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To aid both my dealing and collecting, I have a huge library covering all military aspects of antiques going back to the Parker House Welington Antique Library 60 Inch Middle Ages, and many aspects of antiques in general, especially early English silver.

For Arnold Horace Santo Waters, who was a VC winner of the Royal Engineers in November 1918. Washington Street Middleburg, Virginia 20117 Phone: Open Daily 10:00 am til 5:00 pm Antiques Multi Dealer Now accepting professional dealer applications for floor case space A D e l i g h t f u l S h o p p i n g E x p e r i e n c e! In about 1980, I broadened my dealing coverage from mainstream militaria to include English campaign medals. 00 – American This was made at the Whitneyville Armory, Connecticut, USA, and is marked accordingly on the top barrel flat. Seems to work much better than many and up to date, a rarity! 00 – Russian This is the last, and possibly rarest, of the Russian naval dirks from the Imperial era. It is marked ‘Osborns Warranted’, a renowned Birmingham sword cutler. Complementing these are crisp, brightly polished sterling flatware and serving pieces maintained in mint condition. British, German, European and worldwide items. Welcome to antique militaria!

Sterling Flatware Flatware Sets Georg Jensen Fine Estate Jewelry Tiffany Silver Hollowware Tea Sets Danish Christmas Plates Silverplated Flatware Subscribe to our Newsletter indicates required Email Address First Name Last Name Silver Pattern Online Store & WebsiteDesign by Webfodder OUR STERLING SILVER INVENTORY IS UPDATED REGULARLY Copyright 2007 – 2018 Antique Cupboard Inc. Arguably the best antiques store antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock in Northern Virginia. I have been a military antiques dealer (based at Grays Antique Market in London’s West End until Christmas 2008) for over 45 years: antique swords, weapons, guns, uniforms, helmets, equipment, medals, belt buckles, bayonets and almost all other items of general militaria. 00 – American This is one of the rarest of the post-1812 War cavalry swords. 1- Do you have silver for sale? This type continues with identical fittings, except that the pommel has the emperor’s monogram embossed on it. Our customers Antique Lincoln Light visit us from as far away as Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia. However, I still maintain a lively interest in all military objects, especially the rare and exotic, eg Antique Chinese Porcelain B & Imperial Russian and Austrian. Come Antique 19th C Chinese Fine in today. On closer inspection it is a mk. R P, UK, 31. 2017 Hanger arrived safe and sound 11. It has the post-1801 arms and pre-dates the amalgamation of Osborn & Gunby, which took place in 1807.

New account email password testimonials Very pleased with it the Antique Art Deco Retro bayonet. It has a 3. All Rights Reserved W232s7530 Big Bend Drive Big Bend, WI 53103 1- or Email: antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock 107 W. It fired a rim fire cartridge with a soft lead slug and a black powder load. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is always available to help. Featured antique military items – British This Austrian-influenced sabre would have been One Jeffrey Alexander Antique White Kitchen carried by British horse artillery and Light Dragoons throughout the Peninsula War and, of Rare Antique Wooden Bathtub John T course, at Waterloo. They were introduced antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock sometime around the Crimean war, generally with rather longer blades and plain gilt brass fittings. To grace your walls there are antique botanical prints, prints and paintings. C antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock W, UK, 20. We pride ourselves in having a large Staffordshire collection of both Dogs and figurines from which to choose from together with art (oil and watercolor paintings, prints and engravings), jewelry, lamps and chandeliers, antiquarian books, oriental rugs, fishing & sporting antiques and American sterling, English hallmarked and coin silver. The arrival of powerful auction houses in this field drove me back to my original interest in general militaria (swords, bayonets, dirks, guns, pistols, etc). You won’t be disappointed! Your excellent pics make all the difference in terms of confident buying over the net. Visit these websites: Leesburg Antique Emporium Penny Farthing Antiques While visiting the beautiful town of Middleburg, it is recommended Antique Vintage Trunk that you stop in for a bite at any of these fine establishments – your palate will rejoice: The Upper Crust Middleburg Antiques Dealer List Bob GriesbachBroadhead Barham StudioChinaberry Antiques Diane SmithElizabeth’s Harriet Carter Antiques Ivy Hill Antiques Joanne Hersch Kingston Gallery Lee Taylor, LTD-Somerset HousePenny Farthing Antiques Roger Mason-Leesburg Antique Emporium The Somerset Garden Gallery CountyWebsite Links To Businesses In Our Community Arts and Entertainment Automotive Transportation Banking and Financial Business Services Coupons Discounts Food and Drink Health Care Home Products and Services Lodging and Travel Pet Services Real Estate Salons and Spas Schools and Training Sports and Fitness. We are looking for experienced antique dealers and have space available. The Dighton watercolours of the period appear to confirm this. 1 Naval Frog, antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london Antique 18k & 14k brandy barrel pottery crock designated ‘for cutlasses’. Complementing these pieces are crisp, brightly polished sterling flatware and serving pieces maintained in mint condition. The antique treasures here are plentiful, but dispel any rumor that your wallet need be bulging to shop in this treasure house – the Emporium offers authentic, rare, oftentimes one-of-a-kind items which are very fairly priced and ready for your immediate enjoyment. The Somerset Garden Check Out The Somerset Garden, located inside the Middleburg Antique Emporium. You’ll find formal English, European and American furniture in mahogany, walnut and English Ladies Antique Estate Gold Filled Oak, with the occasional Rosewood and Satinwood piece. At that stage, I rapidly started to learn about antique English pistols and revolvers. The Federal army was microscopic at this time, perhaps only 30,000 strong, the numbers only gearing up for the Mexican War of 1848. 00 – British This sword was sold by Wilkinson in 1907 to H W Carson of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Entering the Middleburg Antique Emporium is like stepping antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock into a tastefully decorated Victorian home, and it’s a fabulous way to highlight your outing into the heart of Virginia Hunt Country! You may call ahead or simply stop by for a truly delightful shopping experience! If you’re looking for china and porcelain, you’ll find Minton, Coalport, Majolica, Wedgewood, Staffordshire, Royal Doulton, and Roseville, to name a few. 30ish today. Global Site Search: If you don t find the sterling silver item you antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock are searching for, fill out the or call today. 00 – British Regarding the regiment, the Grenadiers had a very specific gorget with multiple pierce work on both wings, the Scots Guards normally had ‘3rd Guards’ engraved on both sides at the tips, therefore, by elimination, this is almost certainly a Coldstream Guards example. They all clearly take great pride not only in the shop but also in their thoughtful approach to customer service. There is a fine selection of English and Scottish long case clocks together with a variety Pair Of English Aesthetic Movement Wrought of mantel clocks to suit most tastes and price ranges.

If only they could tell their fascinating stories of elegant banquets with distinguished guests! It closes only for the New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays and is located in a beautiful stone structure in the heart of Middleburg. The Emporium is filled with many more antiques, and is conveniently open 7 days a week from 10:00 ’til 5:00. The design is a direct copy of the British light cavalry sabre of the same era. Shipping and delivery service is available for your convenience. The rarer steel fireplace accessories are also sometimes available, but sell fast. About Us The Emporium was opened in September Antique Linen Hemp Upholstery Slipcover 1999 by Roger and Susie Mason of the Leesburg Antique Emporium, and joined a year later by Lesley & John Clark of Penny Farthing Antiques. I have provided all kinds of arms and armour and military collectibles to both private customers, trade and museum clientele all around the world! Search our Inventory of Sterling Silver Flatware Pattern Name Manufacturer Piece Type Search for: Hint: type in just a few letters for best results. Antique carpeting cushions your feet and an extensive array of antiques is displayed with elegant simplicity. We specialize in Brass Fireplace Accessories, including Fenders, Andirons, Fire Antique Victorian Georgian Sterling 800 Silver screens, coal buckets & Log bins, Fire Dogs and Fire Tools (both on stands, which are 20th century and the 18th & 19th century tools that lay across fire dogs).

By the way, I think your site is very antique english royal doulton watts lambeth london brandy barrel pottery crock user friendly. “There’s something for everyone” here, and with 45 dealers representing local, Stateside, and European antiques, the selection is ever changing. 2006 unaffiliated links Antique sterling silverware and flatware, Antique 1800s Half Bushel Apple Produce Gathering silver and silverplate 10×13 Semi Antique Persian All Over Herati sets 1- Antique Sterling Silverware and Flatware – Silver and Silverplate Your cart is empty.

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