Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic

DQ299 Postage Antique Little Red Riding Stamp Doll Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic Quilt c. Because of its size, this is a wonderful quilt to hang in the home.

Skillfully stitched, all by hand of course, using patchwork for the pinwheel Irish Chain Antique Antique Vintage18k Solid Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic pattern, and applique for the eight point stars. The top of a queen size bed is 60″. Q8593 Folk Art Embroidered Wool Quilt c. This special quilt has been organically hand washed by Betsey and is ready to be sent on approval. The quilting on this piece is not as small as some others from Huge Antique Chinese 10k Natural Red Mennonites and Amish, and I wonder if this was done by a younger woman. 1880 77 x 78 inches New England $1,800 This perfectly constructed Log Cabin Streak of Lightning quilt is made up of 100 blocks each measuring apx 7-1 2″ square. The quilt has developed a few original moth holes over the last century. Antique George Nathan & Ridley Hayes Repousse The binding Antique Rembrandt Arts & Crafts as usual is applied by machine and finished by hand. 1820 84 x 85 inches North Carolina $Call Chevron and diamond border on three sides. Q9040 Turkey Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic Red Calico Diamond Bassinet Quilt c. Q9085 Linsey-Woolsey c. There are 4″ Antique Set Of 4 18th Century borders on three sides, a Yankee tradition – why put on a Pair Small Antique Bronze Seals Or Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic forth side if that was to be the top of the bed? Additional charges may apply to PO Boxes, NT, WA and all non-metropolitan regional areas in other states.

Two color quilts are always a joy to find and easy to incorporate into any home’s decor. When one first looks at this quilt, one doesn’t realize how difficult this exquisite textile is to make. The 3 8 inch separately applied binding is in the same calico as used throughout the quilt and provides the perfect frame for the stars. Comprised of two similar but rare Turkey red calico prints. The batting is wool, which you can see through some wear in the quilt. As this quilt had been hanging, there are pockets already sewn on the back of the quilt. It is executed with an artistic and creative vision. Antique Botanical Prints Set It was created by using both hand and treadle machine piecing. Crib quilts are generally rectangle shapes measuring apx 36 x 48. This little quilt was foundation machine pieced onto an ecru muslin fabric with the blocks measuring 10-1 2″. Q9111 Log Cabin Straight Furrows with H Block Border c. B23 Indigo and Natural Embroidered Homespun Blanket Mid 19th Century 82 x 84 inches (plus 2″ fringe on 3 sides) Believed to be from Vermont $1,600 A rare, unusual and whimsical homespun woolen blanket, created in mid 19th century is believed to be from VT. Most likely, the brown thread was originally a Antique Trophy Large Silver Plate tobacco dyed green. 1828 42 x 50 inches Maine $1,600 I found Antique Vintage Platinum Vs this rare, and what appears to be unused, child’s quilt in Maine where it originated from the Bethel area. These Turkey Red calico fabrics are Antique Beautiful Knights Of Pythias truly amazing! Just two fabrics were used: a red and dark pink pattern, and solid white. 🙂 The large array of muted earth tones would Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic fit into about 8 or 10 different color schemes. This Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover Fabric 138 Yds Material Washed Organic probably dates 1860 to 1880. It is comprised of 56 blocks, each measuring apx 7-1 2″ square. Short curtains. So it’s ready to hang. UF262 Upholstery Tapestry Quilt c. Turkey red and over-dyed green fabrics. Q9079 Irish Chain, Miniature 4 Patch and Rob Peter to Pay Paul Quilt c. 1870 63 x 74 (160 x 188 cm) CT $1,400 One of our favorite patterns Antique Cast Iron Nude Dancing Lady – the LeMoyne Star – is paired with solid Turkey Red squares in a checkerboard pattern in this c. The entire quilt is an amazing piece of art work. Overall, the colors are muted yet Antique Brass 17th Century Spanish Capstan Candle graphic. Completely hand pieced using very tiny stitches, and outline hand quilted throughout. The fabric used in this quilt is wool and or a combination of wool and linen, sewn and quilted with linen thread. Hand washed by Betsey and ready to adorn your home. Please view the detail photos (click images above) for Lovely Antique 800 closeup views. Created over 150 years ago, it is ironic that these are all today’s colors. The quilt is comprised of 20 14-1 2″ square blocks surrounded by a triple border. The border was applied by machine. 1885 24 x 24 inches Pair 2 Antique Massachusetts $950 All silk and silk velvet, this exquisite work includes ribbon work, embroidery, silk Antique Chandelier Opaque chenille and hand paintings.

1855) 76 x 92 inches Maine $2,600 This quilt artist has created a log cabin Diamond Engagement Ring110ct pattern combination that I have never seen put together. This doll quilt has a very rare piece of apx 1-3 8″ George Washington Commemorative fabric. The pattern is that of a cluster of grapes on the vine. The huge array of fabrics date from c. Q9041 Silk Tumbling Blocks c. CONJE11 Homespun Linsey Woolsey c. The inner border has wave Antique Original Water quilting. The backing used for this quilt is also linen. The joining blocks are created from silk velvet. Hand quilting Unique Antique Working Lock features outline stitching in the basket blocks and inch crosshatching in the white joining blocks. The triple border contains double parallel lines stitched inch apart. Antique Tiffany Studios Ny Usa The only reference that I have been able to locate is in a Smithsonian book. However, it is not. The Victorian era women loved floral work. The backing is the same white cotton fabric used on the Round Cut Antique Style front with a separately applied hand sewn 3 8″ white binding. Dated 1838 and signed by Mary Ann Wilhelm 74 x 102 inches $Call for price Truly amazing is this center medallion folk art appliqued and reverse appliqued summer coverlet created by a 15 year old young lady named Mary Ann Wilhelm in 1838. Graphically wonderful, this is the perfect size quilt ot use for a wall hanging, on your couch, or s throw on a bed.

This is one of the heaviest quilts I’ve ever washed.

The inside furrows blocks are half light and half dark fabric. 1825) 83 x 86 inches Rutland, VT $3,200 This early quilt is a statement of affluence and good taste.

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