Antique Edwardian Dress 1900s 1910 Vintage Maxi Crochet 40 41 L Xl Extra Large

The locket has both metal and glass inserts and is marked sterling. The locket is unmarked sterling (guaranteed) and is most like American in origin. Several of the pearls have light wear and overall condition is very good. Measures 1 3 8th inches by 15 16ths of an inch. Back Order # 1398 Price $175 Austro-Hungarian Amethyst Peal Enamel Silver Brooch This lovely period piece (late 1800’s) is set with cabochon amethysts and pearls and Antique 19th Century Gentleman Portrait is accented with white and blue enamel. The brooch measures 3 3 8ths inches by 1 1 4 inches and is marked sterling. Hanging from the brooch is a Homeric medallion done in the Shiebler style. Coins are in very good condition. Overall condition of the pendant is very good. Back Order # 1448 Price $75 Art Nouveau Water Lilly and Cattails Enameled Sterling Brooch Lovely Nouveau brooch with a water lily surrounded by two cattails. The photo makes the stones appear much darker than they are. Guaranteed to be an original Austro-Hungarian piece antique edwardian dress 1900s 1910 vintage maxi crochet 40 41 l xl extra large and is a gold wash over silver. Fine Antique Chinese Qing Painted Fir Wood (Gustav Gaudernack), 925S (sterling) and N. Clip is Oriental 11×14 Semi Antique Iran tight and in good working order. Face on jester is in very good condition. The Alling and the 14k mark is on the bail but is quite worn. Good size, measuring just under 2 3 4 3 Ct Diamond Cushion inches by 5 8ths of an inch and is marked sterling. Back Order # 501 SOLD Victorian Lion 18K Brooch Nice period brooch watch pin set with a diamond in the lion’s mouth and garnet eyes. Robbins antique edwardian dress 1900s 1910 vintage maxi crochet 40 41 l xl extra large hallmarks. Condition is very good with light surface wear. The watch fob measures just over 4 1 2 inches by 1 inch and is marked sterling on the back of the fob and also on the swivel hook. The stickpin measures 5 8ths of an inch in diameter and the pin section measures 2 1 8ths inches and is marked 14k. The buckles are marked with the Kerr logo, #585, and sterling. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp.

The sapphire pastes have some wear as do the pearl pastes. Order # 1452 Price $95 Celluloid Fly Stick Pin Fun, three dimensional fly stick pin made of celluloid. The heart locket could stand a good cleaning and I will leave that decision to the new owner. The back is marked 14k and the Krementz mark. Chain is not original to the piece and is 24 inches long. The locket antique edwardian dress 1900s 1910 vintage maxi crochet 40 41 l xl extra large has both metal inserts. Back Open Order # 1169 Price $375 Victorian Vtg Antique Estate 14k Gold Agate Art Turquoise Silver Locket This fun Victorian antique edwardian dress 1900s 1910 vintage maxi crochet 40 41 l xl extra large locket features a row of turquoise above an etched design. Can be worn as a brooch, as a buckle on a sash, or as a cloak pin.

The buckle was made for members of the Delta Tau Delta and features the crest of the fraternity The buckle measures 2 7 8ths inches by 2 3 16ths inches. The frame features gold flowers, rose cut gems and scroll motifs. The top disc measures 1 inch in diameter with the three discs measuring just over 2 1 2 inches with the total length of the brooch being 3 1 2 inches. Condition is excellent with a lovely patina. The “C” clasp is original and the brooch is curved so that it could be worn on a belt or on the neckline. Order # 277 Price $65 Art Nouveau Double Flower Sterling Brooch Nice Unger style nouveau brooch set with two lily type flowers. Back Open Order # 1020 Price $225 Antique Chilly Cupid Antique Tiffany Studios Large Sterling Locket This lovely antique locket features the very well know design “Chilly Cupids”. The locket measures 7 8ths of an inch in diameter (not including the loop or bail) and could function as either a locket or a charm on a Antique Tablecloth Renaissance bracelet. Back Order # 2364 SOLD Antique Howard Owl and Philosopher Sterling Brooch This fun antique brooch was done in the Shiebler style and features an owl sitting on a branch with leaves and a philosopher (Socrates type figure) and Greek letters. Measures 1 1 2 inches by 3 4ths of an inch. Order # 280 Price $125 Edwardian Paste and Pearl Vermeil Brooch Pendant Nice brooch pendant combination featuring green and clear pastes in closed backed settings accentuated with 4 pearls. A most unusual and lovely period brooch and one I had not seen before. The locket is in very good condition and retains the original patina. All other enameling is in excellent condition. Marked with the letter “L” in a circle. Imagine the time that took! Order # 97 Price $495 Arts and Crafts Amethyst Sycamore Leaf Sterling Necklace This lovely handmade Arts and Crafts necklace features sycamore leaves set with faceted amethysts. Marked UB on the back and 925 fine.

Brooch has original fittings with “C” clasp. The necklace has two granulated beads on each side and measures 20 inches in length. The inside has both inserts and is marked sterling. Blackinton features swirling Antique Jb Bronze American sweet peas and leaves. Back Order # 1140 Price $725 European Art Nouveau Lady Sterling Watch Pin Brooch This lovely brooch features a lovely lady with a floral headdress. The brooch measures 3 1 4 inches by 13 16ths of an inch (not including the medallion). The demi-parure comes in what looks to be the original box. The buckle set has slides on back for attachment to ribbon or belting material. This locket is not made by Unger and was made by one of their competitors. The bib clips measure 11 16ths of an inch by 9 16ths of an inch antique edwardian dress 1900s 1910 vintage maxi crochet 40 41 l xl extra large and are marked sterling and Webster. Condition is very good with no damage or repair. The back of the cross is very detailed. Marked F&B sterling on both the fob section and the swivel watch clasp. The brooch is marked CMR (for Charles M. The brooch measures just under 2 3 8ths inches by 2 5 8ths inches and is marked Kerr, sterling and #1703. ) enameled, WWP (? The chain is marked 800 and an undecipherable hallmark. Order # 744 Price $250 Victorian Gibson Girl Copper and Sterling Cufflinks These most unusual cufflinks feature a Gibson girl with a copper face with sterling hair and background.

Whole Stickpin Order # 1665 SOLD Victorian Crab Sterling Stickpin This fun Victorian stickpin features a figural crab, pinchers and all! Order # 142 Price $575 Edwardian Enameled Stone Cameo 10k Gold Alcoholics Brooch Pendant Striking black and white enamel circle an onyx stone cameo, set in 14k gold.

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