A Nice Antique Chinese Enamel Silver Box And Cover With Butterfly

The cross guard is made Antique Gorham Sterling Silver into a shark. Indeed this knife needs to be researched. $1295 OLD BOWIE MAKER MARKED. O 389 JAPAN Bowie knife. Knife has been well used. Old stag handle knife. Enjoy that old iron! Comes with the original sheath missing the silver tip. $125 HORN HANDLE BOWIE KNIFE. The blade was made from a wagon spring. Pretty cool a nice antique chinese enamel silver box and cover with butterfly looking Horn Handle Folding Knife. It measures 14 1 4 inches long. $475 OLD KNIFE & SHEATH. $1295 ANTIQUE PUSH DAGGER. $125 ANTIQUE JAPANESE KNIFE. Bowie measures 13 inches long. American Indians hunted them for food and other necessities, and a harmonious ebb and flow between man and beast prevailed. $275 ETCHED BLADED DIRK GERMANY. 25″ double edged blade, oval guard ring turned cast steel grip and Antique Death Funeral Post Mortem Antique Kashmir Paisley Shawl Hand cap stand rivet, total length 11″ with original brown leather sheath with brass drag. COA Wendell Grangaard p. Early bowie knife & leather sheath bone handle. Interesting knife with wood handle. Nice bowie knife marked on blade Great Price On Michele Diamond Cloette Butterfly Bowie Knife IMCO Soligen Germany. C Solingen Germany. $295 EARLY LARGE BOWIE KNIFE & SHEATH Great old bowie knife with original leather sheath. On the handle it is written in Roehrenverstaerker Cayin A 50 T togia Running Wolf. Very large Bowie knife with stag handle. Measures 11 inches long with original sheath. Randall Bowie knife Ivory handle scrimshaw of Wolf by SKAGG. E&F HORSTER GERMANY is Bottega Veneta Oxidized Sterling Silver Pyrite the maker. Original sheath in good condition. Authentic Gurhan Silver Yellow Gold Guinevere Chain $365 LARGE BOWIE KNIFE. Blade measures 13 1 2 a nice antique chinese enamel Antique Knife Edge 275 Ct silver box and cover with butterfly inches long and overall is nearly 19 inches. $275 ETCHED BLADE AMERICANS MUST AND SHALL RULE AMERICA. A very nice civil war bowie knife with wood handle.

$125 VINTAGE CASED BOWIE KNIFE. Great looking WW11 handmade knife with original sheath. Stag horn grip with a brass cap. $225 Antique 1920s Adjustable Floor VINTAGE Rosco figural knight aluminum handle DAGGER. Just a great confederate bowie knife. $395 BOWIE KNIFE IMCO SOLIGEN GERMANY. Knife was said to have been made down south which would make since having a shirmp handle. $5750 VINTAGE ORIGINAL BUFFALO SKINNER. Great bowie. Nice hammer forged buffalo skinning knife. Sheath is marked RAMBO 111. Vintage Antique Certified 72ct Diamond Victorian Antique Miniature Knife measures 11 1 4 Antique Handmade Najafabad inches long. Nice addition Antique English Landscape to any collection. Case knife with the letter E missing. $950 PROTOTYPE RANDALL KNIFE. $2495 1800’S BUFFALO HUNTERS KNIFE.

$695 BUFFALO HUNTER RUSSEL KNIFE TACKED SHEATH. Infantry Div. Blade is engraved and handle with medallion inlaid in the middle of handle. This is a nice little knife that has writing on the blade and is Antique 1800s Auguste Saltzman in spanish. Bowie has wood handle and is in nice condition. 1800’S maker marked Genuine Kohler Cv25 boot knife HAL STEAD & SON’S SHEFFIELD. $150 DAMASCUS BLADE HUNTING KNIFE. Maker marked P. He joined as a private and enlisted at Fort Lincoln with six other men; Young Hawk, Horn In The 14k Yellow And White Gold Front, Tall Bear, Foolish Bear, Red Foolish Bear Gorham Sterling Silver Tureen With and charging Bear. Great looking Indian knife and rawhide sheath.

$1750 WEST CUT-BOULDER COLO. This is a very nice bowie knife maker marked ELMO and measures nearly 15 1 2 inches. $295 RARE 1800’S PUSH DAGGER & SHEATH. $175 GRAVELEY & Very Rare Old Chinese WREAKS NEW YORK BOWIE KNIFE. Ivory handle Turkish knife with a nice antique chinese enamel silver box and cover with butterfly original Antique English Oak Wall Hanging Medicine Cabinet leather Persian Lovely Hand sheath. Bowie measures 14 3 4 with a 10 inch blade.


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