Antique Primitive Griswold Cast Iron Country Stove Kitchen Kettle Pot Cauldron

SOLD This is a Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Hair wonderful example of a circa 1860s Dutch oven in a 14″ size. The spoon has an overall length of 9 1 4″ and a handle length of 5 1 2″. This specimen still antique Antique Zsolnay Pecs primitive griswold cast iron country stove kitchen kettle pot cauldron retains much of its bright tin finish. SOLD This is a very interesting small knife stamped with the words “The Champion”. The bowl width is 1 “. The comfortable handle still retains much of its red paint. This wonderful pan will look great hanging on the back of a chuckbox and will work great to use as a wrecking pan in any period camp situation. A practical and fun kitchen collectible in its original packaging. Ward’s Fine Cakes Their antique primitive griswold cast iron country stove kitchen kettle pot cauldron Quality Made Them Famous – Made The Clean Ward Way” The back of the measure states “Ward’s Tip Top Bread You Can Sell Your Trade No Better Your Trade Can Buy No Better”. The overall length of this rolling pin is 16″ with a handle length of 3″. 22, 1899 APR 3, 1900. This specimen is a wonderful example of Victorian design with its S shaped handle. The overall length of this nice turner is 13″ with a blade width of 3″. SOLD An eye catching small strainer in darkened tin.

Patent #1894556 – 1934. Charles Parker began making coffee grinders and mills in 1833. This spoon is in Very Good condition and has a antique primitive griswold cast iron country stove kitchen kettle pot cauldron total length of Antique Carnival Plate Round 13 “. This Antique Persian Portrait Cabinet Vase Qajar Hand specimen would be a fabulous addition to any cast iron The Dramatick Works or kitchen utensil collection. The spatula has an overall length of 14″ and a handle length of 9 3 4″. This specimen is ready to go to work in your kitchen or chuck box. The handle is embossed with the words ” Albers Flapjack Flour Peacock Buckwheat Flour”. The handle is beautifully patinated and is free of any cracks or chips. This is a museum quality specimen that will hold Antique Large Asian its own in any antique kitchen utensil collection and it would make an excellent accent piece in any room. Schroeter Brothers Hardware had a series of revolving graters in progressively larger sizes the 1000 is a large counter top model. SOLD This is a unique, large sized Wire Whip in in very good condition. True kitchen collectibles as well as great accent pieces for any room. This rolling pin is in very good + condition and has no cracks or dings. This juicer is made of cast aluminum and is wall mounted, with a cup or juice container and has a pouring lip along with a deeply ribbed reamer cone. The loop handle is embossed with “H. The Morris Metric has an interesting design including the thumb tab at the top of the slicer. SOLD A nice chopper in very good condition. SOLD Antique Chinese Lapis Fruit&flower Hand Carved This is an attractive Pie Carrier or Server in Excellent condition. The sausage shaped blades have a cutting depth of 2″ and a length of 6″. The cup is marked – 1 4, 1 2, 3 4, 1 3, 2 3, and one cup. The script on each says “Schoenebergers Bakery & Delicatessen – MO-nroe 6-4076 – 1640 W. SOLD A vintage bread dough raising or proofing pan in Excellent condition.

SOLD A wire egg whip with a turned wood handle in good condition. All of the wires on this specimen are Beautiful Antique Meissen Porcelain Figure Of Cupid still nice and tight and ready to be put to work. The overall length of this whip is 11 1 4″ with a handle length of 6 1 4″. The Ward Baking Company was the predecessor to Wonder Bread and Hostess Twinkies.

This specimen is in Excellent condition with no cracks or chips to Antique 15ct Genuine Diamond 14k 18k the vibrant red paint.

The overall length of this rolling pin is 17 1 4″ with a handle length of 4″. The beefy wishbone tang is connected to two blades with a cutting depth of 3″ and a width of 6 1 4″. Each of the cake molds has a antique primitive griswold cast iron country stove kitchen kettle pot cauldron diameter of 4 ” and the griddle stands 1 ” in height. SOLD A hand held, T handle apple corer. The scoop measures 6 3 4″ in length with the bowl measuring 2 1 8″ by 1 5 8″. This specimen still retains much of its nickel finish. This mixer has an overall length of 12 “. Rolling Pin – Turned Handles RP08 A hard maple rolling pin with turned handles that are fixed to the pin. – PAT JAN 11 70 – APL 9 72” and the manufacture date of “May 29, 77. – Weatherford Okla. The rectangular pan is tinsmith made and has very attractive envelope folded corners and nicely folded over edges.

This nut shaped cracker is quite nice to use, simply insert a nut into the body and then spin the handle until the shell is cracked. The turned handle has a length of 3 3 8″. SOLD The Covell’s cheese slicer if very good condition. This is a very clean specimen in Very Good + condition with no rust or cracking to the handle – and the green paint is Estate Fine Antique 18k Gold worn just to the point that the beautiful wood grain shows thru. The blade has a width of 2 3 4″ and a length of 5 1 2″. The overall length of this rolling pin is 18″ with a handle length of 3″. With a height of 7″ and a length of 10 7 8″ this early cherry pitter would make a beautiful accent piece in any room and would make Circa 1920s Antique Fine Caucasian Soumak Kilim antique primitive griswold cast iron country stove kitchen kettle pot cauldron a great addition to any kitchen utensil collection. ” The drum is 6 1 4″ diameter. Spatula – Ben Hur Flour VU319 This is a Ben Hur Flour antique primitive griswold cast iron country stove kitchen kettle pot cauldron spatula in Very Good condition. These are still a very functional and useful kitchen gadget and make a great conversation piece. This nice aluminum shaker works great for mixing Ovaltine, salad dressing, martinis, or any number of things. The whip works almost like a “slinky” – place the whip in a bowl and plunge the handle up and down to quickly mix batters, etc. A great conversation piece a very useable. The overall length of the paddle is 16 1 2″ with head dimensions of 6 3 8″in length by 2 5 8″ in width. This specimen is endowed with prominent gate marks and the wonderful patina common to antique cast iron. SOLD An early specimen in Very Good + condition. This is a basket that could be used as a fryer. These old pails are fun to collect and can serve a number of purposes in any home.

Antique Art Deco Retro 80ct Ruby 14k

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