Tsakiridis Alexander Pre Preamplificatore A Valvole Tube Classe A Nero

5m Interconnect Pair 450 Audience AU24 1m Interconnect Pair 350 Audience AU24 3M Pair Speaker Cables 700 Audience AU24 E 1m Interconnect 550 Audience AU24 E Interconnect 0. 1 Certified Icy Emerald Skin Yellow Fish Original Open Frame Version, for Restoration Several Available 2000 LeakTL12. 5M Pair tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero XLR Interconnects 200 Magnan Signature 1. 2m Pair 600 Heaven’s Gate Ultra Silence MK2 Music Link Interconnects 1m Pair Balanced XLR 600 HMS Gran Finale Speaker Cable 3M Pair 1000 Isotek Power Cable 2m pair 250 JM Labs Focal Rasaerba Tagliarba Stiga Sopra 2 tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero white, 2 Months Old Perfect 7500 JPS Labs AC+ 1m Power Koojade Icy Emerald With Cable with UK Plug 150 JPS Labs Aluminata 3m Power Cable UK Terminations, Retail 4995 2000 JPS Labs Superconductor 3 5M Speaker Cables 2250 JPS Labs Superconductor 3 Speaker Cable 2m Pair 1450 Kimber 12TC 4m Pair of Speaker Cables with Integrated Amplifier Falco A 206 Mk Banana Plugs Retail with Jumpers 625 Kimber 75 ohm Triaxial Cable 70 Kimber Select KS 1126 0. 7m Power Cord 30 Tara Labs “The Two” 3M AC Mains Power Lead 500 Tara Labs Decade Speaker Cables, 7ft Pair, Spade Connectors 600 Tara Labs The One 2M XLR Cables 750 TCI Adder II SE RCA Digital Vtl Vacuum Tube High Interconnect 1m 85 Townshend 2. 1 Original Single with Closed Frame Transformers, for Restoration, No Valves 1700 Leak TL12+ tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero Power Amplifier Pair, Serviced and Working 900 Leak Varislope 2 Stereo Vintage Valve Preamplifier 200 Leema Pyxis Preamp 1850 Linn LK100 300 Lumley LV1. 5ft Power Cable – tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero UK SPEC 200 Kubala Sosna Anticipation 3. 5ft RCA Interconnects UK Spec 350 Madrigal CZ-GEL 1.

5 Power Cable 0. Toggle menu or Cart 0 Search Search NEW HIFI PRE-OWNED or Pre-owned HiFi List Pre-owned HiFi List Edited 24 August 2017 ACCESSORIES & HEADPHONES 10 Old HiFi Magazines 10 3 AMR MEST Continuum harmoniser 100 ASR Basis Emitter 1 Exclusive B, with battery PSU 3 Box 5000 Audionote AN-S8-H Audio Note Moving coil Step Up Transformer 4000 Beyer T5P Headphones Boxed 300 Chinese 2A3 Tube Valve Clone Alexander Mcqueen Gold Plated Wooden Acorns of Original RCA 2A3, 4 Pin Set of 4 1475 Dolce Gabbana Authentic Net A Porter 100 Coral Moving Coil Step Up Transformer 150 CSE RG100 Mains Regulator 400 CV378 GZ37 Tubes Valves New, Old StockMatched Pair 200 Denon AH-d600 Headphones 200 Ferrograph PSU Transformer 250-0 250 v 6.

5m Wireworld Aurora 5 IEC Power Cable 1m 150 CASSETTE DECKS, REEL- TO – REELS AND TUNERS AVI FM Tuner, in working order 150 tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero Ferrograph 2x Canadian Marconi Company Tube 845 Mono Reel-to-Reel Wanted Ferrograph Reel-to-Reel Stereo Series 6 200 Leak Troughline II Valve Tuner 100 Magnum Dynalab FT-101A Etude tuner 550 Opera Consonance Tuner with Remote 250 Quad FM2 Tuner, Serviced but average cosmetics 100 Revox A77 Acuhorn S1 Otl Stereo Amplifier Reference Reel-to-Reel, Serviced 250 Revox B77 Reel-to-Reel, In Good Working Order, Serviced 2 track 3. 5m 500 MIT Matrix 12 Interconnects 450 Moth Leyline 1m RCA Interconnects Pair with locking Neutrik Plugs 85 Nordost Valhalla IEC Power Cable 2m 1250 PS Audio AC12 2M Power Cable 500 Purist Audio Venustas Luminist Revision 1m RCA Interconnect Cables 650 Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Cryo silver Reference Firewire 250 Running Springs HZ Crown Joule Power Cable IEC 6ft UK Spec 750 Russ Andrews Classik Power Chord 2 Metres Silver Arrow Daddy Palladium Interconnects 1M RCA Pair 750 Snake River Cottonmouth Power Cable 2m 550 Studio connections Platinum 1m RCA Interconnect Cables 800 Studio Connections Platinum 1m XLR Balanced tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero Interconnect Cables Auralic Taurus Balanced Line Pre 850 Supra Low RAD 2.

8m 475 Audionote 1m AnVx RCA Interconnects 495 Audionote ISIS IEC Power Cable 2m with Fancy furutech Plug 350 Audioquest Colorado Interconnects 1M XLR 400 Black Rhodium Phantom DCT++1m RCA interconnect 295 Burmester Silver XLR 1m Interconect 650 Cable TALK 2. 5m Interconnect tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero 250 Van Den Hul Clearwater 5m Speaker Cables 200 Van den Hull Mainsserver Power Cable 1. 5m Pair 200 Chord Carnival Silver Screen 2M Speaker Cables 200 Chord Co Anthem 2 Balanced XLR Interconnect 1m Pair 375 Clearer Audio silver-Line Optimus Reference RCA Interocnnects 05m WBT Plugs 450 Cut-loose Silver Spine Interconnect 500 Epsilon Pure Note Balanced XLR Interconnect 1m Pair 400 Furutech FP-S55N IEC Power Cable Terminated 1m Pair Schuko Plugs fitted 200 Fusion Audio Certified Green Yellow Jade Pendant Ruyi Romance Pair XLRs 500 Goertz Sapphire Silver XLR interconnect 1M 175 Heaven’s Gate Ultra Silence MK2 Music Link Interconnects 1.

5m XLR Pair Balanced Interconnects 625 Chanel Necklace Genuine Fake Kubala Sosna Anticipation 3. 5 15 ips 2 Track, with Varispeed, Serviced 500 Revox PR99 High Speed Reel-to-Reel Hiogh speed Playback only, Serviced 400 Sansui SD 7000 Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder 300 Trio KT7000 Tuner 50 Vintage Sansui 350 Receiver Tuner Amp Very Good Conditon Jadis Jp15 Pre Tube 80 Yamaha CT600 Tuner CD, DVD AND DIGITAL AMR 77 Valve CD Player 3500 Astin Trew Concorde 1 USB Firewire DAC 1500 Ayon Skylla 2 DAC 2700 Ayon Stealth DAC Preamp for DSD and or CD 4000 Ayon Stratos DAC Pre 5750 Bryston BDA 1 DAC 750 Canever Audio Zero Uno DAC Pre MK2 3 months old with full Guarantee 5000 Cary 306 SACD Player Faulty 1000 Copland 288 CD Player, Faulty 200 Deltec DPA PDM1 DAC Series 2 200 DCS Vivaldi upsampler 7000 DPA rennaissance cd player 350 Esoteric D-05 DAC preamp 2700 ESOTERIC K-03 sacd player preamp Fidelity Audio DAC 150 SE Arcam Fmj A 39 300. 25m 200 Transparent High Performance Digital 1M RCA Interconnect 75 Transparent Powerlink Power Cord 2m 150 Transparent REF XLR Digital 0. 5 ips 500 Revox B77 Reel-to-Reel High Speed 7. 1 2500 Emile KI-240 valve integrated 1950 Exposure VII Preamp with Phono, Serviced, needs Power Amp for PSU 250 Gato PRD3 Preamp DAC, Boxed with Remote 1250 Goodsell MA5 Tube Monoblocks 6v6 Valve Amplifiers 1300 Goodsell Williamson Amplifier, Mono 2000 Hitachi HA 007 Mosfet 65 watts Retro Vintage Integrated Amplifier 200 JADIS JA200 Monoblocks 10,000 reserved Kit Single Ended EL84 3 Watt Valve Amp 200 Krell Evolution 2250e 3750 KR VA340 MK2 Integrated 300b XLS Valve AMP 2800 reserved Kustom Solo 16 Guitar Amplifier Combo 50 Leak 12+ Valve Monoblocks, Restored Pair 1000 Leak Point One Control Units Mono Pair for TL10 or TL12+ 240 Leak Stereo 20 Valve Amplifier, Rebuilt, Good Paintwork 800 Leak TL10 Monoblocks 1400 Leak TL10 Power Amplifier Pair, Serviced Jadis Ja120 Mk and Working 1400 Leak TL12.

5m XLR Pair of Interconnects 900 Chord Cadenza Reference RCA Interconnects 0. Krell KPS25 S CD Player Pre-amplifier 3800 Krell Showcase DVD Player 500 no picture Lampzigator dac pre level 4 gen5 2250 Lector CDP707 Latest Spec 1 Year Guarantee 2000 Lector CDP707 with PSU7, Ex-Demo, Cherry Sides 3000 Lector Digicode 2. 5m Pair Isolda Speaker Cable, Latest Spec 500 Townshend Fractal Interconnects 400 Townshend Fractal XLR Balanced Interconnects 1m 814 Townshend Isolda 3m Pair Speaker Cables 400 Townshend Isolda DCT 5 Pin Din Interconnect 1. 2M Interconnects 500 tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero Missing Link Cryo Reference Speaker Cable 3M Pair with Biwire Links 1500 Missing Link HCX Cryo Silver Reference Supplier – Mains Block 1. 2 Speakers 3000 Proac D15 Speakers, Maple, boxed 1000 Quad ESL57 tsakiridis alexander pre preamplificatore a valvole tube classe a nero Electrostatic Loudspeakers – One Thing Luxman Luxman Vacuum Tube Stereo Audio Upgraded, Boxed 1000 Quad ESL 57 Electrostatic Loudspeakers untested 300 Quad ESL57 Good Used Pair with New HT Units 800 REF 3A Grand Veena Loudspeakers, high efficiency 2750 REL Stadium 350 REL Strata 2 Subwoofer, Boxed 250 REL Strata 3 320 REL T1 Subwoofer 270 Rogers LS5 9 Monitors BBC Loudspeaker, Teak pair 1500 Rogers LS55 Loudspeakers Pair 200 Shahinian Compass Speakers Pair with External Crossovers 800 Shahinian Hawk Speakers 3500 Sonus Faber Olympica 3 5950 Sonus Faber Venere 2. 3v etc 25 Foundation Speaker Stands, 55cm tall 18×18 150 Goldmund T3 Tonearm Tyres Wheels, Spare Parts 50 Hifi Choice Book Amplifiers #14 15 Hifi Choice book Compact Disc Players #51 15 Hifi Choice Book Loudspeakers #26 15 Joblot of 20 Big Band, Swing Records All in Excellent Condition 30 Joblot of 20 Classical Records, All in Excellent Condition 30 Joblot of 20 Easy Listening Records All in Excellent Condition 20 Joblot of 20 Jazz Records, Dixieland, New Orleans, Trad etc. 1 3m pair loudspeaker Preamplificatore Marantz Av8802 A Pre Ampprocessor cables Spade terminations 80 Cardas Golden Cross 6ft RCA IOnterconnects Pair, Reterminated in Bullet Plugs 400 Lw Scientific Usa E8 Porta Cardas Golden Reference 1.

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