Antique Ball Hamilton 18s 999h Pocket Watch Ball Gold Filled Case Made 1911

Underwood Typewriter – Elegance In Typing The Underwood Typewriter was created through the genus of a German-American inventor named Franz. Ulrika antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case made 1911 on January 14, 2015 9:47 am Hi. Benson Half Hunter 1923 9k Gold Case – VGC 734 24 June 2011 Patek Philippe Open Face 18K Gold – antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case Diamond Heart Necklace 74ct 14kt made 1911 18J – Adj 8 Pos 3,661 16 June 2011 Albert H.

I know now that it is an Underwood model 6 11 and is in reasonably good shape. It really depends on where you find one. Underwood typewriters came in two forms, open frame and closed frame. But the only thing that kinda shows up is the name Elliott Underwood on the back. Would this mean it’s considered a portable. Kimberly Hall on August 3, 2016 3:51 pm Tom- First may I say -Great page! Not tattered or brittle but keys get stuck when you strike them and ribbon will tangle. It is in good working condition with its ribbon. I have an Underwood Elliott Fisher typewriter. In 1874, Underwood started a manufacturing company producing ribbon and carbon paper and one of their clients was E. They did not, as was common for the time, sell movements separate to cases. It doesn’t exactly look like any of the pics. Cheers Tom Jane on April 9, 2013 6:11 pm I have an old Underwood Typewriter I think it’s the Model 6-11 based on the 5 keys that are located at the top center of the main keys. I did not antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case made 1911 find it on ebay. What do you think I can sell this for? What do suggest I do to fix it? Can you tell me what model it is? Antique Orange Blossom 18k Gold The serial number is 4082453-11 I can post a pic of needed. Open frame simply means that your able to see the inner workings of the typewriter. Millions of Underwood typewriters were produced in the early 20th century. The serial number, 4053816-11, would indicate it was Bvlgari Bb 38 Auto Chronograph Man made in the 1930’s. True temper corp. Sale Date Make Model Year Features Price US$ 11 Oct 2011 Illinois Bunn Special 1933 23J – 60 Hours – 163A – Ellinvar – Dbl Roller – Adj Temp & 6 Pos 3,950 6 Oct 2011 Hamilton 917 1940 10 Size – 17J – Adj 3 Pos 195 3 Oct 2011 Vacheron & Constantin 14K Hunter 1911 14K Gold – 16 Size – Mint 2,225 29 Sep 2011 Longines WWII Military Issue 1942 21J – Adj 5 Pos & Temp – Serviced 1,424 Sale Date Make Model Year Features Price US$ 19 Sep 2011 Automaton Qtr Repeater 1850 Erotic automaton – Cylinder Esc – Dble main barrels – Rare 3,055 16 Sep 2011 Elgin W. Any Idea what it is worth? Do not know anything about this typerwriter bought it for $5. Best Ulrika on January 19, 2015 3:39 pm i have a 1923 underwood no. Believe it or not there are a few people that do that sort of thing and even work on the older stuff. It would seem our machines are siblings.

The keys are glass but looks like someone had used masking tape cut up into little pieces to replace the letters numbers on the keys. Many Thanks Bj on September 1, 2015 8:58 pm I have 2 Ct Vs2 Cushion Cut a Underwood Elliott Fisher LTD Toronto Canada has a red seal on front glass buttons say A-394 wartime price on the paper size measurment it reads 1895-1923 there is ribbon Brilliant Cut Bridal Diamond Ring bobbins with ribbin in it On the back there is a number #748? And low and behold the carriage antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case made 1911 strap just came off; it had been attached to the carriage and I was trying to see where the other end went. Richard on March 1, 2015 9:08 pm Can anyone help my find what year my typewriter is. The actual “Underwood” name comes from John T.

The Ball Watch company was formed in 1879 in Cleveland, Ohio. There counter parts, closed frame models, were produced from the 1930’s onward. Underwood antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case made 1911 Models No. Wagner and the first underwood typewriter was produced for the Wagner Typewriter Company. On June 30, 2014 3:10 pm If you can email me the address, of American fork & hoe co. Howard Series VII 1894 14K Gold – 18 Size – Howard Case – Moorehouse Dial – 350 Produced 2,750 11 Jan 2011 Le Coultre Antique Georgian Mahogany Partners Pedestal & Co Minute Repeater 1890s Automaton Enameled 13,751 7 Jan 2011 Paul Thomas Lemaitre Fusee 1807 18K Gold Key 1,718 Sale Date Make Model Year Features Price US$ 4 Jan 2011 IWC Schaffhausen 18K Lepine PW 1919 18K Gold VGC 1,026 1 Jan 2011 Edward H. When Remington started producing ribbons and carbon paper themselves, Underwood made the jump into the typewriter business funding the Wagner Typewriter Company, which eventually became Underwood.

Related Posts January 21, 2016 0 January 5, 2016 0 December 3, 2015 9 38 Comments Elsa Gonzalez on March 24, 2013 6:14 am Hi, I’m just curious about a typewriter I found which my dad found at a yard sale for 15 bucks. In Japan the word for the Hotchkiss Stapler Antique Gorham 12 Hand Hammered is called , ruffly translated hochikisu, but as it turns out staplers. 1900 100 1901 1000 1903 10000 1904 50000 1905 100000 1906 150000 1907 200000 1909 1912 247500 and 450000 1913 1917 551000 and 940000 1918 1925 1050000 to 1910000 Vintage 1931 Art 1925 1931 2070000 to 3825000 When inspecting the Underwood typewriter, make sure the typewriter performs as expected, that is unless you want it for show and don’t care if it functions. I have a Model 6 and could probably sell it for $125 $150 based on it’s condition. It’s an Underwood G853074 open frame with 4 rows of keys. Any suggestions of what to do or better yet what NOT to do? Also is it worth anything? The serial number seems antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case made 1911 to be 2127303-5. Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email About Author Website Facebook Twitter I share a passion for collecting all things vintage antique ball hamilton 18s 999h pocket watch ball gold filled case made 1911 and antique and love to share that passion with others. Tom on August 31, 2013 2:06 pm I have my Dad’s underwood typewriter serial number 4410910-11 i’m tying to find any info on this typewriter Thanks Tommy Thompson on November 8, 2013 1:16 pm Tom, Your page has very helpful. The number 6 and 11 are displayed to the left and right of the Underwood logo. I took one of the pieces of brittle tape off one of the keys which revealed a blank key. Other times, you can sew torn straps back together. I can’t seem to come up with a starting bid. Can you give me a Chinese Antique Cloisonne Horse 18 rough idea of what this would be worth in this condition? Another small interesting label that it has on the typewriter’s left side, written in black caps on a gold background: “This typewriter was rebuilt according to the specifications contained in Administrator’s order no A-394 of the Antique Beautiful Knights Of Pythias Cavalry War Time Prices and Trade Board Underwood Elliott Fisher Limited Makers of Underwood Typewriters Head Office.

AS few very tiny paint chips, but all chrome shiny, buttons clean and white, no rust, no guck, works well, types very clear Spl Phonitor X and clean. The least common among these are the Underwood No. It is shiny black with glass topped keys, 4 decimal keys and so I am guessing it is a #6, early 30s but I can’t find anything about Underwoods being made in Canada. I would like to know what could it sale for? Too many scammers Thanks for any help. I recently got the same typewriter an my carriage strap is there but deteriorated. All Ball pocket watches were sold as a complete unit, but with a choice of dials. Buy Today 100 Authentic Michele Csx From what I can google it appears to be an Underwood Noiseless Standard size (not portable) from Unique Crab Pendant cir 1935-1940. On August 3, 2016 4:15 pm Hi Kimberly. Abhishek panchal on July 4, 2014 6:40 pm I have same typewriter if any one interested to buy pls contact me on +91- Alex on December 22, Antique Japanese Satsuma 2014 5:34 pm I have a Underwood Toronto limited typewriter (6-10) how much do you think it is worth? It can be rather fun because you never know what you will run across that might lead you down a road you didn’t expect.

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