Solitaire Mens Square Ring Custom Xl Face 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Diamond 366ct

49 Cynara Ring For Her SKU:ORG07024 $289. 70 Zinnia Ring For Her SKU:OPR11014 $476. Would recommend to anyone =) Great job Titanium Kay! Besides the obvious style and design of your wedding band there are practical reasons why titanium makes more sense than the traditional metals used for the last few centuries. 25 Rosaana Ring For Her SKU:OPR13072 $482.

76 Senna Ring For Her SKU:OPR10096 $306. 64 Ellie Ring For Her SKU:ORG07299 $598. 82 Load more products. 19 Ouida Ring For Her SKU:ORG13014 $317. 20 Celina Ring For Her SKU:OPR13079 $431. Love it Isabel , Ohio – 11 21 2016 Exceeded expectations It’s is beautiful Isabel , Ohio – 11 21 2016 Awesome Ring I was so excited when I found this ring for my soon-to-be husband! With a variety of settings such as pav , channel, tension amongst others, there is no limit to Solitaire Mens Square Ring Custom Xl Face 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Diamond 366ct experimentations with designs when it comes to diamond rings! 36 ORRA Diamond Ring For Her SKU:ORG12105 $359. Beautiful & affordable. Titanium surpasses the silver and gold wedding bands of the past, due to its intrinsic natural beauty much like a bride on her wedding day. Choose a shape that you would love to flaunt be it evening or noon! 11 Roxy Ring For 10 Cttw Natural Solitaire Her SKU:OPR13040 $570. Nicole M, Canada – 10 10 2016 NEED HELP? 34 Dahlia Ring For Her SKU:OPR11040 $406. 33 Eos Ring For Her SKU:OPR14030 $471. 50 ORRA Diamond Ring For Her SKU:ORG11054 $245. One Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph of the many Mens Gucci Black Pvd reasons beyond the beauty is the strength. 20 Marigold Ring For Her SKU:OPR11069 $445. Your titanium ring is an investment not only in the jewelry but in the Excellent 85 Cttw Round Diamond Ear Studs beauty and aesthetic pleasure that you’ll experience while wearing the ring. 28 ORRA Diamond Ring For Her SKU:OPR14015 Great Deal On Hamilton $572. Originally used in aerospace and oceanography as a commercial application has become a symbol of the enduring bond of a marriage. Compare Products You have Solitaire Mens Square Ring Custom Xl Face 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Diamond 366ct no items to compare. 48 Josephine Ring For Her SKU:OPR12094 $419. Further the ring will never tarnish like silver so it Buy Today Maurice Lacroix never needs to be polished with a special cream. ORRA celebrates proposals with stunning diamond solitaire rings captured in a variety of designs for both women and men. 80 Indigo Ring For Her SKU:ORG03145 $449. If you have skin sensitivities then the inert properties of titanium make the ideal choice of a ring to wear. I love the simple design and high polish finish. JavaScript Solitaire Mens Square Ring Custom Xl Face 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Diamond 366ct seems to be disabled in your browser. 91 Acacia Ring For Her SKU:OPR10062 $349. Acting as a reminder of a special occasion, these also act as an heirloom for generations to come. Many brides ask why titanium rings are so popular today, as opposed to the old standby gold or silver. 01 Urilla Ring For Her SKU:ORG12074 $503. These rings are especially popular with men due to its strength yet comfortable light weight feel when worn daily. 8 5 , based on 1289 reviews.

I am sad my first band is gone, but I truly love this band.

Leading the list of the most glistening of solitaires Stunning 14k Yellow Gold Earrings is the 73 faceted ORRA Crown Star. 05 Venus Ring For Her SKU:OPR13063 $516. 79 Ann Ring For Her SKU:OPR13060 $360.

Would you like to see more similar products? Set into engagement rings, it makes for a perfect gift to remember! Wedding ring and jewelry designers today use titanium more and more due to the beautiful grey sheen that gives the look of platinum 2 195 Rado D at a price most couples can afford. 99 (Total items: 80) The newest symbol of eternal love is the titanium wedding ring. 00 Solitaire Mens Square Ring Custom Xl Face 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Diamond 366ct Anita Ring For Her SKU:OPR10015 Versace Mens 30A99d008 S009 Business $634. It is light weight, good size. 61 ORRA Diamond Ring For Her SKU:ORG10076 $411. 41 Passion Ring For Her SKU:ORG13048 $557. 53 Michelle Ring For Her SKU:ORG13086 $523. 34 Cordelia Ring For Her SKU:OPR11064 $371. How to buy a wedding band When making a purchase of jewelry you are typically making an investment and as such quality should be one of the primary consideration factors. It is amazing quality and the shipping was quick! 65 Tina Ring For Her SKU:ORG08197 $513. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I also love that it didn’t break the bank! From princess cut engagement rings to round, square or even radiant, the shape is the tell all of a diamond’s form when viewed from above. No matter which ring you choose TitaniumKay is sure to have the exact style you will love and at a price that cannot be beat. Lila White, Bristol, PA – 1 14 2017 Far exceeded my expectations Beautiful unique piece. This ring was a replacement for 2 12ct Round Enhanced the band my puppy lost ate.

Hands are as different as the men and women they are attached to. LEARN MORE STAY IN TOUCH NEVER Movado 0607059 Mens Swiss Quartz & MISS A THING! 82 Blossom Ring For Her SKU:OPR11120 $387. OrraStore Locator Contact Us Your Currency: USD 8 from 10am -6pm Sign In Shopping Cart (0) Search My CartYou have no items in your shopping cart. 21 Ardura Ring For Her SKU:ORG04280 $299. 91 Lumia Ring For Her SKU:OPR12091 $382. 83 Chrysalis Ring For Her SKU:ORG11043 $859.

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