Krell S 300i Remote Control Integrated Amplifier

45 Connair RoadOrange, CT 06477www. The performance capabilities of the KAV-400xi are extremely good. The KAV-400xi is the latest integrated amplifier in the krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier KAV line, replacing the KAV-300iL. Despite its small form factor, roughly 17 inches square and less than four inches high, it packs a wallop. Its current lineup includes the Evolution series of electronics and LAT speakers. It also won’t plow through percussive dynamics with quite the energy of these well-regarded amps or duplicate the scale or weight they impart to a symphony orchestra. “It is hands down the best amplifier I’ve ever heard and the new benchmark for which all future cost no-object amplifiers will be judged. Comment on this article Post a Comment Please enable JavaScript to view the You are encouraged to post your comments using Facebook on. Subscriber Huge 18 Aaaa 13 15mm Natural Perfect Services ManufacturerShowcases TESTED: Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifier by Jun 23rd, 2009 Categories: Products: Few components strike fear in an audiophile’s lumbar region like the heavyweight electronics from Krell. The KAV line contains the first units that embodies Krell’s new aesthetically pleasing design, which moves away from the heavy slab designs of the past.

They provide unprecedented linearity with the control and accuracy that only comes from superior current capability. 50″Weight:43 lbs. Page 1 is well known for making what many consider to be among the finest amplifiers in the world.

The company’s krell s 300i remote control integrated Luxman M 200 Stereo Power Amplifier amplifier history is replete with product introductions that have deeply impacted the high-end audio industry. Naturally there’s a theater pass-through mode. Simply sign in to your Facebook account below and post away. If your biases tend toward the lush, florid, romantic, or, goodness knows, euphonic, the S-300i may not entirely win your heart. Has, for several years, been making two lines of products, the comparatively large and expensive standard line and the relatively new KAV series, which is lower-priced. Every Krell component upholds the legacy, incorporating unique technologies that are the direct result of Krell’s discoveries in krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier audio amplification. The S-300i combines a fully balanced discrete Class A preamplifier circuit controlled by an R-2R resistor-ladder volume control and a discrete output stage rated rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The sound is lively krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier and unconstrained, in a manner that evokes live performance and the true sound of instruments. Wholly designed in Orange, CT, and built in China to Krell’s specifications, the casework is seamless; edges and trim are smoothly rounded.

Admittedly, this design does not work well in darkened rooms, krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier as it is not backlit and the buttons are hard to distinguish by feel alone. Its strength is its excellent low-frequency control; for example, during Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” it produced those popping electric bass lines with the kind of pitch and texture that might even redefine the integrated amplifier in this price range. Seemingly unlimited frequency response, combined with unerring accuracy and fortitude, extend a tradition that began with the first Krell amplifier; the KSA-100. I had to continually remind myself that the S-300i is only a $2500 amp; yet I Denon Pma 1600nesp was comparing it to amps twice the price and more. Krell also gets the adjustably illuminated display just right- readable by human beings, not eagles. No shortage of clout in the power department, either. The most discriminating audiophiles and product reviewers have consistently recognized Krell components for standard-setting performance. It also accesses the S-300i’s control menus, which can be viewed on the unit’s front-panel display. Like the physique of the Tour de France champ, the S-300i’s sonics are conveyed with muscular definition krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier and not a single ounce of flab. Krell touts its massive 750VA toroidal transformer and 38,000 microfarads of capacitance as among the more potent ever incorporated into an integrated amplifier. Your money buys you 200 watts per channel of real Krell amplification. The amplifier never ran out of steam or lost control. The 400xi, like its predecessor, comes with a thin, credit card-sized remote. However, if it’s precision-cut images krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier and transient acceleration you’re seeking, you’ve found your ride. A full-function remote krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier is provided. But there’s another side to Krell, as exemplified in the S-300i. The S-300i reproduced the full body and bloom of this close-miked recording in a way that was comparable to some of the best amps I’ve had on hand recently. To that end the Krell really shines on a solo acoustic guitar recording like Laurence Juber’s LJ Plays The Beatles Solid Air Records. The machined aluminum volume navigation wheel generates just the right amount of feedback to the hand. ” Andrew Robinson – Home Theater Review For over three decades, Krell has earned a distinguished reputation for engineering innovation and product excellence.

And the imaging on this track was wonderfully precise as good as I’ve ever heard it and that’s saying something. Additional Resources Read the At $2,500, the KAV-400xi is not an inexpensive piece, yet it offers great audiophile value. The S-300i seemed to relish diving into the middle of the orchestra krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier plucking out low-level details and timbres with ease. And tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating. But remember krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier to bend your knees. Don’t look for Tanita Remote Tabletop Display For Tanita it to flatter an edgy recording with a peaky hard vocal or the aggressive winds and strings krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier in an orchestra. Neil Gader SPECS & PRICINGKrell S-300i integrated amplifierPower Output:150Wpc into 8 ohms, 300Wpc into 4 ohmsInputs:Three RCA, one XLR (all line inputs)Dimensions:17. The buttons are slightly raised and made out of some sort of plastic membrane material. The panels feature a brushed anodized finish, with the corners made out of separate pieces of highly polished Vacuum Tube Stereo and rounded metal. Price:$2500Krell Industries, Inc. Exploration of new technologies, driven by a never-ending quest to elevate the standard of excellence, has resulted in breakthrough audio designs. It loses just a little steam and finesse at the margins. Its circuit borrows the Current Mode technology used in Krell’s top-of-the-line Evolution amps and preamps. What blew me away was the balance Krell has struck between the sonic expectations of traditional audiophiles and a new generation of hobbyists whose priorities also include modern functionality and features. Home Theater News Follow Home Theater Review More Information on Home Theater Review To contact , view our rate card, ad specs or to read our privacy policy Luxury Publishing Group Inc. In sonic personality the S-300i could very well be the Lance Armstrong of integrated amplification. The rear panel includes three RCA line-level inputs, a balanced XLR input, and an iPod iPhone interface (a cable is supplied) that taps audio from the fully differential output. Borrowing some of its styling cues and ergonomics from the S-1000 controller, the richly polished aluminum front panel houses buttons with hermetically sealed push-button switches that engage with a reassuring click.

This integrated amplifier is little more than four inches high, but this powerhouse is pure Krell through and through. But dynamically it’s no shrinking violet either. The Krell legacy will continue krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier to evolve with products that deliver innovative engineering, perfection in build quality, and outstanding audio performance. The rear panel features a detachable power cord, four single-ended inputs (one marked tape), one balanced input, tape and pre-amp single-ended outputs, five-way binding posts, an RC-5 input and a 12-volt trigger input and output. Finally, there’s a modest reduction of depth and soundstage width an example would be the background voices on Simon’s Graceland album, which should be located at the furthest extremes of the speakers’ side panels. In bass response, the S-300i doesn’t have the bone-chilling footprint of Krell’s krell s 300i remote control integrated amplifier colossal flagships it won’t dredge the bottom of the low-frequency lake and it lacks the bass bloom and decay that define the most elite amps in this segment. It was the first Krell product, and its resounding success established Krell as an important new technological contributor to high-end audio. It may be modest in profile but sciatica sufferers should cautiously bend those knees when trying to hoist it. This means a low negative feedback design, fully balanced signal path and pure class-A circuitry up to the driver stage. I personally don’t mind the remote’s design, as it fits with the 400xi’s contemporary aesthetic, but I have heard complaints about it.

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