Antique 19th Century Framed Victorian Civil War Era Textile Sampler Dated 1867

The 2 Of 9 Antique 1920s Chicago Bungalow design is laid out beautifully on a pristine white ground. The appliqu stitching is so minuscule one can hardly see it. The strips are then turned under and stitched antique 19th century framed victorian civil war era textile sampler dated 1867 together to form the quilt.

The fabrics used to create this quilt are Turkey red, over-dyed green (blue was applied over yellow to create green). The backing is a fine white cotton and the separately applied hand stitched ” binding is in Turkey red. We have an open shop in Dorset, Vermont and are usually open from 10-5 daily.

How wonderful to have a quilt that will easily fit today’s queen size bed. One of the largest quilts in my possession. Picture this quilt Superb Antique 18th hanging in a great room or stairwell. Q9095 Early New England Child’s Bars Quilt c. 3 See More Swansea Pottery pitcher “Peace of Amiens” commemorat. The antique 19th century framed victorian civil war era textile sampler dated 1867 more I study this piece, the more I love it. We stock single Blue John urns, Blue John vases and pairs of Blue John Antique French Louis items from the 18th and 19th century. The center has a double reverse appliqu bulls eye, again totally unique to any other quilt I’ve seen of this pattern. The original design has a 9-1 2 inch border which sets it apart from any other exquisitely made Prince’s Feather. 1885 73 x 76 (185. DQ299 Postage Stamp Doll Quilt c. 1820 84 x 85 inches North Carolina $Call Irish Chain with Chintz Border Q8746 Red,Green & White Coxcomb Floral Applique c. The baskets and flowers are all beautifully executed in trapunto. I have organically hand washed this coverlet and it is now ready for your inspection, Please view the detail photos (click images above) for Antique French Vernis Martin Vitrine Display Cabinet closeup views. Chinese Antique Rose 1880 with much earlier fabrics, some going back to 1840. 5 cm) Maine $1,100 Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors. During the Belle Epoque some of the most beautiful porcelain and ormolu clocks and garnitures were produced and fine enamel and porcelain, silver Buddha Head Korea and tortoiseshell carriage or boudoir clocks became a speciality. When you are not using this shawl as a drape on the way to the theater, it could be used as a banquet tablecloth in your dining room. The triangles in the basket measure 2 x 2 x 3 inches. I love optical illusion. The border is approximately 11-1 2 inches in width.

The red miniature calico gives the antique 19th century framed victorian civil war era textile sampler dated 1867 impression of a double pink, however it’s not. An overall 1 inch crosshatch quilting pattern was used, with a concentric circle motif used in the stars. 1840 and created in Harvard, MA. The border is 4″ of wool challis all the way around and turned over edge to the back making its binding. Then came the trapunto — months and months of work after probably years of creating this masterpiece. The fabric patterns were carefully arranged by the maker to form a center medallion – a very nice touch that adds even more graphic appeal to the wonderful Tumbling Blocks pattern. 1865 64 x 126 inches Found in NY, believe to be created in France $1,250 Authentic Chanel Antique Gold Metal Number No5 During the 19th century women wore shawls not only for fashion but for warmth. A stunning piece of art for the wall or on your bed. The binding is 1 2″ in width and hand applied. CONLL1 Amish Diamond in the Square c. Any space where there is not a feather we have what looks like wave quilting. Dated 1886 54 x 72 (1137. Your email will be used purely for this and for nothing else.

The coarse wool, used here, was home spun, undoubtedly from the creator’s sheep. 1885 65 x 78 inches Pennsylvania $950 I think someone cleverly invented a new pattern. Each block appears to be an original design from her artistic eye. If anyone out there knows the actual name for this, please send me an email. This is a quilt I could study and study and never get tired of looking at it. Beautifully antique 19th Rare Antique Jb Usa Jennings Brothers Doberman century framed victorian civil war era textile sampler dated 1867 restored with weaves. A Antique Wood & Leather Folding Bellows very fine black wool challis is used for the applied 3 8″ binding. We also stock several fine quality small antique English mantel clocks from the beginning of the 19th century in a variety of case materials including ormolu clocks, gilt bronze clocks, patinated bronze clocks and clocks in satinwood, mahogany and oak. One can tell, because of the fabrics and yardage used, that this family was of affluent means. The name of the well renowned family will be given at the sale. The 5-3 4 inch border is beautifully executed using a piano key diagonal bar pattern. 00 USD 3263. There is a handwritten note on the back where this quilt has been signed and dated 1828. Multiple cats along with birds, large bugs and a terrific barn with fence are included with a sentimental ‘Think of Me’. When I antique 19th century framed victorian civil war era textile sampler dated 1867 look at the colors I see pineapples.

I feel that this coverlet is mid 19th century and was created in the northern part of New England, possibly Northern Vermont. We could only have sheep for mutton, which produce coarse wool. The earliest antique quilts available for sale at Rocky Mountain Quilts are from the last quarter of the 18th century. 1860 68 x 82 (172. It was definitely created for warmth by a master weaver. 1860 87 x 90 (221 x 228. 1880s purple. 1890 66 x 68 inches New England $1,400 Strip pieced variation of a log cabin with a center chimney. I’ve searched high and low to identify this pattern without any luck. Women would wrap the shawl around and around and drape it nicely. IF YOU MISS A PAYMENT, WE WILL CHARGE YOU 1. 00 USD 1665 See More Trio of antique pottery plates with canary yellow gr. This perfect little quilt appears unused and has been professionally hand washed by Betsey. This quilt has been beautifully made and appears to be in unused condition. Accompanying Nice Old Antique 44 Violin this magnificent quilt is a professional photographic portrait of Sallie by Pentz Photographers of York, Pennsylvania done c.

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