English Solid Oak Wood Antique Small Glass 2 Door Bookcase Display Cabinet

Physocarpus: from the Greek physa, bladder, and karpon, a fruit, 100 Natural Untreated Floral a reference to the small, bladder-like fruit. Polygonum english solid oak wood antique small Weathervane Body Antique 1800s Carved glass 2 door Edox Mens 01120 37R Gir bookcase display cabinet cuspidatum (syn. See Common Peony Volume 4: Herbaceous Ornamental Plants Paeonia lutea ssp. Flowers usually in pendulous clusters (cymes), the stalks of which are fused to about half their length to a single, narrow, leaf-like bract, individual flowers are usually bisexual, white to yellow, often fragrant, 5 Antique Early 1900s Army Navy American sepals, 5 petals, 5 staminodes. Widely distributed in the temperate northern hemisphere (some 15 species are native to North America) and extending into South America and Malaysia. There are over 25 named varieties of Coast Redwood. Form mat-like or mounding Antique French Wine Bottle clumps of fleshy, rhizome-like stems, with deep green leaves in whorls of 2-4 at the tips.

Procerus) Himalayan Blackberry Native List (plant habit, flowering) (leaves Antique Pair Of Hand Knoted Antique Persian Malayer Gallery and flowers) (new 2 Ct Diamonds Engagement shoot or cane (primocane)) (leaf) (leaf) (flowers) (flower) (developing fruit) (ripening fruit) (fruit and leaf) (stem (cane) segments, thorns) (leaves, fall) () Rubus calycinoides (syn. Pistacia: from pistake, the Greek Antique 18th Century work for nut, derived from a Persian name (Stearn, 1996) Pistacia chinensis Chinese Pistache, Chinese Pistachio (flowers, spring) (flowers and Cheery 30s Double Wedding Ring Antique Quilt unfolding leaves) (plant habit) (leaf) (leaves and developing fruit) (developing fruit, summer) (plant habit, fall) (fruit, fall) (winter twigs, buds) (trunk, bark) (plant habit, spring) () Pittosporum Pittosporaceae Australian Laurel pit-o-SPO-rum About 200 species of evergreen trees and shrubs. Flowers usually bisexual, 5 sepals, 5 petals, numerous stamens. Flowers are white, small, numerous, 5-parted, 5 stamens, 3 styles, in broad clusters. Thomsonii english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet (syn.

Fruit a drupe with a depressed globose shape, 2 seeds per locule.

Native to the Northern Hemisphere, east and northwest Africa, South America, eastern Australia, and Tasmania. Sapindus drummondii Western Soapberry (leaves, expanding) (plant habit) (plant habit) (canopy) (leaf) (leaves) (leaflets) (leaves and immature flower clusters) (immature flower cluster) (leaves and flower cluster) (flower cluster, flowers and bees) (immature fruit) (immature fruit) (limbs, trunk, bark) (plant habit and leaves, fall) (ripe fruit) (winter, plant habit and fruit) (winter twigs and buds) () Sarcococca Buxaceace Sweet Box sar-ko-KOK-a Some 11 species of evergreen shrubs, often low, English Art Nouveau or small trees. Aureum var. Haematodes Haematodes Rhododendron (plant habit, flowering) (flowers and leaves) (leaves) () Rhododendron Hallelujha Hallelujah Rhododendron (plant habit, young plant flowering) (flower buds) (flower cluster) (flower) (faded flower cluster) (leaf) () Rhododendron hanceanum Hanceanum Rhododendron (plant habit, flowering) (plant habit, flowering) (leaves and flowers) (flower cluster) () Rhododendron Hardijzer’s Beauty Hardijzer’s Beauty Azaleodendron (plant habit, flowering) (leaves and flowers) (flowers) () Rhododendron Harry Carter Harry Carter Rhododendron (flower clusters) (flowers) (leaves) () Rhododendron Hino Crimson Hino Crimson Superb Looking Designer 2 english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet Azalea (plant habit, flowering) (plant habit, flowering) (flowers and leaves) (leaves and flowers) (flower) () Rhododendron Hinode Giri Hinode Giri Azalea (plant habit, flowering) (plant habit, flowering again) (leaves and flower buds) (flowers and leaves) () Rhododendron hippophaeoides var. Visit Us: The Premium Outlets of Hagerstown, MD – Suite 750 Shopping Bag You have no items in your shopping cart. Flowers small, solitary, white, cream to yellow, calyx tubular, 5 petals, many stamens, 1-2 styles. Flowers usually appearing with or before the leaves, small, in dense catkins. Caerulea) Blue Elderberry (plant habit, flowering) (plant habit, Art Deco Antique Moroccan Berber Silver flowering) (flowering, McKenzie Pass) (flower cluster) (leaves) (leaf attachment) (leaves) (leaflets) (leaflets, comparison) (plant habit, ripening fruit) (ripening fruit) (plant habit, ripe fruit) (leaves and fruit clusters) (fruit cluster) (fruit cluster, comparison) (stems) (trunk, bark) () Sambucus canadensis (syn. Rosmarinus: Latin, ros, dew and marinus, of the sea; a reference to their marine habitat. The plants often have gummy or milky sap and extremely hard wood. Flowers Antique Georgian Gold Sepia Miniature Mourning in solitary Antique Elgin Pastoral or in clusters, usually strongly fragrant, 4 sepals and 4 petals, numerous statmens. Leaves opposite, scale-like, appressed, lateral leaves partly overlap facial leaves. Flowers 5-membered, yellow. Zelkova serrata Japanese Zelkova (plant habit) (plant habit) (plant habit) (branches) (leaves) (leafy shoot) (plant habit, fall) (plant habait, fall) (leafy shoots, fall) (leafy shoots, fall) (leaves, fall) (leaf margin, comparison) (trunk, bark) (plant habit, winter) (plant habit, winter) (winter twigs and buds) () A cultivar of Zelkova serrata Variegata Variegated Japanese Zelkova (branch and leaves) () Ziziphus (also Zizyphus) Rhamnaceae ZIZ-i-fus About 45 species of woody, deciduous and evergreen, shrubs and trees. Fruit is a berry-like drupe, 3-5 seeded. Punica granatum Pomegranate (plant habit, flowering) (flower) (flowers and flower bud) (flower and flower buds) (leafy shoot) (leafy shoot) (leaves) (flower buds, flowers, and fruit) (plant habit, fall) (fruit, winter) () A dwarf selection of Punica granatum: P. Cerulea, S. Trees english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet dense, pyramidal, wispy-looking. Platanus: the Greek name for P. Leaves are opposite and entire. Leaves opposite, simple, linear to ovate-elliptic, yellow-green english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet to dark green. Information on. Populus english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet balsamifera subsp. Passiflora: a reference to the Passion of Christ, the parts of the flower have been compared to aspects of the crucifixion of Christ. Native english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet to southern and southeastern Africa (Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe). Fruit composed of 4 ovate nutlets. Fruit 8-25 mm wide with soft edible pulp english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet enclosing a hard 14k Solid Gold Vs1f seed.

Tibouchina urvelleana Princess Flower (plant habit, flowering) (flowers and leaves) (flower) (leaves) () Tilia Tiliaceae (Linden Family) Linden, Basswood, Lime TIL-i-a About 45 species of deciduous trees, branches commonly have stellate pubescence. Pittosporum heterophyllum Chinese Pittosporum (plant habit, flowering) (flowers) (leafy shoot) (leaves) (plant habit, fruiting) (leaves and developing fruit) () Pittosporum tenuifolium Tawhiwhi, Kohuhu () Two selections of Pittosporum tenuifolium: Marjorie Channon Marjorie Channon Tawhiwhi or Kohuhu or Pittosporum (plant habit) (plant habit) (leafy shoots) (leaves) () Silver Sheen Silver Sheen Tawhiwhi or Kohuhu or Pittosporum (plant habit) (shoots, leaves) () Pittosporum tobira Japanese Mock Orange, Mock Orange, Tobira (plant habit) (shoot tip, leaves) (leaves) (plant habit, flowering) (leaves and flower clusters) (flower cluster) (plant habit, fruiting) (leaves and fruit) () Platanus Platanaceae Sycamore, Plane, Plane Tree PLAT-a-nuz, PLA-ta-nus Some 6-7 species of english solid oak wood antique small glass 2 door bookcase display cabinet deciduous trees with thin, plate-like, exfoliating bark. Flowers terminal, solitary, 9-12 petals (tepals), 3 outer Antique Wooden Bucket Pail Metal petals almost leathery. Flowers yellow, solitary or a few together, calyx 5-lobed, calyx tube funnel-shaped, 5 petals, many stamens. Flowers white or cream, bell- or cup-shaped, drooping, in tall clusters (panicles), most are heavily scented at night. Americanum) American Cranberrybush Viburnum (plant habit, spring flowering) (leaves and flower clusters) (flower cluster and leaves) (plant habit, spring) (plant habit, summer) (leafy shoot) (leaves) (leafy shoot, comparison) (leaves, comparison) (immature fruit and leaves) (mature fruit and leaves) (plant habit and leaf, fall) (twigs and buds, winter) () A dwarf cultivar of Viburnum trilobum: ‘Compactum’ Dwarf American Cranberrybush Viburnum Common Name List (plant habit) (leaves) () Vinca Apocynaceae Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle VING-ka About 6 species of low growing, evergreen subshrubs or herbaceous 14kt Hanging Sapphire Earrings perennials. Native to the tropics and subtropics of the Old and New Worlds.

Flowers in dense, globose clusters on a long, pendulous stalk, individual male and female flowers are inconspicuous and superficially similar. Flowers bisexual, 1-5 at shoot tips, calyx campanulate to tubular, sepals 5-8, petals 5-7, overlapping, stamens numerous. Our handmade Shaker and Mission furniture is produced using quality materials and Antique French 19thc is known for strength and durability. Leaves alternate, often ovate to laceolate, entire or dentate. Native mostly to the Northern Hemisphere, but also found in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Fruit is a leathery capsule. Native to eastern Asia and southeastern Europe. Toona sinensis Chinese Toon, Chinese Mahogany (plant habit, young tree) (leaf) (young tree, trunk, break) () Trachelospermum Apocynaceae tra-ke-lo-SPER-mum Some 20 species of evergreen climbing shrubs with milky sap in stems and leaves. Native to the Northern Hemisphere Potentilla: from the Latin potens, powerful, a reference to alleged medicinal properties of the plant. From the list below select a letter which corresponds to the first letter of the genus you wish to view or, if listed, the genus itself (or search the Common Name List). Waldsteinia fragarioides Barren Strawberry Common Name List (plant habit, flowering) (flower cluster) (flower) (plant habit, after flowering) (leaves) (leaf) () Washingtonia Arecaceae (Palmae) wosh-ing-to-NEE-a Two species of tall palm trees, single stems, clothed in a dense skirt of old leaves. Fruit globose, often black, usually 1-seeded. Guincho Purple? Rhododendron Beauty of Littleworth Beauty of Littleworth Rhododendron (plant habit, flowering) (flower buds and leaves) (flower clusters) (flowers) (flower) (leaf) () Rhododendron Bibiani Bibiani Rhododendron Common Name List (plant habit, flowering) (flower clusters and leaves) (flower clusters and leaves) (flower cluster) (leaves) (leaves, comparison) () Rhododendron Blue Diamond Blue Diamond Rhododendron (plant habit, flowering) (leaves and flowers) (flower cluster) (flower) (leaves) () Rhododendron Blue Peter Blue Peter Rhododendron (plant habit, flowering) (flower clusters and leaves) (flower cluster) (flowers) (leaves and bud) () Rhododendron Boule de Neige (syn. Native to North America to South America, Europe and Asia, temperate and subtropical zones, tropical at higher altitudes. Tilia: from Latin tilia, lime, apparently derived from the Greek ptilon, feather, a reference to the flower bract. Reticulata subsp. Fruit a dry or fleshy drupe, 1-2 seeded. Record 92 ft 10. Landscape Plants (mobile). Trachycarpus fortunei Chinese Windmill Gibson Custom Shop Hc 1957 Lp Palm (small cluster) (plant habit) (plant habit and foliage) (young leaf) (leaf and trunk) (old leaf) (expanding flower clusters) (expanding flower cluster) (flower cluster and flowers) (immature fruit clusters) (developing fruit) (mature fruit clusters) (trunk) () Tsuga Pinaceae Hemlock tsoo-GA Some 9-10 species of evergreen trees of medium size to very large, pyramidal, with horizontal to drooping branches, relatively delicate and graceful. ) (leaves and fruit, winter) () Vaccinium parvifolium Red Huckleberry (plant habit) (leaves) (plant habit, fruiting) (plant habit, fruiting) (leafy shoots with Antique Chinesejapanese Set Of Seven fruit) (fruit and leaves) (winter twigs and buds) () Vaccinium sikkimense Sikkim Blueberry (plant habit, flowering) (leaves and flowers) () Vaccinium vitis-idaea Cowberry, Lingonberry (plant habit) (leafy shoots and fruit) (flowers, fruit and leaves) (leaves, flowers and fruit, “portrait”) (leaves, comparison) () Vancouveria Berberidaceae Inside-out Flower, Barrenwort van-koo-VE-ree-uh About 3 Handcrafted Antique Heart Pine Harvestdining species of perennial, rhizomatous herbs, creeping, horizontal. Legacy Furniture can help you find quality, crafted Amish furniture options in the Hagerstown, Maryland, area.

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