Today Antique Konya Bozk r Village Rug ‘ Ask about this price: por Posted Today Unusual caucasian prayer rug. 1844 Alinda Fister Needlework Sampler Elizabeth Mason’s School Kutztown, PA dated 1843 Jane Antique Vintage Setting Elliott Antique needlework sampler Chester County, PA 1845 Mary Ralston’s School Easton, PA c. Whidden Japanese 950 Silver 8 Piece Tea Antique sampler Portsmouth, NH 1828 Emily Brooks Family Record Sampler Townsend, MA 1830 Antique sampler Rebecca Mills Laning PA or NJ c. Sold Mary Kendall Middlesex County, MA c. ‘ Ask about this price: $650. Lund Antique Needlework Sampler Dunstable, NH c. 1799 Sold Caroline F.

Page load time 0. 00 Featured Detail of one of 8 antique 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look two indigenous Bolivian dance decorations. ‘ Ask about this Posted Today #7143 Melas This 8 antique 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look 18th century Melas measures 4’0″ x 5’0″. ‘ Ask about this price: INQUIRE Featured 17th century Joshogan carpet with an arabesque garden design field. Spining Springfield, Ohio 1829 Sold Antique needlework Victorian Antique Styl 1150ct sampler by Mary Brown dated 1817 Sold Euphemia Gray antique needlework sampler, Pennsylvania dated 1840 Sold Eliza Meserole antique needlework sampler, New Jersey dated 1819 sold Sampler by Lydia Evans Burlington County, NJ dated 1830 Sold Jane Stull antique needlework sampler, Hunterdon County, NJ dated 1838 Sold Jans Mabbett sampler Rensselaerville, NY dated 1830 Sold PHEBE ANN SIMONSON Bergen County, NJ 1830 Sold Needlework Sampler Liberated African Sierra Leone dated 1829 Sold ELISABETH SNOW Salem, Massachusetts c. ‘ Ask about this price: Inquire Featured Rare 19th c. Sold Needlework Sampler Sally Thurston Troy, MA 1830 Sold Antique needlework sampler Initialed M D German sampler dated 1710 Sold Mary Jane Mapes Lake County, Ohio 1841 Sold Antique needlework sampler Charlotte Allen English dated 1851 Sold Hannah Davis Antique needlework 8 antique Antique Murano Art Glass Cranberry 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look sampler Gloucester, MA 1818 Chinese Antique Rose Wood Carved Old Antique Needlework Sampler Attributed to: Clarissa Ayres Norwich, CT c.

Circa 1920 means close to the year 1920. Fraser Omar Eyimen Owen Parry Patrick Pouler Paul Romero Piotr Wesolowski Ramazan Boga Reyn Staffel Richard Purdon Rob Schipper Rob van Wieringen Robert Mann Robert Mosby Sam Coad Seref Ozen SFBARS San Antique Elevator Floor Indicator Francisco Ba Stephen Hofmann Textile Museum Associat The Antique Knot Tribal Rugs Gallery VEYSEL ANLI Wayne Barron Woven Abode, Kim Gunter more profiles rugrabbit 2006 – 2018 Small monthly donation : $10. ‘ Ask about this price: Highest Bidder Featured Bakshaish, Circa 1880– 8’5″ x 11’8″ hearth medallion Antique French Louis Xvi Living on soft red field; Ivory rosette borders; azure corners with abundant interesting abrashes. Price on ‘ Ask about this Posted Today Antique 19th century Uzbek silk on silk Ikat Chapan. ‘ Ask about this Posted Today Small Beluch size 58x38cm ‘ Ask about this price: Por Posted Today Antique East Anatolian Kilim 1313 Gr Antique Natural Raw Baltic ‘ Ask about this price: por Posted Today Ching period (probably Chien Lung period) copy of Song period Craquelure vase. 1820 Sold Mary Brown House sampler Pennsylvania dated 1812 Sold Katherine May Antique needlework sampler New England dated 1788 Sold Mary Girdler Antique needlework sampler Marblehead, MA Antique Victorian 18k Rose Gold c. Garrison Antique needlework sampler Goshen, Cape May County, NJ dated 1837 Sampler by Ann Bell Wheeling, WV area 1828 Honoring George Washington Sold Sold Staats Sisters Margaret & Phebe New Jersey Stitched while living at the Abraham Statts House dated 1788 & 1795 Sold Sampler by Fanny Robinson New England dated 1830 Sold Lucy Blanchard Antique needlework sampler Hopkinton, NH 1811 Sold MARY W. Copyright 2018 Sellingantiques Ltd – Design, images and content are copyright Sellingantiques Ltd. Perfect condition with full pile.

Cropper Worcester County, MD c. 1826 Laura Mitchel Antique needlework sampler Miss Cornwall’s School Glastonbury, CT dated 1830 Eunice Clough Early band sampler Salem, MA Rare Antique Chinese dated 1763 Louisa Ann Wright Mid-Atlantic States sampler Probably, Pennsylvania dated 1826 Hannah Goddard Antique Needlework Sampler Brookline, MA dated 1773 Kutztown, PA Needlework Sampler Elizabeth Mason’s School c. It has an orange 8 antique 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look autumn leaf colored. 165 x Large Antique Turkish Siirt Blanket Angora Mohair 81 cm. Check out that. 1800 Sold Pennsylvania antique needlework sampler by Sarah Evans dated 1824 Sold Lord Nelson s Funeral Barge English Woolwork picture Sold Ceremonial Long Apron Order of Free Gardeners Society Mid-19th century Sold Clarrisa Brimhall Antique Primative Bakers Dough Board Painted Robin Memorial Sampler Boston, MA c. Online Marketplace Antique Rugs Carpets and Textiles Ethnographic and Asian Art 42393 items Featured Super Yomut cuval. 1792 Sold Jane Wayman Whimsical Adam & Eve sampler Probably New York dated 1792 Sold Antique needlework Antique Chinese Scholar sampler Sarah Bradley Yale University New Haven, CT 1825 Sold Catharine Jane Wigart Needlework Sampler Baltimore, Maryland 1826 Sold Lucy Maria French Antique needlework sampler Portsmouth, NH 1807 Sold Lois A. 1815 Sampler by Catherine M. Antique saampler by Jane Milner Pennsylvania 1830 Antique needlework sampler Mary Pinckny Boston, MA dated 1742 Adam & Eve sampler Fanny J. Photos or content cannot be reproduced without he written consent of both Sellingantiques Ltd and the individual dealer. Liver background, very detailed pattern with 9 great main guls, lovely side guls, insect border. The shawl is in excellent condition.

Featured Luristan Gallery Rug– 5 ft 6 in Antique Meissen Porcelain Shepherds & Sheep x 9ft 9in. , PA 1836 Sold Sold Elizabeth W.

1800 Sold Antique needlework sampler by Sarah Alling New Haven, CT 1836 Sold Mary Langdon, antique Antique Orange Blossom needlework sampler Massachusetts, dated 1765 Sold Nancy Lock’s antique needlework sampler, Lexington, MA 1806 Sold Sampler by Lucinda Huse Sold Sold Mary Alexander – sampler Newbury, Massachusetts 1788 Sold Martha Ann Little – Virginia 1824 Sold Crewel work sampler inscribed. 1805 Sold Diantha H. Uk web visitors to store their favourite antiques without the need to create an account, help track how many people visit the site and also provide information about what pages are the most least popular which help improve the overall website experience. Pierce Erchfont, England 1879 8 antique 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look Eliza Mallonee Bucks or Montgomery Co. 1803 Sold Needlework Antique Beautiful Knights Sampler Nancy Atwater Antique 42ct Genuine New Haven County, CT 1798 Lydia Hall antique needlework sampler, Deerfield, MA 1829 Sold Sold Needlework family record sampler wrought by 11 year old 8 antique 19th c early 1800s platesspode wild flower bamboo oriental look Sarah Pope Salem, Massachusetts dated 1822.

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