Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306

While the Porsche Design name is worth more on a watch then the Eterna name, this is a slightly down-graded watch, so if they charged more than the Eterna KonTiki Diver, it just wouldn’t feel right. Look for the Porsche Design P’6780 Diver watch this summer. I would also think the simplification of the design was to make it more in keeping with other Porsche Design watch styles perhaps.

The KonTiki Diver retailed for bout $10,000. Css( minWidth: 450 ); );” data-content=”” data-background=”#ededed” data-opacity=”0. (0)I want it! Powering the the 1000 meter KonTiki Diver watch was an automatic ETA 2897 movement with the time, date, and power reserve indicator. 00 View eBay Listing Page: Previous1. Like I said, with the power reserve indicator, COSC Chronometer certification, and arguably a more useful dial design, I like the Eterna version a bit more. We can ponder why the over-engineered watch didn’t do super well for the brand. It’s a sad day for Eterna BIG CHRONO I figure the Super Save On Hamilton Khaki Mens steep price killed it. 00 Time Remaining: 17h 48m Buy It Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 Now for only: $400. 9″ data-border=”solid 1px #d0d0d0″ data-width=”250″ data-height=”45″ Fueled by an unshakable love for horology and a general curiosity for intricate things, Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. The design has been streamlined a bit. For the most part the watch is the same, but with little cosmetic changes. Why was it that somehow the Eterna KonTiki Diver was now a simplified Porsche Design watch? The timing was wrong Burberry Britain Bby1601 for a $10,000 watch with the economy taking such a sharp nose dive and the competition for AP’s, Rolex’s, Patek’s and so on shooting for the same quickly drying up money for that market place. 00 Time Remaining: 6h 35m Buy It Now for only: $1,475. The Eterna on the other hand looked more like an instrument. I sort of miss the power reserve indicator. Great timepiece Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 the Eterna Diver. It has that usual Porsche Design level of smooth refinement. The first was the Ocean 2000, and Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 that Jacques Lemans Kc 101A was made by IWC and came out in the early 1980s. Thumbs up (0)Interesting (0)Classy (0)I love it! They actually started ETA before selling it to the Swatch Group.

The reality is that the watch has now been re-birthed as a Porsche Design P’6780 – like it or not. 41 Time Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 Remaining: 15h 22m Buy It Now for only: $312. Having COSC status could easily elevate things 50% in retail. Though it had a ton of cool technology. 99 Time Remaining: 17h 16m Buy It Now for only: $978. What do you think? Maximilien Michael Penate Zach Pina Matt Smith-Johnson Jack Wagner Kenny Yeo Contributing Buy Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Leather Chronograph Mens Editors Patrick Kansa Rob Nudds Aileen Schiro James Stacey Art Director Matt Smith-Johnson Social Media Richard Cantley Zen Love Copy Editor Zen Love 2007 2017 aBlogtoWatch, All Rights Reserved.

I have a 1970’s Eterna Matic 1000 5 star with the ETA 2824 movement that I love. Of course, the Porsche Design Diver is something totally different compared Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 to the previous diver from almost 30 years ago. If they do, they likely have some vague concept of the brand’s merits, even though it is a great brand. The “bowl face” and the excellent crystal work made the watch viewable from so many different angles, it was a pleasure to use. I think it was a sleeper hit.

Raising the inner case also makes it easier to wind the movement if you like, and makes it possible to adjust the watch. So the Eterna KonTiki Diver disappeared. 00 Time Remaining: 5h 18m Buy It Now for only: $800. While it was perhaps smart for Eterna to salvage the KonTiki Diver by exporting it to Porsche Design, it means that the watch is not something entirely new from Porsche Design. If you want one, I am sure there are excellent deals for them online. 99 Time Remaining: 17h 16m Buy It Now for only: $898. In fact, just a few years ago released a watch that was almost identical, called the. Paul That’s very sad news hearing the Kon-Tiki diver is discontinued. That was a really fantastic watch actually. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that’s just the way he likes it. Also, you needed to pull out the inner case so as to move the bezel – that while you operated from the outside, turned on the inside. (0) See more articles about: Watch Brands Posts navigation span); jelem. It looks a bit less technical than the Eterna. It seems Eterna made way Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 too many of these back in 2008 when they made their re-introduction back into main stream watch making. For starters you should know that Eterna makes all the watches for Porsche Design. If you compare the two watches, the Porsche Design P’678 Diver is a bit more simple, streamlined, and hopefully a bit less expensive.

Like the KonTiki Diver, you will need to raise the inner case out of the shell to move the bezel. Paul I actually found someone Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 that will sell me a new Kon-Tiki Diver for $2950. I used to work as a jewelry appraiser, & when clients had GIA reported diamonds, we knew the jewelers were tacking on least 30% more for that distinction. The strap on the watch is Edox Grand Ocean Black a high grade caoutchouc rubber. So what happened? Best MatchItems Ending FirstNewly-Listed Items FirstPrice + Shipping: Lowest FirstPrice + Shipping: Highest First $550. Pingback: () ARTICLES BY EMAIL Refresh my inbox daily with watches? So it seemed pretty clear that this was a deliberate move, meant to erase the history of the KonTiki Diver! Probably close to half off the retail price. The black, while, and yellow dial tones are nice, but I think the hands are a bit too stubby – make them longer! The movement is now an automatic ETA 2892, and it has not been Chronometer certified. The complex titanium case flipped out of a cage for winding and for a new position on the wrist. According to them, the watch “didn’t fit into the brand. Probably better for casual wear, but worse for Eterna Kontiki Automatic Watch Pvd Black Cayman Band 159843411306 hardcore diving duty. Call it recycling, or reusing, or simply rebranding, it doesn’t really much matter if you like the watch. The World’s Most Popular Source for Watch Reviews, News & Admiration Since 2007 Search for: Primary Menu Porsche Design P’6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna 6 Comments May 19, 2010 by When I visited the booth at Baselworld 2010 I was pretty amused to see the new P’6780 Diver watch cause it looked pretty familiar. Buy it Howard if you like it.

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