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LPS08 LPS10 How do retailers and CPG companies apply insights about consumer psychology in today’s marketing strategies? Here are some examples from retail startups that presented at our research center’s on the latest industry developments, co-organized with the Marketing Science Institute and Fashion Institute of Technology. Magazine-like catalogs are addressed to the girl shoppers and are often their only mail. Justice, an apparel and accessories brand for 7- to 14-year-old girls, understands its young customers, and their moms, very well.

Its short, high-quality video clips feature product explanations and usage suggestions, given by the JOYUS curators, providing a rich, entertaining shopping experience. While quantitative analyses are powerful in verifying intuitions about consumer behavior, qualitative methods are valuable sources to discover behavioral patterns and customer needs. Even the wording Great Deal On Hamilton Mens H77706553 Khaki of promotional prices “trial” prices speaks to people’s mindset of exploring while not making quality wines sound cheap. Penney is bringing sales back after customers responded poorly to the recently launched three-tier pricing strategy implementing everyday low pricing. The company markets to these emotions and aspirations (“access your dream closet”). Last year, Honest Tea changed a lower-waste bottle back to the original because customers perceived less content in the new bottle. FEATURE STORY FEATURE STORY FEATURE STORY Innovation Three Keys to Successful Team Management School Events SPECIAL REPORT: Wharton Global Forum in Miami Recap Government What the Senate Missed In Grilling Gorsuch Marketing to Shopper Psychology August 15, 2012 by Denise Dahlhoff Denise Dahlhoff Ph. This fall, Honest Tea is replacing cane sugar with fruit juice in its successful Honest Kids line because parents perceive fruit juice as healthier although it is the same nutritionally. JOYUS, an online video retailer of a carefully curated assortment of apparel, beauty and lifestyle items, entices consumers with content and visual presentation.

Lot18 gives people confidence by offering a limited selection of hand-picked quality wines at a good price and educating customers about the wines. Lot18 was founded on the insight that many people feel intimidated by buying wine because they lack expertise. The unique merchandise and the frequent addition of new items keep shoppers engaged. Traditional companies also consider consumer psychology in their marketing. We are social: Follow and like us: COVER STORY Leadership Training The Wharton Way Fueled by a transformative $10 million gift, the Anne and John McNulty Leadership Program aims to shatter the theory that trailblazers are only born, not made. Rent the Runway, an online designer dress and accessories rental company, mainly caters to women that want a Cinderella experience wearing brands that they usually don’t wear.

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Larger sizes are placed in the regular section to make girls of any size feel comfortable. The merchandise, store experience and advertising are specifically designed for girls, who tend not to want to look like their mothers, like to play and enjoy sensory overload. Shoppers didn’t see their savings and missed the bargain hunt.

That was my thought when I saw a man contently reading a Lum Tec Usn Se Tissot T0064083605700 Cosc Le Combat B23 Carbon Mens Watch Limited Ed 50 Authorized Dealer magazine in the comfortable seating area at Athleta’s Philadelphia store while waiting for his significant other to try on items.

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