Luxman Luxman Vacuum Tube Stereo Power Lifier Mq 88u 100k From Japan

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I dont spin vinyl, so I didnt have a chance to evaluate the phono section and cant comment on its performance. Full featured One feature of the L-509u is the high-quality electronic input selector switch, taken from Luxmans top-of-the-line C-1000f preamplifier. The music was so natural-sounding and involving that I found myself listening more to the music than to the usual recorded artifacts that I often pay attention to when evaluating a component. Conclusion The Luxman L-509u is a versatile, full-featured integrated amplifier, complete with a MM MC phono section 18k Gold Coin Necklace From and a headphone output, and it offers sonic performance that easily outclasses my current reference. These used to be standard on preamps and integrated amps, but lately have been left off many leading designs. ” Value “The L-509u’s true competition is the even more expensive Esoteric A-100 and other cost-no-object integrated amps. This characteristic was intoxicating and addictive. Too often, excellent bass reproduction is attributed solely to the loudspeaker, but the partnering amplifier can have a significant contribution to the bass through its damping factor (in technical terms, the ratio of the impedance of the source to that of the loudspeaker), thereby reducing undesirable movement of the woofer near its resonant frequency. Very impressive was the reproduction of high frequencies and the midrange.

CLICK THIS to go directly to the Soundsmith site! The first button, Line Straight, is for those who are not interested in the tone controls, allowing their removal from the signal path. Its Linn Majik 4100 4 X just that good. Because the tracks were from different artists and albums, recorded at different levels, I had to compensate with some tracks and adjust the volume. Although Luxman offers remote controls Thermazone Continuous Thermal Therapy Device for other products, no remote is supplied for the L-509u, owing to Luxmans insistence on luxman luxman vacuum tube Triode Japan Vacuum Tube Pre Main stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan a design with no sonic compromise. After hearing this incredible bass response, I dove deep into my collection of rock recordings to exploit and enjoy this quality. The unit that had been sent to me by OHanlon had significant use prior to my evaluation; therefore, no burn-in was required and it performed flawlessly with no hiccups. Uday Reddy Luxman L-509u Integrated Amplifier Price: $10,000 USD per pair. This feature luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan is significant. Although the lowest frequencies rolled off slightly, the depth Halcro Mc20 2 Channel Power Amplifier Superb of bass achieved was startling, with substantial weight and a sustained, room-filling pulse of a quality that I had never heard before with these speakers. Associated EquipmentLoudspeakers Wilson luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan Audio Sophia. ” Theres a lot to be said for longevity in the business world. In fact, the only time that this was even an issue was when listening to the eclectic compilation CDs Schiller 3m Patient Gas Measure Tube For provided by Luxmans importer, Philip OHanlon of On a Higher Note.

” “Subterranean? This is no thrown-in feature. The L-509u measures 18 3 8″W x 7″H x 17″D and weighs 63 pounds. Sound Like the Esoteric A-100 I reviewed, the L-509u was one dead-quiet integrated amp with an ultra-low noise floor, resulting in the blackest of backgrounds from which the music would emerge in solid, focused, three-dimensional Arcam C 49 Stereo Preamplifier Dual Mono images. The right knob adjusts the volume, while Great Price On Hr the left knob selects among four RCA inputs, two balanced line-level inputs and the phono input, Ultrasound 40k Anti Cellulite Vacuum Radio Frequency which accommodates moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridges. If the AC outlet is wired incorrectly, meaning the live and neutral wires are swapped, a red LED will warn you. Digital Wadia 830 CD player, Logitech Transporter wireless DAC, Apple MacBook with 1TB Apple Time Capsule. Very handsome in a retro style reminiscent of integrated amps from the ’60s and ’70s, the L-509u’s front panel is dominated by two large VU meters, backlit in baby blue. The front, top, bottom and side panels are made of machined, brushed aluminum, and the top panel is luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan flanked on both sides by black-colored cooling vents. The final button switches off the meters’ lighting. ” Incredibly Beautiful Design From Features “Power output is 120 watts into 8 ohms, reportedly doubling to 240 watts into a 4-ohm load. Luxman Corporation 1-3-1 Shin-Yokohama Kouhoku-ku Yokohama, Japan 222-0033 Phone: +81 45 470 6980 Fax: +81 45 470 6997 luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan Website: www. However, the L-509u delivered soundstaging that was stable, broad and deep, even at low-level SPLs, and blossomed even further when the speakers were given more juice. Below the RCA jacks are two sets of balanced inputs, both of which come with an ingenious feature. Integrated amplifier Jeff Rowland Design Concentra. Although a class-AB integrated Yaqin Ms 300c 300b Vacuum Valve amp, the L-509u likely runs in class A more than most integrateds at similar power Wadia A 102 outputs and volumes, resulting in this natural, distortion-free quality. Speaker cables Transparent Audio Ultra MusicLink. However, the lower noise floor of the L-509u allowed more detail to emerge within these frequency ranges, particularly in quiet interludes that otherwise would have been somewhat veiled with the Concentra. It may cost almost twice as much, but, to me, its features and performance easily justify the added expense. ” Use “Although Luxman offers remote controls for other products, no remote is supplied for the L-509u, owing to Luxmans insistence on a design with no sonic compromise. My current room is compromised in the bass department because of it small volume, so I still experience some bass overhang with the Concentra, especially at louder volumes. Warranty: luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan Five years parts and labor. The low noise floor of the L-509u again contributed to unveiling this low-level detail. Additionally, noise and distortion have been kept to a minimum with the introduction of Luxmans Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ODNF) version 2.

There are four more RCA inputs for various line-level sources along with two more RCA sets of jacks for the tape monitor. It speaks of a commitment to core principles and a focus on quality, with the needs of the consumer kept firmly in sight. It eliminates the need for a dedicated headphone amp. The L-509u handled this composition with aplomb and without any sense of strain, and the transient response, particularly with strings and brass, was fast. Additionally, the L-509u was tonally neutral, and did not favor one end of the frequency spectrum over another; instead its sonic signature was geared toward delivering the least-colored, most musically natural performance, regardless of the type of music. The front panel has two large knobs on either side of the VU meters. The treble and midrange were very comparable between the two integrateds. Rounding out the rear panel is an AC socket for the detachable power cord and the line-phase sensor in the upper right corner. Mens Power Bio Herbs I did also, Buy Now Citizen Eco Drive on occasion, take advantage of Deans Winchester Ring the line-in option to drive the amplifier section using my Wadia 830 CD players digital volume control (and remote control! Adjacent to the input selector are two small buttons; the upper button is for the tape loop, and the lower button selects the moving-coil stage for the phono input. This track starts off with what sounds to my ears like a marimba, with more percussion and guitar added as the track progresses. Tonally, they are quite similar — uncolored and musically natural — but with regard to the control of the woofer and the ultimate low-frequency extension, the Concentra was no match.

I did, however, spend time listening to headphones via the L-509u’s headphone output. From left to right, in a row along the lower section of the front panel, are the power Shengya A17cs Hybrid button, a headphone jack, the record-output selector and a luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan speaker switch for muting (especially helpful when swapping interconnects and cables) or switching between primary and Seiko Brightz Sdgm001 Brightz Sdgm 001 Mechanical secondary speakers. Being nearly full range, my Wilson Audio Sophia speakers have ample bass output, and I was quite confident that over the past four years of ownership, I had experienced their full capabilities.

The bass flat out rocked, and I just couldnt get enough. Dynamically, the L-509u was a solid performer, capable of wide swings in volume with no compression or congestion at louder volumes. Frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz for phono (yes, the L-509u has a phono stage, which I wasn’t able to test) and 20Hz-100kHz for line-level sources. Lynchs playing in the upper register was smooth, airy, and graceful, floating front and center, with no evidence of hardness or edge. This rhythmic, fanfare-like composition is a great workout for integrated amps and can lack coherence when rendered through lesser components. Poorly designed tone controls may have gotten a bad rap, but, properly implemented, they can be quite helpful in taming edgy treble or muddy bass on poorly engineered recordings. With regard to soundstaging, most amplifiers perform best at realistic volumes, luxman luxman vacuum tube stereo power lifier mq 88u 100k from japan with the soundfield collapsing at lower volumes. Power output is 120 watts into 8 ohms, reportedly doubling to 240 watts into Ampli Stereo Audio Analogue Puccini a 4-ohm load. The L-509u also Spark Cayin A 88tmk2 Kt88 employs the solid-brass volume control used in the CL-88 vacuum-tube preamplifier.

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