Antique Vintage Trunk Blue Distressed Natural Wood Bench Table Iron Latch Chest

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If you choose to replace it all, you’ll need enough 7-8oz leather to cut your strap holders and handles from, and enough leather to create the straps. 4 years ago on ReplyUpvoteLooks great! I find the third method the most effective since it retains both curb appeal, and attempts to keep the piece as original as possible, antique vintage trunk Antique Napoleon Empire Furniture blue distressed natural wood bench table iron latch chest however, feel free to use whichever one suits you best. The first place to start is to remove the lid and leather hardware. Then you can use the nail puller, from the outside, and yank the old tacks out. It was far easier to cut the canvas away around them and not disturb their construction. That would mean un-clinching hundreds of tacks and there’s no guarantee I could rescue the strips. When the bulk of the canvas was removed, I used the scraper to tuck any remainders under the seams and the utility knife to cut off the fibers that straggled behind. Is this where yours are attached? It cost me 40. 610 RESERVOIR GR 6. The rest of the hardware, such as, the metal trim and hinges can be removed in the same way, but as you’ll see later, it can be better to leave them on. Natural G Color Maybe it’s a design flaw with these old locks, but the closer a key is to being right, the more movement Antique Turkmen Tekke Wedding you’ll get out of the lock. 154A GR 10. It’s a kind of compressed cardboard that I can only assume is waxed, or impregnated with a lacquer. Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownloadStep 6: Building the Antique Art Deco 14k White Gold TrayIf you’re fortunate, you will still have the old tray that can be restored in antique vintage trunk blue distressed natural wood bench table iron latch chest the same way as the rest of the trunk. Question 4 months ago Antique Small 8 14 X on AnswerUpvoteHey there! Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownloadStep 3: Cleaning Up the MetalTo keep the trunk as original as possible, I wanted to leave as much of the patina Genuine Ariens Gravely Gear Case Cast on the metal as I could. 0931 Washer Bottle Reservoir & Lids & Brackets & Washer Pump Kits Bottle Container Cover Lid GR 10.

1 reply Reply 2 years ago ReplyUpvoteI just bought one like you are talking about and I am trying to find help in restoring it. Plus, I like the antique vintage trunk blue distressed natural wood bench table iron latch chest wood finish. Sand it very thoroughly since you won’t be lining it again with paper (unless you really want to). My original thought, until I saw where the hole placements are, was the strap was attached underneath. Add TipAsk The Duet 19th Century Antique QuestionCommentDownloadStep 4: Removing the Canvas Cover, Paper Liner and SandingExposing the bare wood; The liner should come out pretty easy, and for the most antique vintage trunk blue distressed natural wood bench table iron latch chest part just peels away from the wood. I found the name “Corbin” etched into the lock, and tracked a few possible replacements at the local Flea market. Unfortunately, the tray in my trunk had completely deteriorated and so I had to build a new one. Masking Tape – to mask of edges for stainingBeeswax Polish – to protect the metal from rusting againAdd TipAsk QuestionCommentDownloadStep 2: Disassembling Your TrunkOne of the trickiest parts of the project is disassembling the trunk. I will be waiting for your helpful input. The Inside; The inside 1196 Certified 100 Natural Grade A Jade should be thoroughly washed with bleach and water to kill any mildew, then let to dry before sanding. They are larger and stand on the end to open, one side is made to hang stuff and the other is lined with drawers. Recommendationsby in by in by in 9,419 Buddha Head Korea EnrolledCreative Misuse ContestOil ContestWater Contest48 DiscussionsQuestion 5 weeks ago AnswerUpvoteHello! Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownloadShareDid you make 12 L Circo Pedestal this project? You only want to work it until it starts turning the lock smoothly.

Where do I purchase the new leather pieces? Question 3 months Antique English Pottery Prattware Pearlware Figure ago AnswerUpvoteHow do i know if my trunk is worth restoring? 87 Free shipping in the USA Reproduction New $119. Why did you remove the canvas? 00 antique vintage trunk blue distressed natural wood bench table iron Antique Victorian 18k latch chest Free shipping in the USA Reproduction New $132. 3 years ago antique vintage trunk blue distressed natural wood bench table iron latch chest on ReplyUpvoteThere is a bunch of information on this website about antique trunks. Antique Walter Douglas Impressionist Oil Literally, I take medication to fix that just so I can sleep at night. I used the old tray as a template and cut a piece of 1 8″ plywood for the bottom, and some 1×4″ pine for the sides. You won’t find the pieces cut out for you, except for the straps and some of the hardware, but you can acquire the leather to cut them yourself, plus the stain and finisher. I applied three layers with a soft brush, and made sure to mask off the paper edging.

You must Blue Halo Round Diamond 301 Carats have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 1 reply Reply 1 year ago ReplyUpvoteThe canvas was badly rotten and had to be removed. More About antagonizer Trunk restoration is a combination of wood working, metal craft and leather work, so it helps to have some experience in all three fields. Learn how to pick the lock first. If you want a quickie restoration then probably not, but if you’re willing to bury your heart and soul into it, then I’d say go ahead. Open antique vintage trunk blue distressed natural wood bench table iron latch chest Monday-Friday 8AM-4:00PM PST Browse and Purchase Cadillac Parts Reproduction New $279. Three Stone Antique Looking Diamond Rings Another thing I learned was that it was better to leave the canvas cover on the trunk as I was removing the rust since it protected the wood, and I would be removing it anyway. The same trunk has been passed down through my family and it’s been in my garage rafters for some time. I find that when I use a wire round brush it changes the brassy (yellowish) tint to a silver colour. The paper is set in layers, so if you remove one layer completely, you’ll need to keep sanding till you get down to the next one which will make lots of extra work for you. 00 Free shipping in the USA Reproduction New $89. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recover any of the original Vibrant Vintage Diamond In A leather so I decided to customize it with my own color and design. The trick is not to press to hard as you don’t want to polish the metal, only remove the outer layer of rust exposing the darkened aged metal underneath. Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownloadStep 5: Staining and FinishingI used combination of walnut stain with polyurethane however if you choose, you can apply them independently.

Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownloadStep 8: Finished Trunk and Key ReplacementThe trunk is complete, and as original as was possible to make it with my limited resources. There’s no need to stain the inside of the trunk and in fact, the raw wood look made a nice contrast. Tom 4 years ago on ReplyUpvoteGorgeous work. I have a couple of old steamer trunks that 34 Ct Black Yellow Natural could use this treatment. Finally, I cut a two 3 1 2″ x 3 4″ pieces of leather to act as handles for the tray then set them into place with 1″ brass tacks. 1 more answer Answer 3 months ago ReplyUpvoteYou can buy brass wire brushes which won’t stain the metal, tho they are infinitely softer and will mean more work. Go Caddy Daddy Pumps & Reservoirs & Rebuild Kits PUMP GR 6. Removing the old material covering (if it has one), stripping the paper lining and removing all of the old leather accoutrements equals roughly 60% of the work that goes into it, with leather Antique Framed 1858 Cross Stitch fabrication and sanding taking up the rest. If so, is there a metal clamp that holds the end in place or was it a leather tab? I wasn’t terribly concerned about the paper edging since I would be sanding it later to remove some of the staining and age, and also clean some of the rivets that pin them in place. I have an ible for beeswax polish that you should look up since I’m not a fan of commercial ‘s cheap and easy to make and, if you mess with the ratios of wax to oils, you can control the thickness of it which will translate into a glossier to more matte finish.

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