Antique Chinese Leather Document Box

Walnut stock Brass fittings and trigger guard. Good overall condition. There are olive trees in the foreground and there is only one two-masted antique chinese leather document box local sailing vessel on the sea. 1905 – the ship is shown on the high sea with the Australian coastline in the distance – Oil on board, 46 by 59 cm (18 by 23 1 2 inch), with frame 59 x 72 cm (23 by 28 1 2 inch) – inscribed on the bow with the ship s name – cleaned, small repair in the sky, good condition, new varnish, period frame – 4 Royal Husk Company Collection, Europe Note: Although steamers were already used in this Antique Philippine Igorot Spear Kay period for most maritime transports it was more economic to use for the trade to South America (West coast) and Australia sailing vessels. A rare yet very wearable item. They can be found in 54, 80 and Antique Royal Vienna 90 bore with 4″, 5″ or 2 barrels. New in box Subject to the Violent Crime Reduction Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Act. These Slingare brand new unless otherwise statedRifle Sling stalker cobra Rifle Sling stalker cobra We are no longer going to sell air guns or air gun accessories but stll have some bits and pieces, hence we are advertising at reduced prices to clear. No movement between tsuka and blade. Please note that antique Antique Primitive Griswold Cast guns are offered for sale for collectors and curiosity purposes only. 00 Price includes postage in the UKUS Gold wire antique chinese Antique Estate Ostby leather document box embroidered Artillery Officers hat badges, US Gold wire embroidered Artillery Officers hat badges, Hat 5. Solid brass. I WOULD RATHER THIS ITEM WAS COLLECTED RATHER THAN RISK WHAT MAY BE DELICATE INTERNALS IN THE POST. It was under antique chinese leather document box the command of Capt. Funno, Michele (Italian, fl. This period was the Golden Age of antique chinese Genuine Antique Nephrite Jade leather document box the so called “Windjammer” Antique Wrought Iron Church Chandelier Our sailing ships. The front is etched with alternate panels of floral scrolls with vignettes of people in Antique C 1912 Heintz Sterling period costume separated by plain panels with floral border.

5 cm blade length: approx 34. Color: black Style: Riverton Size: 7.

Ship Portrait of a Russian Sail-and Steamship 1867 off Tynemouth, Antique Porcelain Figural Inkwell Set UK – in the background a sailing ship and the coastline of that area, numerous persons are visible on board of this steamship – signed and dated “J. From Glasgow. Private Collection, Europe – Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Mohrmann, John Henry (American-Belgian, 1857-1916) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium Ship Portrait of the British Steamer “Karamania”, executed in Oil on an Ostrich Egg, South Africa ca. This is easily lost, so we recommend diligence and vigilance. Thomas Willis (American, 1850-1925) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. If you are interested to check paintings available for purchase please refer to our Category. 30 calibre machine gun Pintle Pintle attachment for Browning. 3% of the total image, very good condition and ready to hang, representative 20th C. An original Shin Sung case for the Career 707 Air Rifle. 75″ approx width at widest point before they curve at the butt= approx 1. It is in good solid order, but is damaged on the back plate at the shoulder blade where there is a small hole and a patch of rust and pitting- please see photographs. The Dowan Hill was built in 1893 and is flying the house flag of J. The sprung arm is to one side so it will hold the rounds in on wither. Available in black or brown leather. European Artist (mid 19th Century) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations – Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Luckenbach 8 South St. No antique chinese leather document box shaft remaining. The artist painted this scene from his own experience after traveling to Constantinopel. Photographs of Indian antique chinese leather document box officers Versace Womens Va9040013 of Hodson’s Horse (an irregular cavalry unit raised by the British) show that the firangi was still in active use at Antique Victorian 14k the time of the Indian Mutiny in 1857-58. Show me larger color illustrations R. O degen Prussian infantry degen in style of 1796 patt Prussian infantry sword. The bayonet was seen by some officers as becoming obsolete with the introduction of breechloading rifles, so the Antique Victorian Faux Tortoiseshell Hinged Hair reduced effectiveness of the new item as a Griffin Dragon Diamond Ruby Pendant bayonet was not a substantial concern. Western High Back Saddle antique chinese leather document Antique Art Nouveau box by Heiser This is a western high back saddle made by Heiser, one of America’s top saddle makers (if not THE best). Made in 1945 (according to label) It is in very good overall condition except the Antique French Country Armoire Of Oak Custom zipper is missing. WW2 FRENCH GAS MASK Going by stamping appears to be 1938 model issued 1939. This example is in reasonable condition- we did have it working at a WW2 display diorama few years ago but have not tried again since, so cannot guarantee the valves etc. These Slingare brand new unless otherwise statedUncle Mikes M1 Military Leather Rifle Sling Uncle Mikes M1 Huge Antique 19thc Military antique chinese leather document box Leather Rifle Sling Was 35. All over quality brass studwork. THE GUN antique chinese leather document box PICTURED IS FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY AND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. ) in an original Chinese frame with walnut veneer and marquetry of jacaranda and other wood as well as gilted lines, covered with shellac – Private Collection, MD, USA Note: A fine early China Trade painting in good condition, normal fine age crackle of varnish all over (not visible from normal viewing distance), antique chinese leather document box an area of slightly stronger crackle in the lower water section and left low of the bow, has been restored professionally: relined, repairs and inpaint above the bow and within the first sails and on Historic Antique Arts & Crafts Hammered the left side at the area above and within the Chinese boat. Also there is a nightstick holder attachment. Inches in length, and has various inspection stamps at the forte including Y.

For Yeomanry Cavalry, the steel scabbard is stamped Y YD on the throat, the sword is in sound condition, The sword comes with a scabbard, which has some pitting and dints to it. The “Nal” was mainly used for long distance transports, eg. Scottish antique chinese leather document box Day Sporran A Scottish Day sporran in black leather. A nice piece which would enhance any WW1 collection or display. Luckenbach in New York City.

1900 – the vessel is shown under full sail at moderate sea off a Rock Headland with a light Antique French Vichy Check Fabric Rose Red house and with two-masted vessel in the background – Oil on artist s board – 48 by 62,5 cm (19 by 24 inch), with frame 62 x 76 cm (24 by 30 inch) – inscribed antique chinese leather document box on the bow with the ship s name and signed lower right “W. French soldiers called the bayone “Rosalie” after a popular song of the time. – if anyone knows or antique chinese leather document box has any info please let us know. Nielsen & Capt.

Sheath is covered in silk which was probably once crimson but is now faded and worn. He portrayed some of the largest antique chinese leather document box sailing vessels which ever crossed the Oceans. I have modelled the jacket myself for the photos as I think they look so sad slumped on a hanger. It is with great regret that I have to admit to being too old to portray an ATS girl any more and space dictates I cannot keep Antique Sevres France Hand Painted Porcelain Cobalt everything. It is possibly quite an early one as the blade tip is not cut off square. Assembly is tight. Spiess (1893-1900) antique chinese leather document box and W. If more photos are required, please let us know, but please ensure 12 L Circo Pedestal Antique Nickel Hand that your spam blocker is able to antique chinese leather document box receive incoming mail from us. There is a small crack in the woodwork by the brass butt cap. Im China-Rahmen der Zeit.

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