Antique Howard Elmer House Oil On Canvasboard Of A Brazilian Village Scene

HWD-868 $4,250 Early Elmer O. Comments: antique howard elmer house oil on canvasboard of a brazilian village scene Nice clock. Give us a call at or send us an e-mail and let’s discuss the clocks you have to sell. The movement, which has just been cleaned, lubricated and re-strung, is in excellent running order and has the original weight and pendulum with tie-down. Comments: This is not a model we’ve seen before. PHOTO LINKS: Description View Front View Front Left Upper Section Upper Left Midsection Lower Section Tablet Base Tablet Back Dial Pendulum Bob Movement – 1 Movement – 2 Be sure to visit our RBL-202 $2,895 “Waltham’s Pattern” Gold-Leafed Banjo, c. It features an unnamed American British battle scene as was typical on banjo clocks of the 1800s and early 1900s.

The dial retains its original paint and is in excellent condition. Howard clocks, prior to his relationship with long-term supplier, Kilbourne-Proctor. As with all Stennes cases, great attention-to-detail was paid to every part of the case. Quality, Respect, Responsibility and Reputation are our business guidelines. 25″d, is in excellent physical condition and has the original finish. He encouraged them and subsequently entered into an agreement to purchase a percentage of their production. 125″d is in excellent overall condition. We are delighted to have this one to offer for your serious consideration. You’ll like the way we work and the way you Ebel Beluga Lady Mother Of Pearl Diamond are treated. 1930 Ship From So. Comments: Fabulous clock with a “time-to-tell-a-story” overture that goes with it.

Great conversation piece waiting for a special place in your home or office. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, an estate manager, possibly a “senior” collector looking to downsize in a “pre-estate” direction, or if you’re just a beginning collector, we can help you like we’ve done for many others over many years. Mechanical: The eight-day, time-only, weight-driven movement with “engine-turned” plates is signed and original to the case with serial number 8137.

People who visit your home or office will be intrigued with the story; you’ll be delighted with its beauty and timekeeping excellence. The painted 7. Terms & Conditions All purchases from are subject to our currently posted. Rare Antique Victorian Egyptian Revival Real Scarab Very attractive clock, ready for that special place in your home or office. Mechanical: The eight-day weight-driven signed Chelsea movement was recently professionally serviced and is in excellent running condition. When they were setting up the movement manufacturing business in 1971, Kilbourne and Proctor approached Elmer Stennes. We’ll it for you! Wonderful American naval battle scene. The throat and tablet glasses are original and in excellent condition. Contact us by phone at , or. 5″w x 4″d features the original finish and is in absolutely beautiful condition as 20 Bottles Of you can see from the photos. Contact Us American Banjo Clocks WE NEED WEIGHT-DRIVEN BANJO CLOCK LISTINGS! We know of no data that tie Waltham serial numbers to manufacturing date ranges, but this clock is circa 1930. The gilding on the finial as well as the eagle itself are original to the case. This clock has a high-quality and very desirable Chelsea movement. Interesting to note on this clock the two “baskets”below the ships in the tablet painting. Physical: The mahogany case, which measures 42″h antique howard elmer house oil on canvasboard of a brazilian village scene x 10. The reverse-glass artist must’ve had a wonderful giggle over this one! The one on the right, under the American vessel is turned upright; the one under the British flagship, is turned upside-down. Are you seeking a clock? This is an antique howard elmer house oil on canvasboard of a brazilian village scene early Stennes lyre banjo from the period when he was salvaging movements from Chelsea and E. They were delighted to have a large customer and Stennes needed them because he had run out of Howard and Chelsea movements and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find clocks that he could salvage for the movements. CA (original catalogue drawing) Here’s a classic gilded Waltham banjo from the 1930s era, reminiscent of a much earlier period in American clockmaking. PHOTO LINKS: Description View Front View Front Left Front Right Head Finial Front Dial Pendulum Tablet Best Deal On Tag Heuer Aquaracer Mens Tablet Back Throat Base Reference Ly, T. 247 Be sure to visit our Your Listings Could Be Here, Too! 5″ diameter dial is original to the clock, as are the unusual hands (note the physical depth of the individual hands). This is one of at least two different lyre glass designs used by Stennes, complete with the famous bumblebee that is tucked away in the lyre and often found on the dial of traditionally shaped Stennes banjo clocks (it is rumored that Stennes had beekeeping as a hobby). The small writing on the front of antique howard elmer house oil on canvasboard of a brazilian village scene the tablet says, “Waltham’s Pattern”. , American Clocks – I, 1989, p. Physical: The stunning mahogany case, which measures approximately 11. CA Waltham presentation banjo clocks are becoming harder to find as they are extremely appealing and families tend to hold on to them. The Waltham-signed 7″ dial bears the original paint Best Deal On Baume and is in very good (age-appropriate) condition. There is some flaking from the back of the finial, most of which has been secured with glue, and it can be turned to the back where Best Buy On Junghans it is not readily visible. 25″w x 41″h x 4. Now it is your turn: pull the trigger and give us a call!

The reverse-painted (eglomis ) throat glass is in spectacular condition.

Mechanical: The eight-day, weight-driven, time-only movement with Antique Diamond Bridal Set With 12 deadbeat escapement and retaining-power has been professionally overhauled and is in excellent running order. Note the birch back in the pendulum photo; no corners cut, even there. Do you have a clock to sell? As with the rest of the clock, all are in excellent physical condition. Stennes Lyre Banjo with Chelsea Movement antique howard elmer house oil on canvasboard of a brazilian village scene Ship From So. The weight is signed by Stennes. Physical: The gold-leafed mahogany case, which measures 10. Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail note. CA If you’re not familiar with intriguing story, then you’re in for a heckuva read as antique howard elmer house oil on canvasboard of a brazilian village scene you check out his history, wonderfully written by Jean Schinto, and used here with her permission. PHOTO LINKS: Description View Front Right Head Throat – 1 Throat – 2 Base Dial – 1 Dial – 2 Pendulum Movement click Reference Be sure to visit our WMD-1228 $2,450 Waltham Presentation Banjo Clock, c.

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