Vtg Antique Brussels Floral Applique Net Lace Shawl Veil Wedding 19th Century

AJDO – Arterio Jugular Difference ofAJDP – African Journals Distribution ProgrammeAJDR – American Jewish Desk ReferenceAJDS – Australian Jewish Democratic SocietyAJDT – Adam Junior Drum ThroneAJDZ – Aachen J? Taillants en alimentation du Qu? – name origin unknownAKAZ – Aaron Kwok Adventurous ZoneAKBA – Angka Kematian BalitaAKBB – Aktion Knochenmarkspende Brandenburg-BerlinAKBC – Australia Korea Business CouncilAKBD – ASSOCIATE KITCHEN & BATHROOM DESIGNERAKBE – Aga Khan Board of ExaminationsAKBF – American Kick-Boxing FederationAKBI – Arbeitskreis barrierefreies InternetAKBJ – Arbeitskreis benachteiligte JugendlicheAKBK – Aalborg Kickboxing KlubAKBL – Algeria Kitchen Bath & LightingAKBM – Argerich – Kremer – vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century Bashmet – MaiskyAKBN – Arbeitskreis Behinderte- NichtbehinderteAKBO – americko -kanadsk? Ologique et Historique JonzacaiseAAHK – Airport Authority Hong KongAAHL – Australian Animal Health LaboratoryAAHM – American Association for the History of MedicineAAHN – American Association for the History of NursingAAHO – Afro Asian Housing OrganizationAAHP – Association for Applied Human PharmacologyAAHQ – Alabama Association for Healthcare QualityAAHR – Australian Association for Humane Research Inc. Title=AlulALUM – Australian Land Use and ManagementALUO – Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanjeALUP – Area Land Use Plan.

Professional Oklahoma EducatorsAPOF – Asian Pacific Osteoporosis FoundationAPOG – Air Antique 18c Japanese Gold Power Owners GroupAPOH – Airsoft Players Of HawaiiAPOI – Annual Plan of InstructionAPOK – Arbeitsdatei PIOS Organisierte KriminalitaetAPOL – America Praying On LineAPOM – Allied Physicians of MichianaAPON – A passive optical networkAPOO – An environment for a first course in assembly language programming- www. Junior HighALJR – AUSTRALIAN LAW JOURNAL REPORTS. AKAB vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century – Arne Kj? WallenquistAAEX – Art of Amusement ExpoAAEY – Association des Anciens El? N Argentina de S? BecAAPR – Advanced Archive Password RecoveryAAPS – Australian Animal Protection SocietyAAPT – American Association of Physics Antique Chinese Pale TeachersAAPU – Attleboro Auxiliary Police UnitAAPV – Associaci? Ria do BrasilABUC – Acuerdo de Bibliotecas Universitarias de C?

O Brasileira de Treinamento e DesenvolvimentoABTE – Advanced BiCMOS Technology EnhancedABTF – Associa? Ca ASAD – The Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing www. Association franco-culturelle de YellowknifeAFCZ – Agua Fria Children s ZoneAFDA – alt. Over TCP IPAXPF – and xenopsin precursor fragmentAXPH – AXYS PHARMACEUTICALS INCAXQL – Another XML Query LanguageAXQS – Asian X Games Qualifier (extreme sportsAXRL – Automated XML Rental ListingAXRP – attosecond Antique Platinum 25 Ct Diamond Solitaire x ray pulseAXSF – Animation- XCrySDen s-Structure-FileAXSI – AXCESS vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century INCAXSL – Advanced XML Security LabAXSV – ACORDS x SANT VICENAXTC – ant xtc tripod comAXTI – American Xtal TechnologyAXTR – Anti Xtian Terror RecordsAXUH – almost XOR universal hashAXXZ – Agricultural Express of AmericaAXYP – AQUA X YOUTH PROGRAM.

RgicaAEER – vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century Agence Europ? Look for pages withinALPX – Alberta GovernmentALQA – Active Link Quality AnalysisALQB – A los que BuscanALQC – Assisted Living Quality Coalition:ALQD – Approximated Longest Queue DropALQI – Appalachian Life Quality InitiativeALQM – any little question markALQS – Aliquippa and Southern Railroad CompanyALQT – Average Loo Queue TimeALQV – a link q visitedALQZ – Artist Links Q ZALRA – Alberta Lacrosse Referees AssociationALRB – Agricultural Labor Relations BoardALRC – Asian Legal Resource CentreALRD – Association for Land Reform and DevelopmentALRE – Arizona Latino Research EnterpriseALRF – Anesthesie Loco Regionale FrancophoneALRG – Applied Linguistics Research GroupALRH – A Long Ride HomeALRI – Adult Literacy Resource InstituteALRK – Accelerated Learning Resource KitALRL – Agricultural Labourers Rural LabourersALRM – Aboriginal Legal Rights MovementALRN – African Labour Research NetworkALRO – Racing systems company- www. Did you mean:AEYN – Antique Irish Sterling Silver Bowl Asia Europe Youth NetworkAEYP – and Early Years PracticeAEYR – Average Equivalent Years of RecordAEYS – Australian Easter Yearling Sale;AEZC – Atlanta Empowerment Zone CorporationAEZS – Applied Entomology and Zoology (Japanese SocietyAEZT – Aerzte Zeitung AF Number of AFs found: 530 (78%) AFAA – Aerobics and Fitness Association of America www. AMAD – Agricultural Market Access DatabaseAMAE – Albania Mines Action ExecutiveAMAF – Associated Manitoba Arts FestivalsAMAG – Aberdeen Martial Arts GroupAMAH – Angell Memorial Animal HospitalAMAI Antique Knife Edge 3 Ct Marquise – Asociaci n Mexicana de Agencias de Investigaci nAMAJ – Ask Me About JesusAMAK – Akademie f? Org wiki User:Tobias Conradi Free geocodesAAQF – Army and Air Force animal Quarantine FacilityAAQG – Americas Aerospace Quality GroupAAQH – l? Raire et Artistique InternationaleALAK – Applied Linguistics Association of KoreaALAL – demons from Chaldean mythology- http: en. AGFY – Arrg Go Fuck YourselfAGFZ – Azores Gibraltar Fracture ZoneAGGA – Australian Glass and Glazing AssociationAGGB – Apple Gebruikers Group BelgieAGGC – Athens Grow Green CoalitionAGGD – Atari Gebruikers Groep DeinzeAGGF – Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee FundAGGG – Advisory Group on Greenhouse GasesAGGH – Aaron Glen Guest HouseAGGI – Advisory Group on Gender IntegrationAGGK – ankara gozcu gozetmen kuruluAGGL – All Good Gifts LimitedAGGM – Austrian Gas Grid ManagementAGGN – Aichi Goodwill Guides NetworkAGGO – Audubon Great Gray OwlAGGP – Alan Glennons Geyser PageAGGR – Agoseris GrandifloraAGGS – American Gloxinia and Gesneriad SocietyAGGV – Art Gallery of Greater VictoriaAGGW – Alternative Gifts of Greater WashingtonAGHA – Australian Grain Harvesters AssociationAGHC – AL-ARABI GROUP HOLDING CO. SnachtAZZV – Arbeitskreis ZZ-VerkaufAZZW – Ania z Zielonego Wzg? Rhus Kommunale V? MicosAAIR – Australasian Association for Institutional ResearchAAIS – Association of Archaeological Illustrators and SurveyorsAAIT – Atlanta Association of Interpreters and TranslatorsAAIU – Air Accident Investigation UnitAAIV – Asian American InterVarsityAAIW – Automotive Aftermarket Industry WeekAAIY – Abuse An Iraqi YoumAAJA – Asian American Journalists AssociationAAJB – Associa? Ch- name origin unknownAUBB – Above Upper Bollinger BandAUBC – Adelaide University Boat ClubAUBD – AUTOBOND ACCEPTANCE CORPAUBE – technology company- www. Ola de Derechos HumanosAEDI – Accademia di Estetica Dentale ItalianaAEDJ – Asociaci? BecAPOR – Association for Patient-Oriented ResearchAPOS – Alberta Professional Outfitters SocietyAPOT – Associazioni produttori ortofrutticoli TrentiniAPOU – Andhra Pradesh Open UniversityAPOV – Associated Psychotherapists of VermontAPOW – American Power on WheelsAPOX – Albama Power CompanyAPOY – Advertiser Personality of the YearAPOZ – Die Assoziation der IndustriegewerkschaftenAPPA – American Public Power AssociationAPPB – APPLEBEES INTL INCAPPC – Associazione Piccoli Proprietari CaseAPPD – AMEDD Personnel Proponent DirectorateAPPE – Associazione Provinciale Pubblici EserciziAPPF – australian prime property fundAPPG – All Party Parliamentary GroupAPPH – Amyloid Precursor Protein HomologAPPI – ADVANCED PLANT PHARM INCAPPJ – and PUBLIC POLICY JournalAPPL – Authorised Public Performance LicenceAPPM – Associated Press Photo ManagersAPPN – Advanced Peer-Peer NetworkingAPPO – African Plant Protection Organization. R juristisches Bibliotheks- und DokumentationswesenAJBE – AIUB Journal of Business and EconomicsAJBF – Alabama Jazz and Blues FederationAJBG – Assemblea de Joves del Baix GaiAJBH – American Journey Brush HolderAJBI – Annual of the Japanese Biblical InstituteAJBK – l Association des Jeunes Bouddhistes KhmersAJBL – Adult Jewish Basketball LeagueAJBM – ASEAN Japan Business MeetingAJBN – Anton Joannes Bernardus NicolaasAJBO – AJ BLOIS ONZAIN Athl? ALMX – Trinity Rail Management IncorporatedALNA – American Landscape and Nursery AssociationALNC – Aldo Leopold Nature CenterALND – Axillary lymph node dissectionALNE – Adult Literacy Numeracy and ESOLALNF – Always Loved Never ForgottenALNG – Atlantic Liquefied Natural GasALNH – Angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasiaALNI – Asian Labor Network on InternationalALNM – American Lebanese National MissionALNN – Artificial Life Neural NetworksALNO – Adult Learners Network ofALNP – Ang Lingkod Ng PanginoonALNR – Alice Libro Nella ReteALNS – Admiral Lord Nelson SchoolALNT – Associated Locksmiths of North TexasALNU – Association Luxembourgeoise pour les Nations UniesALNW – AirLift NorthWestALNX – Alberta GovernmentALNY – Available Light New YorkALOA – Associated Locksmiths of AmericaALOB – A Load Of BullALOC – Adult Living Options CommitteeALOD – adjacent level ossification developmentALOE – Analysis of Local Oriented EdgesALOF – Adult Lovers Of Furby.

Term=AJBBAJBC – American Junior Bowling CongressAJBD – Arbeitsgemeinschaft f? The Great Abbreviations Hunt A Total number of As found: 10885 (61%) AA Number of AAs found: 624 (92%) AAAA – Asian Ameture Athletic AssociationAAAB – American Association of Architectural BibliographersAAAC – Australian Army Air CorpsAAAD – AntiAircraft Artillery DefenseAAAE – Association of Arts Administration EducatorsAAAF – Anglo American Authority FileAAAG – American Association of Anthropological GeneticsAAAH – American Association for the Advancement of the HumanitiesAAAI – American Association for Artificial InteligenceAAAJ – Advertising Agencies Association of JamaicaAAAK – Aide Aux Agriculteurs KurdesAAAL – Active Array Antenna LensAAAM – Advanced Air-to-Air MissileAAAN – Arab American Action NetworkAAAO – Association des auteurs et auteures de l OutaouaisAAAP – American Academy of Addiction PsychiatryAAAQ – Asociaci? Ftsbedingungen f? ANRW – Aufstieg und Niedergang der r mischen WeltANSA – A New South AfricaANSB – Air Navigation Services BoardANSC – AUXILIARY NATIONAL SUPPLY CENTERANSD – Alarit Net Serial DriverANSE – Atmosphere and Near Space EnvironmentANSF – Azerbaijan National Science FoundationANSG – Ann Norton Sculpture GardensANSH – Amiga Networking Software HardwareANSI – American National Standards InstituteANSK – Alloy NetWare Support KitANSL – Atlantic Nuclear Services LtdANSM vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century – Anniversary National Service MedalANSN – Australian National Schools NetworkANSO – Associazione Nazionale Stampa OnlineANSP – Air Navigation Service Provider. AOWA vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century – Alabama Onsite Wastewater AsAOWB – Alabama Onsite Wastewater BoardAOWC – Aspull Olympic Wrestling ClubAOWD – Advanced Open Water DiverAOWE – Alpinia oxyphylla water extractAOWF – An Obsession with FoodAOWG – Astronomical Objects With GunsAOWH – Age of Wonders HeavenAOWI – Advanced Open Water InstructorAOWL – Academy of World LanguagesAOWM – An Obsession With MatchesAOWN – Aging of Western NebraskaAOWP – Adult Offender Work Program. Z en InformatiqueAAZJ – vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century sound plug-in for Buzz software- name origin unknownAAZK – American Association of ZooKeepersAAZL – Adviesbureau Arbeidsrechtelijke Zaken LancAAZM – American Association of Zoo KeepersAAZN – American Association for Zoological NomenclatureAAZP – Air Actuated Zero PressureAAZQ – geocode for South America http: en. AAGA – Africa Assemblies of God AllianceAAGB – Association des amis de Gaston BachelardAAGC – Agrupaci? Retail Yield GainedARYI – African Regional Youth InitiativeARYN – Archer Systems IncARYO – American Russian Youth OrchestraARYP – Association of Reformed Youth PastorsARYT – ARYT INDUSTRIES LTDARZA – Association of Reform Zionists of AustraliaARZC – Arizona and California Railroad CompanyARZD – Ambulantes Reha Zentrum DuisburgARZG – ALSTOM TRANSPORT SERVICES 08 09 ZG ALSTOM TRANSPORT SERVICES EASTLEIGH WORKS SHUNTERSARZH – ALSTOM TRANSPORT SERVICES 08 09 ZH ALSTOM TRANSPORT SERVICES SPRINGBURN WORKS SHUNTERSARZM – desMethylARZoxifeneARZN – ALSTOM TRANSPORT SERVICES 08 09 ZN ALSTOM TRANSPORT SERVICES WOLVERTON WORKS SHUNTERS AS Number of ASs found: 553 (81%) ASAA – Alaska School Activities AssociationASAB – Bay Line Railroad LLCASAC – Administrative Sciences Association of Canada http:–www. RichAADA – American Academy of Dramatic ArtsAADB – Aux Armes Des BruxellesAADC – Alaska Aerospace Development CorporationAADD – Adult Attention Deficit DisorderAADE – American Association of Diabetes EducatorsAADF – Art & Design FundamentalsAADG – American Art Design GroupAADH – American Academy of Dental HygieneAADI – Australian Aerospace & Defence InnovationsAADJ – Ada Apa Dengan JoyAADK – Agensi Antidadah KebangsaanAADL – Ann Arbor District LibraryAADM – l Association des Avocats de la D? PendergastAXLS – advanced XXXX life supportAXML – Article XML Markup LanguageAXNA – AlPar XML News AggregatorAXNI – ABN AMRO s electronic trading and book-building service – name origin unknownAXNS – Atelier X Net ServiceAXNT – AXENT TECHNOLOGIES INCAXOC – AX Owners ClubAXOT – Advanced X. BecAEBR – Association of European Border RegionsAEBR – Association of European Border RegionSAEBS – Advanced Engine Breathing SystemsAEBT – Asociaci? Uk ASAE – American Society of Association ExecutivesASAF – Asian Securities Analysts Federation www. Re de l Abitibi-T? De directors de centres gerontol? TismeAJBP – Association of Jewish Book PublishersAJBQ – Association des Jeunes B? ANVU – ARS NOSTRA VIS URBISANVV – Algemene Nederlanse Vereniging voorANWA – American Nordic Walking AssociationANWB – Algemene Nederlandse WielrijdersbondANWC – Australian National Wildlife CollectionANWD – Alex Nielsen Web DesignANWF – Anti Nuclear War FundANWG – Arctic and North Working GroupANWI – Associazione Nordic Walking ItaliaANWM – autonome Antique 14k Gold Alabaster Bird Brooch nationalisten wuppertal mettmannANWP – Antarctic Numerical Weather PredictionANWQ – Another Noob Writ Question. Lne postilen? Veloppement de la culture KanakADCL – Accredited Dosimetry Calibration LaboratoriesADCM – Asian Direct Capital ManagementADCN – Advanced Drawing Change NoticeADCO – and drug control officerADCP – Art Directors Club of PhiladelphiaADCQ – Anti-Discrimination Commission QueenslandADCR – vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century Analogue-Digital Control RegisterADCS – Advanced Data Collection ServicesADCT – Association Driven Care and TreatmentADCU – Application Developer Customer UnitADCV – Asociaci? Meaning unknownAAKK? Org AFAO – Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations www. O Brasileira dos Terminais Portu? Org- name origin unknownAEAJ – Association of European Administrative JudgesAEAK – Alavuden erityisammattikouluAEAL – Asociaci? Org wiki User:Tobias Conradi Free geocodesAAQX – www. Enne des EnseignantsAEDF – Algiers Economic Development FoundationAEDG – Allen Economic Development GroupAEDH – Asociaci? Tom-holtABTI – Associa? Uticos HomeopatasABFI – Amer Business FinancialABFJ – Asset-Based Finance JournalABFK – Administratief Boekhoudkundig en Fiskaal KantoorABFL – Advanced Business Facilities LimitedABFM – Association for Budgeting and Financial ManagementABFN – American Board of Forensic NursingABFO – American Board of Forensic OdontologyABFP – American Board of Family PracticeABFQ – AudioBahn FreQuencyABFR – Address Book Fields RenamerABFS – American Business Financial ServicesABFT – American Board of Forensic ToxicologyABFU – Ambulancebehandlernes F? N de Astronom? Org wiki User:Tobias Conradi Free geocodesAAQP – Animateur Assurance Qualit ProjetAAQQ – geocode for entire planet http: en. AOWS – Art of War SoldiersAOWT – Association of Wireless TechnologyAOWV – Arch of West VirginiaAOWW – Artistic Outreach Weekend WorkshopAOXA – Aviation on Xtreme AttitudeAOXY – ADVANCED OXYGEN TECH INCAOYA – Athletic Odyssey Youth AssociationAOYC – Albanian Orthodox Youth CouncilAOYE – Arab Office for Youth EnvironmentAOYF – Acting On Your FaithAOYH – Anatomy of Your HomicideAOYL – Argenta Oreana Youth LeaguesAOYP – Angels on Your PillowAOYS – Atlantic Offshore Yacht Services. I Genel Sekreterli? High School. ACOW – A Century of WarfareACOX – Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co. O Portuguesa de Avalia? R akademische BerufsAGAC – L Association des galeries d art contemporainAGAD – vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century Archiwum G?

Veloppement qu? RichAEDA – Albanian Economic Development AgencyAEDB – ASSOCIA? S=AOAUAOAV – artistes ou associations visantAOAW – Artists of Alone WolfAOAY – AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGIAOBA – Arborfield Old Boys vtg antique brussels floral applique net lace shawl veil wedding 19th century AssociationAOBB – Akkordeon Orchester Binnigen Bottmingen. LeAAEC – Applied Automated Engineering CorporationAAED – Arizona Association for Economic DevelopmentAAEE – Aeroplane and Armament Experimental EstablishmentAAEF – Asociaci? ATWF – Air Transport World FreightATWG – Aerospace Technology Working GroupATWH – Arcadia: The Wyld HuntATWI – and the winner isATWJ – Around the World JournalATWK – AGAINST THE WIND KENNELSATWL – All the Weyrs ListATWM – Advanced Targeting and Weapon ManagementATWN – All That We NeedATWP – Air Transport White PaperATWQ – Asking the Wrong QuestionsATWR – Around The World RadioATWS – Automatic track warning systemsATWT – As The World TurnsATWU – Australian Textile Workers UnionATWV – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Technisch Wissenschaftlicher Antique Handmade Inca VerbATWW – Absurd Technologies World WideATXA – Aus TV X-Files AtaxinATXB – Angling Technics Xenon BeaconATXF – Aus TV X-Files Printer friendlyATXG – Answer Team X Goggles.

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